August 9, 2001
Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

  1. KICKOFF: The Alliance.
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin gave a pep talk to the entire Alliance locker room.
    • He said he was proud to see the team wearing WCW and ECW shirts, and he felt they were coming together as a unit.
    • Austin singled out his wife Debra for helping to preserve his good name on RAW IS WAR, and he said the Stunner he gave Lita on RAW was dedicated to each member of the Alliance.
    • Stone Cold promised to whip Kurt Angle's ass at SummerSlam, and said the World Wrestling Federation was growing weaker by the moment.
    • Austin ended his speech by telling the members of the Alliance to go whip some ass, Stone Cold style -- and the members of the Alliance cheered!

    • The APA were in control and seemed poised to retain their titles.
    • Until Test ran in from the crowd and assaulted Faarooq with a big boot to the face.
    • Moments later, Test clobbered Bradshaw with one of the title belts, allowing Kanyon to cover him, as DDP and Kanyon became Federation Tag Team Champions!

  3. BACKSTAGE: The Rock.
    • The Rock then arrived at the Staples Center.

  4. MATCH: Saturn vs Raven.
    • Raven was seconded to the ring by Perry's former valet, Terri.
    • Saturn slingshotted Raven into Moppy, and then hit a swinging suplex to pin Raven.
    • After the bout, Saturn looked for Moppy, which was missing!
    • WINNER: Saturn.

  5. BACKSTAGE: DDP, Kanyon, Test.
    • DDP, Kanyon and Test celebrated their win over the APA.
    • Test said that he had showed the APA what happens when you mess with him.
    • The trio decided to go out and celebrate, and when Test left to make the plans, Commissioner William Regal walked over to the new champions, and informed them that now that they were under his jurisdiction, he would be giving them a title defense at SummerSlam -- against Kane and the Undertaker, in a cage match!

  6. RINGSIDE: Celebrity Sighting.
    • Former WCW Champion David Arquette was seen sitting in the crowd at SmackDown!

  7. COMMISSIONERS OFFICE: Regal, Tajiri, Spike, Molly, XPac.
    • Spike Dudley and Molly Holly entered Commissioner Regal's office, and Spike told the commissioner that he was back and ready for action!
    • Moments later, X-Pac entered the commissioner's office and complained about losing the Light Heavyweight Championship to Tajiri on RAW after Tajiri spit the green mist into his face.
    • X-Pac said that Regal sucked, and Regal nearly busted a gut when he told X-Pac that the saying was actually, "X-Pac sucks!"
    • X-Pac challenged Regal and Tajiri to a tag match against him and Albert on SmackDown!, but Spike volunteered to take Regal's place, since he knew how busy the commissioner was.

  8. WWF HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Edge.
    • Intercontinental Champion Lance Storm soon made his way to ringside, and got involved in the match-up.
    • Edge fought off both men for a little while, but soon RVD and Storm brought chairs into the ring and hit Edge with the con-chair-to!
    • RVD then pinned Edge to retain his championship!
    • Storm talked smack to a near-unconscious Edge after the bout.

  9. BACKSTAGE: Austin & Debra, Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire.
    • Stone Cold told Debra how much he was looking forward to whipping ass later in the night, as he and the Dudley Boyz took on Kurt Angle and the Hardy Boyz in a six-person elimination match.
    • WCW Tag Champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire then entered his locker room, and said they wanted to be leaders just like him.
    • Austin gave the two young stars a pep talk, and said they had definite leadership potential.

  10. TAG TEAM MATCH: Spike Dudley & Tajiri vs XPac & Albert.
    • X-Pac went after Molly outside the ring, and Molly slapped the WCW Cruiserweight Champion!
    • Spike went outside the ring to help his girlfriend, knocking down X-Pac.
    • Moments later, X-Pac hit Tajiri with the title belt, and Albert downed the Japanese Buzzsaw with the Baldobomb and pinned him for the win.

  11. COMMISSIONERS OFFICE: Regal, Perry Saturn, Palumbo & O'Haire.
    • Perry Saturn was looking for Moppy in Commissioner Regal's office, and the commish told him that Moppy wasn't in his office, but he might get the answers he wanted if he tracked down Terri.
    • Saturn left the commissioner's office, and in walked Palumbo and O'Haire.
    • The WCW Tag Champs said they wanted to be leaders, and wanted to take on any Federation tag team on SmackDown!
    • Regal asked if their titles would be on the line, and when Palumbo & O'Haire said yes, he smiled and said he would set something up for later in the evening.

  12. IN THE RING: Booker T & Shane McMahon, The Rock.
    • WCW Champion Booker T and WCW owner Shane McMahon headed to the ring, just three days after their brutal assault on The Rock, which culminated in Shane hitting the Leap of Faith onto Rock and the announcers' table.
    • Shane said the crowd was filled with Hollywood phonies, none of whom had ever been in a fight in their lives, because they didn't have the guts to fight for what they believed in.
    • The Boy Wonder said that in a Street Fight, it doesn't matter who walks away the winner or who walks away the loser, but who walks away, period.
    • He said it was he and Booker who walked out of Monday's Street Fight, at the expense of The Rock.
    • As the crowd chanted for The Rock, Shane showed footage from Monday's RAW, and asked Booker who the sucka was now.
    • Booker said that Rock was definitely the sucka, because Rock got his ass kicked and Rock was not a five-time WCW Champion, and because Rock was scared and jealous of Booker T.
    • He said if Rock disagreed with anything he said, then Rock should accept his SummerSlam challenge.
    • The sold-out crowd at the Staples Center rose to its feet as Rock's music hit, and the People's Champion walked to the stage!
    • The Great One accepted Booker's challenge for SummerSlam, but said before that, he had one question -- What in the blue hell is a spinneroonie?
    • Rock promised to whip Booker's ass at SummerSlam, but there was just one problem -- Rock wasn't interested in SummerSlam just yet. He was interested in tonight.
    • Booker said he knew Rock wanted the Bookerman, so he challenged him to walk down the People's Ramp, step into the People's Ring, and to face Shane and Booker in a Handicap Match on SmackDown! right now!
    • As the people cheered, Rock made his way to the ring, grabbing a steel chair on his way.
    • At first, Shane and Booker double-teamed Rock, but the People's Champion battled back, giving Booker a spinebuster onto the chair!
    • Rock then focused his attack on Shane, and earned some payback from RAW, giving the Boy Wonder a Rock Bottom through the announce table, as the crowd roared their approval!

  13. BACKSTAGE: Perry Saturn & Terri.
    • Perry Saturn continued his search for Moppy when he ran into Terri.
    • She said he had lost the mop the same way he lost her, and then told him "You're welcome" and walked away.

  14. WCW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Palumbo & O'Haire vs Mystery Opponents.
    • The Mystery opponents ... Kane and the Undertaker!
    • The Brothers of Destruction finished off Palumbo & O'Haire with stereo chokeslams to become the new WCW Tag Team Champions!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Hugh Morrus.
    • Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley watched footage of Chris Jericho throwing a pie in her face on RAW.
    • She was then approached by Hugh Morrus, who promised to obliterate Y2J for the Billion Dollar Princess.

  16. LOCKER ROOM: Hardy Boyz & Kurt Angle.
    • Matt and Jeff Hardy talked in the locker room, and Matt said that Lita would be OK after Austin's brutal attack on RAW.
    • Kurt Angle then approached the Hardys, and psyched them up for the six-man elimination match on SmackDown!
    • Kurt complimented the Hardys on their new "Live for the Moment" T-shirts, and showed off his tattoo to show how extreme he is!
    • Jeff told Kurt that he had some red, white and blue hair dye, and asked Kurt if he wanted to borrow some -- and Kurt said he would stick with the tattoo!

  17. RINGSIDE: Celebrity Sighting!
    • Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins was seen in the audience at SmackDown!

  18. MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Hugh Morrus.
    • Y2J put the Laughing Man away with the Walls of Jericho.
    • After the bout, Rhyno attacked Jericho, and Gored him through the SmackDown! set!

  19. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie & Rhyno.
    • Stephanie told Rhyno how impressed she was with his actions.
    • Rhyno asked for a match with Jericho at SummerSlam, and Stephanie said it was a great idea, as Rhyno smiled maniacally.

  20. WOMANS MATCH: Ivory vs Jacqueline.
    • Ivory -- accompanied by Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson -- took on Jacqueline.
    • Prior to the bout, Ivory said she was proud to be a part of the Alliance, and that the Alliance had recruited her to train Stacy and Torrie for in-ring competition.
    • Ivory pinned Jackie following a thrust kick to the face.
    • After the bout, Jackie attacked the trio from the Alliance and started ripping their clothes off!

  21. MAIN EVENT: Austin/Dudleyz vs Angle/Hardyz.
    • Six-man elimination match.
    • The first man to go was D-Von Dudley, who tapped out to Angle's ankle lock.
    • Next, Bubba Ray Dudley pinned Matt Hardy following a Bubba Bomb.
    • Moments later, Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb on Bubba, but with the ref distracted, Stone Cold gave Jeff a Stunner, allowing Bubba to pin Jeff.
    • Shortly after that, Angle pinned Bubba with an Angle Slam -- and the match was down to Austin against Angle.
    • Angle locked Austin into the ankle lock, and even though the Rattlesnake got to the ropes, he was still tapping out.
    • Although they were eliminated earlier, the Dudleys headed back to the ring and assaulted Angle with a chair.
    • Austin hit Angle with a Stunner, and the Dudleys hit 3-D.
    • Stone Cold then trapped Angle's ankle into a steel chair and crashed down on top of the chair, crushing Angle's ankle in the process.
    • The Hardys ran down for the save, but the damage was done -- Angle taken out on a stretcher.
    • The Rattlesnake mocked Angle as he was being taken away, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the fallen American hero.
    • At the top of the ramp, he again attacked Angle, but Angle had the presence of mind to grab Austin and put him in the ankle lock!
    • Stone Cold escaped, and stared down Angle as SmackDown! went off the air!

  22. Goodnight Everybody......

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