January 15, 2004
Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Casino
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Nunzio w/Chuck Palumbo defeated Paul London..
    • Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas defeated Ultimo Dragon & Funaki..
    • Rhyno & A-Train defeated Bobby Rude & John Murray..
    • Bradshaw defeated Johnny Stamboli..

  2. IN THE RING: Paul Heyman + John Cena + Rhyno..
    • Paul Heyman says there will be several matches tonight with winners gaining entry into the Royal Rumble..
    • John Cena interrupts cuts a rap saying it's Paul Heyman's big day and he's here to spoil it..
    • John Cena says he's going to bounce Paul Heyman quicker than an "ECW Check" (hilarious hahah)..
    • John Cena finishes his rap and grabs Paul Heyman and lifts him up for an FU, but Rhyno attacked him!
    • Rhyno lines up John Cena and nails a brutal GORE as Paul Heyman scream's "Goooore!!! Goooore!!! Gooorre!!!"
    • Paul Heyman tells John Cena that he'll make sure tonight is a night he never forgets!

  3. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs Tajiri w/Akio & Sakoda..
    • Rey Mysterio comes down before the match and joins Michael Cole & Tazz at the announce table..
    • Midway through the match, Akio atacked Nidia, but Jamie Noble left the ring and saved her..
    • Sakoda then grabbed Nidia, and Rey Mysterio left his seat and saved Nidia from Sakoda..
    • Jamie Noble then attacked Rey Mysterio and threw him head first into the safety barrier..
    • Tajiri jumped over the top rope and Jamie Noble pulled Nidia into his path and she got squashed!
    • Jamie Noble jumped into the ring and pinned Tajiri to win a title shot at Royal Rumble..

  4. ON STAGE: Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman says he speaks for everybody when he says he's sick of John Cena's foul mouth..
    • Paul Heyman sets up a match between John Cena & Rhyno for later and vows to wash John Cena's mouth out with soap!
    • Paul Heyman says that if John Cena happens to wins, then he will have his own mouth washed out with soap!

  5. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & The Big Show + Brock Lesnar..
    • The Big Show, wearing a neck brace, says he has a 50 foot restraining order on Hardcore Holly..
    • Brock Lesnar steps in and says he will stay by Big Show's side all night to protect him..
    • Editor's Note: In other words, he's insuring that he stays 50 feet away from Hardcore Holly..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero..
    • Kurt Angle enters Eddie Guerrero's locker room and says he was only trying to help by helping Los Guerreros..
    • Kurt Angle said that Chavo Guerrero wasn't going to be at Smackdown! tonight, but Chavo Sr is there!
    • Kurt Angle says he heard that Paul Heyman signed a match between Eddie vs Chavo Jr at the Royal Rumble..
    • Eddie Guerrero yells at Kurt Angle and says that he doesn't want a 1-on-1 match with his nephew..
    • Eddie Guerrero questions who would stop him from doing something he doesn't really want to do..
    • Eddie Guerrero says what he really wants is for Kurt Angle to stay out of his business!

  7. IN THE RING: Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi + Dawn Marie..
    • Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty came out for their scheduled tag title match against the Basham Brothers..
    • Before the match, Dawn Marie came out to inform Scotty & Rikishi they won't compete for the Tag titles!
    • Dawn Marie says that instead, Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty would face off for a spot in the Royal Rumble!

  8. RUMBLE LOTTO MATCH: Rikishi vs Scotty 2 Hotty..
    • Rikishi pretty much squashed Scotty and finished him off with a Bonzai Drop!

  9. RUMBLE LOTTO MATCH: The Basham Brothers w/Shaniqua vs Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin..
    • Tazz stood up and said Paul Heyman told him, on his headset, that the match is a NON TITLE match..
    • Tazz said that instead, whoever wins the match will gain entry into the Royal Rumble match!
    • Haas/Banjamin win the match and gain entry into the Royal Rumble on January 25!

  10. IN THE RING: Chavo Guerrero Sr + Eddie Guerrero + Chavo Guerrero Jr...
    • Chavo Sr. says he doesn't blame the fans for booing him after everything that has happened with the Guerreros..
    • Chavo Sr. is that he's ashamed of his son, and he's here to call out his brother, Eddie Guerrero..
    • Eddie Guerrero walks cautiously to the ring and asks Chavo Sr. if Chavito sent him out here..
    • Chavo Sr. says that he's here to apoligize on behalf of his son..
    • Eddie Guerrero pauses and says his anger isn't towards Chavo Sr., it's towards Chavo Jr..
    • Eddie Guerrero says he knows Chavo Sr. didn't raise his son to turn his back on his family?!
    • Eddie Guerrero says that is why he doesn't understand why Chavo Jr. isn't here apoligizing himself!
    • Chavo Sr. says that Eddie is right, Chavo Jr SHOULD be here apoligizing for himself..
    • Chavo Jr., who was believed to not be there, then came out to the ring..
    • Chavo Sr. got behind Eddie and gave him a high knee to the back and both Chavo's attacked and beat on Eddie !!!!
    • Eventually, Kurt Angle hit the ring and chased the Chavos away from the ring......

  11. RUMBLE LOTTO BATTLE ROYAL: Nunzio vs Johnny Stamboli vs Chuck Palumbo..
    • Dawn Marie came out again and said the FBI's scheduled six-man tag would not be happening..
    • Dawn Marie said the FBI would battle in a 3-man battle royal for entry into the Royal Rumble!
    • Nunzio ordered Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli to eliminate themselves, but they refused..
    • Chuck Palumbo superkicked Johnny Stamboli over the top, then Nunzio flipped Chuck over the top!
    • Nunzio wins and gains entry into the Royal Rumble on January 25!!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Eddie Guerrero & Kurt Angle..
    • Eddie Guerrero barges into Kurt Angle's dressing room..
    • Kurt Angle says he had no idea that Chavo Jr. & Chavo Sr. were going to set Eddie up like that!
    • Eddie Guerrero instead thanks Kurt Angle for showing him the light, and knows he wants a piece of his nephew now!

  13. RUMBLE LOTTO MATCH: The Big Show w/Brock Lesnar vs Funaki..
    • Brock Lesnar accompanies Big Show to the ring to stay inside the 50 foot restraining order zone..
    • Hardcore Holly comes out to the stage and tries to draw Brock Lesnar closer to the stage..
    • The Big Show (wrestling with the neck brace) demolishes Funaki and gains entry into the Royal Rumble!

  14. BACKSTAGE: Rhyno & Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman gives Rhyno a peptalk before his match with John Cena..
    • Paul Heyman says that Rhyno has been held down on Smackdown! because of the Stephanie McMahon administration..
    • Paul Heyman says he wants to witness the ressurection of the EXTREME Rhyno!!!

  15. BEST OF BILLY GUNN COUNTDOWN #2: Billy Gunn wins the King of the Ring..

  16. WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP MATCH: John Cena vs Rhyno w/Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman announces that Rhyno will compete tonight under ECW rules, while John Cena has Zero-tolorance..
    • Midway through the match, John Cena set up Rhyno for the FU, but Paul Heyman entered and low-blowed Cena!
    • Rhyno set up a Table in the corner of the ring, but missed a gore, and crashed through the table!!
    • John Cena recovered knocked Paul Heyman off the apron and hit Rhyno with an FU to win the match!

  17. IN THE RING: John Cena & Paul Heyman + Chris Benoit..
    • Paul Heyman tried to run away but Chris Benoit dragged him back to the ring..
    • Chris Benoit put Paul Heyman in the sharpshoooter and John Cena got the microphone..
    • John Cena grabbed a cake of soap and repeatedly forces Paul Heyman (still in the sharpshooter) to eat soap!

  18. Smackdown! goes off the air......

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