December 20, 2001

New Orleans, LA
Announcers: Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Booker T & Ric Flair.
    • Booker T was seen sitting in Vince McMahon's office with a huge smile on his face.
    • He was approached by World Wrestling Federation co-owner Ric Flair, and Book asked what the Nature Boy was doing there.
    • Naitch said that he was doing the same thing Booker was -- waiting for Vince.
    • Flair then took out a sheet of paper, and said he and Vince had finally finished Booker's contract.
    • Ric said he wasn't thrilled with signing Booker, but he was jumping on the Booker bandwagon because Vince saw Booker in a great light, and Flair wanted to be a team player.
    • Booker's eyes lit up when he saw the contract, as Flair explained that it was for a couple of hundred grand more than Flair would have signed him for!
    • Booker said the contract was sweet, and he asked Flair for a pen.
    • The Bookerman then signed his contract, saying he was worth that and a whole lot more.
    • Flair said he could dig it.
    • He shook Booker's hand and wished him Happy Holidays.
    • Flair then smiled at the contract and left the office.

  2. IC TITLE MATCH: Edge vs Kurt Angle.
    • Edge soon set Angle up for the spear, but as he went for it, Angle pulled the referee into the way!
    • Edge was able to stop before he hit the ref, but Kurt then kicked Edge with a low blow, and the referee called for a disqualification!
    • After the bout, Angle took out his frustration on Edge.
    • The IC Champion rebounded with a kick to the face and a face-first slam, but Kurt soon locked Edge in the ankle lock, causing Edge to scream in pain!
    • It took three referees finally to pull Angle off of Edge!

  3. PARKING LOT: Booker T & Vince McMahon.
    • Booker T was dancing around, still thrilled about his contract.
    • A limo pulled into the arena, and out walked Federation co-owner Mr. McMahon.
    • Booker ran up to Vince and gave him a big hug, thanking him for all those greenbacks!
    • A confused Vince asked Booker what he was talking about, and Booker explained that Flair had given him a contract;
    • Vince answered that he didn't know what Booker was talking about!
    • Ric Flair then approached the two, and showed Booker's contract to Vince.
    • Flair said that Booker would be wrestling on SmackDown! against Stone Cold Steve Austin -- in a First Blood Match!

  4. IN THE RING: The Rock.
    • The People's Champion said he was set to go one-on-one with Test on SmackDown!
    • He talked about how Test had been flexing his muscles since winning immunity by picking on women, announcers and referees.
    • He said that just because Test had immunity didn't mean he couldn't get his ass whooped!
    • Rock said he was a little confused by something, saying that he figured that Test would be smiling since winning immunity, but instead, Test was walking around with an angry look on his face.
    • But Rock figured out why -- he said the one man Test hated more than anyone else in the world was Santa Claus!
    • The Great One said that it all went back to a letter Test wrote to Santa when he was a kid -- "Dear Santa, You ride around on a sled, what's that all 'aboot?' Anyway, the only thing I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."
    • Rock said Test better be careful what he wishes for.
    • Rock said he also had a wish list.
    • He said that the night before, he was thinking about the three things on his list.
    • One, he wanted a rematch with Chris Jericho to become Undisputed Champion.
    • Two, he wanted a big dose of pie in the Big Easy!
    • And last, he wanted to whip Test's candy ass on SmackDown!
    • Being that it's the holiday season, Rock said he wanted to leave Test with something on SmackDown!, so he offered a little song -- "The 12 Days of Christmas," featuring 12 things he would leave Test with on SmackDown!
    • Rock then sang, "On the night Test faces Great One, this is what he'll see -- 12 sharpshooters stinging, 11 eyebrows raising, 10 spines a'bustin, nine noggins knocking, eight kicks a'kicking, seven punches punching, six suplexes smashing, five seconds of the people chanting The Rock's name ... four Rock Bottoms, three People's Elbows, on your two buck teeth, and an ass-kicking all over New Orleans!"

  5. MATCH: Rikishi vs Lance Storm.
    • Rikishi was set to give Storm the Stink Face when Test walked out to distract the Phat Man.
    • Storm took out a distracted Rikishi with a shot to the back of the knee and a superkick, and then pinned him with his feet on the ropes!

  6. LOCKER ROOM: Kane & Booker T.
    • Kane was in his locker room when he was approached by Booker T.
    • Booker said he had a favor to ask -- he wanted to borrow Kane's mask for the First Blood Match!
    • Kane didn't like the idea, so Booker instead said he just wanted some advice from Kane -- and Kane told him, "Don't bleed!"

  7. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Undertaker vs Matt Hardy.
    • Footage was shown of Undertaker throwing Jeff Hardy and Lita off the stage on Monday's RAW, leading into Taker defending the Hardcore Championship against Jeff's brother, Matt.
    • Undertaker headed to the ring, and as he did, he was attacked from behind by Matt, who smacked him with a kendo stick!
    • The two men then met up for Taker's Hardcore Championship.
    • Once Taker was able to regroup, he physically dominated Matt, and pinned him with the Last Ride to retain his title.
    • After the bout, Taker was about to ride his bike out of the arema, but he thought twice about it and instead returned to the ring.
    • There, he grabbed a steel chair, put it across Matt's throat, and slammed his neck down forcefully onto the chair!
    • Matt clutched at his throat as Taker walked away coldly.
    • Matt is taken away on a stretcher.
    • Taker approaches Matt as he's been put into an ambulance.
    • Taker asks Matt "Was the bitch worth it?".

  8. IN THE RING: Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam.
    • Jericho says that he finds it funny that the fans used to cheer for him and now they boo him.
    • Jericho says it's because it's human nature for people to dislike those who are better than them.
    • Jericho talks about his match with RVD on RAW.
    • RVD comes out to the stage.
    • Before RVD can talk, Jericho cuts him off and mocks him.
    • RVD runs down to the ring and the two brawl.
    • RVD hits the 5-star-frog-splash on Y2J.

  9. INTERVIEW: William Regal.
    • Footage of Edge breaking Regal's nose on Smackdown last week.
    • Interview with William Regal from his home.
    • Regal says that the next time he gets his hands on Edge, he'll put him through a lot of pain and suffering.
    • Regal says he'll turn Edge into a vegetable, and take the IC title.

  10. MATCH: Test vs The Rock.
    • Test goes outside the ring to get a chair.
    • The ref tries to stop him.
    • While the ref isn't looking, Lance Storm comes into the ring and superkicks The Rock.
    • Test covers the Rock but Rock kicks out.
    • Test bullies the ref.
    • The Rock fights back, and hits the spinebuster.
    • Lance Storm interfers again, but Test accidentally hits Lance with the BIG BOOT!
    • Rock hits the Rock Bottom and pins Test for the win!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Chris Jericho.
    • Jericho enters Ric Flair's lockerroom.
    • Jericho accuses Flair of trying to screw with him.
    • Jericho think Flair had something to do with RVD attacking him.
    • Flair gets up and tells Jericho that he'll be defending his title tonight against the Big Show.

  12. WWF UNDISPUTED TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho & The Big Show.
    • Jericho hits Big Show with the belt.
    • Jericho pins Big Show to retain.

  13. FIRST BLOOD MATCH: Booker T vs Steve Austin.
    • Austin comes out and throws chairs and the ring bell into the ring.
    • Late in the match, the referee gets knocked out.
    • Out of nowhere, The Big Bossman makes a surprise appearance, smashing Stone Cold in the head with a chair.
    • Austin is bleeding!
    • Austin fights back and hits the Stunner on Booker.
    • The referee wakes up and sees Austin bleeding.
    • Booker wins the match.
    • As Austin leaves the ring, Vince's face comes up on the big screen.
    • Vince gives a long EVIL laugh, as if to say "He who laughs last.. yada yada.."

  14. Goodnight Everybody......

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