August 15, 2002
Seattle, Washington
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • Hardcore Holly defeated Rico..
    • Bull Buchanan defeated Albert..
    • John Cena defeated DVon..
    • Funaki & Billy Kidman defeat Jamie Noble & Tajiri..

  2. KICKOFF: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar + Rikishi..
    • Heyman talks about Hogan bleeding from the mouth fighting for his last breath on RAW..
    • Heyman says nobody has been man enough to end Hulk Hogan's career, until now!
    • Heyman says that Hulk Hogan was merely a 'stepping stone' in Lesnar's career..
    • Heyman says that Brock did that to send a message to the Rock..
    • Heyman says that the blood of Hulkamania is on Brock Lesnar's hands!
    • Heyman says that the 'people's blood' will be on Brock's hands at Summerslam..
    • Lesnar takes the microphone and says that he will end the Rock's title reign at Summerslam..
    • Suddenly Rikishi's music hits and Rikishi comes to the ring..
    • Heyman tries to stop Rikishi but Rikishi enters the ring..
    • Heyman says that their match is scheduled for later and he won't let them fight now!
    • Rikishi snatches the microphone from Heyman..
    • Rikishi says that he's going to make Lesnar 'kiss that ass!'
    • Lesnar attacks Rikishi but Rikishi fights back and throws Brock out of the ring..
    • Rikishi turns his attention to Paul Heyman..
    • Rikishi sets Heyman up for the stinkface but Lesnar pulls Heyman from the ring..

  3. SIX-MAN-TAG: Hurricane, Shannon Moore & Hardcore Holly vs Billy/Chuck/Rico..
    • Chuck pins Shannon Moore after some confusion..
    • Rico/Chuck/Billy triple team Moore after the match..
    • Hurricane & Holly come in to make the save..
    • Suddenly Matt Hardy's music hits and Matt runs down to the ring to help out..
    • Wait.. Matt Hardy is RAW? Errr.... WAS RAW!
    • Matt Hardy hugs Hurricane & Shannon Moore (his proteges) and shakes Holly's hand..
    • Matt Hardy has defected to Smackdown!

  4. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Dawn Marie..
    • Dawn apologizes to Steph for screwing up last week..
    • Steph says that the papers last week was Rob Van Dam's contract..
    • Steph says that RVDs contract had a rematch clause..
    • Steph says that now Chris Benoit has to give RVD a title shot at Summerslam..
    • Steph says that she at least signed Matt Hardy, and bought commecial time during RAW...
    • Steph tells Dawn to start dressing more professionally..
    • Steph also tells Dawn that if she ever screws up again, she's fired!
    • Steph asks Dawn to bring Chris Benoit to her office..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy, Hurricane, Shannon Moore & Hardcore Holly..
    • The 4 wrestlers are celebrating backstage..
    • Matt talks about making the save for the trio..
    • Matt says that Smackdown is definitly ready for Matt Hardy.. Version 1!
    • Hurricane, Moore & Holly don't look so impressed..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Chris Benoit..
    • Steph says she can't believe how her staff screwed up..
    • Steph says that she knows Chris will defeat RVD at Summerslam..
    • Steph requests that Chris make RVD tap out!
    • Steph tells Chris that she's giving him the Rock tonight..
    • Chris says that he'll make the Rock squeeeeel tonight!

  7. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & Kurt Angle + Rey Mysertio + Mark Henry..
    • Loyd asks about Rey Mysterio pinning him last week..
    • Angle says that Rey is a cheater, and cheaters never win, so the pin doesn't count!
    • Rey Mysterio enters and Kurt says that you gotta be 'at least this high' to talk to Kurt Angle..
    • Rey says if his win last week didn't count, then to wrestle him at Summerslam so Rey can make it count!
    • Angle laughs but then realizes that Rey is serious..
    • Angle says that he can't stand little men with attitudes!
    • Angle accepts the match and Rey leaves satisfied..
    • Angle makes a few more 'little man' jokes at Rey's expense..
    • Mark Henry shows up and asks who Kurt's calling 'little man'... little man!
    • Blah Blah Blah... we have a match!

  8. MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry..
    • Henry eventually hurts his ankle, and Kurt goes right after it..
    • A few minutes later, Kurt locks the anklelock onto Henry's ankle!
    • Henry counters, sending Kurt Angle flying out of the ring..
    • Henry fights back and hits a gorilla press slam on Angle!
    • Angle counters a body slam and once again locks the anklelock on Henry!
    • Henry taps out but Angle keeps the hold on for a few additional reconds..
    • Rey Mysterio runs down and hits a top rope hurancanrana on Angle..
    • Angle flips over akwardly, splitting the top of his head open hardway!
    • Rey follows up with a slingshot kick sending Angle to the back!

  9. MATCH: Rikishi vs Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman..
    • Late in the match, Heyman tries to interfer..
    • Rikishi splashes Heyman into the cornder of the ring..
    • Rikishi sets up for the stinkface...
    • Lesnar sneaks up behind Rikishi..
    • Rikishi turns around and sevat kicks Lesnar in the chin!
    • Rikishi does the stinkface on a screaming Heyman!
    • Lesnar gets back up and attacks Rikishi!
    • Lesnar hits the big F5 on Rikishi and gets the pin!

  10. INTERVIEW: Funaki & Nidia + DVon & Batista..
    • Funaki doing an audition tape for the position of Smackdown! interviewer..
    • Funaki, talking slowly, asks Nidia about her match with Torrie Wilson..
    • Nidia would rather talk about her own breasts & butt..
    • In the background we hear a major arguement going on..
    • Nidia forces Funaki to touch her breast!
    • Suddenly Rev DVon comes flying through a door followed by Batista..
    • Batista looks down at DVon and says "There's your respect!"..

  11. DIVA MATCH: Torrie Wilson w/Billy Kidman vs Nidia w/Jamie Noble..
    • Noble & Kidman eventually get involved..
    • While the referee is holding Kidman back, Noble runs into the ring..
    • Noble hits a big clothesline on Torrie!
    • Nidia covers up for the pin!
    • ~~CRAAASSHHHH!!!!!
    • The fire still burn, Kane's pyro and music hits but Kane does not appear..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Eddie & Chavo Guerrero..
    • Eddy on the phone talking to a family member..
    • Eddy tells Chavo that the whole family is watching!!
    • Eddy tells whoever is on the phone to make sure Chavo Sr, Mando & Hector are watching!
    • Eddy lists off more family member who are watching Smackdown!
    • Eddy says that they better do good tonight!
    • More Guerrero banter...

  13. TAG TEAM MATCH: Edge & Rey Mysterio vs Eddie & Chavo Guerrero..
    • Late in the match, Angle comes out of nowhere and attacks Rey Mysterio!
    • The referee calls for the Disqualification and all hell breaks loose..
    • Angle brings Rey into the ring and puts the anklelock on him..
    • Chavo kicks Rey in the face for good measure..
    • Edge runs in and makes the save..

  14. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & The Rock..
    • Loyd asks Rock about the 'rabid wolverine' Chris Benoit..
    • ~Footage of Rock tapping out to the crossface..
    • Typical Rock promo harassing Loyd and blah blah blah if ya smell what the Rock is cookin'..
    • Rock tells Brock to "Just bring it...... Bitch!" ----- just for the kids...

  15. NON-TITLE MATCH: The Rock (Undisputed Champ) vs Chris Benoit (IC Champ)..
    • After an exciting back and forth match, Benoit hits a flying headbutt on Rock!
    • Rock kicks out though and fights back!
    • Rock locks the sharpshooter on Benoit, who crawls to the ropes...
    • Rock sets up for the people's elbow..
    • Brock Lesnar runs down and distracts The Rock..
    • Benoit sneak attacks Rock and puts the crippler crossface on Rock!
    • Brock stays at ringside in full view of the Rock..
    • Rock is just about to pass out when he sees Brock and gets a burst of adrenaline..
    • Rock fights out of the crossface and hits the Rock Bottom and pins Benoit!
    • Brock stares at Rock from the ramp...

  16. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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