March 21, 2002
Corel Centre
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Announcers: Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Booker T vs Edge (Kurt Angle guest commentary).
    • Kurt came out to a chorus of boos as the show began.
    • Your Olympic hero and mine was out to provide color commentary for the bout between Edge and Booker T -- a rematch from WrestleMania X8.
    • It was apparent from Angle's commentary that the Olympian was still mad about being pinned by Edge on Monday's episode of RAW.
    • Before long, Edge went to the top rope, and Angle got up from commentary to try to shove Edge off.
    • But Edge kicked Angle to the floor, and then hit him with a huge cross body!
    • Back in the ring, Booker accidentally hit referee Teddy Long with a kick, knocking him out.
    • Edge speared Booker and appeared to have the pin, but there was no ref to count!
    • Angle snuck into the ring and hit the Angle Slam on Edge, and then Booker hit a scissors kick on the Toronto native to pick up the pinfall!
    • The Bookerman executed a spinerooni to celebrate his win!

  2. BACKSTAGE: Hollywood Hulk Hogan + Vince McMahon.
    • Hogan was shown walking towards the ring
    • The crowd started chanting, "Hogan! Hogan!"
    • As he was walking, he ran into WWF co-owner Mr. McMahon.
    • The two stared each other down.
    • Vince said, "Well I'll be damned! It's the Hulkster! The icon! The immortal Hulk Hogan!"
    • Vince said that for the record, it was Vince who invented sports entertainment, and it was him who made Hogan.
    • Vince said that every time Hogan went into business for himself, he fell flat on his yellow and red ass.
    • Vince said that Hogan turning his back on the nWo wasn't cool, "brother!"
    • Vince said he would let bygones be bygones.
    • Vince said he had the No. 1 draft choice this Monday, and he wanted to know if Hogan wanted to be the No. 1 choice.
    • Vince said he didn't need an answer tonight, but he told Hogan to think about it -- Vince and Hogan working together, with Hogan taking direction from Vince.
    • He told Hogan to take the night off to think about it.
    • Hogan said he would think about it, but said he would be hanging around for SmackDown!

  3. OFFICE OF THE APA: Bradshaw & Farooq + William Regal + DDP.
    • The APA were playing cards in their office when they were approached by William Regal.
    • Bradshaw asked Regal to borrow five dollars, but Regal said no, thinking the APA member would take it and use it at a strip club!
    • Regal said that Faarooq and Bradshaw might be separated in Monday's draft, and the APA would be out of business.
    • Bradshaw said he was right, but added that if they were on separate shows, one of them would be on the same show as Regal, so the APA could continue to kick Regal's royal ass!
    • As Regal left the APA's office, he was met by Diamond Dallas Page.
    • DDP said he couldn't help but wonder why Regal kept bringing up all the bad things that could happen as a result of the draft.
    • He suggested Regal was just mad about losing the IC title at WrestleMania!
    • Regal said perhaps he was mad because a grinning bloody idiot was holding the European Title, a title he once held with honor!
    • Regal challenged DDP for a title match on SmackDown!
    • DDP said that was super -- once he beat Regal, he said the Englishman would forget all about losing the IC Title!
    • And that, said DDP, was a good thing!

  4. nWo LOCKER ROOM: Scott Hall & Kevin Nash.
    • Scott Hall psyched Kevin Nash up for his SmackDown! wrestling debut, as the former Federation Champion would go one-on-one with The Rock.
    • Nash said he would do what Hogan couldn't do at WrestleMania -- kick The Rock's ass!

  5. DIVAS MATCH: Trish/Lita vs Ivory/Jazz.
    • Trish soon hit Jazz with the Stratus-faction, and pinned the champion for the victory.

  6. INTERVIEW: Lilian Garcia & Rob Van Dam.
    • Lilian congratulated RVD on winning the IC Title at WrestleMania.
    • RVD said it was especially cool to do it in front of 70,000 of his fans.
    • Lilian asked what Van Dam thought of the draft this Monday.
    • Van Dam said whatever -- he said both Flair and McMahon wanted him to make their show better, and whereever he wound up, he would still be RVD.

  7. BACKSTAGE: Spike Dudley.
    • Spike Dudley was being worked on by a trainer
    • Spike said he had been getting beat up by his brothers his whole life, and had been in the ring with some of the biggest, baddest guys in the business, but no one had ever tried to maim him the way Brock Lesnar had on Monday's RAW.
    • The trainer told Spike about Brock's reputation -- he said that Brock wasn't a man, he was an animal.
    • "No kidding," said Spike, as he winced in pain.

  8. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Diamond Dallas Page vs William Regal.
    • At one point, DDP seemingly had Regal down for the pinfall, but Christian ran down and pulled DDP off of Regal!
    • Christian then distracted the referee, allowing Regal to nail DDP with his brass knuckles.
    • Regal then locked DDP in the Regal Stretch, and with DDP already unconscious from the brass knuckles, the referee called for the bell, making Regal the new European Champion!
    • Christian celebrated on the ramp after the bout!

  9. IN THE RING: Chris Jericho & Stephanie McMahon + Triple H.
    • The crowd mocked Y2J, and Jericho told them to go ahead and enjoy it.
    • He said the fans had all paid to see him without the Undisputed Championship, so they might as well take it all in because it wouldn't last.
    • He said on Monday, when he and Stephanie team up against Triple H for the Undisputed Championship in a Handicap Match, he would take back his title, and there was nothing the fans could do about it.
    • He said maybe Triple H robbed him of his title at WrestleMania, but the people wouldn't rob him of his dignity and self-respect.
    • He reminded fans that he had beaten The Rock and Stone Cold on the same night, and he was also the man who put Triple H out of action for eight months.
    • He said he was also the only man to be the first Undisputed Champion in history.
    • Jericho said Triple H's win at WrestleMania was a fluke, but the reality was that The Game was terrified of Chris Jericho.
    • That's why Hunter insisted on having Stephanie be Jericho's partner on Monday, he said.
    • Y2J said Hunter knew he couldn't beat him twice.
    • Jericho said there was no way Triple H would win, and there was no way Stephanie would leave the Federation, because he would not allow it to happen.
    • The crowd then began chanting "Na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye" at Stephanie, as Jericho said they needed Stephanie McMahon in the Federation!
    • Stephanie grabbed the mic and screamed, "You need me!"
    • Jericho said that they didn't need Triple H, however -- and out to the stage came The Game!
    • The brand-new Undisputed Champion held up his titles, and Jericho said he was glad Hunter would be out there, because on Monday, he would finish off The Game.
    • Hunter poked fun at Jericho's pink, sparkly ring robe, saying that Liberace had called and said he wanted his pajamas back!
    • Triple H questioned the fact that the Federation needed Stephanie, saying that maybe Y2J was right.
    • The Game said the Federation could never have enough whining, crying bitches!
    • The Game said that they couldn't survive without all of Stephanie's contributions, and then showed a video of Stephanie's most "Classic Moments" -- including her getting the Stink Face, and having beer and mustard poured all over her!
    • Triple H said Stephanie has been a barrel of laughs.
    • He said maybe the people Monday night were wrong.
    • The Game took another survey, and the crowd overwhelmingly wanted Stephanie to leave the Federation!
    • The crowd began to sing "Na na na na" again, and Stephanie screamed at them to stop singing!
    • Triple H said that as far as Jericho went, Y2J had earned his respect at WrestleMania, and no one could take away from Jericho the fact that he was the first Undisputed Champion.
    • But The Game reminded Jericho that that didn't mean he was the best.
    • The Game said Y2J had gone into WrestleMania thinking he was unbeatable and the immovable object, but Jericho hadn't taken into consideration that he was going up against the unstoppable force.
    • He said RAW would be no different, and after he defeated them in the Handicap Match on RAW, he would still be the Undisputed Champion, and Stephanie would be gone.
    • Triple H said that WrestleMania was the start of a whole new game -- and this game was forever.
    • Stephanie said that Hunter couldn't be more wrong.
    • She said she had contributed to the Federation, and she said she had a big surprise for him.
    • She said he wouldn't leave RAW as Undisputed Champion, and neither would Chris Jericho ... because she had talked to her daddy, and the match would now instead be a Triple Threat Match, with Triple H vs. Jericho vs. Stephanie!
    • Y2J looked shocked, as if he didn't know anything about this!
    • She said she knew it would be an embarrassment for Triple H to lose the title -- but would be an even greatest embarrassment to lose it to her!
    • She said not only would she not be leaving the Federation, but this Monday night, she said she would become the first-ever female Federation Champion!
    • Jericho was in shock about Stephanie's announcement -- it looked like it came as a bigger surprise to him than it did to Triple H!
    • Moments later, a still-stunned Y2J was walking backstage when he was approached by Lilian Garcia, who asked him what he thought of Stephanie's shocking announcement.
    • Y2J questioned what Stephanie had up her sleeve.
    • As he talked, he came to the sudden realization that he would become Undisputed Champion if he pinned Stephanie!
    • That brought a smile to Jericho's face!

  10. MATCH: Test vs Tajiri w/Torrie.
    • The Japanese Buzzsaw locked Test in the Tarantula, and soon went for a kick to the head.
    • But Test ducked the kick, and went for a kick of his own, which Tajiri managed to elude!
    • Torrie got up on the apron, and Test grabbed her and shoved her down, only to walk into a boot from Tajiri -- but Test kicked out of the pin.
    • Moments later, Test hit the big boot to Tajiri's face to pick up the pinfall.

  11. BACKSTAGE: Hall/Nash & Vince McMahon.
    • Hall and Nash talked to Mr. McMahon, and Vince said that Nash looked ready for his match with Rock.
    • Vince said he had a feeling that the nWo would make a statement.
    • He said he had a feeling that the Brahma Bull would be castrated on SmackDown!
    • Hall asked about the draft on Monday, and Vince said he had arranged it so the nWo would be drafted as a unit.
    • Vince guaranteed that Flair didn't want any more nWo poison, so he would most likely be taking the duo.

  12. MATCH: The Hurricane vs Mighty Molly.
    • Molly extended her hand for Hurricane to shake, but when he did, she kicked him in the gut!
    • Hurricane recovered and went for the chokeslam, but let go and just walked away.
    • But Molly went after him, and the fight was on!
    • Molly was in control until Hurricane backdropped her to the outside.
    • Hurricane then was about to go up top, but just couldn't go through with it.
    • Suddenly, out ran Brock Lesnar, who destroyed Hurricane with a series of brutal power moves.
    • As Molly came to Hurricane's rescue, Paul Heyman instructed Lesnar to get her, and he clotheslined her down!
    • Heyman and Lesnar celebrated the carnage and then left through the crowd, as referees came out to help Hurricane and Molly!

  13. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair + The Undertaker.
    • Flair was talking on his cell phone backstage, talking about the draft this Monday.
    • Suddenly, the Undertaker entered Flair's dressing room.
    • Taker said he had something to ask Flair.
    • He asked Flair to do him a favor -- he wanted Flair to draft him on Monday so that every day of Flair's life could be a WrestleMania moment!
    • He told Flair to think about it, and then laughed menacingly before leaving the locker room.

  14. BACKSTAGE: Billy & Chuck + Rico.
    • Chuck questioned whether hiring "Rico" as their stylist was a good idea.
    • Billy said Rico was the best there is.
    • Suddenly, Rico came in and said their headbands were crooked, and their color scheme was passe!
    • He said he would give the men full makeovers after they defeated the Hardy Boyz.
    • Rico left, and Billy said he was tough, but knew his stuff.
    • Chuck asked if their color scheme was really passe!

  15. TAG TITLE MATCH: Billy & Chuck w/Rico vs The Hardy Boyz.
    • Before long, Rico hung Matt out on the top rope, and Matt walked right into the Fame-asser.
    • Billy then pinned Matt for a successful title defense, thanks to Rico!

  16. THE MAIN EVENT: The Rock vs Kevin Nash w/Scott Hall.
    • Nash locked Rock in a bearhug, trying to drive the air out of the People's Champion.
    • The Great One soon escaped and downed Nash with a DDT.
    • Hall got in the ring, but Rock punched him out, and Hall flew to the outside!
    • Rock then downed Nash with a spinebuster and nailed the People's Elbow, but Hall attacked Rock as he went for the pin, as the ref disqualified the nWo.
    • Rock threw Hall to the outside, and then went to the outside himself and took the top off the announce table.
    • Rock went after Hall, but Nash attacked Rock and powerbombed him through the table!
    • Suddenly, out ran Hollywood Hogan, and the Hulkster went to work on Hall and Nash!
    • In the ring, Hogan hit the big boot and legdrop on Hall.
    • But Nash attacked Hogan from behind -- only for Hogan to "Hulk up," hitting Nash with the big boot and legdrop!
    • Suddenly, a returning X-Pac ran to the ring, wearing nWo colors!
    • X-Pac nailed Hogan over the head with a steel chair, busting Hollywood wide open!
    • Hall hit Hogan with the chair once again, and Nash got in a shot for good measure.
    • X-Pac then ripped Hogan's shirt off, and the man spraypainted the nWo logo on Hogan's back!
    • Hall, Nash and X-Pac stood above a bloody Hogan as SmackDown! went off the air!

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