October 3, 2002
Lafayette, Louisiana
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • INTERVIEW: Funaki & John Cena (who faces Albert later)..
    • John Cena defeats Albert..
    • Billy Kidman defeats Doug Basham..
    • Tajiri defeats Shannon Moore..

  2. KICKOFF: Smackdown! Opens..
    • A very annoying video package feating Stephanie McMahon announces tonight's matches..

  3. TAG TEAM TITLE Tournament: Los Guerreros vs Rikishi & Mark Henry..
    • Late in the match, Chavo Guerrero hits Mark Henry's leg with a steel chair!
    • Eddy follows up with an inverted anklelock causing Henry to tap out..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Torrie Wilson & Her Father + Billy & Chuck + Dawn Marie..
    • Torrie introduces her father to Billy & Chuck..
    • Torrie says Billy & Chuck are a shoe-in to win the Tag Team Title Tournament..
    • Dawn Marie enters and introduces herself to Torrie's dad..
    • Dawn says that she is going up against 'his little angel' in a Bikini Contest tonight..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar..
    • Heyman & Lesnar are watching tape from last week..
    • Heyman says that Brock is going to have to give the Undertaker a rematch at No Mercy..
    • Heyman says that Stephanie has added a stipulation and she won't tell him what it is!
    • Matt Hardy enters the room in an excited state of mind..
    • Matt says that what Brock does to the Undertaker isn't going to compare to what he's going to do!

  6. FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH: Undertaker vs Matt Hardy..
    • The Fight eventually goes to the backstage area..
    • Matt tries to get away, saying "We'll meet again some day!"
    • Matt tries to leave the building but the doors are locked!
    • Matt climbs on top of a cage to get away from Undertaker..
    • Brock Lesnar attacks Taker from behind!
    • Brock gives Undertaker an F5!
    • Matt Hardy runs in and makes the cover as the referee counts.. 1, 2, 3!
    • Matt Hardy wins the match!
    • Brock goes back to the Undertaker and smashes a propain tank onto Undertaker's arm!

  7. INTERVIEW: WWE Trainer..
    • The trainer says that Undertaker's hand looks to be broken..

  8. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs Crash Holly..
    • Noble wins the match to retain the cruiserweight title..

  9. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & Kurt Angle..
    • Mark asks Kurt if he has any regrets about making fun of Rey Mysterio..
    • Kurt says that he is the best wrestler in the world, and that means he never has to say Sorry..
    • Kurt says that it was Chris Benoit who lost the match last week..
    • Kurt goes on about himself until he notices Edge standing off camera..
    • Edge enters and tells Kurt that he doesn't suck, but he's not perfect..
    • Kurt says that his medels around his neck say that he is..
    • Edge says that Kurt's shiney bald head says that he isn't!
    • Kurt says that ever since Edge shaved him bald he's been wanting to get back at him..
    • Kurt cheap shots Edge in the face and makes his way to the ring..

  10. MATCH: Edge vs Kurt Angle..
    • This incredible match ends with two referees and a double pin!
    • Mike Chioda raises the arm of Edge & Mike Sparks raises the arm of Angle..
    • Chioda (the original referee) shoves Sparks to the ground as Jim Cordaris comes in to separate the two..
    • After the commercial, Mike Chioda restarts the match..
    • Kurt wraps Edge's arms up in the ropes and spears Edge twice!
    • Kurt tries a third spear but Edge moves and pushed Kurt out of the ring!
    • Edge spears Kurt on the apron, sending Kurt flying into the outside guardrail..
    • A few minutes later, Chris Benoit makes his way to ringside to get a closer look..
    • Kurt brings a chair in the ring to use on Edge, but Benoit grabs it..
    • Kurt swings at Benoit, but ends up hitting himself in the head with the chair!
    • Edge hits a spear and pins Kurt to win the match!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle + Chris Benoit + Stephanie McMahon..
    • Kurt looking for Chris Benoit backstage like a madman..
    • Kurt finds Benoit and has to be restrained by other WWE wrestlers..
    • Stephanie enters and says that Benoit & Angle will team up in the Tag Team tournament next week!
    • Stephanie says that they will have to get along or they will be suspended for a year without pay!
    • Kurt agrees and calms down but takes a cheap shot at Benoit!
    • Steph screeches that starting NOW they cannot touch eachother!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman + Matt Hardy..
    • Heyman tells Lesnar that he is "the man!"..
    • Heyman reminds Brock that he defeated Hulk Hogan & The Rock..
    • Matt Hardy enters and brags about beating the Undertaker again..
    • Matt says that it wasn't a twist of fate, that it was shear Mattitude..
    • Matt says that Undertaker will not be able to compete at No Mercy..
    • Matt says that since he pinned Undertaker, that means he is the #1 Contender..
    • Matt says he's going to Stephanie McMahon right now!
    • Heyman looks at Brock and sarcastically says "Be careful, he'd kill you!"

  13. TAG TEAM TITLE Tournament: Billy & Chuck vs DVon & Ron Simmons..
    • DVon & Farooq defeat Billy & Chuck in a surprise upset!

  14. BACKSTAGE: Dawn Marie & Mr. Wilson..
    • Dawn asks Mr. Wilson's opinion on her bikini..
    • He says that it looks great and tells Dawn "Call me Al"..

  15. SMACKDOWN BIKINI CONTEST: Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie..
    • Torrie Wilson wins after the crowd judges..
    • After the contest, Dawn Marie slaps and attacks Torrie tossing her out of ring!

  16. BACKSTAGE: Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman + Stephanie McMahon..
    • Steph informs Lesnar/Heyman that the Undertaker's hand IS broken but insists on competing at No Mercy..
    • Steph tells Lesnar that he will face Undertaker in a Hell in the Cell match at No Mercy!

  17. MAIN EVENT: Rey Mysterio vs Chris Benoit..
    • Kurt Angle runs down and interfers allowing Rey Mysterio to get the pin!
    • Angle & Benoit brawl after the match and have to be separated..

  18. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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