September 26, 2002
San Diego, California
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • Crash defeats Billy Kidman..
    • Shannon Moore defeats Doug Basham..
    • Rev DVon defeated John Cena..

  2. KICKOFF: Rikishi vs Chavo Guerrero..
    • Late in the match, Chavo pulls down his tights and tries to give Rikishi a stink face of his own!
    • Rikishi pushes Chavo accross the ring..
    • A few minutes later, Rikishi goes for the stinkface on Chavo, but Chavo gets out of it..
    • Chavo struggles to get a TV camera off one of the crew..
    • Chavo tries to hit Rikishi with the camera (just like last week), but Rikishi hits him with a sidekick!
    • Rikishi follows up with a bonzai drop for the win!

  3. BIKINI CONTEST: Torrie Wilson vs Nidia (Tazz is the Host)..
    • Billy & Chuck join Michael Cole at the announce table as the 'judges'..
    • Nidia goes first, she is dressed in a black two piece with sneakers..
    • Nidia dances like a trailor park stripper..
    • Chuck gives Nidia a "6".. Billy gives her a "9".. Get it? 69!
    • Torris disrobes and dances around the ring very nicely..
    • Billy & Chuck each give Torrie a "10" giving Torrie the win!
    • Nidia storms off upset..
    • Billy & Chuck get in the ring and celebrate with Billy & Chuck..
    • Jamie Noble & Tajiri come out and accuse Billy & Chuck of being pregiduce..
    • Jamie challenges Billy & Chuck to a match!

  4. TAG MATCH: Billy & Chuck w/Torrie vs Jamie Noble & Tajiri w/Nidia..
    • Billy Gunn takes a beating for most of the match but gets the hot tag to Chuck..
    • Billy & Chuck win after the Code Red (version of the doomsday device)..
    • After the match, Nidia spits her gum at Torrie..
    • Torrie attacks Nidia and spanks her!!

  5. INTERVIEW: Funaki & Brock Lesnar..
    • Funaki knocks on Brock's locker room door and Brock comes out..
    • Funaki stumbles over his words, saying he has a hard-hitting question for Brock..
    • Brock rubs Funaki's head and tells him to go ahead..
    • Funaki asks if it is true that Brock will be giving Undertaker a rematch..
    • Brock says that he will answer his question in public.. in the ring!
    • Funaki thanks Brock for giving him the scoop!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Kurt Angle + Rey Mysterio..
    • Steph on the phone with a lawyer discussing Bischoff's last minute signings..
    • Steph tells the lawler to check into the other contracts and hangs up..
    • Kurt Angle walks in and Congratulates Steph for putting one over on Bischoff at Unforgiven..
    • Kurt says that Steph set Eric up 'perfectly'..
    • Kurt asks Steph for a rematch with Chris Benoit tonight..
    • Steph said she knew Kurt would request this tonight, but she has a better idea..
    • Rey Mysterio walks in and waves at Kurt sarcastically..
    • Steph says that tonight it will be Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit vs Rey Mysterio in the main event!
    • Kurt asks why Rey would be put in the main event? Just because it's his hometown? Just because he was born here 8 years ago?!
    • Kurt looks at Rey and tells him that he will get the 1-2-3 tonight!
    • Rey tells Kurt that he won't get the 1-2-3 if Rey gets the 6-1-9 first!

  7. IN THE RING: Funaki (#1 Smackdown! Announcer) + Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman..
    • Funaki comes out and introduces the Undisputed Champion, Brock Lesnar!
    • Funaki shows Brock the chair that Undertaker hit him with at Unforgiven..
    • Brock takes the chair and throws it to the ground..
    • Funaki drops the microphone and Brock kicks it out of the ring!
    • Brock attacks Funaki and completely destroys him!
    • Brock throws Funaki clean accross the ring and then hits a massive F5!

  8. BACKSTAGE: Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie..
    • Dawn comes up and sarcastically Congratulates Torrie on defeating 'hillbilly' Nidia in a bikini contest..
    • Dawn suggests some day Torrie may have the guts to challenge someone who has a little more to offer..
    • Torrie quietly excuses herself..

  9. NO DQ MATCH: Eddie Guerrero vs Edge..
    • After lots of one-on-one wrestling action, Edge reaches under the ring and gets a Ladder..
    • Edge accidently rams referee Mike Sparks with the ladder!
    • Eddy gets a steel chair and gives Edge a shot to the back!
    • Eddy goes to the top rope but misses the frog splash!
    • Edge hits Eddie with a big spear!
    • A second referee runs down to make the two-count as Eddie kicks out!
    • Eddy hits a hurancanrana off the top rope, and gets a two-count..
    • Edge reverses a second hurancanrana into a power bomb!
    • Edge goes outside the ring and brings the ladder inside!
    • Eddy dropkicks the ladder into Edge..
    • Eddy goes out and gets a second ladder and brings it into the ring!
    • Eddy puts Edge horizontal between the two ladders, and hits a senton bomb from outside the ring..
    • Eddy sets up a ladder in the corner and climbs up, but Edge climbs ip the otehr side!
    • They exchange punches and Eddie nearly falls backwards onto the ringpost!
    • Eddy smashes Edge's head into the top of the ladder..
    • Eddy jumps over the Edge and hits an incredible sunset flip powerbomb from the top of the ladder!
    • The crowd chants "Eddy! Eddie ! Eddie ! Eddie ! Eddie !" in respect..
    • Edge somehow rebounds and backdrops Eddie onto the ladder in the corner, with Eddie landing sickly on the back of his head!
    • Editors note: Not sure how Eddie Guerrero escapes that one without a broken neck..
    • Both wrestlers end up climbing the ladder once again..
    • Edge hits a crazy edgecution from the top of the ladder!!
    • Edge covers Eddie as the referee counts 1-2-3 to end of the best matches of the year!
    • Edge celebrates and goes to the backstage leaving Eddie laying in the ring..
    • The referee helps Eddie to his feet where he recieves a standing ovation from the crowd..

  10. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & Chris Benoit..
    • Chris says that Kurt Angle is one of the toughest S.O.B.'s he's ever been in the ring with..
    • Chris says he's looking forward to stepping in the ring with him again, as well as Rey Mysterio..
    • Chris says that he was born to HURT..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore + Brock Lesnar..
    • Matt Hardy is giving out his 'free' advice to Shannon as they watch some Matt Hardy tape..
    • Matt says that he has made the Undertaker run away the last two times he wrestled him..
    • Shannon suggest it had something to do with Brock Lesnar..
    • Matt tells Shannon Moore to sit there and watchh what happens in his match NEXT..
    • Matt leaves the lockerroom and we see Brock Lesnar watching him..

  12. MATCH: Undertaker vs Matt Hardy..
    • Undertaker defeats Matt Hardy pretty quick but is ambushed by Brock Lesnar!
    • Undertaker is busted open by a shot to the head with the championship belt!
    • During the commercial break, a bloody Undertaker struggles to his feet and up the ramp..
    • Undertaker makes it to the back where he refuses medical treatment but falls to the ground unable to stand..

  13. MAIN EVENT TRIPLE THREAT: Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Kurt comes out and gives an anti-San Diego promo insulting Rey Mysterio..
    • Kurt catapults Rey over the top rope onto Benoit!
    • Kurt puts the anklelock on Benoit, who makes it to the ropes, but Angle doesn't release..
    • Rey hits a crazy double 619 on Angle & Benoit..
    • Rey misses the West Coast Pump but turns into into a pinning combination, but Kurt kicks out..
    • Benoit gets up and puts the crossface on Kurt Angle..
    • Rey jumps off the top rope giving Benoit a big leg drop!
    • Rey covers Benoit but only gets a 2-count..
    • Rey dropkicks Angle into Benoit, who tosses Angle out of the ring!
    • Rey hits a leg-scissors hurancanrana on Benoit and gets the upset pinfall!!
    • Rey Mysterio wins the match in front of his hometown crowd!!

  14. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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