June 6, 2002
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cox Convention Center.
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

  1. KICKOFF: Smackdown! Superstars + Vince McMahon.
    • Triple H, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Christian.
    • Val Venis, Randy Orton, Hardcore Holly, Hurricane, Albert.
    • Lance Storm, Test, Mark Henry, Rev DVon, Deacon Batista.
    • Farooq, Godfather, Billy Kidman, Al Snow, Chavo Guerrero, Hugh Morrus.
    • When all the wrestlers are in the ring, Vince McMahon comes to the stage.
    • Vince explains why everyone is in the ring to start the show..
    • Vince says there's gonna be an old fasioned over the top rope battle royal..
    • Vince says the winner will be named #1 contender for the Undisputed Title..
    • Vince says the winner will take on the Undertaker at King of the Ring..

  2. BATTLE ROYAL Smackdown! Superstars..
    • Godfather eliminated by Triple H..
    • Farooq eliminated by DVon..
    • DVon eliminated by Triple H..
    • Kidman eliminated by Test..
    • Val Venis eliminated by Christian..
    • Christian eliminated by Hulk Hogan and throws a temper tantrum..
    • Triple H is knocked out of the ring but not eliminted..
    • Test & Lance Storm go outside the ring and STOMP Triple H..
    • Randy Orton eliminated by Kurt Angle..
    • Al Snow elimited by Chris Jericho..
    • Lance Storm eliminated by Mark Henry..
    • Chavo Guerrero eliminated by Mark Henry..
    • Hurricane eliminated by Kurt Angle..
    • Hugh Morrus eliminated by Hugh Morrus..
    • Albert eliminated by Kurt Angle & Hardcore Holly..
    • Mark Henry throws Kurt Angle over the top rope but Angle holds on (HBK style)..
    • Mark Henry eliminated by Triple H..
    • Kurt Angle eliminated by Hardcore Holly!
    • Hardcore Holly eliminated by Test with the big BOOT..
    • Triple H, Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan, & Test are left..
    • Test & Jericho double team Triple H..
    • Hogan HULKS UP fo rthe crowd and takes on both Test & Y2J..
    • Triple H & Hogan join forces..
    • Hogan eliminated Jericho -- HHH eliminates Test -- AT THE SAME TIME..
    • Triple H & Hulk Hogan stare eachother down..
    • Hulk rips of his shirt but HHH kicks him in the gut..
    • Triple H clotheslines Hogan over the top rope and the both hit the floor together!
    • Each referee raises the arm of a wrestler.. {Ummm didn't I see this 15 years ago?}
    • ~Commercial Break..
    • Hogan & Triple H try to get at eachother but officials hold them back..
    • Vince McMahon comes on the screen and says he called the Undertaker during the commercial..
    • Vince says that Undertaker doesn't care which one he faces at KotR..
    • Vince says that Hulk Hogan & Triple H will wrestle in the Main Event tonight..
    • Vince says the winner of the main event will be #1 Contender..
    • Triple H knocks Hulk Hogan over before leaving the ring..

  3. INTERVIEW: Mark Lloyd & Kurt Angle + Hardcore Holly.
    • Lloyd asks Angle about the battle royal..
    • Angle says that a WWE Legend was screwed.. (Refering to himself)
    • Angle whines about getting screwed a lot lately..
    • Hardcore Holly enters the area..
    • Hardcore says that if he stresses out too much he might 'lose his hair'..
    • Angle challenges Hardcore to a match..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Billy/Chuck & Rico..
    • Billy & Chuck are watching the footage Rico beating them last week..
    • Rico comes in and tries to win back Billy & Chuck's trust..
    • Rico says that they've really let themselves go..
    • Billy says that they have a chance tonight to win back their WWE Tag Titles..

  5. TAG TITLES ELIMINATION RULES: Rikishi/Rico vs Billy/Chuck.
    • Several seconds into the match, Rico taps out to Chuck's armbar!
    • Rico is eliminated from the match.. 2 on 1 now!
    • Rikishi eliminates Billy Gunn..
    • Rico removes the corner padding on a turnbuckle..
    • Chuck throws Rikishi into that corner!
    • Chuck covers RIkishi, but he kicks out..
    • Rico runs in and Spin Kicks Rikishi!
    • Chuck pins Rikishi to recapture the WWE Tag Team Titles!
    • After the match, Rikishi hits a bonzai drop on Rico..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Hurricane.
    • Hurricane finds a new note and reads it aloud.
    • "You think I'm a witch, I flew in on my broom....."
    • "If you're looking to find me, I'm in your locker room!"

  7. BACKSTAGE: Hurricane + Nidia + Jamie Knoble..
    • Hurricane enters his locker room and finds Nidia sitting there..
    • Hurricane says that Nidia was the last person he wanted to see here..
    • Hurricane says he has a really good thing going right now..
    • Hurricane says he doesn't need it messed up by some "hurribitch"..
    • Nidia says that she'll never forgive Hurricane for dumping her..
    • Nidia says that her boyfriend is coming to take Hurricane's title away..
    • Suddenly Jamie Knoble attacks Hurricane and beats him down..
    • Knoble yells at Hurricane in a very 'southern' hick accent..
    • Knoble and Nidia kiss eachother {Trailor Park Trash Gimmick}..

  8. KING OF THE RING QUALIFYING MATCH: Christian vs Val Venis.
    • Val wins the match after a swing-out powerbomb..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon +
    • Vince talking to Undertaker on the phone..
    • Jackie & Linda from WWE Tough Enough 2 enter the room and introduce themselves..
    • Vince seems impressed by the Tough Enough winners..
    • Ivory enters and yells at Jackie & Linda for disrespecting Mr McMahon..
    • Jackie stands up to Ivory and apologizes to Mr McMahon..
    • Vince sets up a match for Velocity between Linda & Ivory..
    • Vince welcomes Linda & Jackie to the WWE..

  10. ChallengE MATCH: Hardcore Holly vs Kurt Angle.
    • After a hard-fought match, Angle picks up the win!
    • Afterwards, Hardcore Holly attacks Kurt Angle..
    • Holly hits a powerbomb on Kurt Angle..
    • Holly tries to take off Angle's wig, but Angle escapes..
    • Angle brings the ringbell into the ring..
    • Holly battles the ringbell away from Angle and knocks him in the head with it!

  11. HOSPITAL: Maven & Torrie + Tajiri.
    • Maven laying in a hospital bed..
    • Torrie enters and offers to keep Maven company..
    • Maven asks what she has in mind..
    • Torrie takes a very 'seductive' bite out of a banana..
    • A nurse enters and asks if she can get anything for Maven..
    • Maven says no need for anything right now...
    • In the lobby, Tajiri enters and asks the clerk where Maven is..
    • The clerk doesn't understand at first, but eventually tells Tajiri the room number..
    • ~Commercial..
    • Dressed as a doctor, Tajiri tries to enter Maven's room..
    • However, an alarm goes off and several doctors wisk Tajiri off to help an emergency!

  12. IN THE RING: Edge + Chris Jericho..
    • Edge says he tore out his shoulder last week in the Cage match..
    • Edge says the doctors say he needs surgery and he won't be around for a while..
    • Edge says he's pissed off cause his body let out on him..
    • Edge says that finally the company put the ball in his hands and he cant hold onto it..
    • Edge says that he would perform that SPEAR off the top rope again if he could..
    • Edge says he loves the business and that hurts him the most..
    • Edge says that it kills him that he cannot defend his King of the Ring crown..
    • Edge says he has to forfiet his King of the Ring qualifying match tonight vs Y2J..
    • Edge says that HE WILL COME BACK to win the Undisputed WWE Championship!!
    • Suddely Y2J's music hits and out comes Chris Jericho..
    • Jericho says Edge makes him sick!
    • Jericho says that he wants Edge to raise his hand in victory..
    • Edge refuses..
    • Jericho attacks Edge and throws him into the corner..
    • Jericho throws Edge into the quard rail and then the steel post..
    • Jericho rips Edge's sling off..
    • Jericho rams Edge into the steel steps..
    • Jericho gets a steel chair and rams it into Edge's shoulder!!!
    • Jericho yells "I'm the king of the world!!!!"..
    • Val Venis runs down and attacks Jericho throwing him out of the ring..
    • Val (Edge's brother-in-law) checks on Edge..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Dawn Marie & Stacy Keibler.
    • Dawn Marie tries to enter Vince McMahon's office..
    • Stacy intercepts her..
    • Stacy says that she will give Mr McMahon any papers she has..
    • Stacy tells Dawn Marie to 'do up her blouse' cause she looks desperate..
    • Dawn Marie suggest that Stacy is jealous that Stacy doesn't have what she has..

  14. BACKSTAGE: Billy Kidman & Lance Storm.
    • Lance tells Kidman that he's not charasmatic enough to make it in wrestling..
    • Kidman thanks for his advice..
    • Kidman says it's hard to be as 'exciting' as Lance Storm..
    • Kidman says that Lance Storm has the best haircut in the WWE..

  15. HOSPITAL: Maven & Torrie + Tajiri.
    • Torrie is standing there in her bra..
    • Torrie asks Maven if he feels better now {Suggested Oral Sex.. Lame}
    • Maven says he feels better now..
    • Tajiri enters the room and spits green mist at Torrie!
    • Tajiri tips Maven off his bed!!

  16. MATCH: Lance Storm vs Billy Kidman..
    • Lance Storm picks up the win..

  17. INTERVIEW: Mark Lloyd & Triple H..
    • Lloyd asks HHH about his match with Hogan tonight..
    • HHH just stares at Lloyd and doesn't say anything..

  18. MAIN EVENT #1 CONTENDERS: Triple H vs Hulk Hogan.
    • Late in the match, Hulk Hogan misses the Leg Drop!
    • Triple H sets Hogan up for the pedigree, but Hogan wiggles out of it..
    • Hulk Hogan hits his leg drop on Triple H!!
    • Triple H kicks out.. Fights back....
    • Triple H hits a pedigree on Hulk Hogan!!
    • Triple H covers the Hulkster and gets the WIN!
    • Triple H gets a title shot against Undertaker at King of the Ring..
    • Triple H tries to help Hogan up but Hogan shrugs him off..
    • Triple H leaves the ring and walks up the ramp..
    • Hulk gets on the microphone and tells Triple H to get his ass back here..
    • Triple H returns to the ring..
    • Hulk says that he doesnt mind shaking the hand of the better man..
    • Hulk & Triple H shake hands and hug..
    • Hulk goes to leave but Triple H pulls him back into the ring..
    • Triple H says that he and Hulk still have some unfinished business..
    • Triple H cups his ear and leans towards the crowd..
    • Triple H and Hulk Hogan pose for the Smackdown! crowd..
    • Suddenly Kurt Angle's music hit..
    • Suddenly the Undertaker sneak attacks Triple H!
    • Kurt Angle runs down and attacks Hulk Hogan!
    • Undertaker chokeslams Triple H to hell!!!
    • Angle hits an AngleSlam on Hulk Hogan!!!!
    • Undertaker hits a Last Ride powerbomb on Triple H!!!!!

  19. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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