September 19, 2002
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • Val Venis b Doug Basham..
    • Mark Henry & Mark Jindrak b Horace Hogan & Bull Buchanan..

    • Hurricane b Crash Holly..
    • Funaki b Albert..
    • Randy Orton b Shannon Moore..
    • Tajiri b Billy Kidman..

  3. SMACKDOWN KICKS OFF: Recap of the 'Ceremony Gone Wrong' last week..

  4. MIXED TAG MATCH: Torrie Wilson & Rey Mysterio vs Nidia & Jamie Noble..
    • Rey tries to give Nidia the Bronco Buster, but Torrie stops him and says she wants to do it! *cheap pop*
    • Torrie gives Nidia the Bronco Buster as the crowd cheers wildly!
    • Jamie Noble pulls Nidia's body out of the ring and climbs in and lays in the corner..
    • Jamie Noble tells Torrie that he wants a Bronco Buster too!
    • Instead, Rey jumps over Torrie and delivered a Bronco Buster to Noble!
    • Rey finishes Noble off with a neat looking sunset flip turned into a powerbomb!
    • ~~~Had to see it to appreciate it..

  5. BACKSTAGE: DVon & Stephanie Mcmahon + Paul Heyman + Brock Lesnar..
    • DVon is complaining to Stephanie about Batista..
    • Steph tells DVon that she wants Batista on Smackdown! and DVon better do something to keep him here!
    • DVon leaves and Paul Heyman enters..
    • Paul says that he's hired a team of offduty police officers to protect Brock from the Undertaker..
    • Steph informs Paul that Sara went into false labor today and went to the hospital..
    • Paul looks relieved that the Undertaker won't be at Smackdown!
    • Steph clarifies that Sara was in the hostpital this afternoon and Undertaker is on his way to the building..
    • Steph tells Paul to keep his security handy..
    • Paul leaves the room and tells Brock that the Undertaker is on his way..
    • Paul tells the security to keep their eyes open, that Taker could come from anywhere!

  6. IN THE RING: Stephanie McMahon + Billy & Chuck + Kurt Angle..
    • Stephanie talks about getting back at Eric Bischoff on this past week's RAW..
    • ~Footage of Stephanie/Billy/Chuck invading RAW and screwing Bischoff..
    • Stephanie address's the challenge that Bischoff made to her, Billy & Chuck..
    • Stephanie accepts the match, but says they'll talk about the stipulations later..
    • Stephanie introduces the 'greatest tag team in WWE history', Billy & Chuck!
    • Billy says that he's thinking of being a singles wrestler after Unforgiven..
    • Chuck takes the microphone and jokes that it's okay for Billy to go both ways!
    • Billy, Chuck & Steph have a good laugh after a few more 'ambiguously gay' jokes..
    • Billy says that they'll take care of Rosey & Jamal this sunday..
    • Billy says that if Bischoff has a problem with that, HE'S GOT TWOOOO WORDS FOR YA!!!!
    • Suddenly, Kurt Angle's music hits and out comes our olympic hero..
    • The crowd chants "You Suck! You Suck!" to Kurt's entrance music..
    • Kurt says that he feels like he's watching a bad episode of Three's Company..
    • Kurt says that last week was the worst attempt at a publicity stunt he's ever seen!
    • Kurt says that he generated some of his own publicity at the 96 Olympics!
    • Kurt says he didn't do it trying to make out with Carl Lewis! He did it by winning a gold medal!
    • Chuck cuts in and asks what the people really mean when they chant "You Suck! You Suck!"
    • Kurt says that if Chuck is trying to imply that he is gay, then he's not!
    • Kurt says that gay people love him!
    • Kurt challenges either Billy or Chuck to a match tonight..
    • Steph says that she wants Billy & Chuck to wrestle a tag match tonight to get ready for this sunday..
    • Kurt says he has no problem with that and says he'll let "Will & Grace down there" pick his partner!
    • Billy, Chuck & Steph confer for a moment..
    • Steph annouces that Billy & Chuck will take on Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit tonight!!
    • Kurt complains about that decision and says that "That's a hard one to swollow!" *pop*
    • Kurt says that he wants to be the one to "Climb on top of Billy or Chuck for the 1-2-3!" *pop*
    • Kurt stumbles over his words a few more times before leaving the stage!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar + Security Team..
    • Paul is informed that the security was hired to only protect Brock while he's backstage..
    • Paul & Brock head towards the ring..

  8. NON TITLE MATCH: Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs John Cena..
    • Paul Heyman keeps an eye out for the Undertaker during the entire match..
    • Lesnar pins Cena after an F5!

  9. DESIRE: Undertaker "Desire" video featuring "Adrenaline" from the XXX soundtrack..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Los Guerreros..
    • Eddy complains about his face still smelling from last week's stinkface!
    • Eddy vows that Edge's 'pretty little face' will not be the same after tonight!
    • Eddy says that Edge will never lack respect for Eddie Guerrero again!

  11. TAG MATCH: Edge & Rikishi vs Los Guerreros (Eddy & Chavo)..
    • Late in the match, Eddie swings a steel chair at Edge, but hits the ringpost!
    • A few minutes later, Chavo gets a stinkface from Rikishi!
    • Eddy gets up and goes after Rikishi, who throws Eddie out of the ring..
    • Chavo goes outside the ring and grabs a television camera from a crew member..
    • Chavo nails Rikishi in the head with the camera!
    • Chavo slides in the ring and pins Rikishi for the win!
    • Edge runs in and takes Chavo down with a spear!!
    • Eddy runs in with a steel chair and whacks Edge flat in the face with it!!
    • Edge is busted open and bleeding!!
    • Eddy gets down and picks up Edge's bloody head and screams at him!

  12. SATELITE CONFERENCE: Stephanie McMahon & Eric Bischoff..
    • Steph introduces Eric to Smackdown!
    • Steph asks how his "Bischoffs" are doing?
    • Eric asks what it's going to be like for the McMahon Family dynasty after Steph has to perform HLA..
    • Steph says that HLA is all about cheap, sleezy thrills..
    • Eric says he'll give Steph cheap sleezy thrills this Sunday..
    • ...When Rosey & Jamal defeat Billy & Chuck and Steph has to perform HLA..
    • Steph accepts the stipulations that Eric Bischoff except for one thing..
    • ...When Billy & Chuck defeat Rosey & Jamal and Eric has to kiss Steph's ass..
    • Steph says that if Rosey & Jamal win, and she has to perform HLA, she just might like it..
    • Eric grins as we go to commericial (I think they just cut it off in Canada cause it was getting too stupid)

  13. MATCH: The Hurricane vs Matt Hardy..
    • Matt talks to Hurricane before the match and says that he considers Hurricane a friend..
    • Matt says that he sees a lot of potential in the Hurricane..
    • Matt says that he wanted to give Hurricane an opportunity to wrestle Matt Hardy v01..
    • The crowd chants "We Want Jeff!" and "We Want Lita!" during the entire match!
    • Matt Hardy eventually wins the match after a Low Blow!

  14. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar..
    • Paul is pleading with Brock to leave the arena..
    • Brock finally gives in and stands up to leave..
    • Paul changes his mind, realizing Undertaker might be hanging out in the parkig lot waiting!
    • Paul & Brock sit back down to wait it out..

  15. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit..
    • Angle & Benoit are already arguing..

  16. TAG MATCH: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs Billy & Chuck..
    • Kurt gets the anklelock on Chuck, but Benoit pulls him off and puts the crossface on Chuck!
    • Billy breaks up the crossface..
    • Billy whips Benoit into Chuck's superkick knocking Benoit out!
    • Chuck pins Benoit to pick up the win!
    • Kurt gets in the ring and punishes Benoit with an angleslam and an anklelock!
    • Benoit taps out but Angle refuses to release the hold..
    • A team of officials run but Angle releases the hold and chases them away..
    • Angle puts another anklelock on Benoit, who reverses it into a crossface!
    • Angle taps out to the crossface, but Benoit releases it and leaves the ring..

  17. BACKSTAGE: The Undertaker..
    • The Undertaker enters the building...
    • Gosh.. he looks angry!

  18. IN THE RING: The Undertaker + Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman..
    • Undertaker says that tonight has nothing to do with business, this is personal!
    • Undertaker calls out Brock Lesnar with a serious tone!
    • Undertaker says that last week Brock said "Life's a bitch!"
    • Undertaker says that he is here to say that "Payback's a bitch!"
    • Brock Lesnar comes out with Paul Heyman, who is trying to hold Lesnar back..
    • Lesnar gets into the ring and tackles Undertaker..
    • Lesnar & Taker brawl back and forth as Heyman calls for reinforcements!
    • Matt Hardy runs down and jumps on Undertaker's back!
    • Undertaker turns his attention to Matt and beats him down..
    • Lesnar & Heyman escape to the backstage area..
    • Undertaker leaves the ring and goes backstage to hunt for Lesnar..
    • Heyman lures Undertaker to a crowd of protective security..
    • Heyman & Lesnar get into a police vehicle and drive off as Undertaker watches in frustration..

  19. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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