September 18, 2003
Raleigh, North Carolina - RBC Center
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Jamie Noble beat Kendo Kashin (dark)..
    • Sean O'Haire & A-Train beat Spanky & Paul London (dark)..
    • Big Show beat Murray Happer (Otto Schwanz) & Pat Cusick ..
    • Matt Hardy beat Joey Matthews..
    • Big Show beat Murray Happer (Otto Schwanz) & Pat Cusick (do-over)..
    • Billy Kidman beat Shannon Moore..
    • Orlando Jordan beat Chuck Palumbo..

  2. OPENING: Vince McMahon (because he absolutely MUST have his face associated with ALL that is good) + Undertaker..
    • Vince McMahon says Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar will raise the bar tonight for future wwe superstars..
    • Vince McMahon says some more crap that we already know about the 60 minute iron man match tonight..
    • The Undertaker gets in Vince McMahon's face and promises not to interfere in the title match tonight..
    • The Undertaker says he knows it was Vince McMahon who sent Brock Lesnar out last week to cost him the title..
    • The Undertaker says he won't forget..

  3. TAG MATCH: Rey Mysterio & Chris Benoit vs Rhyno & Tajiri..
    • Rey Mysterio hit Rhyno with a 619, then a springboard leg drop, and then pinned him!

  4. 2-ON-1 DIVAS MATCH: Torrie Wilson & Nidia w/Dawn Marie vs Shaniqua..
    • Torrie & Nidia double-team Shaniqua to begin the match, but Shaniqua demolishes them!
    • Dawn Marie gets into the ring to check on Nidia, but Shaniqua demolished HER too!
    • Shaniqua rammed Dawn Marie head first into the ringpost outside the ring..

  5. OFFICE OF THE GM: Stephanie McMahon + Vince McMahon/Sable/Big Show..
    • Stephanie McMahon is talking on the phone, while doodling on a Sable promotional photo..
    • Vince McMahon comes in and harasses her, and says that he's going to eventually force Stephanie to quit.
    • Vince McMahon says he's going to start playing rough..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Eddie & Chavo Guerrero..
    • Chavo Guerrero says that he went to Stephanie McMahon and asked for a tag team title match tonight!
    • Eddie Guerrero says he's proud of Chavo for thinking of La Familia!
    • Chavo Guerrero points out that after tonight, Eddie will be a double champion!

  7. TAPED SEGMENT: John Cena..
    • John Cena does a rap from atop the RCB Center..

  8. TAG TITLE MATCH: Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs Los Guerreros..
    • Shelton Benjamin brought a steel chair into the ring, but Chavo kicked it into Shelton's knee..
    • Shelton Benjamin immediately rolled out of the ring, forcing Charlie Haas to improvise by himself..
    • Los Guerreros double backdropped Charlie Haas, who landed VERY badly on the back of his neck..
    • Chavo Guerrero suplexed Charlie Haas, and Eddie Guerrero hit a frog splash to win the tag titles!
    • Editor's Note: Shelton Benjamin's knee was legitimately injured and Charlie Haas was knocked silly!

    • The heel locker room is gathering around a monitor getting ready to watch the iron man match..
    • The face locker room (the office of the APA) they're also getting ready to watch the iron man match..

  10. 60 MINUTE IRON MAN WWE TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar..
    • At the 8:40 mark, Brock Lesnar got himself disqualified by using a steel chair on Kurt Angle!
    • Kurt Angle - 1; Brock Lesnar - 0;
    • Brock Lesnar used the 15 second rest period to get a drink of water, then got in and F5'd Kurt Angle and pinned him!
    • Kurt Angle - 1; Brock Lesnar - 1;
    • At the 12:00 mark, Brock Lesnar made Kurt Angle tap out to the ankle lock!
    • Kurt Angle - 1; Brock Lesnar - 2;
    • At the 13:50 mark, Brock Lesnar hit Kurt Angle with an AngleSlam, but Kurt Angle kicked out!
    • At the 18:00 mark, Brock Lesnar hit Kurt Angle with an F5 on the mats outside the ring!
    • ~~~Brock Lesnar rolled into the ring and Kurt Angle got counted out!
    • Kurt Angle - 1; Brock Lesnar - 3;
    • At the 26:00 mark, Kurt Angle nailed an AngleSlam on Brock Lesnar and pinned him!
    • Kurt Angle - 2; Brock Lesnar - 3;
    • At the 28:00 mark, Kurt Angle reversed the F5 into an anklelock, but Brock Lesnar countered out of it!
    • ~~~Brock Lesnar flung Kurt Angle into the referee, who took a bump and was out cold..
    • At the 30:00 mark, Brock Lesnar whacked Kurt Angle with the WWE title belt and got another 3-count!
    • Kurt Angle - 2; Brock Lesnar - 4;
    • Kurt Angle did a Double-Axhandle from the top rope to the outside (like Macho man used to do) onto Brock!
    • Kurt Angle went for a big moonsault onto Brock Lesnar, but Brock moved out of the way!
    • Brock Lesnar reversed the anklelock and flung Kurt Angle through the middle rope to the floor..
    • At the 40:00 mark, Brock Lesnar tried to bring the ring steps into the ring, but Kurt Angle kicked them into Brock's face!
    • At the 45:00 mark, Brock Lesnar nailed a superplex on Kurt Angle for yet another pinfall!!
    • Kurt Angle - 2; Brock Lesnar - 5;
    • At the 47:50 mark, Kurt Angle F5'd Brock Lesnar into the ringpost outside the ring!
    • At the 49:00 mark, Brock Lesnar hit Kurt Angle with an F5, but Kurt kicked out after a 2-count!
    • At the 50:00 mark, Brock Lesnar went to the top rope (for a shooting star press)..
    • ~~~Kurt Angle got up and nailed a belly-to-belly superplex and pinned Brock Lesnar!!
    • Kurt Angle - 3; Brock Lesnar - 5;
    • At the 56:00 mark, Kurt Angle made Brock Lesnar tap out to the ankle lock!
    • Kurt Angle - 4; Brock Lesnar - 5;
    • Kurt Angle immediately reapplies the anklelock, but Brock Lesnar reversed it!
    • At the 57:00 mark, Kurt Angle locked Brock Lesnar into a Bow-&-Arrow submission move..
    • At the 59:00 mark, Kurt Angle hits multiple german suplex's onto Brock Lesnar..
    • At the 59:20 mark, Brock Lesnar grabbed the referee and hit a low-blow on Kurt Angle!
    • At the 59:40 mark, Kurt Angle got Brock Lesnar back into a firm ankle lock!!
    • ~~~Brock Lesnar held on for 20 second as time runs out, to WIN THE WWE TITLE!!!!!!!!!

  11. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....
    • Don't expect another 60 minute match on television for a long time, after Smackdown delivered a 3.2 rating, which is below its recent average for a show with almost all wrestling and little in the way of outside skits..

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