May 30, 2002
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Pennengroth Saddledome.
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

  1. TAG TITLES: Rikishi/Rico vs Billy/Chuck.
    • Rikishi fights most of the match on his own..
    • Rico keeps running in and kicking Rikishi!
    • Rikishi slings Rico into the ring..
    • Rikishi superkicks Rico, who falls on top of Chuck for the 1-2-3!
    • After the match, Billy & Chuck get on Rico's case..
    • Rikishi dances on the stage as well..

  2. BACKSTAGE: Torrie Wilson & Maven + Tajiri.
    • Torrie gives Maven a 'nice' good luck kiss..
    • The two leave the area and Tajiri pops out from behind a wall..

  3. MATCH: Christian vs Maven..
    • Late in the match, Maven climbs the ropes..
    • Tajiri runs down and kicks Maven in the head!
    • Christian capitolizes and pins Maven!

  4. BACKSTAGEL Vince McMahon.
    • Vince on the phone talking about Chris Benoit appearing on RAW..
    • A woman knocks on the door and enters the room..
    • She introduces herself as, Dawn Marie, an attorney..
    • They sit down to review some documents..
    • Vince begins to slobber over her in the absence of Stacy..
    • Chris Jericho enters the room and complains about having a match tonight..
    • Vince gives Jericho a pep talk, then gets back to Dawn Marie..

  5. MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Farooq..
    • Late in the match, Jericho removes the corner padding..
    • A few minutes later, Jericho rams Farooq's head into the exposed turnbuckle!
    • Jericho pins Farooq for the win..

  6. BACKSTAGE: DVon & Lance Storm..
    • Lance Storm confesses his sins to DVon..
    • Lance says that his sin is that he is from Western Canada!
    • The Crowd boooooooooooooooos!
    • DVon says that Lance's sins are forgiven..

  7. INTERVIEW: Mark Lloyd & Hulk Hogan..
    • Lloyd asks Hogan about last week..
    • Hogan says that Vince McMahon can take the contract and "stick it"!
    • Hogan says he has rearranged his priorities..
    • Hogan says he wants a match with Vince McMahon...
    • Vince enters and yells at Hogan in a challenging manner..
    • Suddenly Kurt Angle sneaks up behind Hogan and hits him with an weapon!

  8. UNDISPUTED TITLE: Undertaker vs Randy Orton.
    • Undertaker comes out and claims that he is the greatest champion of all time!
    • Undertaker says he's going to proove that the WWE is a 'land of opportunity'..
    • Orton gets some unexpected offense during this match..
    • But Undertaker comes out on top after a brutal choke slam!!
    • After the match, Taker tosses Orton out of the ring..
    • Taker grabs a chair and wraps it around Orton's head..
    • Suddenly Triple H appears and attacks the Undertaker!!
    • The two megastars brawl into the ring..
    • Triple H clothelines Taker out of the ring..
    • Triple H challenges Taker to a match!

  9. CW TAG MATCH: Hurricane/Kidman vs Chavo/Tajiri..
    • Hurricane puts a really odd looking stretch move on Tajiri!
    • Back-and-forth action for the entire match..
    • Tajiri puts the Taracula on Kidman!
    • Tajiri tries to but the Taracula on Hurricane, but is throw out of the ring!
    • Hurricane flips over the top rope onto Tajiri!
    • Chavo baseball slides into Hurricane!
    • Kidman does an INSANE shooting star press from the middle of the top rope..
    • Kidman lands perfectly on Tajiri & Chavo!
    • Hurricane gets back in the ring..
    • Suddenly Hurricane's music hits and a messege is shown on the big screen..
    • The messege says that the mystery will be over when he/she reveals him/herself next week..
    • They show a photograph of the Hurricane with the mystery person..
    • You can see a set of 'female' hands hugging Hurricane, but the rest is ripped off..
    • Hurricane tries to figure it out in his head..
    • Tajiri sneaks up behind Hurricane and kicks him in the head!
    • Tajiri pins Hurricane for the win!

  10. MATCH: Triple H vs Test..
    • Triple H really puts a beating on Test..
    • Lance Storm comes out to the stage and distracts HHH for a moment..
    • Test takes over and begins his assualt on The Game..
    • Lance Storm comes down and superkicks HHH outside the ring!
    • Lance throws HHH back into the ring, where Test is waiting..
    • HHH nails a spinbuster on Test and covers him..
    • Lance Storm distracts the referee..
    • Test battles back and hits a twisting slam on the Game..
    • HHH ducks a punch and sets Test up for the Pedigree..
    • HHH sees Storm on the top rope!
    • HHH pulls storm down and punches him in the corner!
    • Test goes for the BIG BOOT but hits Lance Storm instead!
    • HHH sets up test for the pedigree AGAIN but Undertaker runs down!
    • HHH goes after the Undertaker..
    • HHH turns around and is hit with test's BIG BOOT in the face!!
    • Test covers Triple H for the big win!!
    • Undertaker enters the ring and beats the crap out of Triple H..
    • Undertaker finishes HHH off with a massive chokeslam!!!
    • Undertaker goes to the outside and gets a steel chair..
    • Undertaker slams the chair into HHH's forhead!!
    • Undertaker assults the fallen HHH with the chair..
    • An armu of referees, including Johnny Ace & Fit Finlay run down to help..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Val Venis.
    • Val asks Edge to take that wig off of Kurt Angle..
    • Edge says he thinks everybody in Calgary wants to see Angle's bald head..
    • Val says "I'd wish ya luck, but luck is for losers..."

  12. INTERVIEW: Mark Lloyd & Kurt Angle..
    • Mark asks Angle about the being shaven bald by Edge.
    • Mark tries to show the footage from Judgement Day..
    • Angle tells him to NEVER show that footage again!
    • Angle says he's going to disgrace Edge in front of his home-country..

  13. RINGSIDE: The Hart Family.
    • The Hart Family is shown sitting in the front row..
    • Jim & Ellie Neidhart, Bruce Hart & Stu Hart amung others..

  14. MAIN EVENT STEEL CAGE MATCH: Edge vs Kurt Angle.
    • Pinfall/Submission/Escape rules!
    • Edge gets busted open during this match..
    • The referee gets knocked out!
    • Kurt hits an AngleSlam from the top rope!!
    • Angle actually climbs out of the cage and escapes!
    • Hulk Hogan runs down and attacks Kurt Angle..
    • Hulk throws Angle back inside the cage!!
    • Edge battles back and nails a a spear on Kurt Angle..
    • Edge gets a 2� count!
    • Edge throws Angle headfirst into the corner..
    • Edge gets another 2� count!
    • Angle snaps the Anklelock onto Edge!
    • Edge counters and throws Angle into the cage!
    • Edge locks on an Anklelock of his own!
    • Angle counters it..
    • Hogan continues to cheer for Edge from the outside!
    • Angle opens the door to leave but Hulk Hogan closes it..
    • Angle begins to climb the cage..
    • Edge climbs up after grabbing Angle's head..
    • Hogan opens the door for some reason..
    • Angle slips and lands crotch first on the door!!
    • Edge pulls Angle back into the cage..
    • Edge throws ANgle back into the ring..
    • Edge stands on the tope rope..
    • Angle runs towards Edge..
    • Edge spears Angle from the top rope!!!!!!
    • Edge covers Angle and picks up the major win!!
    • Hulk Hogan enters the cage and throws Angle into the cage three times...
    • Hogan tries to de-wig Angle but Angle escapes the cage and retreats..
    • Hogan celebrates with a bloody Edge..

  15. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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