January 23, 2003
Albany, New York - Pepsi Arena
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Chavo Guerrero defeats Funaki..
    • Jamie Noble defeats Jeff Starr..
    • Chuck Palumbo defeats River Rat (Spanky)..
    • Billy Kidman defeats Matt Hardy by Disqualification..

  2. SMACKDOWN KICKS OFF: Stephanie McMahon..
    • Steph tells the audience to stay tuned for a "BIG" surprise..

  3. MATCH: Chris Benoit vs Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin..
    • This match is filled with some interesting amature wrestling lockups and takedowns..
    • Benoit gets the pinfall victory over Haas dispite attempted interference by Benjamin..

  4. MATCH: Rikishi vs Bill DeMott..
    • Rikishi extracts revenge on DeMott for last week by defeating him this week..

  5. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Big Show..
    • Josh asks Big Show about the Undertaker's return tonight..
    • Josh asks Big Show if he is at all concerned..
    • Big Show grabs Josh by the face and stares him down and then walks away..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore + Nunzio..
    • Matt says that even though Shannon keeps screwing up but he showed some potential last night..
    • Matt blames Shannon for Matt not winning the Royal Rumble last night..
    • Matt tells Shannon to go get prepared for his match with Nunzio..
    • Matt walks down the hall and finds Nunzio..
    • Matt asks Nunzio to teach Shannon Moore a lesson..
    • Nunzio tells a storm about teaching a buddy of his a lesson the "family" way..

  7. IN THE RING: Undertaker + Big Show..
    • Undertaker says there is way too much talkin' on Smackdown! and not enough asskickin'..
    • Undertaker says he's got only one thing on his mind, and that's revenge..
    • Undertaker says that he's gonna get him "some"..
    • Undertaker shows the footage of Big Show tossing him off the Smackdown! stage..
    • Undertaker calls Big Show to get face-to-face and get his ass kicked..
    • Big Show comes out to the stage..
    • Big Show says that if he walks down that ramp, one of us won't make it back up..
    • Big Show sends out A-Train to take on the Undertaker..

  8. MATCH: Undertaker vs A-Train..
    • Undertaker wins after a hard-fought match..

  9. MATCH: Edge vs Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas..
    • Edge pulls out the victory..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Team Angle..
    • Kurt is lecturing Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin for losing their matches tonight..
    • Kurt says that being a member of Team Angle means they are represtent HIM..
    • Kurt tells the two to wake up and smell the freekin' coffee..
    • Kurt tells the two to sit there and watch how Kurt gets the job done..
    • Kurt says that he is embarassed and ashamed of the two..

  11. MATCH: Nunzio vs Shannon Moore w/Matt Hardy..
    • Nunzio wins after reversing the twist of fate..
    • Matt gets in the ring and chases Shannon Moore up the ramp..
    • Matt gets back in the ring and shakes Nunzio's hand..

  12. PROMO: Brock Lesnar..
    • Brock says everybody knows he's accomplished a lot since entering the WWE..
    • Brock says that he is goal oriented and did everything he set out to do..
    • Brock talks about being screwed by Paul Heyman and beaten by the Big Show..
    • Brock says his new goals are to F5 Paul Heyman and then beat Kurt Angle for the WWE title..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Rey Mysterio + Shannon Moore + Matt Hardy..
    • Rey puts his mask on, preparing for his match..
    • Shannon Moore runs by and hides in a production box..
    • Matt Hardy runs in looking for Shannon, saying that running is only going to make it worse..

  14. NON TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Angle wins the match, and puts the anklelock on afterwards, refusing to release it..
    • Edge runs down to save his buddy, Rey, as Angle backs up the ramp..
    • Benoit springs down and attacks Angle!
    • Benoit throws Angle in the ring so Edge, Benoit & Rey can triple team him!
    • Everyone expects Team Angle to make the save, but Angle told them to stay in the lockerroom..

  15. BACKSTAGE: Funaki & Stephanie McMahon..
    • Funaki asks what Stephanie's surprise will be..
    • Steph says that her surprise isn't a "what" but a "who"..
    • Steph says that Funaki will have to wait just like everybody else..
    • Steph sends Funaki out the foor and admires a Hulkamania poster on the wall..

  16. IN THE RING: Hulkamania + Vince McMahon..
    • Stephanie's big surprise is none other than the return of Hulkamania!!!!!
    • Hulk comes to the ring and enjoys a 12 minute standing ovation with chants of HOGAN! HOGAN!
    • Hulk is once again brought to tears by the reaction of the thousands of Hulkamaniacs..
    • Hulk starts off with "Okay Hulkamaniacs! You ARE my life.. I admit it!"
    • Hulk announces that he just signed a brand new contract with the WWE..
    • Hulk says that Hulkamania is back and it's going to run wild all over the world..
    • Hulk says he has a lot of unfinished business in the WWE, not to mention some new business..
    • Hulk talks about walking into battle with the "forces of evil"..
    • Hulk says that this might be their very last journey together..
    • Hulk says that he will not let down the Hulkamaniacs..
    • Hulk says if it IS our last journey, let it be the GREATEST of them all!!!
    • Suddenly, Vince McMahon's "No Chance In Hell" music hits and out comes Vincamania..
    • Vince says that he's terrible disappointed in Stephanie for making Hogan her big surprise..
    • Vince says that Hulkamania and Al Wilson have one thing in common, they're both DEAD!
    • Hulk says that Vince has just given him an idea..
    • Hulk says that the first WWE superstar he wants to take on is VINCE MCMAHON!
    • Vince says that he doesn't answer to Hulk Hogan, and sure as hell don't answer to the fans..
    • Vince says he only answers to one supreme being, and his name is Vincient Kennedy McMahon..
    • Hulk says he would like to help Vince make up his mind..
    • Hulk knocks Vince down and out with one punch!
    • Hulk rips off his Hulkamania shirt and throws it on Vince's face!

  17. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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