November 1, 2001
Firstar Center
Cincinatti, OHIO
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • Booker T/Test beat Rock/Jericho for WWF TT Titles.
    • Dudleyz/Stacy defeat Hardyz/Lita.
    • Kurt Angle beats Kane via TapOut. (US Title Match)
    • Christian pins Bradshaw for Euro Title.
    • RVD pins Edge. (Hardcore Title match)
    • William Regal defeats Tajiri.
    • Undertaker beats Stone Cold via DQ (WWF Title Match)

    • Smackdown kicks off with recap of Kurt Angle joining the Alliance on RAW.

  3. WWF TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Rock/Chris Jericho vs Booker T & Test.
    • Jericho/Rock worked together in the early going, but tensions were clearly heating up.
    • As Rock kicked some butt in the ring, Y2J went up top for a missile dropkick, but accidentally hit The Rock!
    • Test then nailed the Great One with tbe big boot and pinned him, as Test and Booker T became the new Federation Tag Team Champions!
    • After the bout, an enraged Rock had some words with Jericho.
    • Rock was about to leave the ring, when Y2J brought him back, and the men came to blows, with Rock soon hitting the WCW Champion with a Rock Bottom!
    • The People's Champion then walked away, but suddenly stopped, returned, and delivered another Rock Bottom to Y2J!

  4. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & The Rock - Chris Jericho.
    • Moments later, Vince McMahon calmed The Rock down backstage.
    • Vince said that after losing Kurt Angle to the Alliance on RAW, and after losing the Tag Team Championship, he needed Team WWF to be on the same page.
    • Vince said that Shane had named his team for Survivor Series -- Shane McMahon, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin -- so he had added himself to Team WWF to fill Angle's spot!
    • He told Rock not to be so selfish, since he might be unemployed the day after Survivor Series.
    • Rock said that it didn't matter who was on the team at Survivor Series, since he would whoop some candy ass.
    • Rock reiterated to Vince that he would forever be WWF.
    • Vince said that Rock should think about apologizing to Y2J, since he didn't want any more problems on SmackDown!
    • As Vince spoke, Y2J ran over to attack Rock, and both men had to be restrained by Federation officials!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Hardy & Lita - Matt Hardy.
    • As Jeff Hardy prepared for his match, Lita entered his locker room and asked where Matt was.
    • Jeff didn't know, and then asked Lita about the bruise on her face, the result of Matt's accidental elbow on RAW.
    • Lita said it was no big deal, and then asked Jeff if he'd ever heard Matt talk about Stacy Keibler.
    • Just then, Matt walked in, and asked what was going on.
    • Lita said Jeff was just checking on her bruise, which was more than Matt had done.
    • She then stormed out, and Matt complained to Jeff that he was sick of always having to defend himself.

  6. 6-PERSON TAG: Hardyz/Lita vs Dudleyz/Stacy.
    • Matt was going for a cover at one point, but Stacy broke it up, leading to Lita attacking the Duchess of Dudleyville!
    • Moments later, Lita went up top and hit the Litacanrana on Bubba Ray!
    • Matt then went for the Twist of Fate, but Bubba shoved him off, right into Lita, who flew off the ring apron!
    • Jeff checked on Lita as Matt fought off both Dudleys.
    • It didn't take long for the WCW Tag Team Champions to hit Matt with the 3-D for the win.

  7. TAPED SEGMENT: Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle addressed fans about why he joined the Alliance on Monday's episode of RAW.
    • Kurt assured the people that he was still their Olympic hero and an American hero, and that he was a winner.
    • He said that with Survivor Series coming up, he started thinking about who else was a winner, about who he wanted on his side when everything was on the line.
    • Kurt said that no one on Team WWF fit that description.
    • He said Undertaker had accomplished less in 11 years than Angle had in two years, that Kane was a loser for following around the man who burned him as a child, and that Rock and Y2J were too self-absorbed.
    • He said that the one man who was a true winner was Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • He said that Austin may not play fair, but he could get the job done.
    • Angle said he loved his country, but he also loved his job, and he would be damned if he would put his job on the line by teaming with WWF losers.
    • He said that people shouldn't be upset with him, since he still had his intensity, his integrity and his intelligence.
    • The camera then panned out to show Kurt standing next to Stone Cold and Shane McMahon.
    • Kurt said that now that he was on the Alliance, the fans would be able to see their Olympic hero for years to come.
    • Shane told Kurt that his speech was very moving, and Stone Cold said he was proud of Angle.

  8. US TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Kane.
    • The fight soon spilled into the crowd, where Stone Cold snuck up on Kane and brutally attacked him with a steel chair!
    • The Undertaker ran down to chase Austin away.
    • The referee was distracted by Angle during the attack, so the match continued, with Angle focusing on Kane's ankle.
    • But Kane battled back, hitting Angle with four consecutive suplexes, and even delivering the top-rope clothesline, despite his injured leg.
    • Soon after, Kane actually locked Angle in the ankle lock, but the Olympian battled back.
    • Kane then went for the Tombstone, but Angle reversed it into the ankle lock, and fight as Kane did, the Big Red Machine was forced to tap out for the first time ever.
    • Shortly thereafter, Kane would be taken to a local medical facility for X-rays.

  9. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE: Commissioner Regal - Tajiri/Torrie.
    • Commissioner William Regal watched the match in his office, and Tajiri and Torrie Wilson entered his office.
    • Regal said that he and Tajiri weren't spending enough time together anymore, and he said he was proud of what Tajiri had done with the Federation.
    • He offered Tajiri the chance to join the Allinace.
    • Torrie begged Tajiri to say no, which Tajiri did.
    • Regal said that he respected Tajiri's decision, and then threw him down and beat him down!
    • He said he would meet Tajiri later in the night on SmackDown!

  10. TAPED FOOTAGE: Christian.
    • Earlier in the day of Sean Casey of the Cincinnati Reds signing autographs.
    • Christian approached him and said that he was going to do something that no one had done in Cincinnati had done in years -- win a championship!
    • Christian then badmouthed Cincinnati, leading Casey to call him a "chumpstain" as he walked away!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold/Debra - Kurt Angle.
    • Stone Cold told Debra how proud he was of Kurt, and Angle came in, and thanked Austin for helping him out.
    • Austin said he loved Kurt, and that Kurt had great potential.
    • The Rattlesnake then said he had a gift for Angle -- a Stone Cold hat!
    • Kurt put the hat on and said, "I'm an S.O.B.!"
    • Austin then gave Kurt his medals back -- saying he had fished them out of the Detroit River just for Kurt!
    • As Kurt wore his medals and hat, he said this was the happiest day of his life!
    • Angle then hugged Austin!

  12. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Bradshaw vs Christian.
    • As the match began, Bradshaw used his power moves to dominate, but Lance Storm ran down, as Christian brought a chair into the ring.
    • Bradshaw snatched the chair, but the referee grabbed it.
    • As the ref threw the chair away, Christian clobbered Bradshaw with the European Championship and pinned him to win the title!

  13. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & The Rock.
    • Rock said he had three words for Jericho -- Just Bring It!
    • He challenged Y2J to a WCW Title match this Monday on RAW.
    • He challenged Jericho to win the big one one more time.

  14. BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold, Kurt Angle & Rob Van Dam.
    • Austin and Angle were making friends backstage when Rob Van Dam approached them.
    • Austin said that they had called to see him about his match.
    • Austin said that RVD had gotten his ass whipped by Edge on Monday, and he never wanted to see that again.
    • Austin said that RVD should represent himself out there.
    • As RVD talked, Austin and Kurt said, "What?" in unison, leaving RVD to walk away, saying "Whatever."

  15. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Edge.
    • RVD defended the Hardcore Championship against Edge.
    • It wasn't long before RVD brought a chair into the ring, and the two men went back and forth assaulting each other with it.
    • RVD soon ran across the ring and leapt off the chair, only to be caught by Edge with a stunning spear!
    • That scored the Intercontinental Champion a near-fall.
    • As the fight continued, Test strutted down to ringside.
    • Edge hung RVD on the top rope, and with RVD outside the ring, Test delivered a boot to Edge's face.
    • Moments later, RVD nailed the Five-Star Frog Splash to score the pin and retain his title.

  16. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & Chris Jericho.
    • The Coach asked if Y2J would accept Rock's challenge for RAW.
    • He said he would deliver his answer to The Rock personally.
    • Moments later, Y2J entered Rock's locker room, and the two men fought it out, as Federation officials struggled to pull them apart!

  17. MATCH: William Regal vs Tajiri w/ Torrie.
    • Regal pinned his former houseboy after a reverse slam, and gave Tajiri a post-match beating as Torrie watched on.

  18. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & The Undertaker.
    • As Undertaker prepared for his match with Stone Cold, Mr. McMahon approached him and said he was confident that Taker would win the title for Team WWF.
    • He said he knew Taker was upset about what happened to Kane on SmackDown!, and also sorry that he had doubted Taker on RAW.
    • But he said tonight there was no alternative but for Taker to take the title.
    • Taker said that he would kick Austin's ass for the title, and told Vince to kiss his ass for doubting him on Monday.
    • Taker then punched a hole through the wall in a rage of anger!

  19. THE MAIN EVENT WWF TITLE MATCH: Stone Cold vs The Undertaker.
    • The Rattlesnake ambushed Taker before the Badass had even gotten off his bike!
    • With Taker down, Austin got onto Taker's motorcycle and started playing around, but Taker was soon back on his feet and knocked Austin off his bike!
    • The Badass knocked Austin down, and then got on his bike and prepared to run Austin down, but the Rattlesnake leapt into the crowd!
    • The two superstars were soon slugging it out in a sea of humanity!
    • As the fight moved back to the ringside area, Austin grabbed the ring bell, but Taker saw it coming, and nailed Austin with a boot to the head.
    • Finally, the match moved into the ring, and the opening bell rang.
    • Taker dominated in the early going, including two old-school right hands from the top rope!
    • After a near fall, the Rattlesnake battled back against the American Badass, nearly hitting a Stunner, which Taker countered.
    • Taker then went for the Last Ride, but Austin escaped to the outside.
    • There, he grabbed the Federation Championship and walked away, but Taker chased him down and started beating on him on the entranceway, before bringing him back to the ring.
    • Austin soon surprised Taker with a Stunner, but the force of the Stunner knocked Taker from the ring.
    • When Austin went after him, Taker rammed Austin's back into the ring post, but Austin countered with a knee to the kidneys.
    • The Rattlesnake slammed Taker's head off the announce table, and continued to brutalize his challenger, even choking him out with a microphone cord.
    • The men were soon back in the ring, where Austin choked Taker on the ropes.
    • The Badass battled back, but Austin grounded his foe with a sleeper.
    • Taker soon escaped the hold, and the momentum seemed to be on the side of the Badass.
    • But a missed boot by Taker allowed Austin to go to work on his challenger.
    • Austin grabbed a steel chair and went to hit Taker, but Taker kicked it into Austin's face.
    • Soon, Taker reversed an Irish Whip, sending Austin crashing into referee Earl Hebner, knocking Hebner out.
    • With the ref down, Austin assaulted Taker with a steel chair.
    • He locked Taker's leg in the chair and prepared to "Pillmanize" him, but Taker recovered and nailed Austin with the chair across the back!
    • Another chairshot to the head busted Austin wide open!
    • Taker then gave the signal for the chokeslam, and Stone Cold went for the ride!
    • But as Taker went for the cover, Angle attacked Taker, ending the match in a disqualification.
    • Taker tried to battle back, but the double-team of Austin and Angle was too much for Taker.
    • The Badass was soon bleeding profusely at the hands of the diabolical attack, which was culminated with a Stone Cold Stunner.
    • After the Stunner, Austin called out Shane McMahon, who ran down with a cooler.
    • Austin, Angle and Shane shared a toast over the Undertaker's prone body as SmackDown! went off the air!

  20. Goodnight Everybody......

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