December 26, 2002
Tulsa, Oklahoma - Tulsa Convention Center
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Video package of Kurt Angle's shocking turn of events last week on Smackdown!..

  2. IN THE RING: Stephanie McMahon + Big Show + Chris Benoit..
    • Steph says that Kurt Angle vs Big Show will not happen tonight because of Brock Lesnar..
    • Steph says that Kurt Angle will not be able to compete tonight because of injury..
    • Steph says she will show the footage of what happened to Kurt later in the show..
    • Suddenly the Big Show's music hits and out comes the Big Show without Paul Heyman..
    • Steph sarcastically thanks Big Show for interrupting her and asks where his mouthpiece is..
    • Big Show explains that Paul Heyman hasn't arrived yet..
    • Big Show complains about not being named #1 Contender for Kurt Angle's title..
    • Steph says that Big Show will have to face Chris Benoit in a #1 Contenders match tonight..
    • Big Show tells Stephanie that Chris Benoit isn't even in his league!
    • Suddenly Chris Benoit's music hits and out comes the Cippler..
    • Benoit looks up and Big Show and says "You don't even know what I'm capable of!"
    • Big Show says that HE is a GIANT, and Benoit obviously ISN'T..
    • Big Show says that Benoit will have to take him down to his size to beat him..
    • Benoit nails Big Show with a low-blow dropping Big Show to his knees!

  3. MATCH: Bill DeMott vs Crash..
    • DeMott destroys Crash, nuff said..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Dawn Marie & Al Wilson (aka Mr Charasmatic)..
    • Al gives Dawn Marie a bottle of Viagra (for the wedding night)..
    • Dawn gives Al a camcorder to make movies of all their 'adventures' together..
    • Dawn says they can tape their entire honeymoon and watch it over and over and over..
    • Dawn and Al share a really sloppy (icky) kiss..

  5. IN THE RING: Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore..
    • Matt says that Brock Lesnar is the problem that is slowly destroying Smackdown!
    • Matt shows the footage from last week of him and Shannon getting destroyed by Brock..
    • Matt says that his last name is Hardy and he knows what it's like to feel pain..
    • Matt tells Shannon that he should be proud that he didn't give up..
    • Matt challenges Brock Lesnar to a match next week on Smackdown!
    • Matt tells Brock to bring everying because Mattitude is going to a whole new level..
    • Matt suddenly attacks Shannon Moores hip & leg!!

  6. TAG TITLE MATCH: Los Guerreros vs Edge & Billy Kidman..
    • The Guerreros try to get themselves counted out by walking out..
    • The referee gives them a 10-count of they'll lose their titles!
    • The Guerreros then try to get themselves disqualified..
    • The referee restarts the match with a 'no disqualification' stipulation..
    • Kidman nearly gets a pinfall but Eddie breaks it up..
    • A-Train (Albert) runs down to ringside and gives Edge a backbreaker!
    • Eddy hits the frog-splash on Kidman and picks up the win to retain their titles!

  7. FOOTAGE: From last week after Smackdown! went off the air..
    • Kurt Angle, Big Show & Paul Heyman were beating up Brock Lesnar..
    • Brock fought back and speared Big Show and chased Heyman off..
    • Brock nails Big Show with a few chair shots and goes after Angle..
    • Brock F5's Kurt Angle against the ringpost outside the ring, causing angle to scream in pain!
    • Brock then drops Angle knee-first on the gaurdrail as Angle screams in agony!

  8. IN THE RING: Paul Heyman + Kurt Angle + TEAM ANGLE..
    • Paul says that he and Kurt were planning to keep their business relationship private..
    • Paul introduces the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle, who comes out in a cast and braces..
    • Kurt says that he doesn't know how long Paul Heyman lasted with a remorseless animal like Brock..
    • Kurt says that Brock was only successful because of Paul Heyman..
    • Kurt says that he ALSO is an NCAA Champion, and won the WWE title in his first year..
    • Kurt says that the difference is he did it on his own, plus he is an Olympic Gold Medalist!
    • Kurt says that he needs an Agent because he is a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON..
    • Kurt says that Brock knows he is not the Champion he is, and that's why he injured him..
    • Kurt says that he is STILL STANDING and he WILL defend the title at Royal Rumble..
    • Kurt says that Brock will NEVER EVER get a title shot..
    • Kurt says that if Brock gets in his face again, he will take him down like the punk he is!
    • Paul says that he has a plan and introduces "Team Angle"..
    • Paul introduces Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, dressed in Kurt Angle outfits..
    • Kurt shakes the hands of Haas & Benjamin and looks pretty happy..
    • Kurt says that this is a great Christmas present..
    • Kurt says that unlike Brock Lesnar, these two actually have respect!
    • Kurt declares CHECKMATE on Brock Lesnar..

  9. MATCH: Rikishi vs Bling Bling Buchanan..
    • Cena comes down with one of his famous raps before the match..
    • Cena keeps interfering in the match..
    • Cena throws a chain into the ring and distracts the referee..
    • Rikishi gets the chain and uses it to pin B-2..

  10. INTERVIEW: Funaki & Torrie Wilson + Al Wilson..
    • Funaki asks Torrie about her father marrying Dawn Marie next week on Smackdown!
    • Torrie says she thought her father would come to his senses by now..
    • Al Wilson himself shows up and asks how Torrie can say HE broke her heart..
    • Al says that it's always been Torrie Torrie Torrie, but what about HIM?
    • Al says that a strong father-daughter relationship runs on a two-way street..
    • Al says next week he'll do something for himself..
    • Al says that after the wedding, he and Dawn will have a baby and start a family..
    • Al says that he hopes the child won't be a disgrace like Torrie was!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Los Guerreros & John Cena/B-2..
    • Los Guerreros make fun of Cena & B-2..
    • Los Guerreros says they had to work for everything they got..
    • Cena gets all worked up yelling at the Guerreros..
    • Los Guerreros tell him to calm down and not make it a east coast/west coast thing..
    • Los Guerreros continue to mock the rapping duo..

  12. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Chris Benoit.
    • Benoit says that he's proven that size doesn't mean a damn thing to him..
    • Benoit says that he beat Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble..
    • Benoit says that if there is one thing in life that he believes, it's that he's better than Angle..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Big Show & Kurt Angle..
    • Kurt gives Big Show a pep talk in the locker room..
    • Kurt says that it would be an honor to defend the title against the Big Show at Royal Rumble..
    • Kurt says that he cannot go out to the ring cause of his knee, but he'll be there in spirit..

  14. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: The Big Show w/Paul Heyman vs Chris Benoit..
    • Late in the match, Benoit reverses the chokeslam into a pinfall to become #1 Contender!
    • Big Show & Team Angle (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) attack Benoit after the match!
    • Big Show & Team Angle deliver Benoit's beaten body to Kurt Angle, who yells in Benoit's face!
    • Big Show kicks Benoit in the face once more knocking him out..
    • Kurt Angle, Big Show, Paul Heyman, Benjamin & Haas stand over Benoit as the show ends..

  15. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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