September 5, 2002
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

  1. MATCH: Rey Mysterio vs Billy Gunn w/Chuck&Rico..
    • Rey pins Gunn after the body scissors..
    • Rico takes the microphone after the match to calm Billy Gunn down..
    • Rico says that tonight will be Billy's single greatest moment of his life!
    • Rico calls Chuck into the ring, saying that now is the time..
    • Rico says that Chuck has something he wants to ask Billy..
    • Rico tells chuck to reach into his tights and 'pull out the love'..
    • Chuck pulls a jewelry case out of his tights..
    • Chuck gets down on one knee and asks Billy to be his partner for life!!
    • Billy says YES!!!!
    • Chuck puts the ring on Billy's finger and they celebrate with a hug!!

  2. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs Shannon Moore..
    • Noble wins the match..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar + Randy Orton..
    • Paul pleads with Brock to not take Randy Orton lightly tonight..
    • Randy Orton steps in and says Brock should listen to his agent..
    • Randy says that he's respects Brock, but doesn't sweat him..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Rikishi..
    • Edge asks Rikishi if he's gonna back that ass up tonight?
    • Edge says that the stinkface is one of the funniest things he's ever seen!
    • Rikishi says that the stinkface wasn't supposed to be funny..
    • Rikishi says that the stinkface is supposed to be symbolic..
    • Rikishi gives some metaphorical mumbojumbo that I didn't quite understand..

  5. UNDISPUTED TITLE MATCH: Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton..
    • Late in the match, Orton hits a cross body from the top rope..
    • Lesnar rolls through and picks Orton up in one motion!
    • Lesnar flips him over into a massive F5!
    • Lesnar pins Orton for the win..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Crash Holly + DVon Dudley..
    • Crash officially signs a contract with Smackdown!
    • Steph thanks Crash for humiliating Eric Bischoff on RAW!
    • DVon enters and complains about Billy & Chuck's actions...
    • Steph says that she's allowing Billy & Chuck to have a "committement" ceremony next week..
    • DVOn says last time he checked, the bible said "Adam & Eve" not "Adam & Steve"!
    • Steph tells DVon to lower his tone with her.. And to get read for his match with Batista..

  7. MATCH: Mark Henry vs Tajiri..
    • Mark Henry gets a rare win over Tajiri.

  8. FACE-TO-FACE: Undertaker, Brock Lesnar (Paul Heyman) & Stephanie McMahon..
    • Steph opens up with a speech, and asks Brock to speak first..
    • Brock says he doesn't have a whole lot to say, that he usually let's his actions speak for him..
    • Brock talks about winning King of the Ring a year after his wrestling debut..
    • Brock mentions how he crucified Hulk Hogan, whiping the blood of Hulkamania accross his chest..
    • Brock recaps beating the Rock at Summerslam for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship..
    • Brock says that he brutalized Randy Orton earlier on the program..
    • Brock says he is the youngest WWE Champion in history!
    • Brock asks Undertaker how old HE is?
    • Taker looks at Brock and begins to speak..
    • Taker says that he recognises the look in Brock's eyes..
    • Taker says that he's seen that look many times in the past..
    • Taker says that Brock hasn't even been tested yet..
    • Taker talks about everything Brock HASN'T done..
    • Taker says that Brock hasn't been beaten yet, but he is going to do it!
    • Taker says that if Brock survives that, then he'll have something to brag about..
    • Paul Heyman cuts in and claps for Taker's comments..
    • Paul analyzes both competitors..
    • Paul says that Brock is focused, while Taker is preoccupied with his family..
    • Paul says that Taker is tending to his pregnant wife, Sara, who is at home..
    • Both Taker & Stephanie warn Paul not to 'go there'..
    • Paul says that if Taker doesn't survive his match with Brock, that..
    • He would definitly take care of Sara, but refuses to take care of his unborn child!
    • Taker stands up, and Brock throws the table out of the way, stopping Taker..
    • The two stare eachother down...

  9. MATCH: DVon vs Batista..
    • Batista manhandles DVon during this match..
    • DVon goes outside and gets a steel chair..
    • Batista knocks the chair out of DVon's hand..
    • The referee pulls the chair away from Batista..
    • DVon nails Batista in the back with a second chair!
    • Batista powers back and wins after a powerbomb!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Jamie Noble & Nidia..
    • Nidia says Billy & Chuck have got her thinking..
    • Nidia asks Jamie Noble if they will get married..
    • Noble hestitates and assures Nidia that someday they'll get married..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore + Hardcore Holly..
    • Matt & Shannon are watching footage of Matt vs Brock last week.
    • Matt remarks that his match with Brock last week was awesome!
    • Matt brags about going toe to toe with the Undisputed Champion..
    • Matt tells Shannon that he sees potential in him..
    • Hardcore Holly enters the scene and says that Matt forgot some footage in that video..
    • Hardcore says he forgot the part where Hardy was F5ed and pinned..
    • Hardy says that Holly is jealous that his star isn't shining as bright as his..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero + Chris Benoit..
    • Eddy asks Kurt how much he could get for the Gold medels at a pawn shop..
    • Eddy says that he was robbed out of his title shot last week by Rikishi..
    • Kurt says that if ANYBODY was robbed last week, it was HIM!
    • Kurt & Eddie bicker back and forth..
    • Chris Benoit walks in behind the two of them..
    • Kurt says that Chris Benoit was the one who was pinned last week...
    • Kurt calls Benoit a "rabit puppy dog"..
    • Kurt turns around and see Benoit standing there..
    • Benoit says that if Kurt thinks he can make him tap, then to proove it..
    • Eddy breaks the two up and says they have a match next!

  13. MATCH: Hardcore Holly vs Matt Hardy..
    • Holly outsmarts Matt Hardy to pick up the win!

  14. INTERVIEW: Funaki & Rico..
    • Funaki asks Rico what they will see next week when Billy & Chuck get married...
    • Rico says that we won't believe their eyes when it happens!
    • Rico says that he will be planning the ceremony and will be Chuck's best man..

  15. BACKSTAGE: Hardcore & Crash Holly..
    • Crash runs into his cousin, Hardcore...
    • They shake hands and Hardcore wishes Crash luck.
    • Thanks Cousin!

  16. MATCH: Crash Holly vs The Hurricane..
    • Crash pulls out the surprise victory!
    • Hurricane helps Crash up and raises his arm..

  17. MAIN EVENT: Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero vs Edge, Rikishi & Undertaker..
    • Late in the match, Angle & Benoit start fighting eachother!
    • Guerrero is left in the ring with Edge, Taker & Rikishi..
    • Guerrero pretends to make fun of his partners and joins the good guys..
    • Rikishi knocks him over!
    • Edge spears Eddie !
    • Edge rubs Eddie 's face in Rikishi's butt!
    • Undertaker chokeslams Eddie Guerrero and pins Eddie for the win!!

  18. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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