February 6, 2003
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - First Union Center
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • John Cena defeats Bryan Danielson (American Dragon)..
    • Nunzio vs Funaki..
    • Bill DeMott defeats Phil Brown..
    • Edge defeats A-Train..

    • We see a big wooden box hung over the ring by a cran with a bow and says TO UNDERTAKER..

  3. OPENING MATCH: Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble w/Nidia..
    • Rey wins with the West Coast Pop in a very exciting opening bout..

  4. VIA SATELITE: The Rock..
    • The Rock (nearly bald) appears on the big screen..
    • The Rock cuts a 'heel' promo on the city of Philadephia..
    • The Rock says that he couldn't help but notice the fans booing him lately..yes
    • The Rock says that that doesn't matter because the Rock will always entertain the fans..
    • The Rock says that there is one man the fans have never booed... Hulk Hogan!
    • The Rock says that he's lay the Smackdown! on Hulk Hogan's ass at No Way Out..

  5. MATCH: Nunzio vs Rikishi..
    • Rikishi wins after the stinkface and the Bonzai Drop..
    • Rikishi tried to dance after the match but Nunzio gets on the mic..
    • Nunzio gets the mic and asks Rikishi if he's trying to disrespect him..
    • Nunzio says that that won't set well with the "people he's with"..

  6. ON STAGE: Paul Heyman + Undertaker + Brother Love..
    • Paul gets the crane operator to lift the big wooden box and place it back into the ring..
    • Paul says that the Big Show is not here tonight..
    • Paul says that the contents of the box is a gift from the Big Show to the Undertaker..
    • The Undertaker comes down and chases Paul Heyman off and looks curiously at the big box..
    • The Undertaker opens the door of the box and finds none-other-than BROTHER LOVE!!!
    • Brother Love says that he is so happy to see the Undertaker again..
    • Brother Love remembers that he originally brought the Undertaker to the WWF..
    • Brother Love gives his "Love" promo until Undertaker hauls off and chokeslams him!!
    • Undertaker finishes Brother Love off with a Tombstone..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Hulk Hogan & Brock LEsnar..
    • Hulk Hogan walks around backstage and shakes the hands of two young guys (as if he does that for real)..
    • Hulk then runs into Brock Lesnar, who gives Hogan a cocky "Welcome Back" and a smile..

  8. NON TITLE MATCH: Billy Kidman (CW Champ) vs Matt Hardy w/Shannon Moore..
    • Kidman reverses the twist of fate into a pinfall for the upset victory!
    • Hardy tells Michael Cole & Tazz that he will lose some weight to qualify as a Cruiserweight..
    • Hardy says that next time he meets up with Billy Kidman, he'll take away the CW Title!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle vs Team Angle..
    • Kurt gives Shelton & Charlie a pep talk before their Tag Team title match..

  10. WWE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Los Guerreros vs Team Angle w/Paul Heyman..
    • Eddy hits the frog-splash on Benjamin but Benjamin isn't the legal man!
    • Haas rolls up Eddie for the upset victory to win the WWE Tag Team Titles!

  11. IN THE RING: Hulk Hogan + The Rock (on screen)..
    • Hogan comes out and TRIES to instigate another 15 minute ovation but the crowd doesn't fall for it..
    • Before Hogan can speak, The Rock pops up on the big screen VIA satelite..
    • The Rock says he can't wait to face Hulk Hogan at No Way Out..
    • The Rock says he's gonna sit back and relax and listen to what Hulk has to say..
    • Hogan begins to talk, as the Rock yawns and interrupts Hulk and mocks Hulkamania..
    • The Rock tells Hogan not to bore the fans with the "Vitimins and Posing schtick"..
    • The Rock says he's got to go, and leaves the big screen..
    • Hogan gets back to his business and says that Vince McMahon said that Hulkamania was on life support..
    • Hogan says that he believes that Vince McMahon is "full of sh*t"!
    • Hogan says that Vince McMahon is scared to death to get in the ring with Hulk Hogan..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Sean O'Haire & Brian Kendrick..
    • Sean O'Haire convince Brian to streak Smackdown!..
    • After the commercial, we see Brian Kendrick run down NAKED (with a scarf)..
    • A referee chases him around the announce table a few times..
    • Brian jumps the rail, runs through the crowd and out of view..

  13. MATCH: Albert vs Shannon Moore..
    • Albert squashes Moore in like 30 seconds..

  14. MORE STREAKER: Brian Kendrick..
    • Suddenly the streaker is back through the crowd, and into the ring!
    • A crew of referees chase him around, under the ring and they finally corner him..
    • Brian escapes through the legs of security and runs up the stage!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon + Brian Kendrick..
    • Steph on the phone asking someone if Bischoff really did sign Steve Austin..
    • We see Brian Kendrick running through the halls and escapes into Steph's office!
    • Steph stands there looking at the naked newcomer..
    • Brian introduces himself just as the officials barge in and drag him out of the office..

  16. PROMO: John Cena..
    • John Cena comes out and raps a "challenge" to Brock Lesnar for next week..

  17. INTERVIEW: Chris Benoit + Kurt Angle..
    • Chris talks about getting a standing ovation at Royal Rumble dispite losing his match..
    • Chris says that all he could think was that he let his family down..
    • Chris says that when he went home, his wife and son told him how proud they were of him..
    • Chris says that he will never stop this quest for the ..........
    • Kurt interrupts and says that he is married to the WWE title..
    • Kurt says that his gold medels are his children..
    • Kurt says that when Chris messes with him, he's messing with his wife and kids..
    • Chris says that he looks forward to one day taking Kurt's family away from him..

  18. NON TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman vs Chris Benoit..
    • Benoit's eye gets busted open and bloodied during the match..
    • Kurt pulls out the victory after yet another classic match between the two..
    • Kurt offers to shake Benoit's hand..
    • Benoit hesitates but shakes Kurt's hand..
    • Team Angle attacks Benoit from behind!!
    • Edge runs down but he is taken out as well..
    • Brock runs down and cleans house..

  19. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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