July 17, 2003
Columbus, Ohio - Nationwide Arena
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Carly Colon defeated ?..
    • Spanky & Funaki defeated the Full Blooded Italians..
    • Albert defeated Orlando Jordan..
    • The Basham Brothers defeated Johnny Jeter & Matt Cappotelli..
    • Nidia defeated Dawn Marie..

  2. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon + Brock Lesnar..
    • Vince McMahon reviews the recent events in the Zack Gowan saga from recent weeks..
    • Vince McMahon says that he taught Brock Lesnar a lesson last week that he'll never forget..
    • Vince McMahon says that Kurt Angle will be taught a lesson this week..
    • Suddenly, Brock Lesnar's music hits and Brock comes out to the ring interrupting the BOSS!
    • Vince NcNahon reminds Brock Lesnar not to "cross the boss"..
    • Brock Lesnar says that he's not here to cross the boss, he's there to BEAT the boss!
    • Brock Lesnar challenges Vince McMahon to a 1-on-1 match tonight!
    • Vince McMahon accepts the challenge, but not for tonight..
    • Vince McMahon says he knows Brock Lesnar's ribs are injured, and won't fight him tonight..
    • Vince McMahon then informs Brock Lesnr that he has the night off..
    • Vince McMahon says if Brock Lesnar interferes in Kurt Angle's match then he'll be stripped of the title!
    • Brock Lesnar says he understands that he cannot F5 Vince McMahon, but instead says "F.U.!"

  3. UNITED STATES TITLE Tournament: Chris Benoit vs Matt Hardy..
    • Matt Hardy got his nose brutally busted open and had a lot of blood on the lower part of his face..
    • Chris Benoit eventually won by making Matt Hardy tap out to the crippler crossface..

  4. OFFICE: Vince McMahon & Stephanie McMahon..
    • Vince McMahon is bragging on the phone about intimidating Zack Gowan and Brock Lesnar..
    • Stephanie McMahon says that she expected to see Sable here tonight..
    • Vince McMahon says Sable is a very safe environment to protect Stephanie..
    • Vince McMahon says Sable has a peace offering for Stephanie, a bottle of Midole (for Mentral Pain)..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Brock Lesnar & Kurt Angle..
    • Kurt Angle catches up to Brock Lesnar on his way out of the building to try to stop him..
    • Kurt Angle says that he has to get ready for his handicap match with Big Show & The World's Greatest Tag Team..
    • Brock Lesnar recomments that Kurt Angle watch out for the announce table!

  6. IN THE RING: Jamie Noble & Nidia..
    • Jamie Noble offers an apology to Torrie Wilson for his "indecent proposal" last week..
    • Jamie Noble says that Torrie Wilson is worth way more than $10,000, and up offer to $25,000!
    • Nidia (wearing her fur coat) walks out on her boyfriend..

  7. MATCH: Jamie Noble vs Ultimo Dragon..
    • Midway through the match, Torrie Wilson & Billy Gunn walk down the ilse hand-in-hand..
    • Jamie Noble is distracted long enough for Ultimo Dragon to win the match!

  8. BACKSTAGE: The APA & Spanky + Chris Kanyon..
    • Ron Simmons & Bradshaw are passing out flyers to the APA Bar Room Brawl at Vengeance..
    • Editor's Note: Bradshaw looks so ridiculous with that haircut -- aahhhh!!!!

  9. TAG MATCH: Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio vs The Conquistadors..
    • Editor's Note: The Conquistadors were OVW's Rob Conway & Nick Dinsmore (They're currently fueding in OVW)..
    • Rey hit the 619 and Kidman nailed yet another akward looking Shooting Star Press for the victory..

  10. IN THE RING AGAIN: Vince McMahon + John Cena + The Undertaker..
    • Vince McMahon makes his second appearance of the night in the ring to talk about his match with Zack Gowan..
    • Vince McMahon points out Sable sitting up in the presidential skybox, and makes a few sexual comments..
    • Suddenly, John Cena comes out to the ring even though Vince McMahon looks pissed for being interrupted again..
    • John Cena raps an anti-Zack Gowan pro-Vince McMahon promo which brings a smile to Vince McMahon's face!
    • John Cena nearly craps his pants when The Undertaker's music hits and the Undertakers rides his bike to ringside!
    • John Cena toss the ring steps in the way so that Undertaker can't drive his bike around the ring..
    • The Undertaker jumps into the ring to briefly brawl with John Cena..

  11. MATCH: Sean O'Haire vs Rhyno..
    • Sean O'Haire assults Rhyno outside the ring and wraps the cables around Rhyno's neck!
    • The APA's music hits and Ron Simmons & Bradshaw come to ringside to deliver invitations to the Bar Room Brawl!
    • Sean O'Haire attacks The APA and escapes ringside with a grin on his face..
    • Match is ruled a NO CONEST and never got started..

    • Sable is enjoying the services of the SkyBox and bosses the waitress around a bit..

  13. UNITED STATES TITLE Tournament: Eddie Guerrero vs Billy Gunn w/Torrie Wilson..
    • Eddie Guerrero drives down to ringside in his very own low-rider..
    • Crowd pops big time for Eddie Guerrero which makes Billy Gunn's big face push look worthless..
    • Jamie Noble runs down late in the match and whacks Billy Gunn with a steel chair!
    • Eddie Guerrero plays possem for a moment and then covers Billy Gunn for the victory!!

  14. PRESIDENTIAL SKYBOX: Josh Mathews & Sable + Stephanie McMahon..
    • Sable is basically getting drunk, not preparing for her match with Stephanie at Vengeance..
    • Stephanie walks in and dumps a glass of wine over Sable's head...
    • Caaaaaaaaaaaaatttffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggghhhtt!!!! --- Well sorta..
    • Sable drowns Stephanie McMahon in the buffet and then slaps Josh Mathews..
    • Stephanie gets up and goes absolutely bonkers attacking Sable on the floor!
    • Editor's Note: I'm sure WWE staff think this is the greatest stuff ever, but it AINT!
    • Editor's Note: For good measure, they show the entire catfight again after the commercial..

  15. FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE HANDICAP MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas & Big Show..
    • Late in the match, The Big Show sets up the ring steps next to the announce table..
    • Kurt Angle stops him though by whacking him in the back with a steel chair!
    • Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas run over and double team Kurt Angle at ringside!
    • All four men brawl over the barricade and into the crowd, and eventually end up at the stage area..
    • Kurt Angle low-blows Big Show in an attempt to get some sort of advantage!
    • Kurt Angle is dragged back to the ring by Shelton & Charlie..
    • Kurt Angle uses a trash can lid on all three men!
    • Out of nowhere, Zack Gowan runs down and dropkicks all of the heels!
    • The Big Show grabs Zack Gowan by the throat, but Kurt Angle makes the save!
    • Kurt Angle pulls of an incredible Angleslam on The Big Show, and then one for Shelton Benjamin..
    • Kurt Angle then puts the Anklelock on Charlie Haas, but the Big Show makes the save..
    • The Big Show & Kurt Angle end up brawling outside the ring..
    • Zack Gowan jumps on The Big Show, who lifts Zack up over his head and drops him on the barricade!
    • Kurt Angle then ambushes The Big Show with the metel ring steps!
    • Shelton & Charlie go after Kurt Angle, who outwrestles them and makes Shelton Benjamin tap out!!
    • Kurt Angle goes over and helps Zack Gowan up and they walk out celebrating together..

  16. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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