August 16, 2001
The "E" Center
Salt Lake City, Utah
Announcers: Michael Cole/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: New Season of WWF Smackdown! on UPN.
    • A new era began in the World Wrestling Federation with the August 16 episode of SmackDown! Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" opened the show, which featured a brand-new logo, brand-new theme song, and even a brand-new set, complete with a fist breaking through glass and a blowaway fireworks show! Also, to celebrate the new fall season on UPN, SmackDown! was live for the first time ever! [PHOTO]

  2. IN THE RING: Shane McMahon, Booker T, The Rock, Shawn Stasiak.
    • WCW chairman Shane McMahon headed to the ring.
    • Shane said he couldn't believe he was actually in the state of Utah, a state famous for two things -- polygamy and the Utah Jazz.
    • Shane said the Jazz and Booker T had a lot in common, except there was one enormous difference -- Booker knew how to win championships!
    • The Boy Wonder promised that the Bookerman would successfully defend the WCW Championship against The Rock this Sunday at SummerSlam.
    • Shane showed footage of Booker giving Rock the Book End from Monday's episode of RAW IS WAR.
    • Shane then called out the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment today -- Booker T!
    • Out came the WCW Champion, to a round of boos.
    • Booker ascended the turnbuckles and mocked The Rock as he entered the ring.
    • Booker said that finally, The Book had come back to Utah!
    • He said that the only thing he could think of was the millions ... and millions of Book's fans chanting The Book's name!
    • Booker then asked Shane who in the blue hell he was -- and as Shane was about to answer, Booker said it didn't matter who he was!
    • He said that what did matter was that if there was no Booker T, there would be no Rock. He said Rock stole everything from Booker T.
    • The WCW Champion said that the People's Elbow was a joke -- and the real "most electrifying move in sports entertainment" was the spineroonie.
    • He said that the Rock Bottom was a cheap imitation of the Book End.
    • Booker also said that he had the most beautiful hair style in the business.
    • Booker addressed the comment Rock made last Monday, about Booker T in school.
    • The Bookerman said he was a straight-A student -- "magna cum latte!"
    • He said that at SummerSlam, nothing -- and The Book means nothing -- would stop the real People's Champion from laying the smack down on The Rock's candy ass ... if ya smell what The Book is cookin'!
    • Booker then left the ring, as The Rock arrived at the arena! And just moments later, The Rock made his way to the ring, as the "E" Center erupted!
    • The People's Champion electrified the crowd from the get-go, as finally The Rock had come back to Salt Lake City!
    • He congratulated Booker T on giving him two Rock Bottoms on RAW, including one on a steel chair.
    • He said he heard that Booker called it the "Book End," which Rock said was actually called the "Rock Bottom" -- the same move he promised to give Booker T at SummerSlam, as The Rock became WCW Champion!
    • Rock said he heard about Booker running his mouth, and he then called out Booker T so he could whip his ass all over Salt Lake City!
    • It didn't take long for Booker to answer Rock's challenge, as the WCW Champion and Shane McMahon came out to the stage.
    • Booker told Shane that Rock had just called him to the ring -- "Tell me he did not just say that!"
    • Before Booker could continue, out came Alliance member Shawn Stasiak!
    • Stasiak said that Stone Cold had just informed him that he had a ton of potential, and if given the opportunity, he could do something the people would never forget!
    • He asked Booker if he could head to the ring and make an example of the Booker T wannabe!
    • Stasiak then rushed to the ring, and an impromptu match broke out between Stasiak and The Rock!
    • It took only seconds for Rock to hit the Rock Bottom and pin Stasiak for the win!
    • Booker wasn't happy.
    • As the fans chanted for Rock, the People's Champion issued a three-day warning -- he said that three days and three nights from now, Rock would walk into SummerSlam, and walk out WCW Champion!
    • But the Great One said that was Sunday, but he had a fantastic idea for tonight! He said that live on SmackDown!, he was challenging Booker T to a Lights Out match -- meaning that there were no rules!
    • He said there would be no Alliance, no Federation, no rules -- just Booker T and The Rock, Lights Out!
    • Booker agreed to the bout, much to the shagrin of Shane McMahon!
    • Rock said that there would be no title on the line -- and that they would turn out the lights, because the party was over ... if ya smell what The Rock is cookin'!

  3. TAG TEAM MATCH: William Regal/Tajiri vs X-Pac/Albert.
    • Tajiri tried to lock X-Pac in the Tarantula, but Albert broke it up.
    • Moments later, Tajiri was about to finish off X-Pac with a kick, but Albert snuck up from behind and nailed Tajiri with a Baldobomb.
    • Three seconds later, X-Factor had a huge pinfall win, just three days before X-Pac and Tajiri battle in a title-for-title unification match at SummerSlam.

  4. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold/Debra, Earl Hebner.
    • Austin was looking for his clipboard when Debra asked if he really wanted to go through with his Stone Cold Steve Austin Invitational.
    • Austin said hell yeah!
    • There was then a knock on the door, and it was Earl Hebner, who Austin had summoned.
    • Stone Cold gave Hebner the clipboard, told him to take it into the Federation locker room, and to see who would sign it.
    • He wanted to see if any Federation Superstars could graduate from Stone Cold University.
    • He said he wanted to see someone graduate on SmackDown!

  5. WWF LOCKER ROOM: Earl Hebner, Kurt Angle, WWF Wrestlers.
    • Hebner went into the Federation locker room and told the superstars what Austin had said.
    • As the superstars were about to sign, Kurt Angle stepped up and signed, making sure he was the first name on the list!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Edge/Christin.
    • Christian polished the King of the Ring trophy, as Edge came over and told him about the sign-up sheet for the Austin Invitational.
    • He said he was thinking of signing up.
    • Christian said they had a chance at the Tag Team Championship on SmackDown!, and said that Edge was being selfish if he entered the Austin Invitational.

  7. BACKSTAGE: Torrie Wilson / Stacy Keibler / Ivory.
    • Torrie & Stacy were talking backstage when Ivory approached them and said she was going to teach them what it took to survive and prosper in sports entertainment.
    • She said their first task would be on Sunday Night HEAT, when the three of them took on Jacqueline and Lita.
    • Stacy and Torrie seemed worried, but Ivory convinced them that they could triumph this Sunday on HEAT.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold/Debra, Earl Hebner.
    • Stone Cold and Debra talked backstage, and Austin said that Tazz got what he had coming.
    • Debra said she agreed, and Austin said she was finally learning.
    • Hebner then entered the locker room and told Stone Cold that he had a whole list of superstars who wanted to be in the Austin Invitational.
    • Austin said maybe he should just pick the first name on the list, if everyone signed it. He was shocked to see that the first name on the list was that of Kurt Angle!

    • As the match began, Tazz joined Cole and Heyman at ringside, and he said he had a personal issue with Stone Cold, and he had a personal interest in the Austin Invitational!
    • Tazz badmouthed Austin and Heyman on commentary, saying that no one treated him that way.
    • Stone Cold headed to the ring brandishing his clipboard.
    • Suddenly, Heyman entered the ring and said he'd like to buzz Austin.
    • He said that Tazz had been knocking Austin ever since Tazz sat down at the desk.
    • Stone Cold said that as a favor to him, don't let Tazz get under his skin.
    • Heyman then said that everyone wanted to see Austin lead by example, with the very first Stone Cold Invitational.
    • As Heyman went back to the broadcast position, Austin said that Stone Cold University was in session.
    • He said that as Federation Champion and leader of the Alliance, he would teach someone how to become successful in the sports-entertainment business.
    • He said to be successful, you had to understand the fundamentals and the basics, which he would display on SmackDown!
    • He said that if someone could display the basics, then maybe one day they could be as successful as Stone Cold.
    • He said he would start with the first name on the list -- and he then turned the clipboard upside down and introduced Scotty 2 Hotty!
    • Austin questioned Scotty being the best the Federation had to offer.
    • He told Scotty no offense, but Scotty wasn't even in his caliber.
    • Austin said he expected Kurt Angle's name to be on the list, but Angle hadn't even signed!
    • Stone Cold mocked Scotty, taking off Scotty's lid, and calling him pathetic.
    • Austin told Scotty that he would never be successful in the business, but he said he reminded him of Kurt Angle, saying he had an arrogant look in his eyes.
    • Austin said this reminded him of SummerSlam, as he saw fear in Scotty's eyes, much like the fear in Kurt's eyes this Sunday.
    • Austin also said he smelled fear, saying that Scotty was afraid of him.
    • He said Scotty was scared to face the biggest superstar in the history of the business.
    • He called Scotty "Kurt," and said he would whip his ass!
    • He said Kurt could talk about his gold medals all he wanted, but this Sunday, Angle would beg him to stop, but he wouldn't, because he's Stone Cold Steve Austin!
    • Austin shoved his title right in Scotty's face, and said that it was the closest he would ever get to being champion with Stone Cold still around.
    • He said that before he beat him on Sunday, he would make Angle bleed.
    • He said that while Angle was laying there in a pool of blood, he would stand over him, and Angle would know that his name was Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America!
    • Scotty could take no more!
    • He attacked Austin from behind, and was about to hit the Worm, when Austin attacked him, pounding on Scotty!
    • The Rattlesnake knocked him down with a Stunner and continued the assault -- until Angle ran down and got into it with Stone Cold!
    • Tazz then ran into the ring -- and choked out Kurt Angle!
    • Austin pounded on Angle as Tazz choked out the Olympian.
    • The Federation Superstars ran down to save Angle as Austin and Tazz ran away through the crowd!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Coach & Kurt Angle.
    • Coach interviewed Kurt Angle, who said his name was Kurt Angle!
    • He said that this Sunday, he would do the same thing he did at the 1996 Olympics -- bring the gold back where it belongs!
    • He issued a challenge to Tazz for SmackDown!, saying he would take out Tazz on SmackDown!, and Austin at SummerSlam!

  11. TAG TEAM MATCH: Jericho/J.Hardy vs RVD/Rhyno w/Stephanie.
    • Stephanie soon interjected herself, holding Jericho's leg, and allowing Rhyno to nail him with a huge shoulder to the gut.
    • Rhyno Gored Jeff, only to be nailed by a Jericho dropkick.
    • Moments later, RVD brought a ladder into the ring and drove it into Jeff's chin!
    • Van Dam then hit the Five-Star Frog Splash and pinned the Hardcore Champion to win the bout for his team!
    • After the bout, Stephanie was all alone in the ring when Jericho approached her!
    • He backed her into the corner, and when Rhyno went for the Gore from behind, Y2J barely moved out of the way.
    • The momentary distaction allowed Stephanie to escape.

  12. BACKSTAGE: Tazz.
    • Tazz accepted Kurt Angle's challenge for SmackDown!
    • Covered in a ripped-up towel, he reminded Kurt that he ended the Olympian's undefeated streak at the 2000 Royal Rumble, and that Angle had never beaten him.
    • He promised to make Angle just another victim for the Texas Rattlesnake.

  13. BACKSTAGE: M.Hardy/Lita, Jeff Hardy.
    • Lita and Matt Hardy checked on Jeff backstage.
    • Jeff said that he wasn't happy with this Sunday's match at SummerSlam being just a Hardcore Title match -- it would be a Hardcore Ladder Match, with the title hanging above the ring!

  14. WWF TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: DDP/Kanyon vs Edge/Christian.
    • Edge nearly had the titles won following a Spear to Kanyon, but DDP broke up the pin.
    • Moments later, Christian saved Edge from a pinfall attempt as well.
    • Christian then went outside the ring for two chairs, and the duo was about to give Kanyon a con-chair-to when Lance Storm came down and superkicked Edge.
    • Christian chased off Storm, leaving Edge alone with the Tag Team Champions.
    • DDP soon hit the Diamond Cutter on Edge, allowing Kanyon to score the pin as the champs retained their titles.

  15. BACKSTAGE: Coach, Taker, Kane.
    • Coach interviewed Kane and the Undertaker about their cage match at SummerSlam against DDP and Kanyon.
    • Taker said he had been pissed off to this point, and he felt like he needed to make an example out of Diamond Dallas Page.
    • He said Page had him puzzled, since Page said he wanted to be famous, and then stalked and assaulted Sara.
    • He said it seemed that Page wanted to be famous by having Sara kick his ass!
    • He said that if DDP would have studied his Federation history, he would know what Taker did to people in cage matches -- and it wasn't pretty.
    • Taker then asked why a young man like Kanyon with so much promise would want to be locked in a cage with Kane -- cuz who badder than Kane?
    • He said that at SummerSlam, they would get an old-school beatdown, and that inside the cage, there was no place to run and no place to hide.
    • He said it was going to be ugly.

    • The APA enjoyed some beers.
    • They said that they and Spike kick some ass against the Dudley Boyz and Test at SummerSlam this Sunday.

  17. MATCH: Tazz vs Kurt Angle.
    • Tazz was accompanied to ringside by members of the Alliance for his bout against Kurt Angle.
    • As Angle neared the ring, the Federation locker room showed some solidarity by heading to the ring to support the Olympian!
    • As the match began, Stone Cold headed to the stage to watch the action.
    • Tazz viciously assaulted Angle with suplexes, but Angle battled back with suplexes of his own.
    • Tazz locked on the Tazzmission, but Angle reversed it into the Angle slam for the pin!
    • After the bout, Kurt invited Austin to join him in the ring, and Stone Cold headed down. But as he got near the ring, he turned around and retreated.
    • He then thought about it again, and headed back, just as Tazz attacked Angle from behind.
    • Austin then jumped on Angle, but Angle locked the Rattlesnake in the ankle lock!
    • The Federation Superstars and Alliance members at ringside then got into it, and a pier-six brawl erupted. The factions finally separated as Angle and Austin stared each other down.

  18. LIGHTS-OUT MATCH: Booker T vs The Rock.
    • The light went out in the arena for the main event on SmackDown!
    • The two superstars tore into each other, as the crowd chanted for The Rock!
    • The fight soon spilled to the top of the stage, where the two threw each other into the set!
    • Moments later, Rock gave Booker T a spinebuster on the steel ramp, followed by a low blow!
    • As the two men moved back to the ringside area, Rock took the top off the announcers' table. He pounded on the WCW Champion some more, and then the two men ascended the table. But as Rock went for the Rock Bottoom, Shane McMahon attacked Rock from behind and hit him with a low blow.
    • Booker T then gave Rock a Book End through the table! The People's Champion grimaced in pain as SmackDown! went off the air!

  19. Goodnight Everybody......

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