October 11, 2001
The Mark of the Quad Cities
Moline, Illinois
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

  1. KICKOFF: Shane & Stephanie, Regal, Stone Cold/Debra, Linda McMahon, Kurt Angle.
    • With huge smiles on their faces, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley headed to the ring.
    • Shane said that the expression wasn't said often in Moline, but life is great, and life was a lot better since RAW, when Stone Cold Steve Austin regained the World Wrestling Federation Championship.
    • He said that Austin's win put the Alliance right back on top as the most dominant force in sports entertainment.
    • Stephanie said that she felt great on Monday night, but after Stone Cold's win, she felt unbelievable.
    • She said the Alliance was all about truly great people.
    • With that, she introduced fans to the newest member of the Alliance -- Federation Commissioner William Regal!
    • The commissioner headed to the ring to a chorus of boos.
    • Regal said that he was a man of integrity, and it was his responsibility to make sure that the Federation Championship was around the waist of a man who was everything a champion should be -- strong, virtuous and courageous.
    • Unfortunately, he said, the Federation had no one to fit that description -- but the Alliance does.
    • Regal then introduced that champion -- Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • The Rattlesnake and Debra walked to the ring, with Austin flaunting his newly won title.
    • Stone Cold said he was very emotional, and wanted to thank everyone in the arena and around the world for their support in his journey back to the Federation Championship.
    • He said that on RAW, he beat Kurt Angle, 1-2-3, and he'd felt the excitement of millions of Americans coursing through his veins, and it felt good.
    • Austin said he had a long thank-you speech written, but had decided to make it short and sweet -- "It's over."
    • He said he knew Angle thought he deserved a rematch, but said it's over!
    • As Austin chanted "It's over," Linda McMahon's music played, and out came the Federation CEO!
    • Linda said that things were far from over for Stone Cold -- in fact, she said it was a whole new beginning.
    • Linda said she would begin with Commissioner Regal.
    • As of this minute, she said his services as Federation commissioner were no longer required!
    • To be more blunt -- "You're fired!" she screamed!
    • Austin said that she couldn't fire him, but Linda said she just did!
    • Linda then said that there would be a new commissioner on SmackDown!
    • She said she had other announcements to make, but she would allow the new commissioner to make those announcements!
    • She also reminded Stone Cold that as Federation Champion, his activities and matches were governed by the Federation commissioner.
    • She said that as the old expression goes, when you live by the sword, you die by the sword -- it's true, it's true!
    • Suddenly, an irate Kurt Angle snuck into the ring and attacked everyone, locking Austin in the ankle lock and punching out Regal!
    • Moments later, an irate Regal complained to Shane and Stephanie backstage about the humiliation he received from Linda and Angle.
    • Stephanie said that you could choose your friends, but you couldn't choose your parents.
    • Shane questioned who the new commissioner would be.

  2. WWF TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Dudley Boyz w/ Stacy vs Big Show & Spike Dudley.
    • The Dudleys finished off their challengers by nailing Spike with a 3-D, as D-Von pinned him for the win.
    • After the bout, they attacked Big Show with their titles, and then set up a table outside the ring, much to Stacy's delight.
    • Bubba Ray and D-Von gave Spike a huge backdrop over the top rope through the table on the outside -- his elevation was breathtaking!

    • With a huge grin, Diamond Dallas Page said he had a special message for a special person -- Kurt Angle.
    • He said that Kurt's losing the Federation Championship wasn't a bad thing -- it was a good thing, because Kurt learned a valuable lesson, that sometimes you have to lose things to realize just how valuable they really are.
    • He said that now that Kurt had lost the title, Kurt had realized that nothing was more important than that.
    • He said that without the title, Kurt felt like a nobody, a nothing, a loser -- but DDP said that Kurt was a somebody!
    • He said that people still liked Kurt.
    • DDP said he still liked him.

  4. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold/Debra - Stephanie.
    • An upset Stone Cold talked to Debra backstage, and Stephanie came into his locker room.
    • She said that she and Shane had a good idea.
    • She said they believed in leadership by example, and that Austin should reward Rob Van Dam for getting him the title match on Monday.
    • Shane said that now that they had the Federation Championship back, all they needed was the WCW Title, so they should have RVD go against The Rock for the title!
    • Austin suggested that they make him work for it, that they give RVD a match and the winner would face Rock.
    • So Shane said that RVD would take on Chris Jericho on SmackDown!, with the winner facing Rock at No Mercy.
    • Stephanie objected to that, until Shane pointed out that RVD had beaten Y2J three times in recent weeks.

  5. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Chris Jericho.
    • Edge and Chris Jericho talked backstage about Y2J's impending match against RVD for the No. 1 contender spot for the WCW Title.
    • Edge asked how things were with Y2J and Rock, and he said they were OK -- and he wished Edge good luck against Christian.
    • Edge then left the locker room, and Stephanie walked in.
    • She asked how he could be confident against RVD, considering how he always lost the big ones -- and Jericho said that if anyone knew about "big ones," it was Stephanie!

  6. WCW CW TITLE MATCH: XPac vs Billy Kidman.
    • Billy Kidman made his return from injury
    • Kidman caught X-Pac up top with a huge slam to pin him and capture the title!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Shane & RVD.
    • Shane McMahon gave RVD a pep talk.
    • Shane said the pressure was on, being that the winner would get a WCW Title shot.
    • All RVD said was "cool," and Shane asked him if he knew what kind of pressure he was under. RVD said nope -- that everything was cool for Rob Van Dam.

  8. NO.1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho.
    • Both men scored several near falls, and the referee was soon knocked out just as Jericho seemed poised to win.
    • As Y2J tried to revive the ref, RVD caught him with a huge kick to the face, but again, there was no one to count the fall.
    • The fight continued, and Stone Cold ran out with a chair.
    • He went to hit Jericho but hit RVD by accident, and Jericho then picked up the pinfall, meaning that he will face Rock for the WCW Title at No Mercy!

  9. IN THE RING: RVD, Stone Cold, The Alliance, Mick Foley!
    • After the bout, RVD asked Austin why he had done what he did.
    • The two stared each other down for a few moments, and RVD didn't back down from the Rattlesnake.
    • Austin grabbed a microphone and told every member of the Alliance to walk to the ring right now to witness what was about to happen.
    • When they got there, Austin said he wouldn't be Federation Champion if not for the opportunity given to him by one person -- Shane McMahon!
    • Shane was confused and RVD was shocked as Austin thanked Shane, who he called a genius!
    • He said he owed Shane for hitting Angle with a chair last Thursday on SmackDown!, allowing RVD to score the pin.
    • Austin was about to leave the ring, but returned when he thought RVD was "sassing" him.
    • He asked RVD if he was mad that he had just lost to Jericho, and had lost his WCW Title shot at No Mercy.
    • Austin said that while he was gone, he had watched RVD as leader of the Alliance, trying to be a leader like him.
    • But he said that he was back now to take the Alliance members under his wing -- the men and women who he said wouldn't have a job if not for him.
    • Austin offered RVD some advice -- he said to keep reaching for the stars, because maybe in another five years, he could be a big star.
    • He said he didn't like or love him, but he appreciated what RVD had done, so he offered him a handshake as an olive branch of friendship.
    • Before RVD shook, however, the sound of a crashing car filled the arena, and out came Mick Foley to a huge ovation!
    • Foley said there was no place like home, and said that he was indeed the new Federation commissioner!
    • He said that for his first act as commissioner, he would like to make a match between William Regal and Kurt Angle, but said he knew he couldn't force an Alliance superstar into it, so he would appeal to Regal's testicular fortitude.
    • Regal agreed to the match for SmackDown!
    • Foley then turned his attention to Austin.
    • He recalled when they were Tag Team Champions back in 1997, and said that Steve still looked good, and even asked if Austin had been exercising.
    • Foley said that he had been exercising too -- exercising his authority.
    • He said that Angle would get a rematch against Austin at No Mercy.
    • Foley then addressed Rob Van Dam.
    • Foley said he wanted to give the fans the best main events he could, and he said that the main event at No Mercy would be better with RVD involved.
    • Foley suggested a Triple Threat Match with Stone Cold, Angle and RVD!
    • Mick repeated that he had no power over Alliance superstars, so he asked RVD to make a choice, if he wanted to compete in the biggest match in his career.
    • Van Dam said that he would take Austin's advice and reach for the stars -- and he would indeed take a spot in the championship match at No Mercy!
    • So the match is set for No Mercy -- a Triple Threat Match with Stone Cold, Angle and RVD for the Federation Championship!
    • Foley then told the crowd to have a nice day.

  10. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold/Debra & Shane.
    • Shane talked to Stone Cold and Debra backstage.
    • Austin said that he had just won the title, and his life had turned to hell.
    • He said he knew Foley would try to make his life a living hell as commissioner.
    • He also questioned why RVD would accept a spot in the Triple Threat Match.
    • Shane said that it was an opportunity for the Alliance, saying they had upped their chances of winning the match by a third.
    • Shane said that if Austin won, the title stayed with them, and if RVD won ... but before Shane could finish, Austin and Debra walked out of the locker room.

  11. EUROPEAN ChallengE: Hurricane Helms w/ Mighty Molly vs Kane.
    • Hurricane said that his Hurri-senses were telling him it was time to defend the European Championship.
    • He said that if there were any mere mortals who wished to be vanquished, they could come down and challenge him for the title!
    • Much to Hurricane's surprise, Kane answered the challenge!
    • The superhero helped Molly out of the ring, and then told "Citizen Kane" that he was making the mistake of his life.
    • He said that Kane wore a mask but had no superpowers -- What's up with that?
    • He said Kane would make a great addition to the Hurri-league.
    • He offered to activate Hurri-twin powers with Kane, and Kane knocked knuckles with him, and then grabbed his hand and squeezed, as Hurricane grimaced in pain!
    • The match began and Kane seemed poised to win the title, until Booker T and Test ran in to attack Kane, ending the bout in a disqualification.
    • It didn't take long for Undertaker to run out to save his little brother, as the Brothers of Destruction fought off T&T!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Al Snow/Maven & Mick Foley.
    • Al Snow told WWF Tough Enough Champion Maven that he was very proud of Maven for challenging Tazz on SmackDown!
    • As the men talked, they were approached by Commissioner Foley, and Foley proceeded to recap history for Maven, talking about how Al Snow lost a match for the commissionership to Regal back in March, allowing for Foley's return on SmackDown!
    • Ultimately, Al pulled Maven away from Foley and suggested that he not associate with him anymore.

  13. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Test.
    • Booker T and Test talked backstage, and Test was laughing hysterically.
    • Booker asked what was up, and Test said he was amused at how Booker had called Taker out on RAW, challenging him to a match at No Mercy.
    • He said he knew Booker would win that bout, and said that Booker had inspired him to challenge Kane to a match at No Mercy.

  14. TOUGH ENOUGH MATCH: Maven vs Tazz.
    • Al Snow joined Michael Cole for commentary as Maven took on Tazz in a rematch from last Thursday's SmackDown!
    • The match lasted barely a minute, as Tazz locked on the Tazzmission for the submission win.
    • After the bout, Tazz again made like he was going to help Maven up, only this time, Maven clotheslined Tazz down, much to the delight of Al Snow!

  15. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman, The Rock, Chris Jericho.
    • Coach interviewed Rock about his match against Chris Jericho for the WCW Title at No Mercy.
    • He asked Rock specifically if he and Jericho were cool after what happened on RAW.
    • Rock said that yes, things were cool, and as he talked, Jericho approached him.
    • Y2J apologized, and Rock seemed angered that Y2J had interrupted his interview.
    • Jericho said he was just excited for the huge match at No Mercy, and Rock wished him luck in their match.
    • Jericho said that people would be talking about this one, and as he walked away, he bumped into The Rock.
    • Rocky couldn't help but laugh at that, and then said that Jericho had no idea.

  16. THE MAIN EVENT: Kurt Angle vs William Regal.
    • Angle was a man on a mission in this bout, looking to exact revenge on the "goodwill ambassador."
    • Ultimately, however, Regal was saved by various members of the Alliance -- including Raven, Kanyon, Mike Awesome and Tommy Dreamer -- who ran in, causing a disqualification.
    • Still, Angle fought them all off, and stood proud in the ring as SmackDown! went off the air.

  17. Goodnight Everybody......

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