August 22, 2002
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • Lita joins Mark Loyd for commentary!
    • Mark Henry defeats Mike Awesome..
    • Tajiri defeated Funaki..
    • Chuck Palumbo defeats Hardcore Holly.
      • Chuck, Billy & Rico team up on Holly after the match..
      • Randy Orton makes the save and makes a challenge to Billy & Chuck..
    • Randy Orton w/Hardcore Holly defeated Billy Gunn w/Chuck & Rico..

  2. KICKOFF: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar + Rock + Guerrero/Benoit..
    • Heyman takes the mic and explains that Brock is the #1 Box Office attraction in the WWE..
    • Heyman says that Brock is the biggest star in the history of Smackdown!
    • Heyman talks about Brock ending Hulk Hogan's career..
    • Heyman says that Brock will do the same thing to the Rock at Summerslam..
    • Heyman says that Brock wants Rock to have a little taste of Summerslam tonight!
    • Heyman says the Brock & Rock WILL COLLIDE before the night is through..
    • Brock says he feels the same way he felt the night he fought Hulk Hogan..
    • Brock says he's gonna make Rock cry like a little BITCH!
    • Suddenly the Rock's music and out comes the Undisputed Champion to the stage..
    • Rock talks his usual Smack about Brock Lesnar..
    • Rock says that tonight will be a night like no other..
    • Rock says that since Brock refuses to bring it to the Rock, that the Rock will bring it to him!
    • The crowd chants "Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!"
    • Rock drops his belt, glasses and microphone and heads towards the ring..
    • Suddenly, Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit sneak up behind Rock and attack him!
    • Benoit puts the crossface on Rock on the ramp as Heyman & Lesnar celebrate in the ring!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Edge + Guerrero/Benoit..
    • Edge enters the arena and is attacked by Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit!

  4. TAG MATCH: Hurricane & Shannon Moore vs Tajiri & Jamie Noble w/Nidia..
    • Moore & Helms wins when Shannon Moore pins CW Champion Jamie Noble!
    • After the match a brawl starts up and Hurricane clears the ring by himself!
    • Matt Hardy runs down to 'make the save' but his help is not needed..
    • Matt celebrates with Hurricane & Moore like he had something to do with it!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon + Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero + Edge..
    • Stephanie tells Guerrero & Benoit not to attack the Rock tonight!
    • Stephanie says that she is trying to protect the "Smackdown!" main event at Summerslam..
    • Stephanie asks why they attacked Edge..
    • Suddenly Edge attacks Benoit & Guerrero from behind!
    • Edge approaches Stephanie and demands a match with Benoit/Guerrero against him and the Rock.
    • Stephanie makes the match..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy, Hurricane & Shannon Moore + Chavo Guerrero..
    • Matt bragging about the reation he got when he hit the ring...
    • Matt's ego is getting out of control..
    • Hurricane says that it's only because he's the hometown boy..
    • Matt Hardy goes out to the ring again to a decent reaction..
    • Chavo Guerrero comes out and interupts Matt Hardy..
    • Chavo challenges Matt Hardy to a match!

  7. MATCH: Matt Hardy vs Chavo Guerrero..
    • Near the end of the match, Kane's pyro hits for the second week in a row!
    • Matt Hardy looks around expecting Kane to appear..
    • Chavo comes up behind Matt and rolls him up for the pin!
    • Matt confronts the referee after the match..
    • Matt says that everybody knows when an explosion goes off in the building, the match stops!
    • Matt says that this is the biggest travesty since Bret Hart was screwed in Canada!

  8. INTERVIEW: Funaki + Nidia + Molly .
    • Funaki says after the commercial, he will go into the Woman's locker room!
    • ~Comercial..
    • Funaki enters the room and finds a topless Nidia (behind a packing box)..
    • Molly walks up to Funaki saying that he cannot be in here!
    • Molly says that she has a championship match to prepare for...
    • Molly asks Nidia why it doesn't bother her that Funaki brought a camera into the room..
    • Nidia says that it doesn't bother her, she loves the camera!
    • Nidia gives Funaki a peak at her breasts... {sleeze factor}
    • Molly takes a fit over the actions of a 'loose' Nidia..
    • Nidia says she isn't loose, that she is 'open'..
    • Nidia says that when she wins the WWE Womans title tonight she will take her top off in the ring!
    • Molly says that Nidia isn't going to beat her anyway!!
    • Funaki remarks that he LOVES Smackdown!

  9. INTERVIEW: Michael Cole & Rey Mysterio + Kurt Angle..
    • Rey says that he's looking forward to Summerslam..
    • Rey says that he pinned Angle two weeks ago, so he's proven that he can hang with the olympic champion..
    • Kurt steps in and mocks Rey's size..
    • Kurt says he has a match with Billy Kidman and he's going to show Rey what is going to happen at Summerslam..
    • Kurt says that if Rey comes out to the ring during his match, he'll break Rey's ankle!

  10. MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Billy Kidman..
    • A few minutes into the match, Rey Mysterio pops up from under the stage..
    • Kurt Angle is distracted by this and ALMOST gets counted out..
    • A few minutes later, Kidman hits a flying crossbody off the top rope to the outside!
    • Angle eventually gets the anklelock on Kidman, but Kidman counters!
    • Kidman goes for the shooting star press, but Angle belly-to-belly's Kidman off the top rope!
    • Referee Brian Hebner gets knocked out..
    • Angle brings a steel chair into the ring, but Kidman drop kicks it into Angle's head!
    • Angle kicks out after two!!!
    • Angle hite the Angleslam!
    • Rey Mysterio comes out of nowhere and hits the west coast pop on Angle!
    • Kurt chases Rey around the ring and backstage..
    • Kurt gets counted out giving Kidman the win...
    • Kurt comes back to the ring and argues the call..
    • Kurt goes after Kidman again, repeatedly punching him in the face!!
    • Kurt finishes Kidman off with an Angleslam over the top rope!

  11. BACKSTAGE: The Rock + Edge.
    • The Rock getting medical attention..
    • ~Video package of Brock's workout regime..
    • The Rock talks with Edge about their match later..
    • The Rock talks about fighting with sore ribs..
    • The Rock says that he would still compete even if he lost a testicle..
    • The Rock does his "stick it straight up their candy asses" speech, but Edge completes the catchphrase..

  12. TAG MATCH: John Cena & Randy Orton vs DVon & Batista..
    • ~Recap of Batista & DVon arguing last week..
    • Batista eventually turns on DVon, giving him the spinbuster in the middle of the ring..
    • Batista leaves the ring and goes backstage, leaving DVon to get Bonzai dropped!

  13. BACKSTAGE: Jamie Noble & Nidia..
    • Noble & Nidia approach a big elderly man backstage..
    • Noble asks him if he wants a sneak peak of what the world will see later tonight..
    • The man says yes, of course!
    • Nidia lifts her shirt and flashes the guy for severl second {yikes, sleeze factor}

  14. WOMANS TITLE MATCH: Molly Holly vs Nidia w/Jamie Noble..
    • Nidia says that she'll flash the world..
    • Nidia puts together her best match since joining the WWE (not saying much, at least she's getting better)..
    • Molly picks up the win as the crowd boos loudly!
    • Jamie Noble tells Nidia that they should give the people what they want ANYWAY!
    • Nidia smiles in approval and starts to take off her top!
    • Molly dropkicks Jamie Noble, who falls into Nidia to break up the fun!

  15. ON STAGE: Stephanie McMahon..
    • Steph welcomes everybody to the greatest show on TV..
    • Steph says that it will be the all time greatest Summerslam..
    • Steph says that the Smackdown superstars will STEAL THE SHOW!
    • ~Promo for Summerslam..

  16. THE MAIN EVENT: Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero vs The Rock & Edge..
    • Brock Lesnar watching on a moniter backstage..
    • The brawl starts out early..
    • Late in the match, Rock puts the sharp-shooter on Benoit!
    • Guerrero breaks it up, but Rock sets Guerrero up and hits the people's elbow!
    • Benoit pulls Rock outside the ring and throws him around..
    • Soon after, Benoit puts the crossface on Rock in the middle of the ring..
    • Rock finally gets to the ropes to break the hold..
    • Benoit pulls Rock back in and reapplies the crossface in the middle of the ring!
    • Edge comes in and breaks it up..
    • Eddy coes for a frog splash on Rock, but Edge knocks him off the top rope..
    • Edge takes over and goes after Guerrero, hitting a spear!
    • Edge covers Eddie but Benoit breaks it up..
    • The Rock RockBottoms Chris Benoit!
    • Edge spears Guerrero and covers him for the pin!
    • Brock Lesnar runs down and enters the ring..
    • Edge & Rock stand face-to-face with Brock..
    • Edge is willing to help his partner fight Brock..
    • Rock signals for Edge to leave the ring, Edge pats Rock on the back..
    • Rock & Brock come to blows..
    • Rock nails Brock, sending him over the top rope!
    • Heyman holds Brock back from reentering the ring..

  17. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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