August 2, 2001
Washington, D.C.
Announcers: Michael Cole/Paul Heyman.

  1. KICKOFF: Kurt Angle, Lance Storm.
    • As the crowd chanted for Angle, Kurt said he wasn't about to cry about losing the WCW Title to Booker T on RAW IS WAR.
    • He said it was summertime, and summertime is supposed to be fun.
    • He said he had way too much to do before the end of the summer to be crying about his loss Monday -- including polishing his gold medals, learning to surf, and going to SummerSlam and kicking Stone Cold Steve Austin's ass, to become World Wrestling Federation Champion!
    • Angle said he would beat Austin at SummerSlam, because this is the United States of America, and here you can do anything you want.
    • Kurt promised to snap Austin's redneck ankle in two!
    • He said that when he faced the Rattlesnake at SummerSlam and the crowd was chanting "U.S.A.," it would stand for "U Submit to Angle."
    • Standing in the middle of the nation's capital, Angle said he was getting a little choked up. He said it might sound a little corny, but he wanted to lead the crowd in saying the Pledge of Allegiance -- and that's just what he did!
    • One man not impressed by Angle's performance was WCW star and Federation Intercontinental Champion Lance Storm, who came to the ring waving a Canadian flag.
    • Lance said he wanted to be serious for a moment, and told Angle that the only reason he won Olympic gold was because he never faced a Canadian in the finals.
    • Angle said he did face a Canadian in the second round, and the fight lasted just a minute.
    • Lance said that Angle's pro-America speech was pathetic and a lie.
    • Storm talked about America's high rates of illiteracy and crime, among other things.
    • Angle said he would add to the crime rate by sticking his red, white and blue foot up Storm's ass!
    • Storm didn't like that idea, but he challenged Angle to a match -- and Angle accepted!
    • As Angle talked, he was superkicked by Storm, who waved the Canadian flag over the fallen Angle as the crowd booed.

  2. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold, Debra, Shawn Stasiak.
    • Stone Cold and Debra were walking backstage when they ran into Shawn Stasiak.
    • Stasiak told Austin that Angle had just challenged him again, and Steve thanked him for the news.
    • Austin then told Stasiak that Stasiak had an impressive physique, and might want to think about getting into the wrestling business!
    • Stasiak told Austin that he was in the Alliance, and Austin laughed it off as if he'd known all along, telling Stasiak that he was a huge fan!
    • As Stasiak walked away, Steve asked Debra who the hell that was, and all Debra could say was, "He's in the Alliance!"

  3. TAG TEAM MATCH: Hardy Boyz w/Lita vs Palumbo & O'Haire.
    • None Title Match.
    • Matt hit the Twist of Fate on O'Haire and Jeff nailed the Swanton, but with the referee distracted, Palumbo superkicked Jeff, allowing O'Haire to pin him for the win.

  4. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, E&C.
    • Chris Jericho was walking backstage when he ran into Stephanie.
    • Y2J said that this is Washington, D.C., so where was her cigar?
    • Jericho then started making fun of a pimple on Stephanie's chin as Edge & Christian approached.
    • E&C called Stephanie dirty, disgusting and a trashbag, and Jericho added that she was a tramposauras rex!
    • Stephanie said that the members of the Alliance would make Y2J and E&C pay, as she ran away crying!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Stacy Keibler, Stone Cold, Debra.
    • Stacy Keibler went up to Stone Cold at the catering area with a tray of cookies, and offered him one.
    • He enjoyed them so much that he took a few.
    • Moments later, Debra caught her husband eating the cookies, and he tried to get out of it, telling her how good she looked!

  6. ELSEWHERE: Diamond Dallas Page.
    • DDP was shown in a shrine to the Undertaker's wife, Sara!
    • Complete with candles and a wall full of pictures, DDP said that when he first started stalking her, it was all about getting to the Undertaker and becoming famous, but now he couldn't get her out of his head!
    • He said that he and Sara were soulmates, and showed a wedding picture with his and Sara's head pasted onto the bride and groom!
    • He asked Sara to help him, because he was sick in the head, and she was the cure!

  7. WCW US TITLE MATCH: Kanyon vs Kane.
    • Prior to the bout, Kanyon said that of all the questions asked on Capitol Hill, one remains unanswered -- "Who better than Kanyon?"
    • He said the answer was "nobody!"
    • Kane went up top and nailed Kanyon with a flying clothesline and then chokeslammed the U.S. Champ.
    • As he chokeslammed Kanyon, Kanyon grabbed referee Nick Patrick, causing Kane to win the match by disqualification, but also saving the U.S. Title for Kanyon!
    • After the bout, Kane got some payback by chokeslamming Nick Patrick!

  8. ALLIANCE LOCKER ROOM: Stephanie, Rhyno, Dudleyz.
    • Stephanie recruited Rhyno and the Dudley Boyz to battle Chris Jericho, Edge & Christian on SmackDown!
    • She told them to take out Y2J and E&C for good!

  9. IN THE RING: The Rock, Booker T, Shane.
    • The Rock made his way to the ring on SmackDown!
    • The "Rocky" chants were deafening as The Rock declared that finally he had come back to Washington D.C.!
    • The People's Champion explained that he returned to the Federation not for Vince McMahon, but for the people!
    • The Rock said he was born in the World Wrestling Federation, would never leave the World Wrestling Federation, and would forever be the People's Champion!
    • He did admit that there was one more reason he came back to the Federation -- to pay back Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • Rocky said he knew Angle had challenged Austin for SummerSlam, but he wanted Stone Cold on SmackDown!, so the Brahma Bull called him out!
    • Instead of Austin, however, out came WCW Champion Booker T! As the crowd chanted "You suck!"
    • Booker said that Rock couldn't just waltz back in and challenge Austin. He said Rock wasn't in Austin's league or in his league.
    • Rock simply held up his hand, and asked Booker, "Who in the blue hell are you?"
    • Booker said that he was the WCW Champion, sucka!
    • Rock reiterated that Booker was the "WCW Champion Sucka," and then thought about that for a moment, and asked Booker what exactly it was that he sucked!
    • Rock then asked Booker his name, and as Booker answered, Rock screamed that it doesn't matter what his name is!
    • Booker said that his name should matter, because he was out to challenge Rock to a match at SummerSlam.
    • Rock was shocked to hear that Booker would be at SummerSlam, and asked if he would just be there in case someone needed their car parked!
    • Rock said he didn't want to wait for SummerSlam -- he wanted to whip Booker's ass in Washington, D.C.!
    • Instead of a Rock-Booker fight, however, Shane McMahon came out to the stage and asked Rock who the hell he thought he was.
    • Shane said that Booker was the WCW Champion, and had twice the talent of The Rock, and unlike Rock, Booker had championship gold. Shane demanded that Rock respect Booker.
    • Shane said he didn't want Rock in the Alliance anymore, but he did want a piece of The Rock.
    • The Boy Wonder said he wanted to go one-on-one with the Great One in a street fight this Monday on RAW!
    • Rock said that between Shane wanting a piece of The Rock's ass and Booker being a "Champion Sucka," he wanted to know just what kind of Alliance they were running!
    • Rock accepted Shane's challenge for RAW -- if ya smell what The Rock is cooking!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Austin, Debra, Lance Storm.
    • Stone Cold and Debra talked backstage, and Austin said he was being polite when he ate Stacy's cookies.
    • Lance Storm then came into their locker room, and promised that there would be nothing left of Angle for SummerSlam after he was done with him on SmackDown!
    • Debra tried to interject herself, but Stone Cold told her to sit down and shut up!
    • After Lance left, Austin told Debra never to embarrass him like that.

  11. SIX MAN TAG MATCH: Jericho/Edge/Christian vs Dudleyz/Rhyno.
    • An exciting match culminated when Y2J locked D-Von Dudley in the Walls of Jericho, only to have Rhyno hit him with the Gore, allowing D-Von to pin him for the win.

  12. BACKSTAGE: Austin, Debra.
    • Debra asked him to eat one of her cookies, but Austin just threw it away and mocked his wife.
    • He then told his wife to take her cookies and get out of there.

  13. IN THE RING: Austin, Debra.
    • Moments later, Debra made her way to the ring, still carrying the plate of cookies!
    • She said that certain people were making disparaging comments about her cookies, and she had made a special batch for the people of Washington, D.C.
    • She then walked around ringside, allowing the fans to try her cookies.
    • She asked the fans how the cookies tasted, but before they could answer, out came Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • Austin asked her what the hell she thought she was doing.
    • He asked if she was Betty Crocker.
    • He said this wasn't the Debra show, and he was the champ.
    • As he spoke, Debra grabbed the microphone right out of his hand, and told her husband that the fans loved her cookies.
    • But before she could finish, Austin grabbed the mic out of her hand.
    • Stone Cold started talking again, and again, Debra grabbed the mic out of his hand!
    • She said she was tired of him disrespecting her, and of everything always being about him.
    • She said he should be ashamed of how he treated her.
    • But as she spoke, Austin calmly grabbed the mic out of her hand and started talking smack about Kurt Angle and The Rock.
    • Debra could take no more.
    • She dumped the cookies off the tray and walloped her husband in the head with the cookie tray!
    • As Austin watched on, Debra then walked away from her husband!
    • Austin ate the cookies and told her how much he loved them, but she wouldn't come back!
    • An enraged Rattlesnake then accepted Kurt Angle's challenge for a World Wrestling Federation Championship match at SummerSlam, and he pledged to whip Kurt's red, white and blue ass!

  14. COMMISSIONERS OFFICE: Regal, Tajiri.
    • William Regal told Tajiri that they needed to find the Undertaker, who hadn't been seen backstage since DDP's words earlier in the evening.

  15. MATCH: Lance Storm vs Kurt Angle.
    • In a battle of USA vs. Canada, Lance Storm took on Kurt Angle.
    • Your Olympic hero finished off Storm with an Angle slam and the ankle lock.

  16. COMMISSIONERS OFFICE: Undertaker, Sara, Regal, Tajiri.
    • The Undertaker and Sara entered the commissioner's office, and Taker asked why his match with Booker T on SmackDown! was non-title.
    • Regal said if Taker could convince Booker to make it a title match, then it would be so.

  17. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Shane McMahon.
    • Booker approached Shane in the Alliance locker room, and Booker said he would be making his match with Taker a title match, to prove to The Rock and the fans that he was worthy.

    • Shane McMahon and Sara were at ringside for the bout.
    • Shane interjected himself into the bout on more than one occasion, and at one point, the referee was knocked out due to his interference.
    • Taker went to chokeslam Booker T, but Shane accosted Sara, and Taker let go of Booker T to go after Shane.
    • Taker assaulted Shane outside the ring, allowing Booker to grab a chair and go after the American Badass.
    • He nailed Taker with the chair and then threw the Badass back into the ring, but before he could do any more damage, The Rock ran down and nailed Booker with a Rock Bottom!

  19. Goodnight Everybody......

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