October 18, 2001
Molson Center
Montreal, Quebec
Announcers: Michael Cole/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Chris Jericho, Stephanie, The Rock.
    • Jericho comes to the ring.
    • Jericho says that he'd been hearing a lot of unflattering things about himself over the past few weeks, including that he was a choke artist, that he wasn't a big-time player, and that he couldn't win the big one.
    • He said those people were absolutely right, saying that in his years in sports-entertainment, he had never held the World Wrestling Federation or WCW Championships.
    • He said that he would get retribution this Sunday at No Mercy, and that all the naysayers could kiss his ass!
    • As Jericho continued to talk, out came Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, who mocked Y2J on her way to the ring, even asking him to please shut the hell up, and welcoming the fans to "SmackDown! is Stephanie!"
    • She said that the whole "interrupting" thing Jericho did was actually kinda fun.
    • Stephanie then poked fun at Jericho for always losing the big match.
    • She said it was a tough decision who to root for in his match against The Rock, but she said she would go with the lesser of two evils, and would root for Rock to clean Jericho's clock at No Mercy!
    • She said that although she and Rock hadn't always gotten along, she knew that if he was at SmackDown!, he would come out and thank her for her support.
    • It didn't take long for Rock's music to hit, and out came the WCW Champion!
    • Rock told Stephanie that she was looking quite gigantic, and then as he continued to talk, Stephanie cut him off.
    • She said that Rock shouldn't take his frustration out on her -- he should instead do it on Jericho!
    • She said that since Y2J came into the Federation, he had been against The Rock.
    • Stephanie then played footage of Jericho's debut in August 1999, when he interrupted The Rock during an interview and tore into the People's Champion.
    • Stephanie said that Y2J was jealous of Rock, and that Rock shouldn't trust Jericho, because he would screw Rock the first chance he got.
    • Rock said he appreciated her concern, and that if anyone knew anything about screwing, it was her.
    • Y2J said it surprised him that Stephanie wasn't cheering for him, because you can't spell Jericho without using the letters "H" and "O."
    • Rocky said he wanted Stephanie's support, and said that if he had as much support as her push-up bra gave to her "big phony funbags," then he would be unstoppable!
    • Y2J said that speaking of Stephanie's funbags ... but Stephanie cut him off, and screamed that she hated both Jericho and Rock!
    • Stephanie then stomped back to the locker room in tears, as Y2J said, "thanks for the mammaries!"
    • That left Rock and Jericho in the ring.
    • Y2J asked Rock if Rock had anything to say to him, and when Rock asked what, Jericho brought up that Rock had given him a Rock Bottom on RAW.
    • Rock said he had given Jericho a Rock Bottom because the People's Champion had told Jericho to stay out of his way, and as usual, Jericho had failed.
    • Y2J said he'd gotten in Rock's way to save Rock's title.
    • Rock said that later in the night on RAW, he had saved Jericho's ass.
    • Jericho said Rock had better worry about saving his own ass this Sunday.
    • Rock said he was in no danger of losing his title this Sunday, saying that there was a reason why people said that Jericho couldn't win the big one.
    • Rock said that the No. 1 reason was because Jericho wasn't that good.
    • Jericho then began to tell Rock that after this Sunday, he would never, ever see the WCW Title again, but Rock delivered the line himself!
    • Then, as Rock went to keep speaking, Jericho held his hand up, right in Rock's face!
    • Rock took off his sunglasses and stepped away from Jericho's hand, just to have Jericho again move his hand in front of Rock's face.
    • Jericho then motioned for Rock to just bring it, and an enraged Rock gave Y2J a Rock Bottom!

  2. ALLIANCE LOCKERROOM: Stone Cold & The Alliance.
    • The Alliance enjoyed a champagne celebration in their locker room.
    • Stone Cold said that on Monday night, Rob Van Dam had proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was on the side of the Alliance.
    • He said that as soon as RVD got to the arena, they would celebrate.
    • Tazz then asked Stone Cold what would happen if RVD hit the Five-Star Frog Splash on Angle at No Mercy and pinned him, costing Austin the title without even being pinned.
    • Austin told Tazz to leave, calling him a party pooper!
    • The Alliance chanted "RVD" as Tazz left the locker room.

  3. PARKING LOT: Mystery limo.
    • A limousine pulled in backstage at the Molson Centre.

  4. 6-PERSON TAG TEAM MATCH: Hurricane/Storm/Molly vs HardyBoyz/Lita.
    • Hurricane was able to hit the "Eye of the Hurricane" for the pinfall on Jeff Hardy.

    • Backstage, the APA were looking at the Hurricycle.
    • Bradshaw suggested that instead of flying to St. Louis for No Mercy, they should ride there on the Hurricycle!

  6. THE ALLIANCE LOCKER ROOM: Stone Cold & The Alliance.
    • Stone Cold said he had a funny story for the other Alliance members.
    • He said there was an Olympic hero who was on the fast track to superstardom, until he got to Marker 316, and met up with Stone Cold.
    • He talked about how he had been whipping Angle's ass for months.
    • He said he had Kurt Angle's number any day of the week, including this Sunday.
    • Stephanie and Commissioner William Regal then entered the locker room, and Stephanie said the commish had a special announcement to make.
    • Regal then introduced the newest member of the Alliance -- Christian!
    • Christian said it was nice to be in a place where champions were treated with the respect they deserved.
    • Austin said that if Christian stuck with the Alliance, maybe one day he would have a party just like the one for RVD.

  7. PARKING LOT: Mystery limo.
    • The limo door opened, and then closed again as quickly as it had opened.

  8. TOUGH ENOUGH CHALLENGE: Tazz vs Maven w/ Nidia.
    • For the third week in a row, Tazz took on Maven on SmackDown!
    • The Tough Enough male champion was accompanied to the ring by the Tough Enough female champion, Nidia.
    • Tazz abused Maven with suplexes.
    • At one point, he went for the pin, and Nidia pulled him off Maven.
    • Moments later, Maven rolled up Tazz to score the upset win!

  9. PARKING LOT: Limo... RVD!
    • Back in the parking area, RVD got out ot the limo.
    • He appeared to be talking to someone inside the limo, and said he enjoyed meeting with the dude in the limo.

  10. INTERVIEW: Lilian Garcia & Commissioner Mick Foley.
    • Lilian Garcia asked Commissioner Mick Foley why he would make Rock and Y2J team up on SmackDown!, and Mick said it was simple psychology -- he said it was his attempt to cool down the heat between the two.
    • He said it was the same thing as when he and Rock were enemies, and then came together to form the Rock'n'Sock Connection.
    • He said he wanted Rock & Y2J to respect each other before they tore into each other.
    • Mick also made a match for No Mercy, with the Dudley Boyz defending the Federation Tag Team Championship against Big Show and Tajiri -- and that is final!

  11. ALLIANCE LOCKER ROOM: Stone Cold, RVD, The Alliance.
    • RVD entered the Alliance locker room, and Stone Cold gave him a hug.
    • Austin said that RVD did the right thing this past Monday, and would do the right thing this coming Sunday, backing him in the Triple Threat match with Kurt Angle.
    • Austin said he wanted RVD to take Angle out on SmackDown!
    • He said he was RVD's biggest supporter, and that RVD meant the world to him.
    • Austin then took the watch off his wrist and gave it to RVD as a present.
    • He said the watch was saying that it was time for RVD to be a big, famous star!

  12. TAG TEAM MATCH: Taker/Kane vs Test/Booker T.
    • After a high-impact match, Taker went to give Booker the Last Ride, but Test nailed Taker in the face with a big boot, and Booker pinned Taker for the win!

    • In the parking area, the limo door opened, and out came Mr. McMahon!
    • The Federation chairman strutted into the arena.

  14. ALLIANCE LOCKER ROOM: Stone Cold, RVD, The Alliance.
    • Every member of the Alliance stared down RVD, after seeing Vince get out of the limo.
    • Austin asked if Van Dam really had gotten out of a car with Vince McMahon.
    • RVD said they were just talking.
    • Austin said that Vince was the devil, and no one knows that more than him.
    • RVD said that Vince wasn't that bad of a guy. RVD said that Vince said he'd see him this Sunday at No Mercy.
    • Austin then told RVD to give him back his watch!
    • Stone Cold said that the watch was now saying that it was time for RVD to make a decision -- this Sunday, he is either with Austin, or he is against him.
    • RVD said that was cool.
    • Austin said he thought Van Dam should leave, and RVD did just that.

  15. MATCH: D-Von Dudley w/Bubba & Stacy vs Tajiri w/ the Big Show.
    • The name of the game was distracting the referee -- first Stacy distracted the ref, allowing the Dudleys to give Tajiri a 3-D, and then the Big Show chokeslammed D-Von behind the ref's back, allowing Tajiri to pick up the win.
    • After the bout, Torrie Wilson ran to the ring and smacked Stacy around, even stripping her of her skirt!

  16. TAG TEAM MATCH: Jericho/Rock vs Raven/Credible.
    • In tag action, The Rock and Chris Jericho took on Raven and Justin Credible.
    • Rock and Y2J had to be separated by the ref before the began.
    • Once the bell rang, Rock & Jericho got into it again, and Raven & Justin took advantage.
    • Y2J soon went outside the ring and nailed everyone with a steel chair -- including The Rock!
    • Y2J then gave Rock a People's Elbow, much to the delight of the crowd!

  17. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & Edge.
    • Coach interviewed Edge, and Edge said he'd been doing a lot of thinking.
    • Edge said that after Monday, he would no longer feel any guilt about beating Christian this Sunday at No Mercy, and also said he no longer had a brother.
    • He said that Christian might have a little accident of his own.

  18. BACKSTAGE: Edge, Stephanie, Palumbo, Kanyon, Hugh Morrus, Christian.
    • Stephanie & Alliance Members corner Edge in a locker room, Christian enters and they all attack Edge leaving him out cold.

  19. THE MAIN EVENT: Kurt Angle vs Rob Van Dam.
    • Ultimately, Angle had RVD in the ankle lock when Stone Cold hit the ring, pounding on the Olympic hero, and ending the bout in a disqualification.
    • Austin then threw RVD outside the ring!
    • Inside the ring, Angle hit Austin with the Angle slam, and RVD went up top.
    • After thinking about it for a few seconds, RVD nailed Austin with the Frog Splash!
    • Moments later, Vince McMahon walked out to the stage.
    • Vince did the RVD thumb gimmick to a huge ovation, and Stone Cold fumed in the ring as SmackDown! went off the air.

  20. Goodnight Everybody......

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