July 11, 2002
Atlantic City, NJ
Boardwalk Hall
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

  1. TAG TEAM TITLES: Hulk Hogan & Edge vs Billy & Chuck w/Rico..
    • Billy & Chuck double-teamed Edge, until he was finally made a tag to the Hulkster!
    • Hogan cleaned house, and soon went for the legdrop on Billy, but Rico grabbed Hogan's leg.
    • Edge speared Rico off the apron into the barricade!
    • Billy then hit a fame-asser on Hogan.
    • Billy went for the pin, but Hogan kicked out and "Hulked up!"
    • Moments later, Edge speared Chuck..
    • Hogan hit the big boot and legdrop on Billy for the pin !!

  2. PARKING LOT: The Undertaker.
    • Undertaker was waiting for the arrival of The Rock.
    • John Cena approached Taker..
    • Taker asked Cena if he'd ever met Rock, and Cena said no..
    • Taker told Cena that Rock was a punk..
    • Taker said that when Rock arrived, Taker would show him what he did to punks. ..
    • Cena told Taker it would be an honor to have him as a partner tonight. ..
    • Taker explained that he didn't give a damn about the tag match. ..
    • Taker said he was gonna kick Rock's ass tonight..
    • Taker said that Cena better leave before he kicked his ass too! ..
    • Cena walked away, as Taker kept up his watch for The Rock.

  3. FOOTAGE: Torrie Wilson & Molly Holly.
    • Torrie Wilson at a bikini shoot on the beach in Atlantic City. ..
    • As she posed, she was approached by Molly Holly..
    • Molly asked why they weren't shooting her instead, since she is the WWE Women's Champion..
    • Molly said that Torrie may be the winner of the "Golden Thong Award," but...
    • ...if she wanted to win a real award, then to face her for the WWE Women's title..
    • Torrie accepted the challenge, saying she had a special pose for Molly..
    • Torrie started to remove her bikini top as Molly stormed away!

  4. PARKING LOT: Undertaker + WWE Officials + Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle.
    • WWE officials tried to convince Undertaker to leave the area before The Rock arrived..
    • Agent Fit Finlay told Undertaker that Mr. McMahon was on his way..
    • Taker said he didn't care..
    • Suddenly, a limousine pulled up, and Taker opened the door..
    • Taker realized it wasn't Rock - instead it was Angle and Jericho..
    • Angle said that Taker was holding HIS championship. ..
    • Angle poked fun at Undertaker for tapping out last week..
    • Taker said, the way he was it, it was Angle who got pinned last week..
    • Angle said his tap came before Taker's pin, and therefore superseded it..
    • Taker said he was still the champion. ..
    • Jericho suggested that Taker change his name from "Undertaker" to "Undertapper,"..
    • Taker then slapped Jericho and started brawling with Angle!..
    • Agents separated the superstars, as did Mr. McMahon, who was irate about the brawl..
    • Vince told Taker he would get The Rock tonight, but implored Taker to get him in the ring.

  5. LOCKER ROOM: The Undertaker + John Cena..
    • An angered Taker marched into the locker room, where he saw Cena. ..
    • Taker asked Cena why he hadn't helped him against Angle and Jericho..
    • Cena reminded Taker that he'd told him to go away. ..
    • Taker said he'd just gotten double-teamed by Angle and Jericho..
    • Taker wanted to know that Cena had his back for their match tonight. ..
    • He reminded Cena that Cena had been here two weeks, while he'd been here 12 years. ..
    • Cena said yes, he would have Undertaker's back.

  6. Women's title: Molly Holly vs Torrie Wilson..
    • Molly soon locked up Torrie's legs, and rolled her over into a pinfall combination..
    • WINNER: Molly Holly (retains)..

  7. TAG MATCH: Rev DVon & Batista vs Randy Orton & Mark Henry..
    • Batista nailed Henry with a spinebuster and pin him to win the match.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Hulk Hogan & Edge + The Rock.
    • Hogan and Edge were hanging out in their locker room, ready to head to a casino..
    • Edge told Hogan that holding the Tag Team Championship with him was a dream come true..
    • Hogan said it was cool when thousands of Hulkamaniacs were cheering his name..
    • The Rock then approached the men and congratulated them on winning the Tag Titles..
    • Edge invited him gambling..
    • Rock said he was up for that, but he had some business to take care of first..
    • Hogan continued talking about WrestleMania, extending the truth as he told the story..
    • Rock teased him from behind. ..
    • Edge told Hogan that "Mr. Nanny" was totally better than "The Scorpion King!"

  9. IN THE RING: The Rock + Busta Rhymes + Kurt Angle + Undertaker..
    • Rock said he wanted to sing a song for Atlantic City..
    • Rock said that there was a better singer than The Rock in Atlantic City tonight..
    • Rock looks at ringside - Busta Rhymes!
    • Busta got into the ring with Rock to a huge ovation..
    • Rock called him the Undisputed Champion of Hip-Hop. ..
    • Rock said Busta was in "Halloween: Resurrection,"..
    • Rock asked if he dies in the movie, since, "they always go after the brother first!" ..
    • Busta smiled, and said he lays the smack down on their candy ass!
    • Rock & Busta sing "Under the boardwalk" for the crowd..
    • Rock thanked Busta, and the rap star left the ring.
    • Rock said in two weeks, he would have his chance to take the WWE Undisputed Championship..
    • Rock said Undertaker had no idea what kind of problems he would have..
    • Rock told Undertaker that if he had something to say, to just bring it!
    • Instead, Kurt Angle came to the ring..
    • Angle said Rock's absence had messed up his sense of reality..
    • The reality is that Undertaker isn't the one he would have to worry about - it was him!..
    • Angle said he'd been on a roll lately..
    • First making Hulk Hogan tap out at King of the Ring..
    • Then making Undertaker tap out last week on SmackDown! ..
    • He said at Vengeance, he would make Rock tap as well. ..
    • Angle then looked at Busta..
    • Angle said if "Puff Daddy" wanted a piece of him, he would make him tap as well! ..
    • He asked Rock what he thought about that.
    • Rock asked who in the blue hell Angle was! ..
    • Rock said Angle reminded him of someone, saying he looked kinda like Kurt Angle..
    • Rock questioned if Angle was wearing a new cologne..
    • Rock asked what the "A" on Kurt's chest stood for..
    • Rock then figured out what was different about Angle, and sang, "Somebody got a haircut!"..
    • Rock calmed an irate Angle down, saying the haircut looked good..
    • He then called Angle "Dr. Evil!"..
    • Angle said it was real cute, but he had bad news for Rock - Rock is yesterday's news!..
    • Angle said he was the new No. 1 man in WWE..
    • Angle said SmackDown! was now Kurt Angle's show..
    • Angle said Rock thought he was so great because he won a Teen Choice Award..
    • Angle said teens love him, and line up around the block to get his autograph..
    • Angle asked Rock if he knew how much a Kurt Angle autograph went for..
    • Rock then put his pinky below his mouth and said, "One million dollars!"..
    • Angle said he thought Rock would have grown up a little bit, but he hadn't. ..
    • Angle said Rock was lucky he had a match tonight..
    • Angle suggested that they meet one-on-one next week on SmackDown! ..
    • Angle said he knew Rock could sing, but next week, he would make him tap. ..
    • Rock took off his sunglasses so he could look Angle in the eye, and agreed to the match. ..
    • Rock said he wanted some action tonight! ..
    • Angle said the fans would have to wait - but Rock started punching the Olympian! ..
    • Rock then captured Angle in the ankle lock - and Kurt tapped out to his own move! ..
    • Taker then came down and chokeslammed both Angle and Rock! ..
    • Taker talked smack to Rock before heading back to the locker room.

  10. MATCH: Rikishi vs Test.
    • Christian and Lance Storm provided color commentary for the match..
    • Christian & Storm offered their anti-American views..
    • Rikishi had Test in place for a Stinkface..
    • Christian got up on the apron, distracting the Rikishi..
    • The referee told Christian to get down, as Storm ran into the ring..
    • Rikishi caught Storm with a savate kick..
    • Test then grabbed Rikishi and hit him with a thunderous pumphandle slam!..
    • Rikishi kicked out of the pinfall attempt, and caught Test with a kick..
    • He went for the Banzai Drop on Test, but Test got his knees up..
    • Rikishi soon hit a Samoan drop and pinned Test for the win..
    • After the bout, the Canadian trio attacked Rikishi..
    • Edge and Hogan ran down for the save, cleaning house!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Stacy Keibler + Chris Jericho.
    • Mr. McMahon and Stacy Keibler were cuddling backstage..
    • Stacy said she was getting a little hot..
    • She took Vince's jacket off, and said she was going to take his shirt off..
    • He said if she was going to take his shirt off, he was going to take her dress off!..
    • But before they could do so, Chris Jericho walked in!
    • Jericho asked Vince if he'd seen what Hogan, Edge and Rikishi had just done..
    • Jericho suggested that Hogan & Edge be forced to defend against Storm and Christian. ..
    • Vince said he too wanted to see Edge & Hogan defend against Christian & Storm..
    • He asked Jericho if he would step aside from his singles match against Edge..
    • So the Tag Title Match could take place, and Jericho said he would..
    • Vince said he would make it up to him. ..
    • Jericho called Vince a genius, and Vince said he was currently a horny genius..
    • Vince excused Jericho so he could get back to Stacy!

  12. TAPED FOOTAGE: Noble/Nidia & Tajiri..
    • The trio was at a local casino enjoying the all-you-can-eat buffet. ..
    • Noble talked about how the WWE Cruiserweight Championship meant everything to him..
    • Noble said it was his ticket to a better lifestyle. ..
    • He said as long as he was champion, he would never be poor again.

  13. CW TAG MATCH: The Hurricane & Billy Kidman vs Jamie Noble & Tajiri w/Nidia..
    • Nidia made her presence known more than once..
    • Kidman picked up the pinfall on Noble after a top-rope spinebuster!

  14. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & The Rock.
    • Rock was pacing backstage when Marc Loyd ran up to him..
    • Rock told "Coach" that he had sure changed since the last time he was here..
    • Having shrank and become white! ..
    • Loyd introduced himself, and Rock asked who in the bluest of blue hells was Marc Loyd! ..
    • Rock then asked who the guy was behind Loyd..
    • Loyd turned around to look, Rock grabbed the microphone and shoved him away!..
    • Rock said that as long as Taker and Angle were in the building, he wasn't going anywhere..
    • Rock said the clock was ticking for Undertaker's reign as champion. ..
    • Rock said he'd done some gambling earlier in the day in Atlantic City...
    • Rock said he'd played a slot machine called "Vengeance,"..
    • Rock said three Brahma Bulls had come up!
    • Rock told Taker and Angle to have their little tag match on SmackDown! ..
    • Rock said he'd be here and waiting while Marc Loyd was masturbating off-camera! ..
    • Rock then looked at Loyd and told him to stop doing that! ..
    • Rock said he wasn't going anywhere - if you smell what The Rock is cookin'!

  15. THE MAIN EVENT: Undertaker & John Cena vs Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho..
    • Taker downed Jericho with a boot and was about to go for the Last Ride..
    • Angle snuck up on the champion and hit the Angle Slam!..
    • Jericho went for the pin, but Taker kicked out...
    • Angle and Jericho double-teamed Taker, but Taker hit a double clothesline on the men...
    • Taker tagged in Cena, who knocked Angle from the ring, and nearly pinned Jericho..
    • Jericho went for the Lionsault, but Taker caught him with a right hand..
    • Cena rolled Jericho up for the surprise pinfall! ..
    • Jericho was incensed after being pinned by the rookie..
    • Jericho attacked and brutalized the rookie.

  16. POST MATCH: Jericho/Angle, Cena/Undertaker + The Rock.
    • Jericho threw Cena from the ring..
    • Taker kicked Jericho from the ring!..
    • Angle snuck up behind Taker and gave him a German suplex..
    • Angle snared Taker in the ankle lock, but Taker reversed..
    • Taker set Angle up for the Last Ride, but Angle escaped and went for a suplex..
    • Taker reversed the suplex into a dragon sleeper, and Angle tapped..
    • But as Taker held the move, The Rock ran down and attacked him!
    • Rock drilled Taker with a Rock Bottom, but Angle then attacked Rock from behind..
    • Rock regrouped and downed Angle with another Rock Bottom..
    • Rocky stood tall as SmackDown! went off the air!

  17. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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