January 3, 2002
MCI Center
Washington, DC
Announcers: Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler

  1. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Dudley Boyz vs Spike Dudley and Tazz.
    • Spike immediately entered the ring and was ganged up on by his brothers.
    • Tazz then ran down and evened the score.
    • Spike and Tazz held their own against the champs, causing Stacy Keibler to climb the ring apron in an attempt to distract the challengers.
    • Spike walked right over to her and pulled down her skirt!
    • The distraction had its desired effect, though, as Bubba Ray gathered Spike into a Superbomb and took home the win!

  2. INTERVIEW: Lilian Garcia & Jazz.
    • Lilian Garcia welcomed Jazz to the Federation.
    • Jazz abruptly cut off Lilian, saying she wasn't there to be interviewed.
    • Unlike the other divas in the Federation, Jazz wouldn't sleep her way to the top, she would fight her way to the top because she can.
    • As she turned to leave, Lilian began asking another question, which only angered the newcomer.
    • Jazz said maybe she should forget about facing Mighty Molly that evening and instead should make an example of Lilian.
    • She shoved the announcer away before turning to leave.

  3. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon & Steve Austin + Bossman & Booker T.
    • Mr. McMahon headed into the ring to address the crowd.
    • "Happy New Year!" exclaimed the Federation co-owner.
    • Mr. McMahon said his primary New Year's resolution was to annihilate and embarrass Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble.
    • Mr. McMahon then took issue with Rudy Giuliani being named Time Magazine's Person of the Year.
    • Mr. McMahon said there were other people worthy of the distinction, and the TitanTron showed a picture of Mr. McMahon gracing the cover of the latest Time Magazine.
    • When the crowd refused to cease chanting, "What?!", Mr. McMahon ordered that the lights be turned off in the arena one section at a time.
    • With the MCI Center bathed in darkness, Mr. McMahon gloated about how powerful he is.
    • Suddenly, the sound of breaking glass caused Mr. McMahon to frantically order the lights be turned back on.
    • When they were, Stone Cold Steve Austin was standing directly behind Mr. McMahon!
    • The crowd exploded as Austin goaded the crowd into shouting "What?!" over and over.
    • Austin said that Austin said he had made some New Year's resolutions too: drinking more alcohol.
    • The Texas Rattlesnake said he would knock Mr. McMahon on his ass and ordered him to remove his coat.
    • Just then, Booker T and the Big Bossman came to the ring and pounded on the Rattlesnake.
    • Bossman clubbed Austin repeatedly with the microphone, opening a gash on his forehead.
    • Booker T and Bossman decimated Austin for several minutes before leaving with fully satisfied looks on their faces.

  4. WOMANS MATCH: Mighty Molly vs Jazz.
    • Jazz took control of Mighty Molly virtually from start to finish.
    • A strong suplex finished off the superhero.
    • WINNER: Jazz.

  5. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie Mcmahon.
    • Stephanie attempted to enter the arena, but the security guard said she wasn't on the list.
    • Stephanie said that Mr. Flair must have forgotten to put her name there but she was expected.
    • The guard refused to let her into the ring.
    • A miffed Stephanie said that Triple H, her husband, would be back on RAW and she would be in a position of great power once again.
    • She vowed that the guard would be the first person she fires.

  6. LOCKER ROOM: Test, Lance Storm, Christian & Chris Jericho.
    • Test bragged to Lance Storm and Christian about a chick he hooked up with.
    • Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho came in and said he couldn't ask for a better bunch of guys.
    • He got gifts for each of the men, which he presented.
    • Christian asked if Jericho's burst of joy had anything to do with Triple H's return on Monday.
    • Jericho said he gave them gifts simply to celebrate all their accomplishments.
    • Y2J said it was good to have guys around who watch each other's back.

  7. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & Undertaker.
    • Coach asked Undertaker about his feud with Big Show.
    • Taker said he wasn't scared of Big Show at all.
    • For 11 years, Taker said he's been busing people off.
    • Taker said Coach, like a lot of people around the Federation, needed to learn about respect.
    • He said that night, he will teach Big Show all about respect.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Test & Torrie Wilson.
    • Test shook his present and tried guessing what it was when Torrie Wilson walked by him.
    • Test said he got Torrie a present, and handed over the gift Jericho had given him.
    • Torrie unwrapped the box and found a Jericho shirt!
    • Test said the two of them should go out later and check out Washington.
    • Torrie said she was already taken.
    • Test said he didn't want to be her boyfriend and he couldn't believe she would pass him up.
    • Torrie refused again, citing her loyalty to Tajiri.
    • Test angrily demanded that Tajiri face him in the ring that night!

  9. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Undertaker vs The Big Show.
    • Show chased Taker back of the entrance ramp with the Dead Man on his motorcycle the whole time!
    • When the action reached the ring, Taker smacked Show repeatedly with a trash can lid.
    • The champion dominated the Big Show early on, but Show stormed back and readied a chokeslam.
    • Taker turned the tables on Show, locking the big man in a chokeslam that forced a submission win for the Hardcore Champion!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Palumbo/Gunn.
    • Stephanie once again appeared in front of the security guard, this time wheeling Mr. Dudley into the arena.
    • Mr. Dudley was on the list, but the guard once again refused to let the Billion Dollar Princess into the building.
    • As Mr. Dudley entered the arena, Stephanie tried to use her womanly charms to coerce the guard into letting her in.
    • "Uh Stephanie, I'm gay." came the guard's reply.
    • Stephanie's jaw dropped as Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo walked into the arena past the adoring guard.

  11. TAG TEAM MATCH: Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam/Edge.
    • The teams fought to a stalemate after several minutes, but a Five Star Frog Splash onto Angle helped RVD's team gain an advantage.
    • Jericho stepped in to offer some help and even the score.
    • The undisputed champ hit a bulldog on Edge, but missed his shot at a Lionsault.
    • Edge speared the champ, but Angle broke up the pinfall.
    • Soon after, Angle executed an Angle Slam on Edge with the referee distracted.
    • Jericho mopped up the win by slumping over Edge and securing a three count.

  12. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Arn Anderson.
    • Ric Flair met up with Arn Anderson backstage.
    • Flair said he had been taking care of some serious business.
    • Arn said that some serious stuff had gone on that night in the MCI Center.
    • Arn described what happened earlier that night with Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • Flair said he was going into the ring to take care of Mr. McMahon.

  13. IN THE RING: Ric Flair & Stephanie McMahon.
    • Flair did in fact enter the ring and told Vince to get in front of a monitor and listen.
    • Flair said Mr. McMahon has a date with destiny as he has a match versus Flair at the Royal Rumble!
    • Flair said Mr.McMahon may have gotten used to controlling people's lives from his plush office in Stamford, CT, but not Vince would have to walk the walk.
    • Flair wondered how Vince thought he had a chance of beating the Nature Boy.
    • Suddenly, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley tried to rush into the ring, but she was stopped by security guards.
    • Flair told the guards to let her go and he beckoned her into the ring.
    • Stephanie said that letting her into the ring was a very smart business decision.
    • She said she has been impressed with Flair for a very long time.
    • She said she had a crush on the Nature Boy when she watched him in her youth.
    • As she got older, that crush turned into respect for the 14-time champion.
    • He was great in the ring, but when it came to business, Stephanie said that Flair falls a little short.
    • When it comes to business, Stephanie said that she is the man.
    • She has no doubt that Ric Flair will destroy her father at the Rumble.
    • While she was talking, Flair began bouncing off the ropes and demonstrating elbow drops.
    • An annoyed Stephanie stopped him and slapped him!
    • Stephanie said that Flair had four days to decide if he wanted her to help him.
    • Once Triple H returns, the game will really begin!

  14. MATCH: Tajiri w/Torrie vs Test.
    • Tajiri managed to take down Test with his agility and speed.
    • Tajiri tried to lock on the Tarantula, but Test foiled the attempt.
    • Moments later, a Big Boot sealed the deal for Test.
    • Torrie watched Test's celebration in disgust.
    • WINNER: Test.

  15. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon vs Big Bossman.
    • Mr. McMahon fumed backstage when Big Bossman asked if Vince was worried about Flair bringing Stephanie into the Federation.
    • Vince said he was more concerned about what business Flair was taking care of that made him late for SmackDown! Booker T walked in and asked who he was facing tonight.
    • Mr. McMahon said it was The Rock.
    • Booker T kept asking, "Who?"
    • Booker T said that tonight he would unveil, "Who?" as his new catchphrase.
    • Mr. McMahon said that could result in the crowd responding with, "What?!", but Booker T said that would not happen.

  16. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman vs The Rock.
    • Coach caught up with The Rock backstage and asked how his New Year was.
    • The Rock said it was fine, but he wondered what Coach did on his New Year's.
    • He thought that maybe Coach took the time to listen to music.
    • He asked Coach who his favorite musical act was.
    • Coach sheepishly answered Barry Manilow!
    • The Rock then demanded that Coach sing some Barry Manilow.
    • Coach squawked out a few bars, prompting The Rock to snatch the microphone and bang on it to make sure it was working ok.
    • He gave Coach back the mic briefly then grabbed it back and mocked his feeble attempts at singing.
    • The Rock turned his attention to Booker T.
    • The Rock said he would stop at nothing in becoming the Federation Champion once again.
    • On SmackDown! The Rock said he would show Booker T the People's Ass Whipping!

  17. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: The Rock vs Booker T.
    • Booker T began the match by kicking and stomping The Rock into the corner.
    • The brawl soon spread outside the ring where The Rock whirled Booker T into the ring steps.
    • But before the Great One could mount more offense, Mr. McMahon ran down and clubbed The Rock in the head!
    • Booker T tried to pin his opponent in the center of the ring, but The Rock kicked out.
    • Suddenly, Ric Flair stormed down and took down his business partner with a vicious shot.
    • Flair continued to destroy Mr. McMahon by flinging him over the ring barrier and into the crowd!
    • Inside the ring, The Rock gave Booker T a spinebuster and prepped for a People's Elbow!
    • But the Big Bossman came down and interrupted the maneuver.
    • The Rock simply couldn't be stopped, however.
    • He hit a Rock Bottom on Booker T that gave him the pinfall and the No. 1 contender's spot!
    • Bossman and Booker T made The Rock pay dearly for the win.
    • Booker delivered a crushing Bookend and Bossman followed up with a series of punches on the Brahma Bull.
    • While the two continued their assault, Stone Cold Steve Austin sauntered to the ring and took care of business.
    • But while Austin concentrated on pounding on Bossman, Booker T grabbed a steel chair and struck down the Rattlesnake.
    • The Rock and Austin lay battered in the middle of the ring as Booker T and Bossman celebrated while SmackDown! came to a close.

  18. Goodnight Everybody......

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