July 24, 2003
Fresno, California
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Orlando Jordan defeated Nunzio..
    • Chris Kanyon defeated Sakoda..
    • The Basham Brothers defeated Brian Kendrick & Sho Funaki..

  2. IN THE RING: Stephanie McMahon + John Cena + Sable..
    • Stephanie says that her father is away taking care of her mother (who got tombstoned by Kane on RAW)..
    • Stephanie says that this Sunday, she's going to treat Sable like the BITCH she is!
    • John Cena comes out and raps a clumbsy verse about the thought of Steph vs Sable turning him on..
      • I'm sorry to interrupt you Steph, I had this dream about you last night,
        you had my standing at attention, I can't wait to see you catfight....
        Oh sorry I lost my concentration, I was lookin' at your targets,
        and at Vengeance, hopefully I'll find out if the curtain matched the carpets.....
        I'll be glued to the boob-tube, you'll squash Sable completely,
        you made all five of my girlfriends jealous, each one of them wants to beat me......
        You and Sable fightin', that's good for my health,
        just something about you makes me want to keep in touch with myself.....
        Here's $20, PLEASE rip Sable's top off,
        I got this little fetish with nipples that definitly get my rocks off...
        Sable's just a ho, and you're a diva with class,
        nobodys watchin' us Steph, why don't you let me SMACK THAT ASS!
    • Stephanie dares John Cena to DO IT, and bends over so that John Cena can smack Steph's chubby ass..
    • Sable's music hits and Sable comes up on the big screen for a (TAPED) live promo..
    • Sable challenges Stephanie to come back and find her to get started on their catfight early..
    • During the break, Stephanie searches for Sable backstage and almost clocks Torrie Wilson!

  3. TAG MATCH: Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore..
    • Lots of coreographed spots that fans have been programmed to pop for..
    • Billy Kidman secured the victory after a shakey shooting star press..

  4. PARKING LOT: Stephanie McMahon & Sable + Vince McMahon..
    • Stephanie McMahon finds Sable and they engage in a psychotic PMS bitch-fight..
    • Stephanie McMahon ripped Sable's top completely off, exposing her bare beasts to the camera!
    • Sable jumped into a limousine and locked the door..
    • Stephanie was about to smash the window in with a steel pipe when Vince McMahon showed up and stopped her!
    • Editor's Note: AAAAaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg!!!!!!!

  5. IN THE RING: Jamie Noble..
    • Jamie Noble claims that Nidia is sick tonight, and there is nothing wrong between the two of them..
    • Jamie Noble says he's sick of Torrie Wilson acting like some kind of angel..
    • Jamie Noble says that everybody knows that girls like Torrie Wilson, ALWAYS have a price..
    • Billy Gunn's music hits and he sprints to the ring for a match..

  6. MATCH: Jamie Noble vs Billy Gunn w/Torrie Wilson..
    • Billy Gunn won the match after a swinging Rock Bottom (I guess he gave up on trying to learn the fame-asser)..
    • Jamie Noble gets on the microphone and says he wants a rematch at Vengeance 2003 this Sunday..
    • Torrie Wilson takes the microphone and says that if Jamie Noble beats Billy Gunn, she'll sleep with Jamie Noble next week!

  7. BACKSTAGE: The APA & A-Train + Steve Lombardi..
    • The APA gives A-Train an invitation to the APA Bar-Room Brawl scheduled for this Sunday's PPV..
    • The APA announces that The Conquistadors, Brother Love, Doink the Clown, and the Easter Bunny will be there!
    • Steve "The Brooklyn Brawler" Lombardi stepped in and said he didn't get his invitation to the Bar-Room brawl..
    • Bradshaw says that the Brooklyn Brawler has to do something to proove that he belongs at the Bar-Room brawl..

  8. PROMO: John Cena..
    • John Cena, holding a torch, talks about being time for the Undertaker pass the torch..

  9. IN THE RING: Eddie Guerrero + Chris Benoit..
    • Eddie Guerrero talks about his United States Title Tournament Final match with Chris Benoit..
    • Eddie Guerrero talks about wrestling Chris Benoit in Japan, ECW, WCW, and now the WWE..
    • Eddie Guerrero says that Chris Benoit is his best friend..
    • Chris Benoit then joins Eddie Guerrero in the ring and gets a hug from Guerrero..
    • Chris Benoit says its been months since Eddie Guerrero called him..
    • Chris Benoit asks how many friends someone who LIES, CHEATS & STEALS can have..
    • Chris Benoit says that he won't lower his guard so that Eddie Guerrero can take advantage of him..
    • Eddie Guerrero chuckles and admits that he lied when he said Chris Benoit was his best friend..
    • Eddie Guerrero says that the truth is, that he can't stand Chris Benoit..
    • Eddie Guerrero says he hates hearing people say that Chris Benoit is the best wrestler there is..
    • Storyline: Jealousy Angle Alert~~~~~~~~
    • Eddie Guerrero says that it's time for Eddie Guerrero to be #1, and kick Chris Benoit's ass at Vengeance!
    • Chris Benoit says that if Eddie Guerrero has a problem, to step in the ring and take care of it right now!
    • Eddie Guerrero says that it will be on HIS time and HIS terms --- Sunday, at Vengeance..
    • Chris Benoit turns his back and Eddie Guerrero attacks him, but Benoit tosses Guerrero out of the ring..
    • Eddie Guerrero grabs some spray wax from his car and sprays Chris Benoit in the eyes and gives him the beatdown!
    • Chris Benoit screams in pain, yelling to referees that he can't see!
    • Rhyno runs down and chases Eddie Guerrero from the ring, and then challenges him to a match!

  10. MATCH: Eddie Guerrero vs Rhyno..
    • Late in the match, Rhyno pulls up on the Gore when Eddie Guerrero pulls the referee in the way..
    • Eddie Guerrero pinned Rhyno after a low-blow and a short dropkick..

  11. TAG MATCH: The APA vs The Full Blooded Italians..
    • Short match, brief brawl, Bradshaw nails the Lariat from hell and pins Johnny Stamboli..
    • The Brooklyn Brawler runs down and lays out both Bradshaw & Ron Simmons with steel chairs!
    • The Basham Brothers, A-Train & Sean O'Haire also ran down and annialated the APA!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Zach Gowan & Vince McMahon + Brock Lesnar & Kurt Angle..
    • Vince McMahon enters Zach Gowan's dressing room and says he's gonna take Zach Gowan out at Vengeance..
    • Blah blah blah blah blah beat you're ass.. blah blah.. this Sunday.. Vegeance (didn't you know?)
    • Vince McMahon says that after Vengeance (this Sunday), people will have a reason to feel sympathetic..
    • Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar come up behind Vince McMahon, who quickly changes his tune..

  13. MAIN EVENT: Brock Lesnar/Kurt Angle/Zach Gowan vs Big Show/Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas..
    • Midway through the match, Vince McMahon walks down and smashes Zach Gowans leg with a steel chair!
    • Zach Gowan is carried out and we're down to a 3-on-2 battle..
    • Late in the match, Kurt Angle got Big Show into the anklelock and was about to tap out..
    • Brock Lesnar picked up Charlie Haas for the F5, but swung around and whacked Kurt Angle in the head!
    • The Big Show takes advantage and chokeslams Kurt Angle and pins him for the win!
    • Brock Lesnar brings a steel chair into the ring and whales away at Big Show like a madman!!
    • Brock Lesnar F5s Charlie Haas..
    • Brock Lesnar helps Kurt Angle to his feet..
    • Kurt Angle questions why Brock Lesnar messed up and lost the match for them..
    • Kurt Angle gently slaps Brock Lesnar accross the face as they nearly come to blow..
    • The Big Show steps in and chokeslams BOTH of them to end the show!

  14. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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