January 30, 2003
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Funaki defeats jobber..
    • Nathan Jones d Kanyon..
    • Jamie Noble defeats Mike Bucci (Nova)..
    • Nunzio defeats Chuck Palumbo..
    • Redd Dogg defeats Chavo Guerrero..

    • Recap of the return of Hulkamania last week..

  3. OPENING MATCH: A-Train vs Rey Mysterio..
    • A-Train prooves too powerful for Rey Mysterio..
    • A-Train wins the match after a brutal Train-Wreck backbreaker..

  4. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Paul Heyman..
    • Paul says that the Big Show will not be taking on the Undertaker tonight..
    • Paul says that Undertaker isn't seeking a match, but instead seeks revenge..
    • Paul says the Undertaker will be very dissapointed to hear that Big Show has the night off!

  5. MATCH: Eddie Guerrero w/Chavo vs John Cena w/Redd Dogg..
    • Eddy wins after Chavo pushes Cena off the top rope, and Eddie hit a frog-splash..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Brian Kendrick (Spanky)..
    • Heyman interrupts Spanky, who is telling jokes to a couple of his friends..
    • Heyman introduces himself to Kendrick and offers a 'big break'..
    • Heyman says he's got a job for him!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Vince McMahon..
    • Stephanie was trying to get ahold of her father, when Vince himself comes up behind her!
    • Vince asks Steph what she was thinking bringing Hulk Hogan back to Smackdown!
    • Steph says that he should be more upset with Eric Bischoff, who is bring back Steve Austin..
    • Steph says that Vince hired her as GM because she's aggressive and ruthless!
    • Steph compares her vendetta with Bischoff to when Vince was battling him..
    • Vince says he's going to the ring to announce his own big surprise..

  8. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Billy Kidman vs Shannon Moore w/Matt Hardy..
    • Kidman wins after hitting a shooting star press..
    • Matt enters the ring and attacks Kidman after the match with the twist of fate..
    • Matt order Shannon Moore out of the ring..
    • The crowd chants "Hardy Sucks!" before Matt nails a second twist of fate on Kidman!

  9. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon + The Rock..
    • Vince comes out to chants of "Hogan! Hogan! Hogan! Hogan! Hogan!"..
    • Vince says he'll walk right out of here if they don't stop 'that crap'!
    • Vince corrected himself from last week when he said Hulkamania was dead..
    • Vince rephrases, saying that Hulkamania is on life support..
    • Vince says that Hulk is a ruthless business man and a bottom feeding human being..
    • Vince says that he will kill Hulkamania once and for all..
    • Vince says he can't beleive the fans beleive Hulk's crap..
    • Vince says that he created Hulkamania and the fans owe him, and Hulk Hogan owes him..
    • Vince announces that Hulk Hogan will take on the Rock at No Way Out!!
    • The Rock comes up on the big screen via sattelite (although it's obviously taped)..
    • The Rock cuts a "HEEL" promo on the city of Green Bay & Hulk Hogan..

  10. MATCH: Rikishi vs Bill DeMott..
    • DeMott wins after countering the DDT and using the ropes to pin Rikishi..

  11. IN THE RING: The Undertaker + Paul Heyman + Brian Kendrick..
    • Undertaker challenges Big Show to be a man and walk down and fight him!
    • Paul Heyman comes out to the stage and informs Undertaker thet Big Show is not here tonight..
    • Paul Heyman says that Big Show has a personal messege for Undertaker..
    • Brian Kendrick (Spanky) drives out on a little girls bike dressed as a messege boy..
    • Brian, shaking in his boots, says he has a singing telegram from the Undertaker..
    • Brian sings an apology song to Undertaker from Big Show..
    • Undertaker looks back up and Paul Heyman on the stage with a messege for Big Show..
    • Undertaker says that when Big Show finally comes face-to-face with Taker, he WILL be sorry!
    • Brian Kendrick motions to Undertaker for a tip..
    • Undertaker says that he's got a lot of guts, and if there's one thing he likes, it's guts!
    • Undertaker reaches into his wallet and gives Brian a 100 dollars!
    • Undertaker asks Brian to sing his song just one more time..
    • Brian starts to sing a again, but Undertaker kicks him and gives him the last ride!!!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Team Angle..
    • Angle gives Team Angle a motivational speech about their match tonight against Edge & Benoit..
    • Angle says although he's beat Edge & Benoit many times, it's not as easy as it looks!
    • Angle quotes Vince Lombardi, saying winning is the most important thing, it's the only thing!
    • Angle hugs Team Angle saying he loves them!

  13. #1 TAG TEAM CONTENDERS MATCH: Team Angle w/Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit & Edge..
    • Team Angle pulls out an upset victory with help from Captain Kurt!

  14. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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