October 24, 2002
Memphis, Tennessee
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • Bill DeMott/Val Venis defeated Shelton Benjamin/R.C. Haas..
    • Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated Redd Dogg..

    • Funaki defeated Crash Holly..
    • D-Von/Ron Simmons defeated Chase Stevens & Big Bully Douglas..
    • (Bikini Match) Torrie Wilson defeated Nidia..
    • Albert defeated Chuck Palumbo..

    • Matt Hardy did a promo running down Memphis and Elvis Presley to insure maximum heel perception..

  4. MATCH: Matt Hardy vs Rikishi..
    • Rikishi wins after the sitout piledriver..
    • RIkishi celebrates by dancing in the middle of the ring for the crowd..
    • Suddenly Big Show comes out of no where and attacks Rikishi!

  5. IN THE RING: The Big Show..
    • Big Show takes the microphone and tells everybody that he is THE BIG SHOW!
    • Big Show says that he has been traded to Smackdown! and he was there to make an impact..
    • Big Show says no one in the locker room can measure up to him..
    • Big Show says he is the biggest baddest man in the Universe..
    • Big Show makes a challenge to Undisputed Champion, Brock Lesnar!
    • Big Show says that he doesn't think Brock has the guts to face him!

  6. IN THE RING: Stephanie McMahon + Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit..
    • Steph says it's been one hell of a night already and they're just getting started!
    • Steph tells everybody about a trophy that will be presented to the first ever WWE Tag Team champions..
    • Steph introduces the WWE Tag Team champions, Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit..
    • Kurt Angle comes out first and raises the trophy over his head!
    • Chris Benoit comes out next and tries to get the trophy from Kurt, who keeps it for himself..
    • Kurt says that Steph was right to force him to team with Benoit..
    • Kurt says that he single-handedly won the titles at No Mercy..
    • Kurt says that he will be placed with all of his olympic memorabilia..
    • Chris puts one hand on the trophy as well..
    • Chris tells Kurt to leave his olympic sized ego backstage next time they come to the ring..
    • Chris claims the HE is the team captain..
    • Chris says that it's a good thing Steph made the 'hands-off' clause..
    • Chris says that he would have kicked the hell out of Angle by now..
    • Kurt calls Benoit "Mr Toothless Aggression" and says that HE WON THE MATCH..
    • Chris tells Kurt to take his hands off the trophy..
    • They two men tug and pull at the trophy until it breaks and Steph is accidentally knocked down!
    • Kurt helps Stephanie up and she slaps him for his help..
    • Chris Benoit laughs at Kurt, but Stephanie hauls off and slaps Chris too!
    • Steph says that if they can't get along then they will settle it the old fasion way..
    • Steph says that Angle & Benoit will face off tonight with the winner keeping the trophy..

  7. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs Tajiri..
    • Jamie Noble comes out dressed as Elvis..
    • Mid-way through the match, Tajiri tries to kick Nidia but he kicks the ringpost instead!
    • Jamie Noble notices this and works over Tajiris leg most of the match..
    • Jamie Noble ends up pinning Tajiri with a little help from Nidia on the outside..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Dawn Marie..
    • Dawn Marie walking around backstage with a whooooooole lote of clevage..
    • Dawn is asking people where Torrie is..
    • After the commercial break, Dawn finds Torrie at the catering station..
    • Dawn says that Torrie proved that she is the 'better woman' at No Mercy..
    • Dawn apoligizes for her behavior to her and the Wilson family..
    • Dawn says that she cares for Mr Wilson and she realizes that there is an age difference..
    • Dawn says that she will be breaking it off with "Al" next time she sees him..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Los Guerreros..
    • Eddy & Chavo stirring up trouble between Angle & Benoit again..

  10. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Edge & Rey Mysterio vs Los Guerreros..
    • Late in the match, Rey goes for the 619 on Chavo but Eddie stop him from the outside..
    • Edge turns around and spears Chavo in the center of the ring!
    • Eddy breaks up the pinfall attempt..
    • Edge powerbombs Chavo and covers him..
    • Eddy jumps over the ropes bombing Edge to breakup the pin!
    • Chavo covers Edge as the referee pushes Eddie out of the ring..
    • Rey does the same move that Eddie did, breaking up the pin..
    • Edge covers Chavo and picks up the win!

  11. IN THE RING: Undertaker + Paul Heyman + Brock Lesnar + Big Show..
    • Undertaker limps to the ring (wow he's actually selling for someone!)
    • Undertaker immediately calls out Brock Lesnar to the ring..
    • Paul Heyman comes out and brags that his client retired both Hulk Hogan & The Rock..
    • Paul says that Brock is not interested in what Undertaker has to say and will not come out..
    • Suddenly Brock's music hits and Brock walks out past Heyman and goes eye-to-eye with Undertaker..
    • Brock has a huge stitched up cut accross his forehead
    • Undertaker says that everybody is saying that Undertaker would have won if he hand wasn't broken..
    • Undertaker says that he's thought about that for a few days..
    • Undertaker says that a broken hand is no exuse though..
    • Undertaker says that at No Mercy, Brock Lesnar had his number..
    • Undertaker says that five years ago, things would have been different..
    • Undertaker says that people will get on Brock's case for bringing in Taker's personal life..
    • Undertaker says that over the years he has taken people out of the game before they were even in it..
    • Undertaker says that he has seen the best, fought the best, and beaten the best..
    • Undertaker says that on Sunday, Brock Lesnar was the best... (Editor's Note: Holy Crap)
    • Undertaker tries to leave the ring but Brock stops him and takes the microphone..
    • Brock says that he didn't mean to bring 'Sara' into the mix..
    • Brock says it was supposed to be all about business, and that he NEEDED an Edge..
    • Brock gives the microphone back to Taker and leaves, looking back showing a little respect to Undertaker..
    • Undertaker says that there is something else on his mind..
    • Undertaker starts to say that after 12 years in the business, his body is....
    • Suddenly Undertaker is interrupted by the Big Show who paces quickly to the ring..
    • Big Show says he didn't hear what Undertaker said to Brock Lesnar..
    • Big Show says that it was because of HIM that Brock was able to defeat Undertaker in Hell in a Cell..
    • Big Show says that he has been beating Undertaker up all over the country for years!
    • Big Show says that it's because of HIM that Undertaker is a broken down hasbeen..
    • Undertaker says that everyone is entitled to an opinion..
    • Undertaker says that he'd rather be a broken-down-has-been than a Giant-that-never-was..
    • Undertaker leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, but Big Show follows him up the ramp a few steps behind..
    • Undertaker turns around several times suspecting Big Show will attack..
    • Undertaker stops and lets Big Show pass him and exit through the curtain..
    • Undertaker celebrates on the stage for a minute..
    • Big Show comes out again and attacks the Undertaker!
    • Big Show lifts Undertaker over his head and throws him off the stage!!!!
    • Injury angle follows with Stephanie, Arn, Sarge, Rey & Edge coming out..
    • Undertaker is carefully lifted out of the spot and pnto a stretcher..
    • The EMTs fumble with the neckbrace that doesn't want to stay on making it look really fake..
    • Undertaker starts to struggle off of the stretcher to his feet against recommendations of everyone..
    • Undertaker stumbled and collapses several times on the floor as everyone tries to help him..
    • Undertaker stumbles through the curtain being held up by Arn Anderson and several other men..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Al Wilson + Dawn Marie & Funaki..
    • Dawn tells Funaki to tell Mr Wilson that Torrie is looking for him..
    • Funaki does what he's told and Dawn jumps out in front of Mr Wilson..
    • Dawn does her best to 'break up with' Mr Wilson..
    • Dawn says that of 'the few men' she has been with (crowd laughs) he was the most passionate!
    • Dawn & Al embrace in a passionate (yet somehow disgusting) kiss..

  13. MATCH: John Cena vs Billy Kidman..
    • Cena tries to shake Kidman's hand but Kidman blows him off..
    • Kidman wins the match using the ropes as leverage grabbing them with his hand..
    • Cena goes crazy after the match and attacks Kidman throws him out of the ring..
    • Cena whips Kidman into the steel ring steps outside of the ring!

  14. INTERVIEW: Mark Loyd & Brock Lesnar..
    • Loyd asks Brock what his answer to Big Show's challenge earlier..
    • Brock asks where Funaki is, saying that he and Funaki go way back..
    • Brock says that if Big Show wants an answer he's gotta come get it himself..

  15. BACKSTAGE: Chris Benoit & Los Guerreros..
    • Chavo & Eddie (who suddenly has a black eye) stirring up trouble between Angle & Benoit again..
    • Eddy says that he just wants to be Benoit's friend and doesn't expect Benoit to forgive him..
    • Chris asks what Eddie really wants out of this..
    • Eddy says he wants his friendship..
    • Chris says that what Eddie said to Angle earlier just might be right..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Big Show & Paul Heyman + Brock Lesnar..
    • Big Show enters Brock's dressing room and confronts Paul Heyman..
    • Heyman says that he is sure Big Show will be #1 Contender sometime in the future, but..
    • Heyman says he cannot allow his client to defend the title against Big Show tonight..
    • Brock comes in and pushes Heyman out of the way to accept Big Show's challenge..

  17. BROKEN TROPHY MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit..
    • After an incredible athletic match-up, Los Guerreros run down to ringside..
    • Eddy gets up and distracts the referee while Chavo enters the ring and hits Angle with the title belt!
    • Angle attacks Benoit after the match and hits an angleslam!
    • Angle goes over and destroys the trophy so Benoit cannot enjoy it..
    • Angle takes the top piece of the trophy and carrys it up the ramp..

  18. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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