January 16, 2003
East Rutherford, New Jersey - Continental Airlines Arena
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

  2. SMACKDOWN KICKS OFF: Dawn Marie..
    • In the continuing saga of Smackdown!'s bullshit, they reveal that Al Wilson died on his honeymoon..
    • Dawn Marie gives a oscaresk performance (not!) talking about the passing of her husbund..
    • Dawn says that she'll present the public viewing of her husbund, Al Wilson..
    • Oh My F'N gezz, we're in for another thrilling night of toilet contents..

  3. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Los Guerreros vs John Cena & B-2..
    • TAPED COMMENTS: Eddie & Chavo bicker about who will win the Royal Rumble..
    • Late in the match, Eddie appears to be injured or knocked silly..
    • Chavo rushes to the finish, hitting a frog-splash on B-2..
    • Chavo checks on Eddie outside the ring as Cena & B-2 get into a fight in the ring!
    • A new guy in full hip hop gear jumps the rail and attacks B-2..
    • The new guy and Cena destroy B-2 and leaving him laying..

  4. INTERVIEW: Chris Benoit..
    • Benoit talks about his injuries, his career, and his ambition to win the WWE title..

  5. ON STAGE: Stephanie McMahon..
    • Stephanie announces (as if we didn't know) that the Undertaker will return at Royal Rumble..
    • Steph also reminds everybody that Brock Lesnar & Big Show will fight for a Rumble spot..
    • Steph announces Big Show & A-Train vs Brock Lesnar & a partner to be named later..

  6. MATCH: Rikishi vs Bill DeMott..
    • DeMott picks up the win after reversing the bonzai drop into a powerbomb!!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Funaki & Billy Kidman + Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore..
    • Funaki asks Kidman for advice on interviewing Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore..
    • Kidman says that Matt Hardy has Shannon Moore completely brainwashed..
    • Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore step and the exchange words and end up brawling..

  8. MATCH: Nunzio w/Noble&Nidia vs Tajiri..
    • Noble tries to interfer but Tajiri kicks him in the head!
    • Nidia tries to distract Tajiri but he hits her with the green mist!
    • Nunzio took advantage and rolled up Tajiri for the win!

  9. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathew & John Cena / Redd Dogg..
    • Josh asks Cena what happened with him and B-2..
    • Cena 'raps' his response, basically introducing his new partner, Redd Dogg..

  10. CRAP: Dawn Marie..
    • Dawn approaches the casket with tears in her eyes and cries on the funeral director's chest..
    • Ohhhhhhh my god this is sooo damn retarded, I refuse to promote this any longer..

  11. GM OFFICE: Stephanie McMahon & Brock Lesnar..
    • Steph is on the phone with Shane McMahon when Brock Lesnar enters the office..
    • Brock says that he doesn't want (or need) a tag team partner..
    • Steph says that she has to protect her investment..
    • Steph says that she wants Brock to beat Big Show this Sunday and win the Royal Rumble..
    • Steph says that Brock will have a partner tonight..

  12. TAG MATCH: Big Show & A-Train w/Paul Heyman vs Brock Lesnar & Rey Mysterio!
    • Rey Mysterio is the mysterio partner!
    • Brock reverses the chokeslam, Rey attacks A-Train and gets a quick pin!
    • Brock & Rey win the match in less than a minute!

  13. MATCH: Matt Hardy w/Shannon Moore vs Funaki w/Billy Kidman..
    • Moore/Kidman brawl outside the ring, distracting the ref as Funaki covers Hardy..
    • Hardy fights back and wins the match after the twist of fate and a little help from Moore..
    • Moore states that "we did it!" and Matt slaps him, saying "i did it!"..

  14. MORE CRAP: Dawn Marie & Torrie Wilson..
    • I refuse to promote this bull shit - click here..

  15. HANDICAP MATCH: Kurt Angle & Team Angle vs Chris Benoit & Edge..
    • The match ends when Chris Benoit goes nuts and puts the Crossface on Angle and refuses to release..
    • The referees pull Benoit off of Kurt..
    • Benoit goes outside and gets Angle's crutch..
    • Benoit whacks Kurt's knee repeatedly with the crutch!
    • Team Angle pulls Kurt out of the ring for the save..
    • Team Angle wins by Disqualification..

  16. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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