November 15, 2001
Albany, New York
Pepsi Arena
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz (replaced by Jim Ross)

  1. NON-TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam (Hardcore Champion) vs Kane.
    • Booker T comes to ringside and interfers.
    • RVD superkick from the top rope and gets the pin.
    • The Undertaker comes down and chases Booker T and RVD off.

  2. BACKSTAGE: Test & Stacy Keibler.
    • Test is shown playing a game on the new Microsoft XBox.
    • Stacy Keibler enters.
    • Stacy asks if Test is ready for his match against the Hardyz & Edge.
    • Test said he was born ready.
    • Stacy said that she always thought Test was "hotter" than Edge.
    • Test checked himself out in the mirror saying "Was there ever any doubt?"

  3. BACKSTAGE: Rock & Chris Jericho.
    • Jericho talks about how he rescued the Rock on RAW, and that prooves that he is a team player.
    • Jericho says that he will watch the Rock's back tonight, and at Survivor Series this Sunday.
    • Rock says that after this Sunday he is going to kick Y2Js ass.
    • Jericho says the same.
    • They agree that they are both "cool with that".

  4. 6MAN TAG TEAM MATCH: Edge/Hardyz (w/Lita) vs Test/Dudleyz (w/Stacy).
    • Stacy gets on the apron to distract Edge, but Edge doesnt fall for it.
    • Edge spears DVon and pins him.
    • Lita gets in the ring and punches Stacy off the apron, but Matt Hardy catches her.
    • Lita is shocked, and Matt drops Stacy as soon as he realizes what he did.
    • The Dudleyz sneak up behind Lita and give her the 3D while Stacy holds Matt's leg.

  5. BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy & Lita.
    • Matt Hardy is shown apoligizing to Lita, and saying that it will never happen again.
    • Lita gives Matt a BIG kiss, and they embrace.
    • Matt has a very disgusted look on his face.

  6. MATCH: The Big Show vs Diamond Dallas Page.
    • The Big Show comes out dressed as Diamond Dallas Page for another one of his famous parodies.
    • Show mocks DDPs gimmick.
    • Show says "Losing my job this weekend isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing!"
    • DDP's music hits and Dallas Page comes to the ring.
    • DDP attacks the Show but doesnt get very far.
    • Big Show chokeslams DDP and covers him for the win.
    • Shane McMahon runs down and hammers Show with a steel chair.
    • Shane escapes through the crowd.

  7. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Paul Heyman.
    • Heyman enters the room raving about what Shane just did to the Big Show.
    • Stephanie is watching a tape of when ECW & WCW united on RAW months ago.
    • Steph says she loves the look on her Fathers face when she joined the Alliance.
    • Heyman says he is going to put an even greater look on Vince's face, right now.

  8. IN THE RING: Paul Heyman + Vince McMahon.
    • Heyman says that he agreed with Mick Foley's comments on RAW.
    • About the WWF sucking.
    • The crowd boos.
    • Heyman says "Hey it does, have you seen the show lately?"
    • Heyman continues to butcher the name of Vince McMahon.
    • Vince's music hits and Vince comes to the ring and stands in from of Heyman, who is on his knees mocking Vince.
    • Heyman gets up and says he was on his knees because Vince McMahon was used to men kissing his butt.
    • Heyman examplies Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson who kiss up the most.
    • Heyman says he's waited so long to get Vince face to face like this, so he can tell Vince to his face, that he hates his stinkin' guts.
    • Heyman says Vince's children even hate his guts.
    • Heyman says he's waited his whole life to see somebody do to Vince what Shane & Stephanie are gonna do this Sunday at Survivor Series.
    • Heyman tell Vince that he is the most disgusting, vile, Son of a Bitch.
    • Heyman says Vince took Hulk Hogan's blood and built Titan Towers.
    • Heyman says Vince stole Bret Hart's dream and bought himself a Plane and put WWF on it.
    • Heyman says Vince stole Shawn Michaels' smile, took the WWF public, and made himself a billionaire..
    • But not a self-made millionaire.. A millionaire from other peoples work.
    • Heyman said Vince Sr went around the country and shook everyone's hand and said that he would never compete against them..
    • Heyman said Vince drove everybody out of business, from stealing ideas.. making himself a billionaire out of it..
    • Heyman said that Vince stole the most ideas from him, and ECW..
    • Heyman said Vince stole his dreams & legacy.
    • Heyman said that when Doink the Clown was in the WWF, Stone Cold was drinking his first beer in ECW.
    • While Bobby Heanan & Mean Gene was singing Tutti Fruity, ECW was producing the edgy TV that Vince called "Attitude".
    • Heyman takes off his hat and throws it at Vince in a RAGE.. SCREW YOU!!! SCREW YOU.. AND YOUR FAMILY!!
    • Heyman yells that this Sunday Vince is going to get what he deserves..
    • Heyman points out Tazz, saying Tazz was a killer, a machine, a wrestler, a great wrestler, a real man.. And now he's a fat, little obnoxious announcer..
    • Heyman says Vince made "wrestling" a dirty word..
    • Heyman asks Vince what kind of a man he is..
    • Heyman says that Vince is going down..
    • Tazz gets up from his announcing position and comes up behind Paul Heyman and slaps the Tazzmission on him.
    • Vince picks up the microphone, Tazz releases the hold and Heyman lays there..
    • Vince says "Paul Heyman, you are the epidemy of the Alliance, because this Sunday, at Survivor Series, the Alliance will.. choke!"
    • Tazz walks out.

      Transcript from SD! on November 15, 2001 (by Rob Boor)

      Paul Heyman: "In just a few moments, at my leisure, I'm going to call Vince Mcmahon out, to his ring, in front of his public, on a television show that is owned by his grand company. At least, that is, until this Sunday at Survivor Series."

      Heyman stops as the fans chant Asshole.

      "I know how much all of you appreciate what Shane and Stephanie and I have done. How Shane, Stephanie and I have stood up to the terreity of Vince Mcmahon. And the way it is, ladies and gentlemen, is quite simple: The WWF will die this Sunday!"

      The entire arena fills with boo's.

      "But don't blame me for that. It's not my fault. I'm not the one that ruined everything that was accomplished by Stone Cold Steve Austin. You see, at Survivor Series, it means so much more than just the personalities that are involved. It's about ending what Vince Mcmahon has tried to accomplish. I sat there at that desk on Monday and I listened to Mick Foley and I agreed with everything that Mick Foley had to say. That the WWF truly does suck!"

      The fans continue to boo.

      "Don't boo me! Have you watched the television show lately? Vince Mcmahon has lost his mind! The man doesn't have it any more. He's a has-been. His ideas are antiquated. His concepts are draconian, and Mick Foley was right because the WWF is imploding from within. Like every great empire, the WWF is imploding from within. Vince's loyal employees, like Stone Cold, left him. Like Mick Foley, want nothing to do with him. Vince's own children want him to burn in hell, and I don't blame them. Vince Mcmahon will see the WWF die this Sunday at Survivor Series and he has no hope to save his precious company. Vince Mcmahon has the same chances of saving the WWF, as he did of realising his dream of starting a football league."

      Vince Mcmahon finally comes out to a huge ovation. As he gets in the ring, Heyman gets on his knees. He then gets back up to talk.

      "I want you to know, I was down on my knees because I know that you're used to men, *Kissing noises*, kissing your ass Vinnie. Every time you walk in the back, there's Patterson and Brisco. 'Oh what a great idea you had Vince!' *Kissing noises* You like men kissing your ass, don't you Vince, huh? Cause that's what you're all about! A billionaire! The billionaire Vince Mcmahon! The creator of sports entertainment! I've waited so long to see you face to face like this. And I've waited so long to tell you to your face that I hate your stinkin guts. But it's not just me, it's your children that hate your stinkin guts, Vince. And at Survivor Series, your children are gonna do to you, what I've waited my entire life to see somebody do to you, Vince. You are, so help me God, the most disgusting vile son of a bitch, I've ever seen in my life! You took Hulk Hogan's blood and you built Titan Towers. You stole Bret Hart's dream and with that money, bought yourself an aeroplane with WWF written all over it. You did that and you know it, you son of a bitch! You stole Shawn Michaels' smile, took your company public and made yourself a billionaire. But not a self-made billionaire, like you like to tell everybody you are, oh no! You see, you're a billionaire off of other people's hard work. Your father, your father Vince Mcmahon, your father went around the country and shook the hand of....You know I'm telling the truth, don't you? You know in your heart that I'm telling you the truth, that your father shook the hand of every promoter in this country and swore to them that he would never compete against them. That his son would never compete against them. And when your father competed. And with your ruthless, merciless, take-no-prisoners attitude, you drove everybody out of business, didn't you Vince? You ran all the competition into the ground and you stole all their ideas and you made yourself a billionaire out of it! And you know whose ideas you stole the most, Vince?! You stole mine! See, I don't give a damn about Don Owen and Sam Muchnick and Jim Crockett, I care about what you did to me and my family. How you stole my dreams, how you stole my legacy! How you stole everything that ECW represented! Cause while Doink The Clown had green hair and a rubber nose, Stone Cold Steve Austin was drinking his first beer in ECW, damn you. While Bobby Heenan and Gene Okerlund were dancing around, singing tooty fruity, ECW was producing the edgy TV that you named, attitude. 'Oh we've got attitude!' You've got nothing man! What you've got is my ideas and you stole my life! My money! My legacy!"

      Heyman snaps, and throws his hat at Vince.

      "SCREW YOU! SCREW YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! I tell you something! Your own children hate your guts! And on Sunday, your children are gonna get even with you! For everything that you stole from me! For everything that you stole from them! You flaunt your affairs in front of your wife! You flaunt your affairs in Playboy for your children to read! You bastard!"

      He turns his attention to the announce table.

      "Look at Tazz! Look at Tazz! This man was a killer! He was a machine! He was a wrestler. A great wrestler, a real man. But wrestling's a dirty word to you, isn't it Vince? Your father built a wrestling company and you had to have 'sports entertainment, we have to have sports entertainment ha ha ha'. He was a wrestler. He was a great wrestler, he was a man. And now, he's just a fat little obnoxious colour commentator, and not even a good one! He is a sports entertainer. He is not a wrestler cause you made wrestling a dirty word. You made wrestling, a dirty word Vince! What kind of man, are you?!"

      Tazz stands up and heads to the ring. Heyman stalls on the microphone and Tazz climbs into the ring behind him and locks Paul E. in the Tazzmission. Vince then picks up the microphone.

      Vince Mcmahon: "Paul Heyman, you are the epitome of The Alliance, because this Sunday at Survivor Series, The Alliance will choke!"

  9. RINGSIDE: Michael Cole & Jim Ross.
    • Jim Ross replaces Tazz.
    • JR asks if you can imagine if Paul Heyman was in control..

  10. MATCH: Booker T vs The Undertaker.
    • Booker T comes to the ramp and the Undertaker attacks Booker from behind.
    • Taker continues to beat on Booker.
    • Taker grabs the mic and says "We're sending a messege tonight."
    • Taker grabs a chair and takes it into the ring.
    • Taker levels Booker with the chair..
    • The Referee calls the match off..
    • Taker choke slams Booker T..
    • Taker points at a WWF logo and says "WWF Forever!"

  11. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE: William Regal & Ivory.
    • Ivory is excited about the rumor of reinstating the Womans Championship.
    • Ivory begs to know who else is in the match.
    • Regal says that it will be a 6-Pac Challenge with Lita, Jacky, Trish, Ivory, Molly.. and a surprise guest..
    • Ivory is very confident that she will be the champion.. the 4th time!
    • Gregory Helms, miled mannered reporter, enters the room..
    • Helms asks about the Immunity battle royal at Survivor Series.
    • Regal says that the winner gets a job for at least a year after the PPV, regardless of who wins control..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle is reluctant to look Austin in the eye.
    • Austin talks about their match tonight against Jericho & Rock.
    • Austin thinks Angle is going to jump at Survivor Series.
    • Kurt Angle pinky swears that he wont jump ship..

  13. BACKSTAGE Torrie Wilson & William Regal.
    • Regal wishes Torrie luck in her match tonight.
    • Torrie says that she used to think Regal was an English Gentleman but now he's just a pompus ass..
    • Regal says that after Torrie loses her job on Sunday, Regal may be able to find a "position" for her..

  14. INTERGENDER MATCH: Tajiri/Torrie vs Regal/Ivory.
    • Tajiri puts the tarantula on Regal.
    • Tajiri spits green mist at Ivory.
    • Regal throws Tajiri out of the ring.
    • Regal powerbombs Torrie and chokes her out.
    • The referee cancels the match.

  15. RINGSIDE: Jim Ross & Michael Cole.
    • Ross & Cole say that if this is the last time they have an opportunity to announcer wrestling, they just wanna say it's been a great ride..
    • A video package is shown detailing the entire WWF/WCW/ECW fued..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Howard Finkle.
      Howard bumps into Vince.
    • The Fink says that no matter what happens this Sunday, he said the last 20 years have been great..
    • The Fink hugs Vince.
    • Vince tells the Fink to never ever put his hands on him.

  17. TAG TEAM MATCH: Y2J/Rock vs Austin/Angle.
    • After a long hard-fought match, Austin attacks the referee and the match is thrown out.
    • Austin puts a chair around Rock's ankle.
    • The Undertaker makes the save.
    • Booker T comes down and kicks The Undertaker.
    • Kane comes down.
    • RVD comes down.
    • The Big Show comes down.
    • Shane McMahon comes down and hammers Big Show with a chair.
    • Everyone is knocked down, and Stone Cold is left standing.
    • Vince McMahon comes to the stage, and smiles..
    • Stone Cold looks back at Vince with a similar grin..
    • Smackdown! goes off the air....

  18. Goodnight Everybody......

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