August 29, 2002
Mohegan Sun Arena
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • Chavo Guerrero defeats The Hurricane by holding the tight!
    • Mark Henry defeats Albert.
    • Billy & Chuck defeated Randy Orton & Bob Holly..
    • CW TITLE: Jamie Noble defeated Funaki to retain..

  2. KICKOFF: Stephanie McMahon.
    • Steph welcomes everybody to Smackdown!, home of Undisputed Champion, Brock Lesnar!
    • Steph announces a single-elimination series of matches..
    • Steph says that the winner will face Brock Lesnar at the next PPV..

  3. ELIMINATION MATCH: Edge vs Eddie Guerrero.
    • Late in the match, Eddie brings two chairs into the ring, one hidden outside the ring apron..
    • Edge gets a hold of the chair, and threatens to hit Eddie ..
    • The referee pulls the chair away from Edge, and takes it outside the ring..
    • While the ref is busy with that, Eddie gets the other chair..
    • Eddy blocks Edge's spear with the steal chair!!
    • Wow, that's the smartest thing I've ever seen on WWE Television!
    • Eddy follows up with a frog splash for the win!

  4. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Matt Hardy..
    • Matt tells Stephanie the the fans at the Mohegan Sun love him!
    • Matt says he's ready to be the next man in the series of elimination matches..
    • Steph says that Rikishi will be next in line..
    • Matt says then he will obviously take on the winner of that match.... right?
    • Steph says "we'll see!"..

  5. MATCH: John Cena vs Rev DVon..
    • DVon wins the match..
    • Batista attacks DVon after the match with a clothesline and a massive powerbomb!

  6. MATCH: Rey Mysterio vs Rico w/Chuck&Billy.
    • ~Nice little video package on Rey Mysterio..
    • Rey wins after the 610 & the West Coast Pump..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Hardcore Holly + Dawn Marie..
    • Holly says that he deserves to be in the elimination series..
    • Dawn Marie interrupts and says Stephanie has an important phone call waiting..
    • Steph goes into her office, leaving Dawn in the hall with Hardcore..
    • Holly asks what phone call is more important than Hardcore Holly?

  8. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon + Matt Hardy.
    • Steph on the phone..
    • Whoeever she is talking to, she says she didn't like how they treated him on RAW..
    • Steph says that they would not treat 'whoever' like that on Smackdown!
    • Steph offers to send the person 'papers' to sign with Smackdown!
    • Matt Hardy jumps in and tries to talk to Steph while she's on the phone (how rude!)..
    • Steph says she'll send Dawn Marie to the hotel right awya..
    • Matt asks Steph (still on the phone) if he can take the winner of Rikishi & Guerrero..
    • Steph ignores Matt Hardy and keeps talking..
    • Matt reaches over and hangs up the phone on Stephanie!
    • An irate Steph stands up and yells at Matt..
    • Steph punishes Matt by giving him a non-title match against Brock Lesnar tonight!
    • Matt is extremely excited though!

  9. INTERVIEW: Marc Loyd & Rikishi..
    • Rikishi says he was F5ed a few weeks ago and wants revenge..
    • Rikishi says that he will give Brock a 'piece of the kish'..
    • Eddie Guerrero jumps in and mocks Rikishi..
    • Eddy says that Rikishi's diaper is too tight..
    • Rikishi asks Eddie how to say "back that ass up" in spanish?!

  10. ELIMINATION MATCH: Rikishi vs Eddie Guerrero..
    • Rikishi wins the match..
    • Chris Benoit hits the ring and Benoit/Guerrero double team Rikishi!
    • Guerrero frog splash's Rikishi (laying on his stomach)..
    • Benoit locks the crossface on Rikishi!
    • Edge runs down and makes the rescue..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Chris Benoit..
    • Steph says that Benoit must be upset after losing the IC title to RAW..
    • Steph says that Benoit will take on Rikishi in the next elimination match, one on one!

  12. CW MATCH: Shannon Moore w/Hurricane vs Tajiri w/Nidia&Noble..
    • Hurricane keeps Jamie Noble & Nidia from interfering..
    • Shannon Moore gets the pin on Tajiri..

  13. ELIMINATION MATCH: Rikishi vs Chris Benoit..
    • Chris Benoit wins using the crippler crossface submission..

  14. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & Kurt Angle..
    • Loyd asks Angle what he thinks about the elimination series..
    • Angle begins by bragging about defeating Rey Mysterio at Summerslam..
    • Angle says that he's certain that he'll be taking on Chris Benoit next..
    • Angle says that he will defeat Benoit for the #1 Contendership..

  15. INTERVIEW: Funaki & Paul Heyman + Matt Hardy..
    • Funaki is standing outside of Brock Lesnar's lockerroom hoping to get an interview..
    • Paul Heyman comes out and Funaki grabs him..
    • Funaki asks Heyman if he could get an interview with Brock..
    • Paul asks Funaki if he's sure he wants to bother Brock while he's preparing for a match?
    • Paul says that is a great idea and suggests they knock on the door!
    • Funaki changes his mind..
    • Matt Hardy steps in and says that he will give an interview..
    • Matt says that it won't be the "era of Brock Lesnar"..
    • Matt says that it will be the 'era of Matt Hardy"..
    • Matt says instead of having the slogan "attitude" it will be "mattitude"!
    • Paul says he learns something new every day..
    • Paul says he's learned that Matt Hardy has a deathwish!

  16. NON-TITLE MATCH: Brock Lesnar vs Matt Hardy..
    • Brock absolutely demolishes Matt Hardy..
    • As Matt Hardy tried to get back to his feet, Brock returned to the ring..
    • Brock finished Hardy off with two more powerbombs!

  17. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Dawn Marie..
    • Dawn returns with the signed papers from 'a raw defecter'..
    • Stephanie says it looks like the main event will now be a triple threat!

  18. MAIN EVENT #1 CONTENDERSHIP: Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit vs The Undertaker!
    • Stephanie introduces the UNDERTAKER as Smackdown!'s newest talant!
    • Late in the match, Benoit put the crossface on Taker, and Angle applied the anklelock at the same time!
    • Undertaker somehow got out of it and fought back to pin Chris Benoit!
    • Undertaker is the #1 Contender for the Undisputed Championship!

  19. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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