February 28, 2002
Fleet Center
Boston, Mass
Announcers: Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Hardy Boyz/Lita vs Dudley Boyz/Stacy (replaced by Jazz).
    • Stacy limped her way to ringside with a brace on her right ankle.
    • Before the match started, Jazz made her way out and got in the face of Lita.
    • An injured Stacy stepped aside and "allowed" the Women's Champion to take her place.
    • D-Von climbed the ropes to set up the "Wassup?!" drop.
    • Lita pushed him off and onto the canvas.
    • With Matt holding Bubba, Lita dove off the top turnbuckle head-first and hit her own version of the "Wassup?!" splash.
    • Lita went for the Twist of Fate on Jazz, but, while the ref's back was turned, Stacy jumped into the ring and crushed Lita's face with a brace-loaded spinning-heel kick!
    • This allowed Jazz to nail a Fisherman's Suplex on Lita to give her team the win!

  2. BACKSTAGE: Undertaker & Ric Flair.
    • Undertaker was watching a tape of his brutal beating of Arn Anderson from RAW when Federation co-owner Ric Flair walked in.
    • Flair called Taker a "cold-blooded bastard", and told him that he was furious about the beating of his best friend.
    • The Nature Boy turned off the television, took out the videotape, threw it against the wall and told the Dead Man that he would get his answer later in the night.

  3. IN THE RING: Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • Austin, who was still limping from the nWo's attack on him on RAW, walked to the ring carrying a steel chair.
    • Before the Rattlesnake was able to say a word, the nWo's music hit as the trio made their way to the stage.
    • Stone Cold said that the first S.O.B. that comes to the ring would get his ass handed to him.
    • Hollywood Hulk Hogan said that after what Scott Hall did to his knee on RAW, Stone Cold was in no position to make any threats.
    • Hogan said that Austin was about in as good of shape as The Rock.
    • Hogan said that the Great One wasn't at SmackDown!, so Hogan was going to use this time to produce a video package tribute to the greatest ever - Hollywood Hulk Hogan.
    • With that said, Hogan left the stage.
    • Scott Hall took the mic and told the Rattlesnake that they took The Rock and Stone Cold out with relatvie ease.
    • Hall then played video footage of the trio's concrete-block attack on Austin from RAW.
    • Hall said that was just the beginning of the Rattlesnake being treated like an animal.
    • He said at WrestleMania X8, Austin would go down and out.
    • Kevin Nash asked Hall if they should go down to the ring and take out Stone Cold right then, but Austin interrupted them and said that he was going to walk up to them and take the duo out himself.
    • Stone Cold walked halfway up the ramp and pulled a strange device out from his jacket.
    • Austin aimed the contraption and fired a huge net at Nash, which engulfed the nWo giant!
    • Hall tried to help Nash out, but Stone Cold started attacking the Bad Guy!
    • Nash finally fought his way out of the net as Hall fended off Austin, and the duo fled the stage into the back!
    • The Rattlesnake slowly made his way back to ringside before celebrating with a couple brews.

  4. NON TITLE MATCH: William Regal vs The Big Show.
    • As Show gave the sign for his chokeslam, Regal, using his "power of the punch", pulled out his brass knuckles and blasted the behemoth right in the jaw!
    • The force knocked out Show, but the huge man bounced off the ropes and fell on Regal!
    • The Englishman couldn't kick out from the dead weight of the giant, so Big Show picked up the non-title victory!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Tajiri/Torrie.
    • Booker T was getting ready to shoot a commercial for a Japanese shampoo product.
    • The Book asked Tajiri to critique his dialogue, which he began to spit out.
    • Yo Japanese people! What's the deal with your nasty hair?
    • Just because you know Kung Fu doesn't mean you know shampoo! Booker T said.
    • Torrie Wilson told Booker that Tajiri said his dialogue was very offensive.
    • The Book asked him what was wrong with it, and Torrie said that Tajiri wondered why Booker made fun of Japanese people's hair when Booker's hair looked like "Buckwheat on crack."
    • A furious Booker said Tajiri's advice was pointless before walking out!

  6. LOCKER ROOM: Chris Jericho & Stephanie McMahon.
    • Stephanie told Y2J that he would have to team up with Kurt Angle on SmackDown! and that the two of them would get along.
    • Stephanie asked Jericho if he got her her hand lotion, but as he handed it to her, she screamed at him for buying the wrong brand!
    • She told him to go buy her the correct lotion right away, but Jericho said he would do it after his tag match on SmackDown!
    • Stephanie said that he needed her for his big match against Triple H at WrestleMania X8 and he needed to keep her happy, so she demanded Y2J to go buy her the lotion right then!

  7. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Maven vs Goldust.
    • Goldust started things off hardcore right away when he bashed Maven's skull with a trashcan.
    • The Golden One continued his assault on Maven when he went for a fire extinguisher under the ring.
    • Goldust threw the weapon into the ring, but before he could use the extinguisher, Maven pulled the trigger, which sent the cold cloud of smoke into the Bizarre One's face, allowing the Tough Enough winner to cover a dazed Goldust for the win!
    • After the match, Undertaker made his way to ringside on his motorcycle.
    • With Maven still struggling to get to his feet in the ring, the Dead Man entered the squared circle and began beating on the rookie.
    • He continued his attack until Al Snow rushed to the ring and blindsided Taker!
    • Snow began to punch out the Dead Man and eventually hit a superkick to take Taker out of the ring.
    • Snow followed him to the outside and picked up a steel chair to take out the Dead Man, but Taker caught Snow and hit a chokeslam on the Tough Enough trainer on the concrete floor.
    • Flair then ran out to ringside and took the lead pipe from Taker's motorcycle.
    • The Nature Boy jumped into the ring and started beating the hell out of the Dead Man, thus getting some retribution back for his friend Arn Anderson, as well as Maven and Snow.
    • With Taker writhing in pain, Flair picked up the mic and said that he still refused to have a match with the Dead Man at WrestleMania X8.

  8. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Billy & Chuck vs APA.
    • APA obviously wanted revenge on the duo after their bar-room brawl on RAW.
    • With Billy and Bradshaw going at it on the outside, Faarooq hit a spinebuster on Chuck and began berating him when Billy re-entered the ring and hit a Fame-Asser on Faarooq!
    • Billy then placed Chuck on top of the former Florida State star for the 1-2-3 win!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Maven vs Goldust (Hardcore Title).
    • A medic was checking on Maven when Goldust came into the room to ask how he was doing.
    • The Golden One then attacked the rookie and covered him for the win, thus becoming the new Hardcore Champion, courtesy of the 24/7 rule!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Tajiri & Booker T.
    • Tajiri was talking on the phone with the Japanese commercial's producer before Booker T ripped the phone out of his hand and told the producer that after his match, he was going to allow the producer to meet the new spokesman for his Japanese shampoo.

  11. VIDEO PACKAGE: Hollywood Hogan.
    • Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introduced the video package that Hollywood Hulk Hogan produced by himself, about himself.

  12. MATCH: Booker T vs Scotty Too Hotty.
    • The Book dominated the match, throwing the lighter Scotty around the ring.
    • When Booker went for his martial arts kick, Scotty ducked, which caused Booker to straddle the top rope!
    • Scotty hit a bulldog on The Book and went for the Worm, but Booker kicked Scotty in the face, ended the fan favorite maneuver.
    • Booker then went for his Spinarooni, followed by a high kick to Scotty's face for the victory!
    • As Booker celebrated in the ring, he, and the crowd, witnessed the Japanese producer congratulating Edge for winning the role in the shampoo commercial!
    • A furious Booker T marched backstage in disgust.

  13. LOCKER ROOM: Triple H & Kane + Stephanie McMahon.
    • Triple H and Kane were going over their match strategy before Stephanie walked in.
    • Kane powdered as an enraged Steph yelled at The Game for the comments he made about her on RAW.
    • Steph also said that his lawyers were being completely unreasonable in their divorce settlement.
    • The Game said that 50 percent for each was more than fair.
    • Steph said that since she made Triple H, she not only deserved 50 percent of what they had together, but she also deserves 50 percent of anything The Game earns from now until he dies!
    • The Billion Dollar Princess said she always gets what she wants, and she stormed out of the room.

  14. LOCKER ROOM: Christian & DDP.
    • Christian was talking to himself, saying that he must be out of his mind listening to DDP when Page snuck up and surprised him.
    • DDP asked Christian if he was ready to erase his negative energy.
    • Page said that the first way to lose his negativity was to bond with Federation fans.
    • DDP introduced two kids "Joey and Shelby" to Christian.
    • Christian reluctantly said "hi," but the kids said he was an ugly loser.
    • Christian said he was a winner, and that if they wanted to see a loser, they should go find their father!
    • The kids said that their father had left them, and they ran out of the room after kicking Christian in the shins.
    • Christian said that he understood why they father had left them as DDP shook his head and realized that Christian was going to take a lot of work.

  15. MAIN EVENT: Triple H & Kane vs Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle w/Stephanie.
    • Angle eventually snapped on the ankle-lock on Kane, but Triple H ran in to make the save.
    • The Big Red Monster finally tagged out to Triple H, allowing The Game to go to work on Kurt.
    • Triple H had the Olympic gold medalist locked in for the Pedigree, but Stephanie ran in and pulled his hair.
    • The Game then set up Stephanie for the Pedigree, but Jericho ran into the ring and laid out Triple H with his championship belt!
    • Angle locked on the ankle-lock onto The Game, but Kane made the save with a flying clothesline from the top rope!
    • Steph re-entered the ring with a steel chair, but she quickly dropped it after locking eyes with Kane.
    • The Big Red Machine picked up the chair and waffled Angle in the head, allowing Triple H to hit a Pedigree on the Olympic Hero for the win as SmackDown! went off the air!


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