October 25, 2001
Civic Center
Omaha, NE
Announcers: Michael Cole/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Shane, Steph, The Alliance, Stone Cold.
    • The entire Alliance (except Steve Austin) comes to the ring.
    • Shane and Stephanie weren't in good moods, after the Alliance lost four championships to the World Wrestling Federation on RAW.
    • Shane said that his own mother had the audacity to call him a wuss on RAW, and asked who that "bitch" thought she was talking to!
    • He said he was the owner of WCW, and the man who would put it all on the line at Survivor Series.
    • According to Shane, it was all about control, and that the Alliance would be in control at Survivor Series.
    • He said when the Alliance won at Survivor Series, either the Federation Superstars would work for them, or they would just retire.
    • He said that between now and Survivor Series, he would not allow the Alliance to be dismembered.
    • Shane said that what happened on RAW was inexcusable.
    • He said they needed momentum.
    • Shane said that Vince and Linda had taught him the concept of "tough love."
    • He called forth Kidman, who lost the Cruiserweight Title to Tajiri on RAW.
    • Shane verbally berated Kidman, and then slapped him down.
    • The Alliance then beat the hell out of Kidman, and then threw him out of the ring at Shane's request!
    • As Shane continued to berate Kidman, Chuck Palumbo grabbed the microphone from his boss.
    • Chuck said that Shane's actions weren't right, and this was no way to treat people.
    • Stephanie asked Chuck who he thought he was.
    • She said if it wasn't for Shane, Palumbo wouldn't even be in the Alliance!
    • She said Chuck had done nothing with the opportunity Shane had given him, and that Chuck himself was nothing.
    • Stephanie then fired Palumbo, and told him to get out of the ring!
    • Shane then called forth The Hurricane, who lost the European Championship to Bradshaw on RAW.
    • Shane asked, "What's up with that?" and then asked, "What's up with this?"
    • He was about to smack Hurricane, but Hurricane blocked his shot.
    • Commissioner Regal, however, punched Hurricane, and the Alliance gang-attacked him, tossing him to the outside of the ring.
    • Shane next turned his attention to Rhyno, who lost the U.S. Title to Kurt Angle on RAW.
    • Rhyno looked like he was ready to fight, but Shane told the Alliance to back off.
    • The Boy Wonder told Rhyno that he was pathetic, and that he disgusted him.
    • He said that Rhyno was indefinitely suspended from this moment forward, and he told Rhyno to get out of his face.
    • Stephanie then introduced the Dudley Boyz, who lost the Federation Tag Team Championship to The Rock and Chris Jericho on RAW.
    • She said that although she had no love for The Rock, the person she hated most in the world was Y2J -- the WCW Champion.
    • She said Shane had one thing to say about their loss -- and Shane told the Alliance to get the Dudleys!
    • The Dudleys tried to battle back, but the mob assaulted Bubba Ray and D-Von, chasing the team from the ring.
    • But the Dudleys set up a table at ringside and challenged the Alliance to take them on!
    • Suddenly, the sound of broken glass filled the arena, and out strutted World Wrestling Federation Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin!
    • The Rattlesnake told everyone in the Alliance to leave the ring -- except for Shane, Stephanie, and Regal.
    • He asked what the hell was going on.
    • Austin said he was the leader of the Alliance, and didn't want to see his troops fighting.
    • As Stephanie tried talking to him, he told her to shut up!
    • He then told Regal to get off his back!
    • He said heading into Survivor Series, he didn't need anyone in the Alliance fighting.
    • Austin then listened to his watch, which apparently told him that it was time for Stone Cold to once again lead the Alliance to greatness.
    • Austin said he'd been gone for one day, and the Alliance had lost four titles.
    • He called them pathetic, and said they wouldn't have jobs if not for him.
    • He said Rob Van Dam may have won his match, but he didn't impress Austin one bit, saying that RVD had sucked.
    • Stone Cold said that what he wanted to do was take back what was the Alliance's, starting with the WCW Title, which belongs to Jericho.
    • Austin said Jericho made him sick, and he would go on record as saying that if he didn't have 12 staples in the back of his head, he would personally take the title back himself.
    • Instead, he asked which Alliance member would step forward to battle Jericho.
    • He said he was sick of the Alliance members brown-nosing and said he couldn't trust them, calling them a bunch of back-stabbing bastards.
    • He said that he would be holding an Alliance battle royal, with the winner to get a shot at Y2J's title on SmackDown!
    • He had Commissioner Regal make said match official, which the commissioner did.
    • Stone Cold concluded by saying that whoever won the battle royal had better beat Jericho's ass, because the World Wrestling Federation Champion said so!

  2. ALLIANCE BATTLE ROYAL: The Alliance Members.
    • One early elimination had Mike Awesome powerbombing Tommy Dreamer over the top rope through a table on the outside!
    • The final three superstars in the ring were Test, Booker T and Rob Van Dam.
    • Booker threw RVD over the top, but RVD landed on the apron -- only to be eliminated by a boot to the face by Test!
    • Booker then snuck up behind Test and eliminated his sometimes-partner to win the battle royal, and a shot at WCW Champion Chris Jericho later in the night!
    • Booker celebrated with a spinerooni after the bout.

  3. WOMANS MATCH: Trish vs Mighty Molly.
    • Trish picked up the pinfall following a bulldog.

  4. BACKSTAGE: Vince & Linda McMahon + Chris Jericho.
    • Vince said he was upset about what was going on with the Alliance.
    • Linda questioned if Austin, Regal, Shane and Stephanie were trying to tear down the Alliance, or trying to build it up.
    • Vince said they were clearly building up in an attempt to overtake the Federation at Survivor Series.
    • Chris Jericho then entered their locker room, and Vince and Linda congratulated him on being a double champion.
    • Vince told Y2J that he had no alternative but to beat Booker T, or else, things would never be the same for Jericho ever again.
    • Jericho asked Vince when he'd ever let him down before, and Vince said that Jericho had indeed let him down before, and told Jericho that he better not do so tonight.
    • Vince then excused himself to talk to The Rock, and Y2J told Vince to tell Rock that the champ said hello!

  5. COMMISSIONER's OFFICE: Commissioner Regal & Commissioner Foley.
    • Commissioner Foley enters Commissioner Regals office and sets up his things.
    • Christian ran into their office, and asked Regal for a U.S. Title shot against Kurt Angle.
    • Regal granted his request.

  6. SOMEWHERE: Tazz & Nidia + Al Snow.
    • Tazz talked to Nidia from WWF Tough Enough, saying he never had a chance to thank her for costing him his match against Maven last week on SmackDown!
    • He told her that she didn't have what it took to be in the Federation.
    • As he badmouthed her, Al Snow approached him and said he was sick of seeing Tazz bully Nidia and Maven.
    • He dared Tazz to bully him on SmackDown!, and said that Tazz had better never screw with his kids again.
    • Tazz said that he would take pleasure in bullying Al on SmackDown!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & The Rock.
    • Vince McMahon approached The Rock, who wouldn't shake Vince's hand.
    • Vince said he needed a favor.
    • He said the Federation needed to bond together with Survivor Series approaching, and he knew The Rock bleeds World Wrestling Federation.
    • He asked Rock to rip out the Alliance's heart on SmackDown!, taking on RVD.
    • Vince said that a victory over RVD would hurt the Alliance, since he's all they had to cheer for these days.
    • He said he wanted Rock to take the Hardcore Title.
    • Vince said he would appreciate it, and Rock said he looked forward to a match like that.
    • Rock asked Vince if him beating RVD would make a big difference for him.
    • Rock then told Vince to wipe a monkey's ass with what Vince thought!

  8. US TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Christian.
    • Angle forced Christian to tap out to the ankle lock, successfully retaining his title.

  9. LOCKER ROOM: Stone Cold & Booker T.
    • Stone Cold tells the Booker Man that the last match had made him sick.
    • Austin couldn't believe how much the Alliance went downhill during the one day he took off.
    • He said that Booker had led by example in the battle royal.
    • He then listened to his watch, and it was saying that it was time for Booker to become a six-time WCW Champion!
    • His watch then told him that it was time for someone to step forward and raise some real hell -- and that man was Booker!
    • Booker said he could dig that!

  10. WCW TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Booker T.
    • Booker gained control, and went for a suplex, but Y2J reversed it, and rolled Booker up for the pinfall win!
    • Booker was very upset after the bout.

    • Foley celebrated the win (Jericho over Booker), and an upset Regal told Foley to celebrate all he wanted now, because the Federation would come up short at the Survivor Series.
    • Foley said that speaking of short, Tazz was going down at the hands of Al Snow!

  12. TOUGH ENOUGH: Tazz vs Al Snow.
    • Tazz physically dominated Snow in the early-going, but Al battled back and won the match via pinfall, following a modified slam.

  13. BACKSTAGE: Vince & Linda + Sgt Slaughter.
    • Vince and Linda were celebrating Snow's win backstage when Sgt. Slaughter came in with a message from Shane.
    • Shane had sent the message that he was waiting in the parking lot, and wanted to fight Vince in a street fight.
    • Vince said he'd been waiting for this since WrestleMania, and that this wouldn't take long.
    • He told Linda to wait in the locker room.

  14. BACKSTAGE: The Rock & Chris Jericho.
    • Rock was warming up backstage when Chris Jericho came over to make sure he was set for the match with RVD.
    • Rock congratulated Jericho on winning another big one on SmackDown!
    • Y2J said he'd done his part for the Federation, and he wanted to make sure Rock did his part.
    • Rock said that he would always do his part for the Federation, and that Y2J should know a lot about hardcore matches, since he knew how to win matches using chairs!

  15. PARKING LOT: Vince McMahon.
    • Vince went out to the parking lot and called out his son, but Shane was nowhere to be found.

  16. BACKSTAGE: Linda McMahon + Shane & Stephanie.
    • Shane and Stephanie entered, much to Linda's surprise.
    • Shane said that he wouldn't fight Vince in a street fight on SmackDown! -- he would do it on Monday's RAW.
    • Shane took his mom to task for calling him a wuss on RAW, and challenged her to do it again.
    • He physically intimidated Linda, to the point where she slapped him to break free.
    • Shane said it didn't feel good to be slapped, and he held his mom and allowed Stephanie to slap her mom right in the face!
    • Shane called his mom a wuss as he and his mom exited the locker room.
    • Shane & Stephanie left the arena quickly in a limo.
    • Moments later, Vince returned to the locker room to find Linda crying, and with a big bruise on her face.
    • Vince asked Sgt. Slaughter to take Linda to the car, and the Federation chairman was clearly not a happy man.

  17. WCW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Hardyz w/Lita vs The Dudleyz w/Stacy.
    • Matt was going for the Twist of Fate on D-Von, but was distracted by Stacy.
    • D-Von knocked Matt from the ring, and on the outside, Lita and Stacy went at it.
    • Moments later, the Dudleys gave Jeff a 3-D from the top rope to become the new WCW Tag Team Champions!

    • The men soon battled up the ramp, and as they battled back to the ring, they started using steel chairs and garbage cans.
    • Rock scored a near-fall after a Rock Bottom onto a garbage can!
    • Rock looked to have the title won with a sharpshooter, but Shane McMahon came down and broke it up.
    • RVD then went up for the Five-Star Frog Splash, and Shane threw the ref back into the ring.
    • But Rock kicked out!
    • Shane yelled at the ref, and Vince McMahon suddenly ran to the ring, looking for his son!
    • Vince chased his son into the crowd.
    • Back in the ring, RVD was about to nail Rock with a chair, but RVD missed the Van Daminator, and got a DDT onto a chair for his troubles!
    • Test soon ran down to attack Rock, but Chris Jericho ran down to help his tag partner, fighting Test off!
    • Booker T then ran down to assault Y2J, and Rock fought off the Booker Man!
    • Moments later, Rock nailed a spinebuster on RVD, and set Van Dam up for the People's Elbow.
    • But Booker grabbed Rock's leg and nailed Rock in the head with a trash can.
    • RVD then pinned The Rock for a successful title defense!
    • Test and Booker pounded on Rock and Jericho after the match, but the Federation Tag Team Champions battled back, and stood tall as SmackDown! went off the air!

  19. Goodnight Everybody......

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