January 24, 2002
North Charleston Coliseum
North Charleston, SC
Announcers: Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler

  1. NON-TITLE MATCH: William Regal (IC Champ) vs Rob Van Dam
    • Within a matter of seconds, RVD hit his patented Five-Star Frog Splash on Regal, which allowed him to gain the victory!
    • As RVD made his way up the ramp, Edge emerged from the audience!
    • The former Intercontinental Champion, who was supposed to be barred from the arena due to his actions against Regal on RAW, nailed the Englishman with a spear in the middle of the ring and began pounding on the champ before exiting through the crowd!

  2. OFFICE: Vince McMahon.
    • Mr. McMahon was talking to someone in his locker room.
    • He said that he knew what everyone was thinking, but they were wrong.
    • He accused everyone of thinking that he didn't have the guts to do what he said he was going to do this past Monday night on RAW.
    • He said he had no other alternative.
    • He said that on SmackDown!, he had to do something that even he would regret.

  3. MATCH: Rikishi vs Big Boss Man (Referee: Jacqueline)
    • Boss Man immediately started working over the Samoan monster, taking him to the outside and bashing him into the steel stairs.
    • Throughout the match, Jacqueline continued to get physically involved.
    • At one point, Rikishi sat on Boss Man, which allowed the Samoan to set up Boss Man for a Banzai Drop from the corner for the win!

  4. RINGSIDE: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler.
    • The King and Michael Cole then addressed the rumors concerning the relationship status of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.
    • The King said that after seeing the look in Triple H's eyes when he was talking to Steph on RAW, he was convinced the rumors were true.

  5. BACKSTAGE: Lilian Garcia & Stephanie.
    • Stephanie and Lilian Garcia were getting coffee when Lilian commented on how surprised she was to see Steph at SmackDown! because she had seen what happened between her and Triple H on RAW.
    • She offered to talk to Stephanie about her problem if she wanted.
    • Mrs. Game said that the only problem she had was Lilian, and she threw hot coffee all over the screaming ring announcer!

  6. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Tazz/Spike vs Scotty/Albert.
    • During the match, Spike tried to spear Albert, but instead of moving the Hip Hop Hippo, he reaggravated his injured neck!
    • Scotty and Albert continued to work on Spike's injured neck for the majority of the match.
    • Scotty hit his patented Worm on Tazz, but Spike broke it up.
    • As Spike continued to fight with Albert outside the ring, Tazz slapped a Tazzmission on Scotty for the tap-out victory!

  7. LOCKER ROOM: Stephanie & Triple H.
    • Stephanie was reveling in what she had done to Lilian to Triple H.
    • The Game looked like he could care less.
    • Steph told Triple H that he should pay attention to her because she was the one that made him what he is in this business.
    • She said that he may love the business, but her family is the business.
    • Steph started talking about what her father did for his company, but Triple H interrupted her and said Vince was an asshole.
    • The Game said that after everything her father had put her through, he couldn't understand why she still worshipped the ground he walked on.
    • An enraged Stephanie said that her father had told her that Triple H had only married her to get into the McMahon family, but The Game said he married her in spite of her family.
    • He said that Vince had never thought he was good enough for her, and Steph wondered if maybe her father was right.
    • An upset Triple H then said that maybe everyone else was right about what they thought of Stephanie.

  8. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & The Rock.
    • The Coach asked the Great One about his match at the Royal Rumble, but the People's Champ was annoyed by the fact that Coach wasn't paying enough attention to him.
    • At that point, The Rock made Coach dance the Charleston, in honor of the home crowd.
    • Coach began dancing the Charleston for the crowd, but The Rock kicked him out of the camera's view.
    • The Great One then said that this past Sunday was full of surprises, but the biggest surprise was the fact that Y2J walked out as the Undisputed Federation Champion.
    • The Great One said that the past was the past, however.
    • The Rock guaranteed that this year, WrestleMania would be The Rock's WrestleMania, and he would walk out of Toronto as the champion.

  9. INTERVIEW: Sharmelle & Triple H + Christian.
    • Sharmelle asked him if he was ok, but he told her that it wasn't a good time to talk.
    • European Champion Christian then approached Triple H and told him that he knew how The Game felt.
    • He commented on how Stephanie had quite a temper.
    • Christian started walking away, but an enraged Game grabbed the Euro Champ by the hair and started beating him down!

  10. OFFICE: Vince McMahon.
    • Mr. McMahon was still talking to someone off camera.
    • He said that everyone would have to face the facts, and the facts are that ever since the Royal Rumble, Ric Flair has assumed the position of leadership in the Federation.
    • He said that everyone should understand that under Flair's leadership, the Federation has terminal cancer.
    • He said that under Flair, the Federation would slowly die, and he said he knew what he had to do.

  11. FIRST #1 CONTENDER MATCH: Booker T vs Stone Cold.
    • The Book used most of the match to work over the knees of the Rattlesnake, capping off his offensive assault with a Spinarooni followed by a Scissors Kick, but Stone Cold managed to kick out!
    • Austin made it back to his feet, laid in a kick to Booker's breadbasket and nailed a Stunner of the former WCW Champion for the win!
    • Stone Cold will face the winner of the Angle/Rock match this Monday on RAW!

  12. INTERVIEW: Sharmell & Ric Flair.
    • Sharmell asked him about the statements that Mr. McMahon made earlier in the show, but he said he had no idea what Vince was talking about.
    • He said he didn't care what Vince was talking about because the Federation would continue to run as normal.

  13. TAG TEAM TABLES MATCH: Kane & Big Show vs The Dudley Boyz w/Stacy.
    • Tables were set up in the ring early on, and Show went for a double chokeslam on the Dudleyz, but they managed to fight out of the giant's clutches.
    • Again, Show tried to chokeslam D-Von through a table, but Bubba Ray moved the table out of the way.
    • Show then Irish-whipped Bubba Ray into the ropes, but in the process, Bubba hit Kane, who was on the apron, and the Big Red Monster fell from the ring through a table on the outside, giving the Dudley Boyz the win!
    • After the match, referees had to separate Big Show and Kane from destroying one another!

  14. OFFICE: Vince McMahon.
    • Mr. McMahon was seen again talking to someone off camera, looking a little upset.
    • He said it was a damn shame that everything on Earth has to come to an end.
    • He said that he never thought his world would come down crashing around him.
    • He said he built the Federation, and he did it all on his own.
    • He is furious that someone was trying to take it away from him.
    • Mr. McMahon started sobbing, thinking about his dilemma, but he collected himself and reiterated that it was too bad that it had to end this way.

    • Goldust said that he had many warm memories of the Federation.
    • He said the first time he appeared, the Federation changed forever.
    • Now, the Federation will change again.
    • Goldust said that his greatest production will be for only one man.
    • He said that if this person doesn't like it, he really didn't give a damn.
    • He said the memory that will last the longest in this person's mind will be the name -- Goldust.

  16. LOCKER ROOM: Billy & Chucky.
    • Billy and Chuck were commenting on Goldust's hair when Billy changed the subject to the Tag Team Championship.
    • Billy said that if any team should be champions, it should be them -- because chicks dig them.
    • The two exchanged high-fives, followed by a slap on the ass by Billy on Chuck.

  17. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle was interviewed by Coach about his upcoming qualifying No. 1 contender's match, but every time Angle said something, he was met with a huge "WHAT?" from the crowd!
    • He said he felt disrespected by the audience, and he pleaded with the people to stop chanting.
    • He told Coach that "WHAT?" was ruining his life.
    • He told the crowd if they said "WHAT?" one more time, he was leaving -- and, of course, the interview was cut short, thanks to the sold-out North Charleston Coliseum fans.

  18. NON-TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus (Womans Champ) vs Jazz.
    • Jazz completely dominated the match, but she was eventually disqualified when she wouldn't let go of an arm-bar submission.
    • The domination continued as Jazz continued to soundly thrash Trish, culminating with a DDT.
    • Jazz then left the ring, leaving the Women's Champ in a heap in the middle of the ring.

  19. OFFICE: Vince McMahon.
    • Again talking to someone, Mr. McMahon told himself that he couldn't talk himself out of what he was going to do.
    • He said that if there was any other way, he would do it.
    • He said what he was going to wasn't logical or normal, but because he cared so much for the Federation, he had to go through with his plan.
    • Vince said he was starting to feel really good.

  20. SECOND #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Kurt Angle vs The Rock.
    • With Undisputed Federation Champion Chris Jericho on color commentary
    • After a succession of German suplexes, Angle went for the pin on the Great One, but The Rock kicked out.
    • Angle through the People's Champ to the outside, and with the ref's back turned, Y2J picked up The Rock and threw him against the steel ring pole!
    • The Rock was able to get his wind back and hit a DDT on Angle, but the Olympic champion kicked out.
    • The Rock was able to lock in the Sharpshooter on Angle, but Jericho distracted the ref as the Olympic champ was tapping out!
    • With the official still not looking, the Undertaker ran into the ring and chokeslammed the People's Champ!
    • Angle then climbed over and pinned The Rock to win the match.
    • Angle will face Stone Cold Steve Austin this Monday on RAW to determine who will face Jericho for the Undisputed Federation Championship at No Way Out!

  21. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Coachman & Steve Austin.
    • The Rattlesnake said that when he beats Angle on RAW, he will face Jericho for the Championship at No Way Out.
    • At that point, Angle attacked Stone Cold.
    • The two brawled around the backstage area, until Angle locked in the Ankle-Lock on the Rattlesnake until officials finally broke the duo up.

  22. OFFICE: Vince McMahon.
    • Mr. McMahon was seen again in his locker room, saying that he knew the Federation was going to die.
    • He reiterated that the Federation has cancer because of Ric Flair.
    • He said that the kind of cancer that Flair gave the Federation was the slow, eating type.
    • Vince said that he was not going to let Flair kill what he created.
    • He said if anyone was going to kill his creation, it was going to be him!
    • He said he was going to inject the Federation with a lethal dose of poison.
    • He then turned into the camera, revealing a large =nWo- spray-painted on the back of his chair.
    • Vince simply said that "if anyone is going to kill the Federation, it will be me - and the nWo."

  23. Goodnight Everybody......

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