January 17, 2002

Bossier City, LA
Announcers: Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: The Rock & Steve Austin.
    • As he was arriving at the arena, The Rock walked right by Stone Cold Steve Austin, who asked where he had been.
    • Rocky said he was right up the road at a joint called "Just Bring It."
    • Austin said he had some good news for Rock -- namely, that Stone Cold was going to win the Royal Rumble.
    • Rock said that was fantastic, and as he went to leave, Austin stopped him, and said that he had bad news too.
    • The bad news was that when Rock beat Jericho for the Undisputed Championship, it would be the two of them facing off at WrestleMania, and that was bad news, because Austin said he was 2-0 against the People's Champion at WrestleMania!
    • Rocky laughed, and said Austin didn't have to remind him, because he would never forget. Rock said he thought about that all the time, and said the last time he thought about it was at Survivor Series, when he beat Austin!
    • He said WrestleMania X-8 would not get any bigger or better than Rock vs. Austin.
    • He told Austin to do his thing, and he would do his thing, and he would see him at WrestleMania.
    • The men then wished each other luck this Sunday.

  2. MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs William Regal.
    • Regal tried to wear down RVD with submission maneuvers, but Van Dam would not stay down.
    • RVD hit Rolling Thunder for two, and also scored a near-fall off a cross bodyblock.
    • RVD soon came charging into the corner, only to be met with brass knuckles to the face!
    • Regal then pinned Van Dam for the win!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle asked a security guard where The Rock's dressing room was, and the security guard told him, but addressed him as "Kurt."
    • Angle took offense to that, and told the security guard he should actually call him "Mr. Angle, gold medalist and winner of the Royal Rumble!"
    • Moments later, Angle barged into Rock's locker room, and Rock asked why Kurt hadn't knocked.
    • Kurt said that he was in his first-ever Royal Rumble match, and whenever he did anything, he always won.
    • Angle proclaimed that it would be him and Rock in the main event at WrestleMania.
    • Rock said he understood Angle's vision, and said he had a vision of his own.
    • He told Kurt to close his eyes, which Angle did.
    • Rock then described Rock-Angle, WrestleMania, and 60,000 fans going crazy.
    • Rock described the two superstars having one of the best matches ever.
    • He also described Kurt whooping his ass, which Kurt really liked.
    • Rock then screamed at Kurt to wake up, saying that was a dream, and reality is that Rock-Angle at WrestleMania would be huge, but the reality would be Rock whipping Kurt Angle's candy ass!

  4. MATCH: Billy Gunn w/Chuck vs Tajiri w/Torrie.
    • Tajiri soon locked Billy in the Tarantula and went for the kick, but Chuck got in the ring, only to be met with green mist!
    • Billy took advantage of his partner's interference, giving Tajiri the Fame-asser and pinning him for the win.
    • After the bout, Billy and Chuck double-teamed Tajiri, attacking him from behind leaving the Japanese Buzzsaw lying on the mat.

  5. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & Triple H.
    • Coach was waiting to get an interview at Triple H's locker room when he got word that The Game had headed to The Rock's locker room.
    • Coach then made a beeline for Rocky's locker room.

  6. INTERVIEW: Lilian Garcia & Trish Stratus.
    • Lilian asked if Trish would be OK after Jazz attacked her on RAW.
    • But before Trish could answer, Jazz ambushed her from behind, even slamming Trish's hand into a crate!
    • Lilian screamed for help as Jazz ran away, but not before saying, "See you Sunday, champ!"

  7. MATCH: Diamond Dallas Page vs The Big Boss Man.
    • With the stipulation that DDP would be reinstated in the World Wrestling Federation if he won, starting with this Sunday's Royal Rumble!
    • DDP put Boss Man away with the Diamond Cutter, pinning him to earn a job and a spot in the Royal Rumble!

  8. LOCKER ROOM: Rock & Undertaker.
    • Rock was approached by Undertaker.
    • Taker said that smart money had Rock beating Jericho at the Rumble, but Taker wasn't sure about that.
    • He told Rock he was planning on winning the Rumble match, so if Rock did get by Jericho, the two of them would get it on at WrestleMania.
    • Rock said that he couldn't wait for Rock-Taker at WrestleMania.
    • Rock then told Taker he was heading to the ring.

  9. IN THE RING: The Rock + Chris Jericho.
    • The Rock said that apparently, this year's Royal Rumble would be different from all the rest, because there wouldn't be one winner, everyone would win!
    • Austin said he would win, Angle said he would win, Undertaker, Triple H, etc.
    • Rock said he'd even gotten a postcard from Goldust saying he would win the Rumble!
    • Rock even said that the cameraman in the ring with him had whispered that he would win the Rumble!
    • He told the cameraman to give him the camera, and told the cameraman to get in front of the camera.
    • He asked the crowd if the cameraman looked like someone who would win the Rumble!
    • He told the cameraman that he was on SmackDown!, and to wave to all his friends at home.
    • Rock then scanned through the crowd, and talked about how all the fans also thought they would win the Royal Rumble!
    • Rock gave the camera back to the cameraman, and said his point was simple -- it didn't matter who was going to win the Royal Rumble!
    • The only thing that mattered to Rock was that he would leave Royal Rumble as Undisputed Champion, and there was nothing -- but before he could finish the thought, Chris Jericho's music hit, and out came the Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Champion!
    • Y2J wasn't a happy man, and said how dare The Rock disrespect him, because he is the Undisputed Champion, and Rock hadn't even mentioned his name one time!
    • Jericho was also mad that everyone was talking about facing Rock at WrestleMania, as if it was a forgone conclusion that Rock would beat him this Sunday.
    • Jericho said he wasn't a transitional champion or a fluke champion, and anyone who thought he was could go to hell!
    • Y2J also told the fans to go to hell if they thought that.
    • Jericho told Rock to go to hell, because something more painful than any beating Rock could get is the truth, and the truth hurts.
    • He said the truth was that Rock had the chance to become Undisputed Champion at Vengeance, but Rock had failed, having lost to him.
    • He said Rock could face anyone at WrestleMania, but it wouldn't be for the Undisputed Championship, because the title isn't Rock's, it's Jericho's!
    • Jericho said he was the most overlooked champion in Federation history.
    • He also said he would still be champion come WrestleMania, because it's his championship, and SmackDown! is his show.
    • Suddenly, Rock cut him off!
    • He said that whether or not Jericho was Undisputed Champion, SmackDown! was The Rock's show!
    • Rock said that everyone was talking about facing Rock at WrestleMania for one reason -- because they know Rock is better than Y2J!
    • Rock said everyone knew it, including Jericho himself!
    • Rock said the truth hurts, but not as much as he would hurt Y2J this Sunday at Royal Rumble!
    • Rock then started to say, "If ya smell!" but Jericho cut him off.
    • Y2J screamed that he was not a joke, and Rock would not look past him, calling the People's Champion a stupid son of a bitch!
    • A determined Rock took off his sunglasses and walked out of the ring towards Jericho, who was standing atop the stage.
    • Rock said he didn't think this was a joke, and wasn't smiling or laughing.
    • Rock said he was taking Jericho very seriously, and couldn't wait to whoop his ass this Sunday.
    • Rock then said "If ya smell what The Rock is cooking," and walked away, leaving Jericho in a huff!

  10. OVER-THE-TOP-ROPE CHALLENGE: Rikishi vs Christian/Lance Storm.
    • Rikishi gave Storm a Stink Face, and then tossed both men over the top with ease!
    • But as he celebrated after the bout, Big Show headed down to the ring.
    • The two men slugged it out, and Big Show ultimately tossed Rikishi over the top rope!
    • As Show celebrated, out came the APA. Bradshaw clotheslined Big Show over the top, and then jokingly went after Faarooq, who jokingly tried to eliminate his partner as well.
    • As the two men talked, out came Kane, who soon deposited both APA members over the top rope!

  11. FOOTAGE: The Dudleyz -- Spike & Tazz.
    • Footage was then shown of Spike Dudley and Tazz being ambushed in the parking lot earlier in the night.
    • The Dudley Boyz attacked the Tag Team Champions as they arrived to the arena.
    • They locked Tazz in the trunk of a car, and viciously assaulted Spike, culminating in a 3-D right onto the concrete!
    • Before leaving, Bubba screamed that the duo would survive at the Rumble -- if they let them!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin & Debra.
    • Debra said she was still mad about what happened between her and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley on RAW.
    • She said she wanted Austin and Triple H to defeat Booker T and Angle, while she would destroy Stephanie.
    • Austin said that he wanted Debra to stay in the locker room, and to worry about Stephanie later, because he had business to take care of in the ring.
    • He said he had no doubts she would get Stephanie later.

  13. LOCKER ROOM: The Rock & Triple H.
    • Rock told Triple H that before he said anything, to remember that he and Rock had a lot of unsettled business.
    • Triple H agreed, saying it was in the past, and it would be settled in the future, and that's what he wanted to talk about.
    • He said Sunday was a big day for both of them, and no one knew him better than Rock.
    • He said that this Sunday, he would win the Royal Rumble.
    • Rock said that no one knew him better than Triple H, and this Sunday, he would win the Undisputed Championship.
    • Triple H said that would only last until WrestleMania, and The Game then walked away.

  14. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Kurt Angle.
    • Booker T told Kurt Angle that he was excited about tonight, getting to take out Triple H and Austin before the Rumble.
    • Angle said that being that Booker had never faced Triple H before, he would give him some advice, seeing as how Kurt had beaten The Game so many times.
    • Angle said Triple H may be good, but Booker was that damn much better.
    • Booker said tonight would be sweet, and Angle said it would be "sweet and sour like an ice-cold shower ... word!"
    • Booker simply looked at Kurt and said, "What?"
    • Kurt told him not to say that word, because he hated that word.
    • Kurt said that he was hip, saying those two suckas would not even make it to the Rumble, much less win it, because he was going to win the Rumble!
    • Booker said, "Tell me you didn't just say that!"
    • Kurt said Booker was good, but he was no gold medalist.
    • Booker said he didn't need gold medals to throw Angle over the top rope!
    • Angle said they should worry about that on Sunday, and focus on the tag match tonight instead!

  15. IC TITLE MATCH: Edge vs Test.
    • The two men soon wound up on the outside, where William Regal went to attack Edge, only to have Edge meet him and knock him down!
    • Test then grabbed a steel chair, but Edge speared him before he could use it!
    • Edge picked up the chair and clocked Regal and Test across the head!
    • The referee called for the bell, disqualifying Edge for using the chair, so Edge nailed the ref across the head with the chair!

  16. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Stephanie.
    • Triple H was preparing for his match backstage, and talking to Stephanie.
    • Stephanie said she was so excited that Debra was not allowed at ringside.
    • She theorized that it was because Debra was of no value at ringside, unlike her.
    • Triple H said he didn't want Stephanie at ringside either.
    • Triple H said it was his first match back, and he had to go out there with Stone Cold three days before they tear each other apart at the Rumble.
    • He said he didn't want Austin as his partner.
    • He said this whole thing wasn't about Stephanie, it was about him, and he wanted no distractions at ringside, because he needed to do this alone.

  17. MAIN EVENT: Triple H & Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle & Booker T.
    • The Game held nothing back in his first match since last May, and looked better than ever.
    • Booker T soon did the spinerooni, and hit a kick to Austin's face, but Triple H broke up the pinfall.
    • Booker and Angle continued to double-team the Rattlesnake, until finally The Game got the tag!
    • Triple H was a house afire as he pounded on both men!
    • Soon all four men were in the ring, and when Triple H and Austin knocked Angle and Booker from the ring, The Game and the Rattlesnake nearly came to blows, until their opponents climbed back into the ring!
    • Triple H downed Booker with a spinebuster and went for the Pedigree, but Angle caught The Game and nailed him with a German suplex.
    • Austin and Angle duked it out, and moments later, Austin hit the Stunner on Booker T.
    • The Game then hit Booker with the Pedigree and pinned him for the win!
    • As Stone Cold and Triple H celebrated after the bout, the Undertaker walked out to the stage and stared down both men!
    • The three men sized one another up as SmackDown! went off the air!

  18. Goodnight Everybody......

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