May 1, 2003
Manchester, New Hampshire
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Rikishi defeated Arch Kincaide..
    • Crash Holly defeated Jamie Noble..
    • Tajiri defeated Jason Pacaro..
    • A-Train defeated Bill Demott..

  2. TAG MATCH: Los Guerreros vs Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore w/Crash..
    • Los Guerreros come down to the ring with the WWE Tag Team title belts that they stole at Backlash..
    • Los Guerreros win the match by cheating (Babyfaces who Lie, Cheat & Steal -- Welcome to 2003)..
    • Team Mattitude attacks Los Guerreros after the match but the Guerreros throw them out of the ring..
    • Team Angle runs down and tries to sneak attack but Los Guerreros fight them off too!

  3. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Stephanie McMahon + Team Angle..
    • Josh asks Stephanie who Mr. America really is..
    • Stephanie says she signed Mr. America without meeting him, so she doesn't know who he is..
    • Stephanie says she is going to find out who it is right now..
    • Team Angle comes in and demands Stephanie do something about Los Guerreros..
    • Stephanie says that Los Guerreros will return the belts by the end of the night..
    • Stephanie also announces that Team Angle will face Los Guerreros in a ladder match at Judgement Day!
    • Stephanie enters Mr. America's dressing room..
    • They show a recap of the Big Show brutally assulting Rey Mysterio at Backlash..
    • Stephanie comes out of Mr. America's dressing room with a very shocked and worried look on her face..

  4. MATCH: The Big Show vs Funaki..
    • Big Show says that everybody has been telling him to "pick on somebody your own size"..
    • Big Show states that nobody is "his size" so he's picked his opponent for tonight..
    • Big Show says that he's bigger than Rey Mysterio..
    • Funaki's music hits and out comes Funaki..
    • Funaki gets some brief offense in but Big Show mostly dominates..
    • Big Show demolishes Funaki and holds him up for the chokeslam but decides to set him down..
    • Big Show then brutally clotheslines Funaki and picks up the victory..
    • After the commercial, Big Show walks down a hall backstage as everybody watches in disgust..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & "Jason"..
    • Stephanie is sitting in her office, zoning out with something important on her mind..
    • A crew member named Jason comes in and informs Stephanie that Vince McMahon is on his way..

  6. IN THE RING: John Cena + Brian Kendrick..
    • Cena says he had to call the cops after Backlash cause he was robbed!
    • Cena raps further about his match with Brock Lesnar blamming his loss on the referee..
    • Kendrick comes out with a clock around his neck and clothes 8 sizes too big..
    • Kendrick says that we can call him "Spanky McBarrelscrappins" but we can call him Spanky..
    • Kendrick pulls out the most entertaining WWE segment of the past year by doing his OWN rap!
    • Referee Brian Hebner supplies the beat for Kenrick's rap..
    • Cena gets upset and attacks Brian Kendrick..

  7. MATCH: Chris Benoit vs Johnny Stamboli w/Nunzio & Palumbo..
    • The FBI continuously interfers until Rhyno comes down to even the odds..
    • The referee orders that the match continue as a Tag Team Match..

  8. TAG MATCH: Chris Benoit & Rhyno vs The Full Blooded Italians w/Nunzio..
    • At some point, Nunzio was laid out on the outside of the ring..
    • The FBI picked up the victory after Nunzio reached and whacked Chris Benoit..

  9. PARKKING LOT: Stephanie McMahon + Brock Lesnar..
    • Stephanie McMahon trying to get ahold of Vince on the cell phone and leaves a messege..
    • Stephanie tells her father there is no need for him to come to the arena tonight..
    • Brock Lesnar arrives and Stephanie said she thought she gave Brock the night off?!
    • Brock tells her that he has some business to take care of..

  10. IN THE RING: Brock Lesnar + The Big Show..
    • Brock Lesnar comes out and gives credit to John Cena for giving him "one hell of a fight" at Backlash..
    • Brock says that something else happened at Backlash that really disturbed him..
    • Brock says that what Big Show did to Rey Mysterio was completely gutless..
    • Brock then calls out the Big Show..
    • Big Show came out to the stage and says he won't step into the ring unless the WWE title is on the line..

  11. TAG (NON TITLE) MATCH: Team Angle vs John Walters & Aaron Stevens (return of the jobbers?!)..
    • Team Angle comes out with the big Kurt Angle portrait with Gold Medels hanging off of them..
    • Team Angle easily win the match and throws the jobbers from the ring..

  12. IN THE RING: Team Angle & Los Guerreros..
    • Charlie Haas gets on the mic and address Los Guerreros and the Tag Team title belts..
    • Charlie said the Guerreros tradition is stealing, but Team Angle's tradition is winning..
    • Los Guerreros comes down to the ring with the title belts..
    • Eddy admits that stealing the belts was bad and they feel really really bad..
    • Eddy promises to never steal anything that belongs to Team Angle again..
    • Eddy & Chavo lay the titles on the ground and step back..
    • Team Angle cautiously reach down and retrieve their belts..
    • Los Guerreros leave the ring..
    • Charlie Haas tells Los Guerreros that they will never see the belts again!
    • Chavo says that they may not be WWE Champions, but they are Olympic Gold Medalists!
    • Team Angle realizes Los Guerreros stole Kurt Angle's Gold Medels off of the portrait!!

  13. BACKSTAGE: Torrie Wilson & Sable..
    • Torrie says that she doesn't want to team with Sable tonight..
    • Sable says that Stephanie McMahon made the match, and she thinks they can be great partners!
    • Sable tells Torrie that last week was only a taste of what she can do when she doesn't get what she wants..
    • Sable hopes they get along tonight because they play for the same team!

  14. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Torrie Wilson & Sable vs Dawn Marie & Nidia w/Jamie Noble..
    • Torrie wrestles most of the match, then crawls to her corner but Sable refuses to tag!!
    • Sable gets off the apron and walks away from Torrie..
    • Dawn Marie makes Torrie tap out to the One Legged Camel Clutch..

  15. PARKING LOT: Stephanie McMahon + Vince McMahon..
    • Stephanie is on the phone leaving a messege for Vince to meet her a the hotel for dinner..
    • Vince shows up in a limo and says he can't wait to miss this Mr. America!
    • Stephanie says that she wants Vince to know she signed him before seeing who it was!

  16. PIPERS PIT: Roddy Piper & Sean O'Haire + Mr America + Vince McMahon..
    • Piper says he heard Chris Jericho call him "fat" on RAW..
    • Piper says that he could lose weight, but Chris Jericho will never have talent..
    • Piper says when he heard about Mr. America, he knew he should debut on Piper's Pit!
    • Suddenly, "Real American" plays on the speakers and out comes Mr. America!
    • Mr. America is obviously Hulk Hogan under a mask, they're not trying to hide that fact..
    • Piper says that America is the land of the free, not the land of the stupidity..
    • Piper says that this is NOT Mr. America, and knows for a fact that it's Hulk Hogan!
    • Mr. America says that that's the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard, DUDE!
    • Mr. America says that he is freedom, justice, and liberty for all!
    • Mr. America says he stands for what makes this country great..
    • Mr. America says that he is NOT HULK HOGAN..
    • Suddenly, Vince McMahon comes out to the ring with a very angry scowl on his face..
    • Vince McMahon says he suspended Hulk Hogan indefinitly and orders he go home now!
    • Vince McMahon tells Hulk Hogan that he's going to send him home again!
    • Vince McMahon says he'll send Hulk Hogan with a lawsuit because he breached his contract!
    • Mr. America says it sounds like Hulk Hogan gave Vince a serious case of brain damage at Wrestlemania..
    • Mr. America says that he is NOT HULK HOGAN, he is MR AMERICA!!
    • Vince McMahon changes his mind and states that this isn't Hulk Hogan, it really is Mr. America!
    • Vince McMahon assumes that Mr. America signed a WWE contract..
    • Vince McMahon tells Mr. America to read his lips.. YOU'RE FIRED!!!!
    • Mr. America says that he signed an iron-clad contract with Stephanie McMahon..
    • Mr. America says that there isn't a damn thing Vince McMahon can do about it!
    • Vince McMahon is not happy..
    • Vince McMahon says that they are going to rip the mask off of Mr. America's face!
    • Mr. America asks Vince "Whatcha gonna do when the 24 Patriots run wild on you?!"..
    • Sean O'Haire attacks Mr. America, but he fights back and lays out Vince McMahon!!
    • Mr. America gets an Amerian flag and waves it on his way out with confedy calling from the sky!

  17. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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