September 12, 2002
Minneapolis, Minnesode - Target Center
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • Val Venis defeated Horace Hogan (going by Horace Bollea)..
    • Doug Basham & Bull Buchanan def Lenny Lane & Mark Jindrak..
    • Albert defeated Funaki..
    • Randy Orton defeated Billy Kidman..
    • Crash Holly & Hurricane def Jamie Noble & Tajiri..
    • DVon defeated Shannon Moore..

  2. NON TITLE MATCH: Brock Lesnar vs Hardcore Holly..
    • Brock wins after the big F5..

  3. TAG MATCH: Eddie & Chavo Guerrero vs Edge & John Cena..
    • The Guerrero's win the match..
    • Eddy tries to chove Edge's face into Chavo's butt (Rikishi style)..
    • Edge fights back and choves EDDYS face into Chavo's butt instead!
    • ~Commercial
    • Backstage Eddie yells at Chavo for 'not whiping'..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Mark Loyd & Undertaker + Matt Hardy..
    • Mark Loyd asks Undertaker why he brought Sara to the arena tonight..
    • Undertaker says (not that it's any of our business) that Sara has family in Minneapolis..
    • Matt Hardy jumps in and Congratulates Undertaker on the 'baby-to-be'..
    • Matt says that he wants to Congratulate the mother (Sara) and tries to push his way into the locker room..
    • Matt says that it would be great to have a 'little Undertaker' running around..
    • Matt says that someday he'd like to have a 'little Matt Hardy' v2.0 walking around..
    • Undertaker grabs Matt and says maybe we should have this conversation another time..
    • Undertaker throws Matt across the hall and returns to his dressing room..
    • Matt says that 'SOMEBODY needs a Mattitude adjustment'..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Rico + Stephanie McMahon..
    • Rico on the phone making last minute arrangements for the ceremony..
    • Rico walks into Stephanie's office..
    • Rico asks Stephanie to 'reconsider' and attend the ceremony tonight..
    • Stephanie says that she has really bad luck at weddings and she doesn't want to be a 'jinx'..
    • Stephanie says that she hopes that is okay..
    • Rico breaks down from all the stress, everything is going wrong!
    • Rico says that he needs Stephananie to be there to be a witness!
    • Steph says that she would be honored to be there for Billy & Chuck..

  6. IN THE RING: Kurt Angle..
    • Kurt comes out and bashes Rey Mysterio & the Minneapolis crowd..
    • Kurt warns Chris Benoit not to laugh at him again..
    • Kurt says that Rey is a "Boy in a man's world" and "I'm a man who loves to play with boys!"
    • Kurt thinks about what he just said and tries to take it back!
    • Kurt rephrases and says that "Rey's a boy, and he's a man, and he's going to manhandle Rey!"
    • Kurt takes back that comment as well..
    • Kurt makes another 'incriminating' comment and calls out Rey Mysterio for the match!

  7. MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Rey gets MANY near falls but Kurt wins after an angleslam from the top rope!

    • Security lets in a black limo intended for the 'wedding party'..

  9. MATCH: Chris Benoit vs Rikishi..
    • Late in the match, Benoit drops Rikishi off the top rope!
    • Benoit goes for the big headbutt off the top rope..
    • Kurt Angle runs down and pushes Benoit off the top!
    • Kurt holds Benoit's arms while Rikishi gives him the stinkface!
    • Angle walks away laughing histarically..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie & Chris Benoit + Matt Hardy..
    • Benoit demands a match with Kurt Angle at Unforgiven..
    • Suddenly Matt Hardy runs into the dressing room and says he need to talk to Stephanie RIGHT NOW!
    • Stephanie ignores Matt and gives Benoit his match with Angle at Unforgiven..
    • Steph asks what Matt wants..
    • Matt Hardy demands a match with Undertaker tonight!
    • Steph makes the match..

  11. COMMITMENT CEREMONY: Rico + The Minister + Stephanie McMahon + Billy & Chuck + surprises.
    • Rico comes to the ring and greets the minister..
    • Rico paces around the ring upset with how everything is laid out..
    • Stephanie comes to the ring..
    • Billy & Chuck are introduced and they come to the ring to "Raining Men" performed live..
    • The Minister opens up and asks Billy & Chuck to read their own vows..
    • Chuck speaks first.. says something really mushy..
    • Billy looks up and says "Damn that was mushy!" and says "That's what I love about you"..
    • Billy puts a ring on Chuck's finger..
    • Rico introduces a video package featuring Billy & Chuck..
    • The minister asks if anyone thinks Billy & Chuck should not commit to eachother, to speak now..
    • Suddenly the Godfather's music hits and out comes the Godfather with a long line of hos!
    • Godfather annouces to everybody that he is "back in business!"
    • Godfather then looks in the ring and says the truth must be heard..
    • Godfather says he remembers when hos couldn't get enough of Billy Gunn..
    • Godfather says that Chuck was one of the legendary skirt chasers..
    • Godfather says that Chuck was into the 'heavier' ladies..
    • Godfather asks what in the hell is going on here?!?!
    • Rico jumps in and scolds Godfather for interrupting..
    • Rico says nobody in this building wants to see Godfather of the 'good time girls'!
    • Rico tells Godfather to leave the building..
    • Godfather tells Rico he doesn't know what he's missing when he misses a ride on the HOO-TRAAINN!!!!
    • Rico tells the Minister to skip to the end part..
    • The Minister asks Billy if he pledges to commit to Chuck..
    • Billy first looks nervous but eventually says "yes"..
    • The Minister asks Chuck the same thing..
    • Chuck looks at Rico, who encourages him to 'just say it'..
    • Chuck reluctantly says "yes"..
    • The Minister starts to say "I now pronounce you......."
    • Suddenly Billy & Chuck stop the minister from completing the phrase..
    • Chuck yells at Rico saying "It wasn't supposed to go this far!!"
    • Billy says that they aren't even gay! (Notes that they have nothing against gay people)
    • Billy says that this was only suposed to be a big publicity stunt..
    • Rico says he knew Billy & Chuck would back out at the last second..
    • Rico says that the whole idea was his and they were ruining it!
    • The Minister cuts in and tells the trio to stop fighting..
    • The Minister says that a committment is a very special thing..
    • The Minister says that the bond Billy & Chuck have is sacred..
    • ... no matter if it lasts 15 years, 15 months or 3 minutes!
    • Suddenly the Minister's voice changes! "Did I just hear myself say... three minutes?"
    • The minister tears his make up off and it's Eric Bischoff!!!!
    • Billy & Chuck attack a smiling Rico!
    • Jamal & Rosey hit the ring and attack Billy & Chuck, saving Rico..
    • Bischoff holds Stephanie McMahon back in the corner..
    • Bischoff directs traffic in the ring..
    • Jamal & Rosey destroy the 'wedding' set as well as Billy & Chuck..
    • One of the samoans give Stephanie a samoan drop!
    • Bischoff, Rico, Jamal & Rosey are chased from the ring by Edge, Cena & Rey Mysterio!
    • Kurt Angle comes in the ring to check on Stephanie..
    • Hurricane, DVon, Shannon Moore Chavo & Eddie Guerrero come to defend the ring..

  12. DIVAS MATCH: Torrie Wilson vs Nidia..
    • Torrie wins the match after a neck-breaker!
    • ~Editor's note: Never been a Torrie fan, but she's improving by leaps and bounds..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Undertaker/Sara --- Matt Hardy + Lesnar/Heyman..
    • Undertaker leaves Sara in the locker room saying he'll be right back..
    • Elsewhere in the arena, Matt Hardy knocks on Lesnar's dressing room door..
    • Lesnar & Heyman join Hardy on his way to the ring..

  14. MATCH: Undertaker vs Matt Hardy w/Lesnar & Heyman..
    • Heyman tries to distract Undertaker before the match..
    • Heyman throws a chair into the ring but the referee intercepts it..
    • The referee gets fed up with Heyman and bans him from ringside!
    • The ref eventually bans Lesnar too..
    • Suddenly Paul Heyman comes up on the big screen..
    • Heyman enters the Undertaker's dressing room and hasasses pregnant Sara..
    • Undertaker see this on the big screen and runs backstage!
    • Undertaker grabs Heyman and throws him down on the chair threathening him..
    • "Look out Mark!" Sara screams..
    • Undertaker turns around and gets a chairshot from Brock Lesnar!
    • Brock approaches pregnant Sara and pins her against the wall..
    • Brock places on hand on Sara's tummy and says "Life's a bitch!"

  15. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....
    • Many reports that the Lesnar/Holly matchup got a little out of hand with the wrestlers tempers flaring resulting in Holly sandbagging a powerbomb, and Brock ended up dropping Holly on his neck hardway.. Holly was apparently okay, even though it looked sick!

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