December 4, 2003
San Jose, California
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Ernest "The Cat" Miller defeated Chuck Palumbo..
    • Billy Kidman defeated Solo (aka Jimmy Snuka Jr)..
    • Akio defeated Funaki..
    • Spanky & Paul London defeated Chad Collyer & Chris Kanyon..
    • Orlando Jordan defeated Greg Groothuis.
    • Bradshaw defeated Rhyno..

  2. IN THE RING: Brock Lesnar..
    • Brock Lesnar encourages the fans to chant "You Tapped Out" cause after tonight they can't say it!
    • Brock Lesnar claims Chris Benoit & John Cena planned the conclusion of the Battle Royal because they're scared..
    • Brock Lesnar says blah blah blah blah blah blah everything we already know (waste of 5 minutes)..
    • Brock Lesnar finishes by saying that it doesn't matter who it is, but he'll make someone tap out tonight!

  3. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: The Basham Brothers w/Shaniqua vs Scotty Too Hotty & Rikishi..
    • Doug & Danny Basham come out wearing leather bondage masks and Shaniqua rips them off before the match..
    • Shaniqua gets ejected from ringside by the referee half way through the match..
    • Shaniqua runs down and distracts Rikishi as he was setting up for the stinkface..
    • The Basham Brothers pull a switcheroo and low blows Rikishi..
    • Rikishi fights back and hits a samoan drop on Doug Basham and pins him for the none title victory!
    • Shaniqua punishes and yells at the Basham Brothers for losing the match..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman & Dawn Marie..
    • Paul Heyman has given Dawn Marie a position in his administration, but she just wants to be slutty..
    • Paul Heyman gets Dawn Marie to write a letter and send it to Hardcore Holly..
    • Paul Heyman tells Dawn Marie to go tell Shannon Moore to meet him in the ring..

  5. IN THE RING: Paul Heyman & Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones + Shannon Moore..
    • Paul Heyman plays footage of Shannon Moore getting demolished by Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones recently..
    • Paul Heyman says that Shannon Moore just kept getting up, and then calls Shannon Moore out to the ring..
    • Shannon Moore limps out holding his tapped ribs as Paul Heyman encourages him to hurry up..
    • Paul Heyman says that he likes Shannon Moore and wants to give him "more" opportunity..
    • Paul Heyman calls out Shannon Moore's opponent this week --- The Big Show!

  6. MATCH: The Big Show (clean shaven) vs Shannon Moore..
    • Squash.

  7. BACKSTAGE: Jamie Noble & Nidia..
    • Jamie Noble puts his foot down and orders Nidia to stay backstage so she doesn't distract him..
    • Nidia whines about his decision and says he wouldn't hurt him, and just wants to go out and help him..
    • Jamie Noble convinces Nidia to stay, but then changes his mind and says he has an idea..

  8. MATCH: Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs Sakoda w/Tajiri..
    • Jamie Noble pulled a blinded Nidia into the ring and pushed her into Sakoda and pinned him!
    • Jamie Noble explained to Nidia that Tajiri was the one pushing her around..

  9. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & John Cena + Chris Benoit..
    • John Cena does his rap, Chris Benoit enters, and they have a nose-to-nose staredown..

  10. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: John Cena vs Chris Benoit..
    • John Cena nailed an FU and pinned Chris Benoit, but referee Nick Patrick noticed Chris Benoit's foot on the rope!
    • A second referee comes down and shows Nick Patrick a replay and the match is restarted..
    • A few minutes later, John Cena hits a second FU, but Big Show runs down and John Cena knocks him off the apron!
    • Chris Benoit catches John Cena in the crippler crossface and wins the match to become #1 Contender!!!!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Eddie & Chavo Guerrero..
    • Eddie Guerrero gets pumped up about going out to the ring to support Chavo..
    • Chavo Guerrero orders Eddie Guerrero to stay in the back and not mess things up for him..
    • Eddie Guerrero says that Chavo Guerrero hasn't been acting like himself lately..
    • Chavo Guerrero says he's never felt better, and that it's no long "All About Eddie "..
    • Eddie Guerrero agrees and says it's about "Los Guerreros" and the Family!
    • Chavo Guerrero disagrees saying it's about him going out alone to get revenge on Shelton Benjamin..

  12. MATCH: Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas vs Chavo Guerrero..
    • Eddie Guerrero drives out in his "ride" dispite Chavo's request to stay in the back..
    • Chavo Guerrero does a BEAUTIFUL tornado headscissors take-down on Shelton Benjamin..
    • Eddie Guerrero sits down in a lawn chair with a magazine and a YJStinger Beercap (no beer of course)..
    • Chavo Guerrero pinned Shelton Benjamin after Eddie Guerrero entered the ring and frog-splashed Shelton!
    • Chavo Guerrero gets on Eddie 's case about coming down and stealing the spotlight from him AGAIN!

  13. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Chris Benoit..
    • A video package is shown featuring all of Brock Lesnar's greatest moments in the WWE..
    • Chris Benoit points out that they forgot one thing, and that was footage of Brock tapping out to the crossface!

  14. BACKSTAGE: The Full Blooded Italians + Smackdown! Roster..
    • Nunzio & The FBI are taking bets on the upcoming WWE title match between Brock Lesnar & Chris Benoit..
    • A-Train comes up and puts $15,000 on..... Chris Benoit!

  15. WWE TITLE MATCH: Brock Lesnar vs Chris Benoit..
    • Late in the match, the referee got accidentally knocked down just as Chris Benoit got the crossface on Lesnar!
    • Brock Lesnar tapped out but the referee was not awake to see it!
    • Brock Lesnar recovered and nailed an F5 on Chris Benoit for an excrutiatingly slow 2-count!
    • Brock Lesnar gets desperate and gets a chair from ringside and whacks Chris Benoit's knee with it!
    • Brock Lesnar puts Chris Benoit in a NEW viscious-looking submission move, bending Benoit backwards!
    • Chris Benoit passes out and the referee calls the match, awarding the victory to Lesnar!!
    • Afterwards, Brock Lesnar celebrates by forcing Chris Benoit's unconscious arm to tap out..

  16. Smackdown! goes OFF THE AIR....

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