May 9, 2002
Bridgeport, CT

Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

  1. KICKOFF: Stacy Keibler + Vince McMahon + Triple H + Chris Jericho..
    • Stacy comes out and introduces Vince McMahon..
    • Vince talks about how Stacy is a model employee..
    • Vince says that not all people are model employees..
    • Vince singles out Triple H..
    • Vince talks about triple H's action last week..
    • Vince says he has some new rules for Smackdown!
    • Vince says that HHH must stay 10 feet away from him at all times..
    • Vince says that if Triple H doesn't obey the rules than there will be hell to pay!
    • Suddenly Triple H's music hits and HHH comes to the ring..
    • HHH stands 10 feet away from Vince and walks closer to Vince..
    • HHH gets in Vince's face.. wondering what he meant by "hell to pay"?
    • HHH bullies Vince & Stacy..
    • Vince tells Stacy to leave the ring..
    • Vince says he's not gonna stand there and take that from HHH..
    • Test, Christian, Hardcore Holly, Dvon & Lance Storm come to the ring and attack HHH..
    • Chris Jericho stuts to the ring with a big smile on his face..
    • Jericho sits on a chair in front of a defenseless HHH..
    • HHH lunges at Jericho..
    • Jericho nails HHH with the chair!!!
    • Jericho puts a bloody HHH in the Walls of Jericho..
    • Vince gets down on HHHs level and screams at him!!
    • Vince informs HHH that he'll take on Jericho in a Hell in the Cell at Judgement Day..

  2. CW TITLE MATCH: Tajiri w/Torrie vs Hurricane..
    • Torrie is once again wearing the traditional japanese robe..
    • Late in the match, Torrie stands on top of the announce table..
    • This distracts Tajiri..
    • Torrie takes off her robe revealing her ligerie!!
    • Tajiri goes to the outside of the ring to confront her..
    • Tajiri gets counted out!!
    • Hurricane wins by COUNT OUT!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Jericho, Vince McMahon & Stacy Keibler + DVon..
    • Jericho tells Vince that he's gonna end HHH's career at Judgement day..
    • Vince sets up a match with Triple H vs Reverand DVon..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Hurricane & Al Snow..
    • Al Snow is wearing a Spider Man shirt..
    • Al Snow talks to Hurricane about Spider Man..
    • Hurricane gives Snow a "hurrishirt"..
    • They find a note that says:
    • Congratulations, now you're a star, unfortunatly for you, I know who you are!

  5. MATCH: Test vs Mark Henry..
    • Late in the match, Test hits the top rope elbow!
    • Mark Henry kicks out!
    • Mark blocks the big boot..
    • Mark locks test in a full nelson..
    • Test hits the referee..
    • Test gets loose and hits the big boot on Mark Henry!
    • Test wins the match!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Christian..
    • Christian brags about "kicking Triple H's ass"..
    • Christian says that when Edge was a kid, he had a fear of being ugly..
    • Kurt jokes that when he wins the match at JD, Edge will be the ugly brother..

  7. INTERVIEW: Mark Lloyd & Billy/Chuck w/Rico..
    • ~Footage of Billy & Chuck getting panced..
    • Billy gets upset with Mark Lloyd..
    • Chuck tells Billy to calm down..
    • Chuck says that he, Billy & Rico will take on Al Snow, Maven & Rikishi..

  8. BACKSTAGE: DVon & Mystery Man..
    • DVon standing with a mystery man holding the collection box..

  9. IN THE RING: DVon/Mystery Man..
    • DVon and the mystery man (OVW's Leviathan) come to the ring..
    • DVon preaches to the crowd..
    • DVon introduces the latest "follower", Deacon Buitista..
    • DVon tells the Deacon to keep one eye on the box, and one eye on the ring..

  10. MATCH: Triple H vs DVon w/Deacon Buitista..
    • DVon throws HHH outside the ring..
    • Deacon Buitista takes a few shots at Triple H before throwing him back in the ring..
    • A little later, Triple H gets a chair from outside the ring..
    • Deacon Buitista takes a few more shots at HHH..
    • HHH fights back though..
    • HHH sets DVon up for the Pedigree..
    • Jericho enters the ring and nails HHH with the collection box!!!
    • DVon covers HHH and gets the WIN!!!!

  11. IN THE RING: Kurt Angle
    • Kurt shows a digitally manipulated photo of a BALD Edge..
    • Kurt shows another digitally manipulated photo..
    • The photo that appears is a digitally enhanced photo of Angle!
    • Angle gets upset and yells at Edge, who he says is behind the prank!
    • Angle calls out Edge!
    • Suddenly Hollywood Hulk Hogan's music hits and Hulk comes to the ring..
    • Hulk asks Angle if he's got a problem with Bald People????
    • Hulk says some of the best champions have been bald..
    • Hulk singles out Billy Graham & Stone Cold...
    • Hulk takes off his bandana revealing his bald head..
    • Hulk says that if Edge doesn't get Angle at JD, that apparently mother nature will.
    • {--Refering to Angle's receeding hairline--}..
    • Angle says that if Undertaker doesn't take the title away from him, then he will!
    • Angle says that he's the only real american around here..
    • Hulk takes a shot at Angle, who immediately retreats!
    • As he leaves, Kurt Angle is speared by Edge on the stage!!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Vince/Stacy, Jericho + Kurt Angle..
    • Kurt barges in and demands a match with Hulk Hogan or Edge..
    • Vince gives Angle BOTH Hogan and Edge..
    • Vince sets up Edge/Hogan vs Jericho/Angle..

  13. SIX MAN TAG: Billy/Chuck/Rico vs Al Snow/Maven/Rikishi..
    • After a few minutes of Chaos, Rico nails Snow with a brutal heel kick!
    • Billy Gunn hits Snow with the famasser..
    • Billy covers up for the win!

  14. INTERVIEW: Mark Lloyd & Randy Orton..
    • ~Footage of Randy Orton defeating Bob Holly two weeks ago..
    • ~Footage of Bob Holly slamming Randy Orton on the stage one week ago..
    • Randy says that his dad taught him that opportunities don't come easy in this business..
    • Lance Storm enters the scene and mocks Orton's recent success..
    • Lance challenges Randy Orton to a match..

  15. MATCH: Randy Orton vs Lance Storm..
    • Just as the match begins, Hardcore Holly comes down to be special referee..
    • Every time Orton covers Storm, Holly gives a slow count!
    • Orton hits a CRAZY crossbody off the top rope..
    • Holly once again gives a slowcount!
    • Storm locks Orton in the Maple Leaf..
    • Orton fights it and crawls to the rope..
    • Holly pulls the rope away from Orton, who is forced to tap out!
    • Lance Storm WINS!
    • Hardcore Holly attack Randy Orton after the match..
    • Val Venis runs down to make the save..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Hulk Hogan..
    • Edge enters an empty Hulk Hogan dressing room..
    • Edge puts on Hogan's bandana and bowas..
    • Edge looks in the mirror and recites a Hulkamania promo!!
    • Edge turns around and finds Hogan standing there..
    • Hogan shows Edge how it's really done..
    • Edge says that that was soooooo coool!

  17. MAIN EVENT: Hulk Hogan / Edge vs Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle.
    • Hogan hulks up and hits Jericho with the log drop!
    • Angle pulls Hulk out of the ring by the leg.
    • Jericho locks the Walls of Jericho on Hulk!
    • A still-bloody Triple H runs down with a sledgehammer!
    • HHH hits Jericho!
    • HHH hits Edge!
    • HHH hits Angle!
    • HHH hits Hogan!
    • HHH hits the referee!!
    • Suddenly Vince McMahon's music hits and Vince comes to the stage..
    • Vince said that if HHH is gonna hit anyone with the sledgehammer it should be him..
    • Vince walks to the ringside area..
    • Vince steps into the ring..
    • Vince taunts HHH [If he hits Vince he's fired]
    • HHH swings at Vince, who ducks!
    • Jericho nails HHH with a steel chair!!
    • Jericho stands over HHH with his hands raised!!!

  18. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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