July 4, 2002
Boston, Mass
FleetCenter .
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

  1. KICKOFF: Lilian Garcia + Team Canada + Rikishi.
    • Lilian Garcia sings "America The Beautiful"..
    • Lance Storm, Christian & Test interupt the song..
    • Storm says that they have had enough of this American crap!
    • Storm orders Lilian out of the ring..
    • Christian says that on July 4, America celebrates Independance Day..
    • Christian asks if the audience knows WHY they are celebrating..
    • Christian states that the american youth are ignorant..
    • Christian says thy probably think it's the day Will Smith saves the world from aliens..
    • Storm explains the history of Independance Day..
    • Storm says that America turned it's back on Britan..
    • Storm says that it released it's war-like hostilities on the rest of the world..
    • Storm sites WW1, WW2, Korea & Vietnam, where they had no right to be..
    • Storm said that Vietnam is a touchy subject cause they were defeated..
    • Storm says that they don't like him out there cause he's telling the truth..
    • Storm says how ironic that it contradicts there very own constitution..
    • The audience begin to chat "you suck! you suck!"
    • Storm says that America doesn't wanna hear what other countries have to say about them..
    • Test says that the rest of the world hates America...
    • Test reitterates.. WE HATE AMERICA..
    • Test yells out to the crowd.. AMERICA SUCKS!
    • Suddenly Rikishi's music hits and Rikishi comes to the ring for his match..

  2. MATCH: Rikishi vs Lance Storm w/Test&Christian..
    • Both Test & Christian try to interfer but Rikishi knocks them off the apron..
    • Rikishi goes for the bonzai drop, but Christian distracts Rikishi..
    • While distracted, Rikishi is kicked in the head by Test!
    • WINNER: Lance Storm.

  3. BACKSTAGE: Stacy + Mark Henry + John Cena.
    • Stacy knocks on a lockerroom and finds Mark Henry.
    • Stacy asks for John Cena..
    • Stacy tells Cena that Mr McMahon would like to see him in his office..
    • Stacy watches Cena leave..

  4. TAG MATCH: DVon & Batista vs Randy Orton & Val Venis.
    • Lots of brutal clotheslines in this match..
    • Batista pins Orton after a huge spinbuster!
    • WINNERS: DVon & Batista.

  5. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Chris Jericho + John Cena..
    • Jericho complains about Edge returning early last week..
    • Vince gives Jericho a one-on-one match at Vengeance..
    • John Cena comes in and looks nervous..
    • Vince tells Cena not to be nervous..
    • Vince says that he was impressed with Cena last week..
    • Vince introduces Cena to Chris Jericho..
    • Cena extends his hand to Jericho..
    • Jericho blasts Cena for coming into this office and interupting him!
    • Cena slaps Jericho in the face and leaves the office!!
    • Vince helps Jericho up and Jericho demands a match with Cena tonight..

  6. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & Kurt Angle.
    • Kurt Angle says that he had the flew last week..
    • Kurt says that is why it took him so long to defeat John Cena..
    • Kurt replays himself pinning Undertaker in a tag match..
    • Kurt replays himself making Hulk Hogan tap out..
    • Kurt replays himself going face to face with Undertaker last week..
    • Kurt says what better day than July 4 for Kurt to reclaim the WWE Title..
    • Kurt says America doesn't need The Undertaker to represent them..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Chuck & Billy.
    • Billy & Chuck are preparing for their maytch..
    • The two share a few hot dogs to celebrate the 4Th of July.
    • Rico comes in and complains about the two eating hot dogs before a match!!

  8. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Billy & Chuck vs Edge & Hulk Hogan..
    • Hulk Hogan comes out to his old "Real American" song!!!!
    • After an exciting match, Edge gets the upper hand, but Rico trips him!
    • Hogan goes after Rico, shoving a hot dog in his face!
    • Edge recovers and hits a spear, but Billy kicks out..
    • Hogan & Edge hits Chuck with a double boot!
    • Edge hits a leg drop on Chuck!
    • Hogan hits a leg drop on Chuck!
    • Edge covers Chuck and gets the 1-2-3!
    • Edge & Hulk Hogan are WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!!
    • Edge & Hulk celebrate as "Real American" comes back on the sound system..

  9. MATCH: Chris Jericho vs John Cena..
    • Just like last week with Angle, Cena gets the best of Jericho..
    • Jericho eventually defeated Cena, but with his feet on the ropes!
    • After the match, Jericho offers to shake Cena's hand..
    • Jericho instead suckerpunches Cena and attacks him..
    • Cena however fights back and tosses Jericho out of the ring..

  10. EARLIER TODAY: Jamie Noble & Nidia.
    • Noble showing Nidia a new Trailor..
    • Nidia says that they can't afford a new truck and new Trailor..
    • Noble says that since winning the CW title, they can!
    • Noble shows Nidia the inside..
    • Noble shows Nidia the "running water" that only takes a few minutes to get hot..
    • Nidia looks like she's almost in tears..
    • Noble shows Nidia the bedroom with a full sized bed..
    • Nidia tells Noble that she wants to break it in now!
    • They slam the door behind them..

  11. BRA&PANTIES MATCH: Torrie Wilson vs Stacy Keibler..
    • Torrie rips off Stacy's shirt first..
    • Torrie rips off STacy's bottoms to win the match!
    • Torrie celebrates by taking off her own top and bottoms with a 'patriotic theme'..

  12. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & The Undertaker.
    • Undertaker says he is upset at Vince McMahon for suggesting Kurt might beat him.
    • Undertaker says that he is an American too..
    • Undertaker says that he will beat Kurt Angle tonight.

  13. UNDISPUTED TITLE MATCH: The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle.
    • Late in the match, Kurt puts the anklelock on Taker!
    • Undertaker kicks Kurt off but Kurt reapplies the hold..
    • Undertaker counters it once again..
    • Kurt nails a perfect Angleslam on The Undertaker, who kicks out after two!
    • Kurt puts the anklelock on Taker once again..
    • Undertaker screams in agony..
    • Undertaker counters again, and Taker sets up for the chokeslam..
    • Undertaker hits a chokeslam on Kurt, but Taker's knee buckles and he falls..
    • Undertaker get a two count on Kurt..
    • Undertaker gets Angle up for the last ride..
    • Angle locks on a 'triangle choke' while he's up in the air..
    • Taker drops Angle, who doesn't release the choke..
    • The referee counts Angle's shoulders to the mat..
    • At the same time, the Undertaker taps out..
    • The referee is confused as to what call to make..
    • Angle tells the referee that he made Taker tap out!
    • ~Commercial break..
    • Three referee are conferencing on the decision..
    • One referee awards the match to Kurt Angle, NEW CHAMPION!!
    • The other referee awards the match to Undertaker, RETAIN!!
    • The original referee calls the match a DRAW!
    • Kurt gets pissed off and attacks the Undertaker.
    • Kurt locks the anklelock onto The Undertaker..
    • Kurt releases the hold and leaves, telling Taker "I Made You Tap!"

  14. Smackdown! Goes off the AIR...

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