Sepetember 13, 2001
Houston, Texas

Announcers: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Vince McMahon.
    • Vince McMahon makes his first television appearance in ages, and he's in the ring with a mic in hand.
    • "Tonight, the spirit of America, lives on here in Houston, Texas."
    • Basic summary: On behalf of everyone here in the arena, and the WWF, we offer our condolences to the victims.
    • Nation's leaders have encouraged us to continue our lives.
    • This is the first public event since the tragedy on Tuesday.
    • This public assembly is sending a message to terrorism, make no mistake.
    • The message is that we will not live our lives in fear.
    • The citizens of the United States are NOT afraid, for we are a proud group of Americans.
    • (loud USA chants) And we will fight for our families, rights, and for our great nation.
    • America's heart has been wounded, but her spirit shines as a beakon of freedom that never has been, or never will be, extinguished.
    • The WWF wants to thank each and everyone in the Compaq center, watching on television, and thank you with the honor and privilege of performing before your tonight.

  2. RINGSIDE: Entire Roster & Crew.
    • Paul Heyman and Jim Ross are your commentators.
    • ALL of the WWF wrestlers, road agents, and the rest of the workers come out on the entrance way.
    • Many have American flags, and are proudly waving them.
    • Please rise for the National Anthem.
    • Lilian Garcia delivers one of the BEST National Anthems that I've EVER heard.
    • Sure, she's had practice singing it before every Smackdown for the audience at the shows, but she put a ton of heart into this.
    • "That our Flag was still there" is sang loudly by Garcia, which sent chills down my spine.
    • Various wrestlers are seen singing the Anthem, and crying as well.
    • Incredible.
    • Lilian, herself, is in tears and overjoyed after singing this.

    • He says he about didn't do this segment or do the show, but then realized that his job, in the WWF, is to put smiles on the people's faces.
    • Sends his prayers.

  4. TAPED COMMENTS: Ricky Santana (Road Agent).
    • He sends his prayers, and says he won't hide his head in fear.
    • He thanks the fans of Houston and the fans of the WWF, and he affirms to his family that everything will be ok.

  5. MATCH: Hardy Boyz w/Lita vs Hurricane & Lance Storm.
    • Fireman's carry by Hurricane on Matt Hardy to start.
    • Off the ropes wo go, and Hardy nails a hiptoss.
    • Matt punches away, but Storm attacks.
    • Everyone is in the ring, Hardys get the best of the Alliance members.
    • Near fall on the Hurricane, who would later take a nice double team move by the Hardys.
    • Storm trips up Matt Hardy, and Hurricane makes the tag.
    • Funny moment with Storm and Hurricane both spinning around.
    • Storm slams Matt, tags in Hurricane who puts on his cape, and Hurricane does a flying body press on Matt.
    • 2 count only.
    • Matt reverses a move for a Russian Legsweep.
    • Hot tag to Jeff Hardy, who easily takes out Hurricane and storm.
    • Storm reverses 2 trademark moves, and almost gets a pin on Matt Hardy, the illegal man in the ring.
    • Hurricane flies over the ropes onto Matt Hardy, but then takes a Lita Frankensteiner for his troubles.
    • In the ring, Matt gets the best of Storm, and his the Twist of Fate.
    • That prompts Jeff Hardy to the top rope for the Swanton.
    • Jeff, the LEGAL man, gets the pin.
    • Winners: The Hardy Boyz

    • What hit Terri the hardest was being a mother.
    • She has a beautiful child at home, and to think about all of the children losing a father or a mother, it breaks her heart in the name of what.

  7. TAPED COMMENTS: Dwayne Johnson.
    • He can't fathom the suffering or the pain that the families of the victims feel right now, as well as the fire fighters or whoever else searching for the survivors.
    • Rock couldn't imagine to be there, and the same goes for his family.
    • He offers his condolences, as well as his prayers.
    • Everyone just needs to stay strong.

  8. TAPED COMMENTS: Houston Official.
    • A Houston official is talking now, and he thanks the WWF for coming to Houston, and showing that freedom continues in the wake of a tragedy.

  9. MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Spike Dudley w/Molly.
    • RVD with some kicking and punching to start.
    • RVD gets cocky and Spike capitalizes.
    • On the outside, Spike tries to jump on RVD, but is caught. RVD puts Spike on the railing, and delivers a devastating flying legdrop.
    • Back into the ring for Spike, and RVD follows with a chair.
    • Nice roll up by Spike, and he eventually takes a mini-dropkick in the face by RVD.
    • RVD drills the 5-Star Frog Splash for the win.
    • Winner: Rob Van Dam

  10. TAPED COMMENTS: Chris Jericho.
    • Said he'd rather be in NYC to help out.
    • Jericho says that we could learn from this tragedy, to maybe be nicer to each other.

  11. TAPED COMMENTS: Michael Hayes.
    • The people who did this were evil people.
    • We'll never stop fighting for freedom.
    • He says two famous sayings: "United We stand, divided we fall".
    • "Be careful for what you ask for, because you just might get it".
    • The second phrase was intended towards the terrorists.

  12. TAPED COMMENTS: Shawn Stasiak.
    • Heart is out to families, relatives, etc.
    • This is an opportunity for America to be stronger, and that we'll overcome all of this and be a stronger nation.

  13. TAPED COMMENTS: Amy Dumas (Lita).
    • She doesn't truly know what to say, and mentions the various motions that she and everyone are going through.
    • Lita said that she doesn't know what to do in this situation, and hopes that the Entertainment, provided tonight, can help fans take a nice deep breath.

  14. IN THE RING: Christian.
    • Christian comes out comes out to his very interesting ring music.
    • Christian on the mic, and greets all of his "fans" in Houston.
    • He asks if that was the greatest entrance they've ever seen, and he'll be winning a certain Intercontinental title soon.
    • Chris Jericho comes down, with mic in hand.
    • The people aren't thinking about Christian's entrance, but for Christian to please shut the hell up.
    • Jericho makes fun of the entrance theme by saying "Christian! Christian! The Jackass of the Year!!"
    • Jericho is going to give him a true blue beating. Jericho charges the ring.

  15. MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Christian.
    • Jericho dominates at first, and attempts the Walls of Jericho.
    • Christian holds out, and throws Jericho into the ring post.
    • Christian works on the arm, and hits a single-arm DDT, 2 count only, and Christian continues to work on the arm.
    • Jericho slams Christian off the ropes, and Charles Robinson starts a 10 count.
    • Jericho on the offensive, with a lot of moves off the ropes.
    • Lionsault gets drilled with some knees, and Christian hits an inverted DDT.
    • 2 count only.
    • Christian is pissed about the count, and gets schoolboyed for the 1, 2, 3.
    • Winner: Chris Jericho

  16. TAPED COMMENTS: Kanyon.
    • Kanyon says his cousin's are NYC cops, and that they've been helping with the tragedy.
    • He's proud of the effort to help, via blood donations and volunteering.
    • He's proud of the country.

    • Tazz wants to be in NYC, since that's where he lives.
    • He really wants to help out.
    • The terrorists are going to pay for what they've done, and fight them with force.
    • Tazz can't wait to go home, but doesn't know what it looks like now.

  18. TAPED COMMENTS: Torrie Wilson.
    • Condolences to anyone having family members involved in this tragedy.

  19. TAPED COMMENTS: Hurricane Helms.
    • Terrorists are less than human.

  20. TAPED COMMENTS: Bubba Ray Dudley.
    • You can't kill America or its spirit.
    • Someone will pay for this, and hopefully soon.

  21. IN THE RING: The Rock.... Shawn Stasiak/Stacy Keibler.
    • IF YOU SMELL..... The Rock comes out to the ring, to the usual loud pop.
    • Finally, the Rock... has come back to Houston.
    • Rock is issuing a challenge to anybody who wants to go one on one with the Great One, who wants a piece of the Rock.
    • Shawn Stasiak, with Stacy Kiebler comes out.
    • Stasiak runs to the ring, and the Rock quickly tosses him over the top rope.
    • Rock says if there's anyone else who wants the shot at the belt, come out now.
    • Stasiak runs out again, and gets tossed over the top rope again!
    • Again, if anyone wants a shot at the Rock, and he means ANYONE, come on now for a one on one shot.
    • Stasiak tries to run down again!
    • Rock stops Stasiak in his tracks, and questions what's the matter with Stasiak.
    • Rock asks if he feels good to get thrown over the top rope, and that it's embarrassing (probably hurts too).
    • Rock says relax, and let's talk about pie.
    • Stasiak HATES pie.
    • Rock says that he loves Pie, Houston, TX loves the pie....
    • Rock questions Stasiak if he likes the stroodle(sp?).
    • Rock then asks Stacy if she likes the stroodle(sp?), and she nods her head and smiles.
    • Stasiak is pissed, and askes for his WCW title shot and NOW.
    • The WCW title means everything to the Rock, and offers to shake Stasiak's hand.

  22. WCW TITLE MATCH: Rock vs Shawn Stasiak.
    • Instant Rock Bottom after the handshake, and 1, 2, 3.
    • Absent of the bell, this could have been the shortest WWF match in history.
    • Winner: the Rock

  23. TAPED COMMENTS: Debra.
    • Says that all 3 brothers were in the armed forces, and that the recent events were unbelieveable.
    • It was like a dream, and it was horrible.
    • She feels bad for people of New York, especially the ones who don't know where their loved ones are.
    • Her heart goes out to them.
    • Debra can't wait for when the WWF pays them back.

  24. TAPED COMMENTS: Hugh Morrus.
    • Hugh says that his brother is a fire fighter, searching through the rubble in New York.
    • What happened in New York just made him sick.

  25. TAPED COMMENTS: Ivory.
    • Prayers to everyone in New York and whoever else is involved.
    • Ivory doesn't want the children of America to be afraid, since there are far more in this world that are good than bad.
    • This tragedy will help make America stronger.

  26. TAPED COMMENTS: Bradshaw.
    • He's seen the past attacks against civilians, and that the WWF is doing this show to prove the terrorists wrong.
    • The terrorists can go to hell.
    • He praises George W. Bush, says God Bless American, and God Bless the sorry son of a bitch who did this terrible act, because the US will get them back.

  27. MATCH: X-Factor vs APA.
    • Faarooq and X-Pac start.
    • Faarooq pounds X-Pac with some stiff stuff.
    • X-Pac comes back with a spinning kick.
    • Albert and Bradshaw are now in, and they exchange several moves.
    • Several slams and boots by both guys, and Albert eventually misses a top rope move.
    • Faarooq now in, and Albert eventually hits a bicycle kick.
    • X-Pac comes in and capitalizes on the offense.
    • Tries the bronco-buster, but gets a spinebuster.
    • Bradshaw in, and he lets X-Pac have it.
    • Fall-a-way slam, and Bradshaw sets up the Clothesline-from-Hell for the win on X-Pac.
    • Winners: APA

  28. TAPED COMMENTS: Kurt Angle.
    • Heart goes to victims and families.
    • Some people consider Angle to be a hero after winning the Olympic gold.
    • But the heroes are the ones helping out the families and victims, and they deserve a gold medal or the right to be called Americans.

  29. MATCH: Booker T vs The Big Show.
    • Big Show pounds Booker to start, with a massive chop in the corner.
    • Big Show tosses Booker T into the railing, and then throws Booker T back into the ring.
    • Booker T then capitalizes on the opportunity, and pounds Big Show.
    • Big Show comes back, and just tosses Booker T around for a while.
    • Big Show badly misses a big boot, and gets caught into the ring ropes.
    • Missle dropkick by Booker T.
    • Booker takes out the leg of Big Show, and then hits the axe kick.
    • 2 Count only.
    • 2nd axe kick.
    • 2 count only again!!
    • Booker T then hits a mini-Harlem Hangover for the win.
    • Jim Ross hypes this as an upset.
    • Winner: Booker T

  30. TAPED COMMENTS: Lance Storm.
    • Tragedies like this shouldn't happen in the world, and that everytime that he's on a plane, his family will worry.
    • It affects us all.
    • It's a very sad day he'll never forget.

  31. TAPED COMMENTS: D'Von Dudley.
    • The terrorists are jealous because America has great freedom, and that this incident will bring Americans together.

  32. TAPED COMMENTS: Michael Thorton: (Retired Naval Lt. Commander)
    • Praises the WWF for moving on, and repeats words by Colin Powell.
    • It's an honor to be here tonight.

  33. WOMANS MATCH: Lita vs Ivory.
    • Ivory stomps away, and Lita eventually gets some arm drags in.
    • Lita on the offense now, but Ivory comes back with an eye rake.
    • Ivory slams Lita's face into the canvas.
    • Sunset flip failed by Lita, and Ivory delivers a knee to the head.
    • 2 count only.
    • Snap mare takeover by Ivory, and Lita cradles Ivory for a near fall.
    • Back to the chinlock for Ivory, and the ref checks to see if Lita is still awake.
    • Lita suplexes Ivory out of the move, and eventually reverses a move into a frankensteiner.
    • Twist of Fate and then a moonsault by Lita for the win.
    • Winner: Lita

  34. TAPED COMMENTS: Stacy Keibler.
    • She says she's only 21, and that she has a new respect for the word "freedom".
    • America needs to stop fighting and join together in this cause.

  35. TAPED COMMENTS: Steve Austin.
    • People who did this act are nothing but cowards, and his heart goes out to the families and victims.
    • He doesn't seem to be able to shake what has happened, but he must, and the same goes for the country.
    • He hopes to never see something like this happen again, except to those who did the terrorist act.

  36. TAPED COMMENTS: Booker T.
    • Condolences to the firefighters, and they'll be remembered as heroes for what they've done.
    • The incident will make America better by pulling us together.

  37. TAPED COMMENTS: Stephanie McMahon.
    • A few years ago, a few people tried to destroy the WWF.
    • The McMahons pulled together, and survived as a company.
    • American must do this, and stand strong as a nation.

  38. MATCH: Test/Dudleyz vs Scotty2Hotty/Regal/Tajiri /w Torrie.
    • Regal outsmarts D'von with technical wrestling, while Scotty 2 Hotty falls off the ring while going crazy.
    • Tajiri is in now, and he kicks D'Von really hard.
    • Tajiri fights off Bubba on the ropes, but Test drills Tajiri with a clothesline.
    • Test is in now, and he lets Tajiri have it.
    • Bubba Ray is in, and gives Tajiri some really hard chops.
    • Bodyslam by Bubba, but misses a top rope move.
    • Scotty gets the hot tag, and fends off the Alliance members.
    • Tries to go for the bulldog, but Test pulls him out.
    • Regal was about to get the Wazzup drop, but Tajiri was there to spray the mist on D'von to save the day.
    • Handspring on Bubba by Tajiri, but Test would later pull him out.
    • Scotty 2 Hotty is back in the ring, and he hits the WORM on Bubba.
    • However, Test comes back in and big boots Scotty for the win.
    • Through all of the confusion, Test was surprisingly the legal man, although he was on the outside of the ring for a LONG time.
    • Winners: Test and the Dudleys

  39. TAPED COMMENTS: Lilian Garcia.
    • She feels the pain since she lives in NYC, and is happy for a friend who missed his meeting at the WTC that morning.

  40. TAPED COMMENTS: Faarooq.
    • My heart, best wishes, and sympathy goes to the families.
    • American people will prevail through this, and it's time to show these cowards that the US means business.

  41. TAPED COMMENTS: William Regal.
    • Life continues, even after this tragedy.

  42. TAPED COMMENTS: Albert.
    • Tragedy left a bad feeling in his stomach.
    • Pray for victims/families, and that swift justice is brought to the faceless cowards.

  43. THE MAIN EVENT: Kurt Angle vs Rhyno.
    • Reversals to start, and Angle gets the better of all of it.
    • However, Rhyno powers back, but only to eventually get tossed over the ropes.
    • Million reversals in this match!
    • Rhyno back on the offensive, and eventually hits an airplane spin slam.
    • Chinlock applied by Rhyno, with loud USA chants going on.
    • Angle fights back, and cradles Rhyno for a pin.
    • 2 count only.
    • Rhyno belly to belly suplexes Angle, and then goes for a GORE.
    • Angle dodges it.
    • Eventually, a double clothesline occurs, and a 10 count occurs.
    • Back up, Angle fights off some rope reversals, and then suplexes Rhyno Chris Benoit style.
    • Nasty spinebuster by Rhyno.
    • Rhyno hits the GORE GORE GORE on Kurt Angle, for a 2 count only.
    • Rhyno is pissed about the 2 count, loses focus, and eventually gets Olympic slammed for the loss.
    • Winner: Kurt Angle
    • After the match, Angle gets on the mic and screams USA, USA, USA, USA with the crowd.

  44. Goodnight Everybody......

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