March 20, 2003
Louisville, Kentucky - Freedom Hall
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway beat Rene Dupree & Lance Cade (dark match)..
    • Sean O'Haire beat Kanyon w/Jackie Gayda (dark match)..
    • Nunzio w/Stamboli/Palumbo defeats Tajiri..
    • A-Train w/Big Show squashed Funaki..

  2. KICKS OFF: Tribute to the forces fighting in Iraq tonight..
    • Clips of various musicians singing the national anthem at past Wrestlemanias..
    • Also photos of WWE Superstars while visiting Armed Forces..
    • Recap of last week's Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar match..

  3. MATCH: Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin vs Rhyno w/Chris Benoit..
    • Late in the match, Rhyno sets up for the Gore, but Shelton Benjamin trips him..
    • Charlie Haas runs in and whacks Rhyno with the title belt causing the DQ..
    • Chris Benoit runs in to save Rhyno from a double team..

  4. USELESS: Bob Costas..
    • Interview with Bob Costas saying that Vince vs Hulk is a battle of the ages..
    • Bob says that their issues have to be settled, and settled in public..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Brian Kendricks..
    • Steph says that she was angry when Brian was revealed as the Pittsburgh Penguin last week..
    • Steph says that Brian is a liability because he is not a part of the Smackdown! roster..
    • Brian apoligizes saying that he just wanted to impress her..
    • Steph says that if Brian can beat Shannon Moore tonight he will get a spot on the roster..

  6. TAPED: John Cena..
    • John Cena gives his weekly rap and issues and open challenge at Wrestlemania 19..

  7. LIE, CHEAT & STEAL: Los Guerreros..
    • Another hilarious skit featuring Eddie & Chavo Guerrero, this time on a golf course..

  8. SIX MAN TAG: Rikishi & Los Guerreros vs The Full Blooded Italians..
    • Rikishi hits Palumbo with a sevat kick and Eddie hits a frogsplash for the win!

  9. INTERVIEW: Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!
    • The Brain says he's not sure Vince would be Vince without Hulk and visa versa..
    • The Brain says that both of them are motivated by Money & Power..
    • The Brain says that their match at Wrestlemania is gonna be great!

  10. MATCH: Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Rey Mysterio wins with the 619 followed by the West Coast Pop..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Kurt & Eric Angle..
    • Kurt tells his brother, Eric, that what Brock did last week was very unnecessary..
    • Kurt says that they're going to go out and give Brock Lesnar a piece of their minds!

  12. IN THE RING: Kurt & Eric Angle (leg in a cast with crutches) + Stephanie McMahon + Brock Lesnar..
    • Kurt brags that he's STILL the WWE champion..
    • Kurt says that he's the greatest athlete the WWE has ever seen, not to mention the smartest..
    • Kurt tells Eric that he's the best brother a guy could have, and loves him, and gives him a hug!
    • Eric says that their mom was right, Kurt doesn't suck! (Crowd chants "You Suck!")
    • Kurt addresses Brock Lesnar saying that nobody lays their hands on his brother!
    • Kurt says that Brock isn't the "Next Big Thing", he's the "Next Big Loser"!
    • Kurt says that Brock is a disgrace to Amature & Professional wrestling..
    • Kurt says that he wants an apology for what he did to Eric last week on Smackdown!..
    • Instead, Stephanie McMahon's NEW music hits and out comes the GM..
    • Steph says that if anybody tries to interfer, or if Kurt gets DQ'd or CO, he'll lose the title..
    • Steph says that Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar are the finest athletes the WWE has ever seen..
    • Kurt says he'll do it, but not for the people, he's gonna do it for HIMSELF!
    • Kurt tells Stephanie that they're not going anywhere until Brock Lesnar comes out and apoligizes..
    • Brock Lesnar comes out and slides into the ring..
    • Kurt pushes his injured brother into the path of of Brock Lesnar's clothesline..
    • Kurt smashes a crutch over Brock's head!
    • Kurt gives Brock a big AngleSlam through a steel chair!
    • Kurt locks Brock into a variation of a camel clutch and refuses to break the hold..
    • Kurt chases all the referees away and circles a fallen Brock Lesnar before departing the ring..

  13. MATCH: Undertaker vs Bill DeMott..
    • Undertaker defeats DeMott, but I'm not telling you anything you don't already know..

  14. BACKSTAGE: Brock Lesnar..
    • Brock Lesnar is recieving medical attention, putting ice on his ribs..

  15. MATCH: Shannon Moore w/Matt Hardy vs Brian Kendricks..
    • Brian Kendrick scores a victory with help from Rey Mysterio, who took out Matt Hardy!
    • Brian Kendrick earns a spot on the WWE Smackdown! roster..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & his Attorny..
    • Vince is going over the Wrestlemania contract with his Attorny making sure everything is in order..

  17. MATCH: Chris Benoit w/Rhyno vs Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas..
    • Chris Benoit makes Benjamin tap out to the crossface with Rhyno preventing Haas from interfering..

  18. INTERVIEW: Jesse "The Body" Ventura..
    • Jesse says that the one thing about Wrestlemania is that there's never been a bad one..
    • Jesse says that competition isn't bad, it's good..
    • Jesse says people walk away from Wrestlemania physically and psychologically drained..

  19. CONTRACT SIGNING: Mean Gene Okerland + Hulk Hogan + Vince McMahon..
    • Mean Gene gives his personal thoughts on Wrestlemania before introducing Hulk Hogan..
    • Hulk reminds everybody that he said if he loses to Vince, that he'll retire for good..
    • Hulk says that there's no way he's gonna let Hulkamania die!
    • Hulk says that it was all of the Hulkamaniacs who "made" Vince McMahon..
    • Mean Gene then introduces Vince McMahon..
    • Vince McMahon tells the crew backstage to watch the monitors cause it's gonna be good!
    • Vince sneaks up behind Hulk Hogan with a steel chair and whacks him in the back!
    • ~~~The clip in the back must have been pre-taped to trick Hogan..
    • Vince whacks Hulk a few more times with the chair..
    • Vince says that it's been 20 years in the making!
    • Hulk makes his way to his feet one more time, before Vince brutally whacks him once more!
    • Vince grabs the contract and signs his name on the dotted line..
    • Vince gets down on his knees and stabs Hulk in the forehead with a pen!!
    • Vince forces Hulk Hogan to sign the contract with his own blood!

  20. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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