October 31, 2002
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Announcers: Michael Cole/Tazz

    • Val Venis defeats Ernest "the Cat" Miller..
    • Shelton Benjamin d. Bull Buchanan..

    • Chuck Palumbo d. DVon..
    • Chavo Guerrero defeats Tyson Dux..
    • Albert d. Mark Moraluche..
    • Funaki & Billy Kidman d. Jamie Noble & Crash Holly..

  3. HALLOWEEN PARTY: Stephanie McMahon..
    • Ron Simmons (dressed as a pimp) ordering around a waitress..
    • Los Guerreros (dressed as Zorro and Poncho) talk about Eddie 's match tonight..
    • Tajiri (dressed as a disco guy complete with aphro)..
    • Shannon Moore (dressed as the devil)..
    • Stephanie (dressed as a witch) announces the main event as Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Rey Mysterio (no costume) stands up and celebrates his opportunity..

  4. MATCH: Edge vs Chris Benoit..
    • Late in the match, Benoit reverses the spear into a crippler crossface..
    • Angle pulls Benoit out of the ring, breaking the crossface..
    • Edge kicks Benoit from inside the ring and knocks both Benoit & Angle down.
    • Edge jumps off the top rope clothelining Angle outside the ring..
    • Edge gets back in the ring and spears Benoit, and pins him to win the match!

  5. HALLOWEEN PARTY: WWE Superstars..
    • John Cena doing his "Vanilla Ice" impression..
    • Billy Kidman (phantom) and Chuck Palumbo (indian) boo the impression..
    • Torrie (Zena) bumps into her ex-bf Tajiri (Disco guy), who says he has a new girl and leaves..
    • Tajiri finds Mae Young (Marilyn Monroe) & Moolah (Pebbles) who are "happy" to see Tajiri..
    • Dawn Marie (biker babe) and Al Wilson (biker dude) enter the party..

  6. HALLOWEEN PARTY: Chris Benoit + Kurt Angle..
    • Benoit enters the room pissed off looking for Kurt Angle..
    • Benoit asks someone dressed in the "Scream Mask" if they've seen Kurt Angle..
    • The masked man shakes his head "no"..
    • Benoit storms off continuing his search..
    • The masked man takes his mask off to reveal that he IS Kurt Angle!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Brock Lesnar & Marc Loyd + Paul Heyman..
    • Mark Loyd (flintstone woman) bumps into Brock Lesnar and asks who he is supposed to be..
    • Brock says that he is dressed as the WWE Champion and walks off..
    • Brock enters his dressing room and sits down next to Paul Heyman..
    • Heyman talks about how Brock is not the same man after the hell in the cell..
    • Heyman says that Big Show is 7 feet tall and 500 pounds..
    • Heyman says that Brock can't 'manhandle' Big Show like all his other opponents..
    • Heyman says flat out that Brock cannot beat the Big Show!
    • Brock turns and looks at Heyman after making such a comment..
    • Heyman says that it's not what he wants to hear but it's what he pays him to do..

  8. MATCH: Big Show vs Rikishi..
    • Big Show has new ring attire -- black pants and black t-shirt (much better thank you)..
    • Big Show actually powerslams Rikishi during this match!!
    • Big Show chokeslams Rikishi and pins him to win the match!

  9. IN THE RING: Big Show + Brock Lesnar..
    • Big Show gets on the mic and says that that was only a taste of what Brock can expect at Survivor Series..
    • Big Show calls out Brock Lesnar to show him what he's capible of..
    • BACKSTAGE: Brock heads towards the ring but Paul Heyman convinces him to wait..
    • After the commercial, Big Show is still in the ring talking..
    • Big Show asks for them to roll the footage from last week..
    • ~~~Footage of Big Show tossing Undertaker off the stage..
    • Big Show says he accomplished in one night what Brock couldn't do in eight weeks -- take out Undertaker..
    • Big Show says that he knows about being the "next big thing"..
    • Big Show says that when you least expect it, reality will step up and slap you in the face!
    • Big Show says that everybody knows Brock cannot beat the Giant..
    • Suddenly Brock Lesnar storms towards the ring and steps up to the Big Show face to face..
    • Brock, looking upwards at Big Show, snatches the microphone away from him..
    • Brock says that he agrees with one thing, he IS a Giant -- a Giant piece of sh*t!
    • Big Show backs off and out of the ring with the microphone in his hand..
    • Big Show tells Brock that he has been 'advised' not to beat his ass until Survivor Series..
    • Big Show says that last week he did something to Undertaker that has never been done before..
    • Big Show says that tonight he will do something to Brock that has never been done before..

  10. TRICK OR TREAT MATCH: Dawn Marie vs Torrie Wilson..
    • Match takes place in a pool full of chocolate syrup..
    • Torrie wastes little time picking up a cake and smashing it in Dawn's face!
    • They two throw food at eachother..
    • Torrie tackles Dawn into the pool of syrup..
    • Torrie rips Dawn's shirt off (ooohhhh myyyyyy god)
    • Referee Mike Sparks gets thrown into the pool and rolls around with the girls..
    • Torrie pushes Dawn out of the pool and pins her on the floor to pick up the win..
    • Torrie grabs ring announcer Tony Chimmel after the match and throws him into the pool!

  11. HALLOWEEN PARTY: Matt Hardy, Tajiri & Mae Young..
    • Tajiri (disco guy) with Mae (Marilyn) & Moolah (Pebbles)..
    • Matt Hardy (as Matt Hardy v01) enters the room and says that the party needs a dose of Mattitude..
    • Matt tells Tajiri that he has a match with Matt Hardy tonight and shouldn't be 'flirting'..
    • Mae stands up and tell Matt not to bully her boyfriend!
    • Tajiri looks shocked and appauled..
    • Matt says that he will send Tajiri back to her after he has a twist of fate..
    • Mae Young plants a big ol' kiss on Tajiri!
    • Moolah tells Mae to sit down and 'be a lady'..

  12. HALLOWEEN PARTY: Stephanie + John Cena..
    • Nidia (as Jamie Noble) bobs for apples as Jamie Noble (dressed as Nidia) cheers her on..
    • Noble backs up into Stephanie (witch) who smiles at Noble cause she's having such a good time..
    • Los Guerreros (Zorro & Poncho) step up to Stephanie and compliment her on her costume..
    • Los Guerreros say that they want their shot at the tag team titles tonight!
    • Steph tells Eddie to go get ready for his match with Kurt Angle..
    • John Cena (Vanilla Ice) comes up to Steph and starts rhyming a messege for her..
    • Steph asks what Cena is trying to tell her..
    • John Cena snaps out of character and says "Your dad is here to see you, he's in your office"..
    • Steph runs out of the room to report to her father..

  13. MATCH: Matt Hardy vs Tajiri..
    • Matt wins after the twist of fate..

  14. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Vince McMahon?
    • Steph enters her office to find a man with a Vince McMahon mask on..
    • "Vince" says that it looks like Scott Steiner is going to sign with RAW..
    • Steph asks how he knows this for sure?
    • "Vince" takes off his mask and it's Eric Bischoff!
    • Bischoff says that he knows because he's the one who is gonna sign him!
    • Bischoff grabs Steph and plants a kiss on her..
    • Steph resists at first but starts to enjoy it..
    • Steph & Bischoff separate reluctantly and looked shocked that they actually liked it..

  15. MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero..
    • After a great back-and-forth match, Chris Benoit runs down and hits Kurt with a title belt!
    • Eddie Guerrero pins Angle and gets the win..
    • Chris Benoit then knocks out both Eddie & Chavo..

  16. HALLOWEEN PARTY: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit -- Brief appearance by Brother Love!
    • Angle enters the room upset looking for Chris Benoit..
    • Angle cannot believe everyone is just living it up while he is getting his head knocked in..
    • Angle crashes the party and the music stops, Angle notices a man in a "Scream" mask..
    • Angle asks the masked person why he had to go and attack him like that..
    • He takes off the mask and it's.... IIIII LOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU! - Brother Love!
    • Benoit attacks Angle from behind and the brawl around the room..
    • Angle gets the anklelock onto Benoit..
    • Angle then gets the angleslam on Benoit through a table knocking them both out!
    • ~~~Replay after the commercial reveals that Benoit smashed a bottle over Angle's head!

  17. NON TITLE MATCH: Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Big Show interfers and picks Rey Mysterio up and tosses his five rows into the audience!
    • Big Show then takes Brock Lesnar and chokeslame him akwardly throw the announce table!
    • Match is rules a NO CONTEST..

  18. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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