June 5, 2003
Anaheim, California - The Pond
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Ultimo Dragon defeats Shannon Moore (dark)..
    • Billy Gunn defeats Solo (dark)..
    • Sean O'Haire defeats Spanky..
    • Crash defeats Orlando Jordan..
    • A-Train defeated Funaki..
    • Bill DeMott defeated A-Train..

  2. PIPER'S PIT: Roddy Piper & Sean O'Haire + Vince McMahon + Mr. America & Zack Gowan..
    • Roddy Piper talks about Zack Gowan having a dream to become a wrestler, saying he is a special kid..
    • Roddy Piper says he's been wrestling for 30 years and nobody ever called him SPECIAL!
    • Roddy Piper introduces "the Man with the Dream" Zack Gowan but Vince McMahon stomps out instead..
    • Vince McMahon says that last week he said things were going to change for the better on Smackdown!
    • Vince McMahon say sthat he was wrong about Zack Gowan, and that he is indeed special..
    • Vince McMahon says that he will give Zack Gowan an opportunity to earn a WWE contract!
    • Zack Gowan & Mr. America come out to the ring..
    • Vince McMahon tells Zack Gowan that he questions his choice of friends and heros..
    • Vince McMahon tells Zack Gowan that there is only one person that can give him what he wants..
    • Vince McMahon says that he'll face Zack Gowan in an arm wrestling match for Smackdown! contract..
    • Vince McMahon then shoves Zack Gowan to the mat and escapes the ring..

  3. ANGLE CLASSICS #1: Kurt Angle sprays the Alliance with Milk!

  4. MATCH: The Undertaker vs Chuck Palumbo w/Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli..
    • Late in the match, a strand of toilet paper appears from the cuff of Undertaker's pants (announcers ignore it)..
    • The Undertaker eventually pins Chuck Palumbo but gets triple teamed after the bell!
    • The Undertaker got his hands on a chair and chased the FBI away..

  5. TRIBUTE: Michael Cole & Taz..
    • Michael Cole & Tazz introduce an amazing tribute video to Classy Freddy Blassie..

  6. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri vs The Basham Brothers..
    • Michael Cole reports that Team Angle has called in sick (ironic as Kurt Angle returns tonight)..
    • Tajiri stiffkicks Doug Basham in the head and pins him to retain the tag team titles..

  7. ANGLE CLASSICS: Kurt Angle plays the guitar with Steve Austin..

  8. IN THE RING: Kurt Angle + Big Show + Brock Lesnar..
    • Kurt Angle makes his anticipated return to the ring after neck surgery only two months ago..
    • Kurt Angle is so happy to here the fans chant "You Suck!" and makes them do it again!
    • Kurt Angle says he is really happy to be back inside a WWE ring!
    • Kurt Angle says that he is a champion, and wants to become a champion again..
    • Kurt Angle says that one guy went out of his way to be his friend during the past two months..
    • Suddenly the Big Show comes out to the ring shaking his head and smiling..
    • Big Show says he doesn't give a damn that Kurt Angle is back in the WWE..
    • Big Show says that Kurt Angle hasn't earned his respect..
    • Big Show tells Kurt Angle to "get in line" for a WWE title shot..
    • Big Show says that Kurt doesn't want to fight him, cause he'll put him in the hospital for good..
    • Kurt Angle jokes about Big Show's bad breath..
    • Kurt Angle gets up on the second rope and yells down at Big Show!
    • Kurt Angle says he won a Gold Medel & wrestled at Wrestlemania with a broken neck, and not afraid of Big Show!
    • Big Show grabs Kurt Angle by the neck and drags him down!
    • Brock Lesnar's music hits and the WWE Champion comes out to the ring..
    • Big Show steps out of the ring and leaves, knowing he has a title shot next week on Smackdown!
    • Kurt Angle tells Brock Lesnar that he didn't exactly need his help with the Big Show..
    • Kurt Angle questions Brock Lesnar's chances of defeating Big Show next week..
    • Brock Lesnar says that after he beats Big Show, the next title shot is for Kurt Angle..
    • Kurt Angle thanks Brock Lesnar for all his support in the last two months and such a great match at Wrestlemania..

  9. MATCH: Chris Benoit vs John Cena..
    • Rhyno runs down and stops John Cena from using the chain on Chris Benoit..
    • Rhyno tries to punch John Cena but inadvertantly knocks Chris Benoit out with the chain!
    • John Cena covers up and gets the pinfall victory..

  10. MIXED TAG TEAM MATCH: Rikishi & Torrie Wilson vs Jamie Noble & Nidia..
    • Torrie pins Nidia after Nidia got the stinkface from Rikishi..

  11. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Rey Mysterio..
    • Rey says that his injured groin is fine and he is ready for his Cruiserweight title match..
    • Rey says that he's bringing the Cruiserweight title home, to the WEST COAST!
    • Eddie Guerrero enters and says that they're wearing Rey shirts to support him..
    • Eddy tells Rey Mysterio not to come back to the dressing room without Cruiserweight Gold..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Vince McMahon + Sable..
    • Stephanie questions Vince's motivations challenging Zack Gowan to an Arm Wrestling Match..
    • Stephanie says that if Vince isn't going to give Zack a contract, than she will!
    • Vince tells Stephanie that if she hires Zack Gowan than she's fired!
    • Vince tells Stephanie that he has hired a new Assistance-GM for Stephanie..
    • Vince brings Stephanie into her office and introduces her to Sable!
    • Stephanie remembers how Sable sued the WWE for 10 Million Dollars for Sexual Harrassment!
    • Vince says that that was then, and this is now..
    • Vince says that Stephanie is just jealous of Sable's looks..

  13. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Matt Hardy w/Crash & Shannon Moore vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Rey Mysterio's family (wife, 'masked' son & 2-yr-old daughter) are sitting in the front row..
    • A few minutes into the match, the referee ejects Crash & Shannon Moore from ringside..
    • Rey uses the twist of fate on Matt Hardy, then hits the 619!
    • Rey pulls off the West Coast Pop but over the top rope to the outside..
    • Matt Hardy gets up and grabs the belt, but the referee comes out and stops him from bringing it in..
    • Crash & Shannon run back down and attack Rey Mysterio from behind!
    • Matt Hardy hits a top rope leg drop but Rey kicks out after a two-count!!
    • Rey Mysterio scores a surprise rollup pinfall to win the Cruiserweight title!!!!!!!
    • Rey's son jumps the rail and enters the ring to celebrate with his father..

  14. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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