February 14, 2002

Little Rock, Arkansas
Announcers: Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Vince & Stephanie McMahon.
    • The father and daughter were clearly not in a good mood.
    • Vince said he wasn't going to abandon his daughter during this stressful time, because you could always count on Vince when the chips were down.
    • He said he was always there for family and friends in their time of need, and tonight he would stand by Stephanie.
    • He conceded, saying Stephanie had lied about being pregnant, but said she hadn't done anything that everyone doesn't do every single day.
    • Vince said that everyone in the arena was a liar.
    • He said no one should indict Stephanie for telling one little white lie.
    • The crowd chanted that Mr. McMahon was being an a**hole, but Vince said the real a**hole was Triple H, who humiliated Stephanie and struck the both of them on RAW.
    • He said striking Stephanie was a sin for which there was no penance, and that Triple H would eternally pay.
    • He said The Game would pay at No Way Out, losing his opportunity to go to WrestleMania to face the World Wrestling Federation Champion.
    • Stephanie then grabbed the microphone, and said a perfect plan had once again been destroyed by her mother.
    • She said she would deal with her mother later, but for tonight, she would focus on her soon-to-be ex-husband, Triple H.
    • She said Hunter had left her with no way out -- she did lie, but he had made her do it.
    • She said after everything she'd done for him, he hadn't showed her enough respect.
    • She said she hadn't let Hunter in the house over the past couple of days, and she had ripped up all his wrestling pictures, destroyed all his wrestling videotapes, and burned all his family scrapbooks, just as he burned her on Monday night.
    • She said Hunter had tried to destroy her reputation, but she vowed to destroy him and to make his life a living hell.
    • Vince took the microphone back from his daughter, and said Triple H's living hell would begin on SmackDown!
    • Vince said there would be a tag-team match, pitting Kurt Angle and the Undertaker against Triple H and Maven!
    • Stephanie took back the microphone, and said there was one more thing.
    • She said before the night was over, she would give Triple H a special sweet Stephanie Valentine's Day surprise.

  2. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Test.
    • Test said he was nervous about Booker's big match with Spike.
    • Booker said he was nervous too, and then the two men busted up laughing!
    • Test said that Booker's match was in the bag, and said they had to look at the big picture -- namely, that the two had a Tag Team Championship match against Tazz & Spike Dudley at No Way Out!
    • Test said he couldn't wait to win the titles for a third time!

  3. BACKSTAGE: The Godfather.
    • The Godfather talked about Valentine's Day, saying that the Godfather's Escort Service Inc. could make sure you have a very Happy Valentine's Day!
    • His special for this year -- buy one, get one free!

  4. MATCH: Spike Dudley vs Booker T w/Test.
    • Booker actually sent Test back to the locker room prior to the bout, saying he didn't need help at ringside for this one.
    • Booker used his size advantage to dominate Spike in the early-going, and even showed off his famed spineroonie!
    • A couple of times, Booker had Spike down for the count, but picked Spike up off the canvas before the pinfall.
    • Booker soon went up top for a superplex, but when they landed, Spike held onto Booker's leg and pinned him for the upset!
    • Booker was irate after the bout!
    • WINNER: Spike Dudley!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho & Ric Flair
    • Flair said he needed to see Y2J in his office later, and Jericho said he was the champion -- why couldn't they ever talk in Y2J's office?
    • Flair said he was the co-owner of the World Wrestling Federation, and ordered Y2J to come to his office immediately.
    • Moments later, Y2J entered Flair's office, and Flair told him to shut up.
    • Flair reminded him of what he did to Stone Cold on Monday night -- attacking the Rattlesnake and mocking him by drinking a couple of beers and pouring them on Austin.
    • Y2J laughed at seeing the footage, and Flair said he would give Jericho the chance to leave the building immediately, because he knew that when Stone Cold arrived, he would tear Jericho apart, and he didn't want to jeopardize the title match at No Way Out.
    • Jericho said he wouldn't leave, and said the reason Austin hadn't arrived yet was because Austin was afraid of him.
    • Jericho said he was a larger-than-life living legend, and he wasn't afraid of anything.
    • He said he saw the way Flair was quivering like a little girl on RAW, standing in the same ring as the Undertaker.
    • He said he knew Flair was jealous, because he wasn't half the champion Jericho was.
    • Y2J then thought about it, and realized he had the chance to get the hell out of Little Rock, so he changed his mind and would leave.
    • Flair said nope -- for he had now changed his mind.
    • He said Y2J would meet Kane in a non-title match on SmackDown!

  6. LOCKER ROOM: Billy & Chuck + APA.
    • Billy approached Chuck in the locker room and said he had a Valentine's Day gift for him -- and Chuck had one for Billy!
    • The two men had gotten each other chocolates, saying they truly cared about each other as tag-team partners.
    • Faarooq and Bradshaw watched Billy & Chuck on a monitor, and Bradshaw jokingly asked Faarooq what he'd gotten him for Valentine's Day.
    • Faarooq answered, "Damn!"

  7. TAG TEAM MATCH: APA vs Billy & Chuck.
    • Chuck soon clobbered Faarooq with one of the boxes of chocolate -- which was appparently loaded with a weight -- and Billy was able to pin Faarooq for the win!
    • WINNERS: Billy & Chuck.

  8. IN THE RING: Stone Cold Steve Austin (Just After Arrival).
    • The Rattlesnake clearly had something on his mind.
    • He said he'd come out to that ring and Stunned a lot of people and flipped a lot of people off and drank a lot of beer and raised a lot of hell.
    • Tonight, he said he would talk about something he'd never talked about in the ring in his life, and he asked the people to bear with him, because this wasn't easy.
    • He said tonight, he wanted to tell the people that his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he is a drug addict.
    • He said that wasn't easy to say, and he repeated what he had just said.
    • He said it happened to be that his drug of choice was the World Wrestling Federation Championship.
    • He said he needed that championship, and wanted that championship, and had to have that championship.
    • A choked-up Rattlesnake said he didn't want to live without the Federation Championship.
    • He said he would do anything to himself or Chris Jericho to regain that title.
    • He said this Sunday bloody Sunday at No Way Out, Y2J had no way out.
    • Austin said that when Sunday rolled around and he got in the ring with Y2J, there would be a referee counting 1-2-3, making the Rattlesnake the new Federation Champion.
    • He said when the bell rang, he would be flying high as the new Undisputed Champion.
    • He said when the time was right, he would hit Jericho with a Stunner.
    • Austin described how he would set up the Stunner and how it would feel, as the crowd continued chanting "What?"
    • He said he wouldn't hit Jericho with just any Stunner -- because Jericho was the biggest piece of trash he ever saw, he would hit him with the Stunner, and for good measure, he would "put some stink on it!"
    • Austin said he would be champion, and there wasn't a sumbitch who could do anything about it!

  9. IN THE RING: Val Venis.
    • Prior to the match, the Big Valbowski said that he would make a lucky lady's dream come true.
    • He found a beautiful young woman at ringside, and brought her into the ring.
    • He said normally he would have the girl remove his towel, but because tonight was Valentine's Day, he had a Valentine's Day gift for her.
    • He said he had a heart-on -- say it fast and you'll understand!
    • Val gave her the heart he had hidden under his towel.
    • He then said he'd taken something off, he now wanted her to take something off too!
    • The girl was more than happy to take off her blouse and give it to Val!
    • Val then gave the girl a deep kiss for good measure!

  10. NON TITLE MATCH: William Regal vs Val Venis.
    • Referee Chad Patton checked Regal for brass knuckles prior to the bout, but found nothing.
    • Regal soon shoved the ref, causing him to go down for a bit.
    • That allowed Regal to nail Venis with brass knucks, which he actually did have hidden in his tights.
    • And when the ref came to, Regal pinned Venis for the victory.
    • WINNER: William Regal.

  11. INTERVIEW: The Coach & William Regal.
    • Coach asked Regal about his match at No Way Out.
    • Instead of answering the question, Regal simply knocked out Coach.
    • Then, Edge came from out of nowhere and speared Regal on the ramp!
    • Regal went berzerk after the attack!

  12. LOCKER ROOM: Chris Jericho & Steve Austin.
    • Jericho entered his locker room to find a couple of beers stacked on a table.
    • He then looked behind him and saw Stone Cold Steve Austin!
    • Y2J told Austin to take it easy and relax, and Austin told Jericho to pick up a beer.
    • Jericho did so, and Austin said Y2J had no problem picking up a beer on RAW.
    • Austin told Jericho to open the beer, which Y2J did.
    • Stone Cold said he wanted to toast him.
    • Austin asked Y2J if he was ready, and Y2J asked if Austin was ready, and Austin asked if it looked like he was ready.
    • Austin then toasted Y2J, smacking the beer right out of Jericho's hand.
    • Austin said that any time he wanted Jericho, Jericho was his.
    • He said this Sunday, Jericho was his, and his titles were coming with the Rattlesnake.
    • He told Jericho to remember that.

  13. Ric Flair's OFFICE: Ric Flair & The Dudleyz + Christian/Storm.
    • Ric Flair was in his office talking on his cellular phone when the Dudley Boyz approached him.
    • The Dudleys said they had a bone to pick with Flair -- they wanted to know why Booker T and Test would get a shot at the Tag Team Championship at No Way Out instead of them.
    • They said that Booker and Test had teamed up just once in the past three months, while they were six-time former Tag Team Champions, and the most decorated tag team in history.
    • Flair said the reason why Booker & Test had a shot was because of a personal issue.
    • Suddenly, Lance Storm and Christian barged in, asking what was going on.
    • The Dudleys said they were looking for a Tag Team Title shot, and Christian said, "Snap!"
    • Christian said he should get the title shot, since he was a seven-time Tag Team Champion. Flair resolved the issue by saying that there would be a six-team Tag Team Turmoil match at No Way Out, with the Dudleys, Christian & Storm, Billy & Chuck, Scotty & Albert, the APA ... and the Hardy Boyz!
    • He also said the winners of that bout would get a Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania X8!

  14. MATCH: Goldust vs Tajiri w/Torrie.
    • Tajiri locked Goldust in the Tarantula.
    • Moments later, Goldust locked Tajiri up for the Shattered Dreams.
    • Torrie got up on the apron to distract the Bizarre One and slapped him.
    • That allowed Tajiri to kick Goldust in the head, earning a two-count.
    • Goldust then rallied back and hit a Curtain Call on Tajiri for the pinfall.
    • After the bout, Torrie checked on Tajiri, and Goldust grabbed Torrie and backed her into a corner.
    • He was going to set her up for the Shattered Dreams, until Rob Van Dam attacked Goldust from behind, and nailed him with the Five-Star Frog Splash!

  15. NON TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Kane.
    • Jericho was about to just leave the ring and go home, but Kane grabbed him and dragged him back!
    • Y2J tried to leave again soon after, but the Big Red Machine again went after him and brought him back!
    • Soon, Y2J could take it no more, and he nailed Kane with one of his title belts, trying to purposely get disqulified, which worked!
    • But as Y2J left, Stone Cold's music hit, and the Rattlesnake came out to whip Y2J's ass!
    • The Rattlesnake laid into the champion, even hitting him with a Stone Cold Stunner!
    • Austin downed a beer after the attack, even pouring some of it on Jericho as revenge for Y2J's attack on Monday night!

  16. BACKSTAGE: Vince & Stephanie McMahon + Undertaker + Kurt Angle.
    • Mr. McMahon talked on his cell phone to Hulk Hogan, telling him how much he and Stephanie were looking forward to their arrival to the World Wrestling Federation this Sunday at No Way Out!
    • Vince said Hogan would also appreciate the Valentine's Day surprise that Stephanie had in store for Triple H later in the night.
    • Vince then got off the phone with Hulk, as the Undertaker entered their locker room.
    • Taker asked Vince if he'd enjoyed the quiet around the arena tonight -- quiet because of the absence of The Rock.
    • Vince laughed, and said he had enjoyed the quiet, and Taker said that if Rock showed up at No Way Out, there would be a lot more quiet in the months to come!
    • As far as the tag match on SmackDown!, Taker said he would bust Maven up, and that Triple H was in for it.
    • Kurt Angle then entered the locker room, and said he was sorry for knocking Stephanie down last week on SmackDown!, saying that the attack was actually intended for Triple H.
    • Stephanie said it was OK, and Kurt said she deserved much better.
    • Kurt said he and Taker would rip Triple H apart, and Stephanie said she wanted them to rip him apart from limb to limb!
    • Taker said that Stephanie should name a body part, and he and Kurt would break it just for her.
    • Stephanie said that seeing that it was Valentine's Day, she wanted them to rip out The Game's heart!

  17. DESIRE: new World order.
    • The "WWF Desire" history package then aired, interspersed with clips of the nWo!

  18. MAIN EVENT: Undertaker & Kurt Angle vs Triple H & Maven.
    • Taker attacked Maven before The Game had even made his entrance.
    • As the match began, Taker and Angle focused much of their rage on Triple H, obviously looking to impress Stephanie.
    • Maven took a beating for a while, before finally tagging in Triple H.
    • Triple H went for the Pedigree on Angle, but Taker hit The Game with a boot to the face.
    • Maven then hit Angle with a missile dropkick, but was knocked over the top rope by Undertaker!
    • Outside the ring, Taker gave Maven the Last Ride onto the announce table!
    • In the ring, Angle hit Triple H with a series of German suplexes, but The Game powered out.
    • Taker soon hit Angle by accident, knocking the gold medalist to the outside.
    • The Game then went for the Pedigree on Taker, but Angle attacked him with a steel chair, ending the bout via disqualification.
    • Angle again nailed Triple H with the chair, and Taker chokeslammed The Game.
    • Angle continued to pound on his No Way Out opponent, and Taker was about to hit Angle with a chair, until Flair ran down and took the chair from the American Badass!
    • Angle stood between Taker and Flair as the two argued -- but suddenly, Taker kicked Flair in the face!
    • Taker was then about to give Flair the Last Ride -- until Vince and Stephanie ran down and stopped him.
    • Vince said he wanted Flair to make it to No Way Out this Sunday because it would be on Flair's conscience that the nWo would inject poison into the Federation!
    • Taker tossed Flair out of the ring.
    • Vince then addressed Triple H, saying he had granted his daughter a special provision at No Way Out.
    • Stephanie announced that when The Game faces Kurt Angle with his WrestleMania title shot on the line, she would be the guest referee!
    • She then wished her husband a happy Valentine's Day, and she told Angle to hit him with a steel chair, which he did!
    • Stephanie, Angle, Vince and Taker looked down at a fallen Triple H as SmackDown! went off the air!

  19. Goodnight Everybody......

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