June 27, 2002
Chicago, Illinois
All-State Arena.
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

  1. KICKOFF: Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle.
    • Vince introduces the only man to ever make Hulk Hogan tap out.. Kurt Angle!
    • Kurt says that he might as well be the poster boy for 'ruthless agression'..
    • Kurt says that at KotR he made Hulk Hogan TAP OUT.. It's True! It's True!
    • Kurt says that after all that, the fans are still upappreciative..
    • Kurt says that the fans think it's so funny that he's bald!
    • Kurt pulls the wig off and asks what is funny now/!?!
    • Kurt says that not even the fans can ruin his mood!
    • Kurt says he's in the mood to show someone what ruthless agression is all about..
    • Kurt issues a challenge to anyone in the locker room that hasn't faced him before..
    • After a short pause, WWE developmental talent John "Prototype" Cena comes to the ring..
    • Kurt asks who the hell he is?!
    • Kurt asks what the one quality is that he pocesses that makes him think he can be the best..
    • Cena answers.. RUTHLESS AGGRESSION!
    • Cena spears Kurt Angle and then clotheslines him over the top rope..
    • And the match is on..

  2. MATCH: Kurt Angle vs John Cena..
    • Cena really takes it to Angle for the first few minutes..
    • Angle fights back and beats up Cena..
    • Angle wears Cena down with a front facelock..
    • Cena reverses the move and backflips Angle!
    • Cena nails a brutal DDT on Angle and gets a 2 count!
    • Cena gives Angle ALL HE CAN HANDLE with several near falls..
    • Angle finally reverses a move into a pinning combination and get's the 1-2-3..
    • John Cena extends his hand to Kurt Angle after the match..
    • Angle blows Cena off and walks up the ramp..
    • Cena wonders why Angle wouldn't shake his hand..
    • Angle comes back down the ramp but decides to leave again..
    • WINNER: Kurt Angle.

  3. BACKSTAGE: John Cena, Rikishi, Farooq, Billy Kidman + The Undertaker..
    • Rikishi, Farooq & Kidman Congratulate Cena on his match..
    • Rikishi tells Cena that he's gonna be a "hell of a superstar"!
    • The Undertaker steps in and Rikishi, Farooq & Kidman scurry off..
    • The Undertaker asks who he is..
    • Cena introduces himself to Taker..
    • The Undertaker shakes Cena's hand and says "Nice Job..." --..!!!

  4. TAG TEAM TITLES: Billy & Chuck w/Rico vs Hardcore Holly & Val Venis.
    • Lots of action from both sides, and botched interferance by Rico..
    • Billy & Chuck retain their titles..
    • WINNERS: Billy & Chuck.

  5. BACKSTAGE: Jamie Noble/Nidia & Tajiri..
    • Jamie Noble sees Tajiri looking at his girlfriend, Nidia..
    • Noble offers Tajiri "a taste"..
    • Tajiri says no but Nidia kisses him anyway..
    • Tajiri is surprised to find Nidia's gum in his mouth!
    • Noble says there will be more of that if they win their match..

  6. SENSLESS T&A: Torrie Wilson.
    • Torrie comes out like the bimbo she is and models a piece of ligerie..
    • Tune in this Saturday to watch WWE Divas Undressed.

  7. MATCH: Lance Storm vs Mark Henry..
    • ~Pretaped Comments: Storm says that he will defeat an american tonight.
    • ~Report: Mark Henry at a Stongman convention..
    • ~Report: Mark Henry lifts a 170 lb barbell!
    • Henry manhandles Lance Storm most of the match..
    • Storm wins after superkicking Henry in the face!
    • Christian comes down after the match to Congratulate fellow canadian, Lance Storm..
    • WINNER: Lance Storm.

  8. IN THE RING: The Undertaker + Kurt Angle.
    • Undertaker talks about putting Triple H in the hospital..
    • Undertaker talks about the Rock interfering in their KotR match..
    • Undertaker says that The Rock almost cost him the title..
    • Undertaker says that he has some good news and some bad news..
    • The Good News is that on July 11 Smackdown, the Rock will return!
    • The Bad News is that the Undertaker is going to beat him down and make him pay!
    • Undertaker tells Rock to watch RAW and see what he does to Jeff Hardy with the Ladder..
    • Suddenly Kurt Angle's music hits and the Bald Guy comes to the ring..
    • Kurt says that all Taker does is talk talk talk talk..
    • Kurt tells Taker "I'm a man of action!"
    • Undertaker says that Kurt is a punk..
    • Kurt asks Taker for a title shot next week..
    • Undertaker suggests he does it right now..
    • Kurt says that he just had a tune-up match and he's not ready..
    • Undertaker says that Kurt almost got beat by a rookie!!!
    • Kurt says that he's asking for a match next week on Smackdown!.
    • Undertaker says anytime, anywhere, anyhow.. it's on man!
    • Kurt asks to put all hostilities aside..
    • Kurt says he wants to touch the title belt to know what he's fighting for..
    • Undertaker let's Kurt hold the belt..
    • Undertaker says that that is as close as Angle will ever come to holding the title.
    • Kurt attacks Taker and puts the anklelock on him for 2 second before releasing it..
    • Kurt retreats and points at the Undertaker with a grin..

  9. SENSLESS T&A: Torrie Wilson.
    • Torrie comes out again modelling a black bikini -- what a friggin bimbo..
    • Tune in this Saturday to see WWE Divas Undressed..

  10. MATCH: Test vs Rikishi..
    • Test yells at the referee and theatens to punch him, the ref falls to the ground..
    • Test laughs at the referee..
    • Rikishi pushes Test into the referee..
    • Test covers Rikishi but the referee DQs Test.
    • Test yells at the ref and pushes him on his butt!
    • Rikishi hits Test and gives him the stinkface!
    • Lance Storm & Christian runs down and chases Rikishi off..
    • WINNER: Rikishi by DQ.

  11. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Hulk Hogan.
    • Hulk Hogan walks into Vince McMahon's office..
    • Vince says that he is personally upset over Hulk losing to Angle (sarcasm)..
    • Vince says that he's never seen Hulk Hogan "submit"..
    • Vince says that he thought Hulk was gonna cry!
    • Vince says that he would love to watch Hulk tap out to the walls of Jericho..
    • Hulk agressively pokes Vince's shoulder saying "one day!"

  12. BACKSTAGE: Test, Lance Storm & Christian..
    • Test says that America sticks their ass in the rest of the world -- just like Rikishi.
    • Test says that Storm & Christian are right -- America Sucks!

  13. CW TAG MATCH: Hurricane & Kidman vs Tajiri & Noble w/Nidia..
    • Kidman pins Tajiri after the shooting star press..
    • WINNERS: Kidman & Hurricane.

  14. BACKSTAGE: Stacy & Torrie.
    • Torrie asks Stacy what she thinks she's doing..
    • Torrie suggests Stacy is trying to steal her spotlight.
    • Stacy says to consider her spotlight stolen..

  15. SENSELESS T&A: Torrie + Stacy + Dawn Marie.
    • Torrie goes out on stage and struts her stuff like a dumb bimbo.
    • Stacy interupts and walks out wearing a schoolgirl outfit with VERY short shirt..
    • Dawn Marie comes out and tells the girls that she is sexier and more desirable..
    • Dawn Marie pushes Torrie into Stacy, who slaps Torrie!
    • Torrie & Stacy get into a scuffle and Stacy ties to throw Torrie off the stage..
    • Torrie saves herself from the plunge however..

  16. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & Chris Jericho..
    • Jericho talks about beating up an injured Edge..
    • Jericho talks about his match with Hulk Hogan tonight..

  17. MATCH: Rev DVon & Batista vs Farooq & Randy Orton.
    • We see Batista without a shirt for the first time.. He's Massive!
    • Batista destroys Randy Orton and gets the pin..
    • WINNERS: DVon & Batista.

  18. MAIN EVENT: Hulk Hogan vs Chris Jericho.
    • Late in the match, Y2J tries to put the Walls of Jericho on Hogan..
    • Hogan flips Jericho over..
    • Hogan hulks up and fights back..
    • Jericho gets a steel chair and whacks Hogan over the head with it!!
    • Jericho raises his hands in pride..
    • Jericho arranges the ring steps for a brutal attack..
    • Jericho throws Hogan outside the ring..
    • Jericho nails Hogan in the back with the steel chair..
    • Hogan falls onto the steps..
    • Jericho clips up and puts his foot on Hogan's head..
    • Jericho raises a steel chair above his head, ready to take Hogan out..
    • Suddenly Jericho's own music hits..
    • Jericho looks to the entrance to find a blonde haired man mimicing Jericho's entrance..
    • It's EDGE! Edge returns!!
    • Edge turns around and makes his way to the riing..
    • Edge spear Jericho and takes it him him..
    • Jericho retreats as Edge & Hogan celebrate in the ring..

  19. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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