July 18, 2002
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
First Union Arena
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • Simon Diamond def Johnny Swinger..
    • Albert def Nick Dinsmore..
    • Shannon Moore def Hugh Morrus..

    • Jamie Noble def Sho Funaki..
    • Val Venis & Bob Holly def Billy & Chuck..

  3. SMACKDOWN KICKOFF: Chris Jericho vs John Cena..
    • Jericho slapped the rookie across his face to start the match..
    • Cena immediately attacked Y2J, hitting a German Suplex on Jericho..
    • Y2J nailed Cena with a low blow and got disqualified! ..
    • Jericho locked the ailing Cena in the Walls of Jericho and wouldn't let go..
    • Jericho grabbed a steel chair from ringside and whaled away on Cena's back..
    • The referees pulled Jericho off of Cena..

  4. OUTSIDE: Marc Loyd & Eric Bischoff..
    • Loyd runs up to an approaching white limo expecting the new Genergal Manager..
    • Instead, RAW GM Eric Bischoff, steps out of the limo..
    • Bischoff enters the arena..

  5. LOCKER ROOM: Eric Bischoff & Randy Orton + Hulk Hogan.
    • Bischoff found Randy Orton working out and introduced himself..
    • Orton directed Bischoff to Hulk Hogan's locker room. ..
    • The RAW GM walked straight in and greeted the Hulkster..
    • Hulk hesitantly said it was nice to see him..
    • Hulk said he heard The Bisch was attempting to sign Triple H..
    • Hulk warned Bischoff that he couldn't go on a power trip here..
    • Hulk said Bischoff was there to see The Rock, not him..
    • Bischoff denied this and said he was always ready to negotiate..
    • "Negotiate my ass," Hogan said as Bischoff exited.

  6. CW MATCH: Hurricane vs Chavo Guerrero.
    • Chavo worked away at Hurricane's knee..
    • The Hurricane battled back, but the pain in his knee limited him..
    • Chavo put Hurricane in the STF hold and forced the superhero to tap out.
    • Chavo took the mic and said that he is the premiere Latin-American superstar..
    • Chavo says that every time he turns around, he hears something else about Rey Mysterio..
    • Chavo screamed that he is sick of it!
    • Chavo challenges Mysterio to make his in-ring debut against HIM!

  7. PARKING LOT: Marc Loyd & Vince McMahon.
    • Loyd runs up to an approaching black limo expecting the new GM..
    • Vince McMahon gets out of the limo instead..
    • Vince says that the SmackDown! GM may already be in the building. ..
    • Vince told Loyd that with Bischoff in the building, it could be an interesting evening.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Rico.
    • Rico offered his services to Eric Bischoff..
    • Bischoff just wanted to know where The Rock's dressing room was. ..
    • Bischoff ran into Vince..
    • Bischoff said that there's nothing better than checking out the competition live..
    • Bischoff said that there was no way the new SmackDown! GM would be able to stop him...
    • ...from signing away Triple H..
    • Bischoff excused himself to continue his search for The Rock.

  9. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Undertaker.
    • Taker said he is the Undisputed Champion not because he kissed ass and was protected..
    • Taker said he is the Undisputed Champion because he defended his title..
    • Taker said Rock attacked him at KotR because he knows that 1-on-1, he can't beat him..
    • Taker said Rock attacked him to get, Taker's attention..
    • Taker said when someone gets his attention, he feel's Taker's wrath.
    • Taker accused Kurt Angle of living in a fantasy world for thinking he made him tap out..
    • Taker stated that Angle could not make him tap in 1,000 matches..
    • Taker promised to straighten out a lot of things at Vengeance this Sunday..
    • Taker said that Kurt Angle and The Rock would find out that WWE is Taker's yard..
    • ...and people get hurt when they play in it.

  10. TAG MATCH: Val Venis & Hardcore Holly vs Billy & Chuck w/Rico..
    • Late in the match, Rico snuck in for a spinning heel kick to Val's face!
    • Soon after, Hardcore nailed the Alabama Slam!
    • Venis followed with the Money Shot to take the pinfall!

  11. SIX-MAN-TAG: Hulk Hogan, Edge & Rikishi vs Lance Storm, Christian & Test.
    • Test soon nailed a pumphandle slam on Edge and readied a Big Boot..
    • Edge ducked and retaliated by planting Test's face hard into the canvas..
    • Edge tried to make a tag, but Christian dashed in and cut Edge off..
    • Storm tried a cross body but Edge caught him in mid-air and decked him with a powerslam!..
    • Edge managed to get to the corner and tag in Hogan..
    • Storm delivered a series of shots to Hogan's face..
    • Hogan "hulked up" and came back with his own right hands..
    • Edge speared Storm!
    • Rikishi almost executed a Stink Face but was cut down by a Big Boot from Test!..
    • Edge soon tagged in and hit the Edgecution on Lance Storm to get the pinfall!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & The Rock.
    • Bischoff finally found the Rock backstage..
    • Bischoff introduced himself to the Rock..
    • Bischoff said he wants The Rock on RAW Monday night..
    • Bischoff said having The Rock and him on the same team would take Rock to a new level..
    • Rock pondered this for a moment and said he would be there..
    • Bischoff got excited, but The Rock cut him off and said he wasn't signing anything..
    • Rock said he's only be going because he planned to beat Undertaker and Angle on Sunday..
    • Rock said he'd be Undisputed Champion, so he'd be on both shows..
    • Rock said he can go on any show: RAW, SmackDown! the Sopranos, and even Frasier...
    • kick him in the nuts! (reference to Kelsey Grammer spoiling Tough Enough II location)
    • Bischoff laughed and said if he had Rock on Nitro, WCW would have been amazing..
    • Rock smiled and said that while Bischoff was on Nitro working his creative magic...
    • ...Rock was busy putting Bischoff's company out of business!..
    • The two exchanged an icy look as The Rock exited.

  13. ON STAGE: Vince McMahon & Stephanie McMahon..
    • Vince came out to reveal the new SmackDown! general manager..
    • Vince said he'd never seen the superstars more concerned when he revealed...
    • ....Eric Bischoff as the RAW General Manager..
    • Vince told the superstars, that they were free to negotiate with the GMs..
    • Vince said that Bischoff had been named the GM because he was the right person for the job..
    • Vince said the SmackDown! GM also tried to put him out of business..
    • Vince said he thought the people deserved Bischoff as a GM..
    • Vince said he wasn't sure they deserved the SmackDown! GM..
    • Vince then introduced the new SmackDown! general manager: Stephanie McMahon!

  14. IN THE RING: Stephanie McMahon + Eric Bischoff.
    • Stephanie said that her brother, Shane, was right when he said that Bischoff...
    • ...would try to screw him, but she said she would not let that happen..
    • Stephanie promised to block Bischoff's attempt to sign Triple H at Vengeance..
    • Stephanie said her first official act would take place immediately..
    • Stephanie proceeded to throw Bischoff out of her building!
    • Stephanie retreated backstage and searched for the RAW General Manager..
    • Stephanie grabbed a stagehand, but he insisted he didn't know where he was..
    • After some more hunting, Steph found the Bischoff talking to Test, Christian & Storm..
    • Stephanie said Bischoff could leave on his own or be thrown out..
    • Bischoff said he'd leave but he'd see her at Vengeance.

  15. CW MATCH: Billy Kidman vs Tajiri..
    • Tajiri quickly put Kidman in the Tarantula..
    • Kidman hit a modified neckbreaker and got a two count..
    • Kidman moved out of the way from a moonsault..
    • Tajiri landed on his feet but was slammed to the mat..
    • Kidman nailed the Shooting Star Press and got the pin!
    • Jamie Noble raced in and attacked Kidman, leaving Kidman in a heap on the mat..
    • Jamie planted a long sloppy kiss on Nidia and then celebrated along with Tajiri.

  16. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Chris Jericho..
    • Jericho walked into Stephanie McMahon's office..
    • Jericho said that it was great to see her..
    • The two shook hands and Stephanie said that Y2J was very unselfish last week...
    • ...for giving up his match against Edge so he and Hogan could defend the Tag Titles..
    • Stephanie said she would reward him by giving Y2J the match that he gave up next week..
    • Jericho's face fell and contorted in anger as he left Stephanie's office.

  17. IN THE RING: Kurt Angle + Undertaker.
    • Angle said that this Sunday at Vengeance he will become the next Undisputed Champion..
    • Angle said he already had made the Undertaker tap, and tonight he will make Rock tap too!
    • The Undertaker then rode his motorcylce down to ringside and joined Tazz and Michael Cole.
    • Angle turned his attention to Taker..
    • The Rock raced down and assaulted Angle from behind!
    • The battle erupted outside the ring as Rock bashed Angle's head into Taker's motorcycle..
    • Rock suplexed him on the metal entrance ramp. ..
    • Angle recovered and catapulted The Rock into the ring post.

  18. MAIN EVENT: Kurt Angle vs The Rock..
    • Angle continued to mount an offensive. ..
    • Four German suplexes took the wind out of The Rock but couldn't get him pinned..
    • A few minutes later, Angle managed an Angle Slam on Rock!..
    • Rock later took down Angle and locked him in the Sharpshooter..
    • Angle crawled to the ropes causing Rock to break the hold..
    • Rock went for a Rock Bottom, but Angle stopped him with elbows to the head..
    • Rock sprang to his feet and knocked Angle from the ring..
    • Angle bumped into the Undertaker..
    • Rock charged Angle, who moved out of the way to cause Rock to smash into Taker!
    • Back in the ring, Angle slapped Rock in the ankle lock..
    • Rock swiftly countered out of it..
    • Angle fell victim to a spinebuster and Rock set up for the People's Elbow..
    • Taker jumped in and decked The Rock to end the bout in a disqualification!..
    • Taker pounced on The Rock until Angle decked the champ with a chair!..
    • Angle then put the Rock in the ankle lock!..
    • Angle raised his hands over the ailing bodies of Taker and The Rock.

  19. PARKING LOT: Marc Loyd & Triple H.
    • Marc Loyd found Triple H leaving the building..
    • HHH stopped short when Stephanie walked up to her ex-husband..
    • Steph asked for a quick meeting for strictly business reasons..
    • HHH asked if he was sure she didn't want her lawyer there to do her dirty work for her..
    • HHH said he would hear everything that she and Eric Bischoff had to say on Sunday..
    • HHH said he would make his decision at Vengeance..
    • HHH went to climb into his car, but stopped and came back to smile at Stephanie..
    • The two held eye contact for a minute, until HHH looked her over..
    • HHH asks "Are you gaining weight?"..
    • Stephanie sneered as HHH got into his car..
    • Stephanie leaned in to the window as it rolled down and came face to face with Bischoff!
    • The RAW GM laughed while the car drove off with Stephanie screaming!

  20. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

  21. QUARKS:
    • They played the famous "Desire" Video before Smackdown went on the air..
    • Another "Desire" played later on with Austin parts taken out..
    • Security confiscated "You Suck" signs as well as Stone Cold & Goldberg signs..
    • Tony Chimmel & Kurt Angle both had microphone problems..
    • Mark Henry/Rev. D-Von match was scrached due to time restraints.
    • After the show ended, Angle and Rock shook hands before Rock Rockbottomed Angle.
    • People's Elbow.. Rock leaves....
    • Angle called Rock back out and both men met eachother on the ramp.
    • Rock teased Kurt a little about "Pocket Pool" and both men hugged and walked backstage.

  22. THAT'S A WRAP!

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