June 3, 2004
Toronto, Ontario
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Harly Clone defeated Ruffy Silverstein -dark match-..
    • Mark Jindrak w/Theodore Long defeated Billy Kidman..
    • Charlie Hass & Rico w/Miss Jackie defeated Akio & Sakoda..
    • Spike Dudley defeated Shannon Moore..

  2. IN THE RING: Booker T + John Cena + Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns..
    • Booker T says he doesn't have to justify himself to John Cena OR the People..
    • Booker T says he would like to clarify that he had nothing to do with the abduction of Paul Bearer..
    • Booker T says he thinks the real cuprit was the Undertaker himself, speculating that he hired the Dudleyz..
    • John Cena came out to confront Booker T about interfering in his Lumberjack match last week..
    • John Cena says if Booker T has an issue with him then they can settle it face to face right now..
    • Booker T says he doesn't have a problem with John Cena, and that last week was just business..
    • Booker T says that John Cena is just a Booker T wannabe..
    • John Cena says he's not an imitator -- but then does his exagerated impression of Booker T..
    • John Cena & Booker T went nose-to-nose and were about to come to blows when Kurt Angle came out with Luther..
    • Kurt Angle says that John Cena has no respect for authority, no integrity, and no class..
    • Kurt Angle says he won't allow John Cena to come out here and ruin the main event..
    • Booker T attacked John Cena from behind and they exchange blows and fell out of the ring..
    • The brawled around the ring over towards where Kurt Angle was sitting in his wheel chair..
    • John Cena fell backwards onto Kurt Angle, knocking him over onto the floor in pain!
    • Booker T swung a steel chair at John Cena, but missed and whacked Kurt Angle's injured leg by mistake!
    • Booker T retreated, while Luther tossed John Cena into the ring, and Kurt Angle took a fit on the floor..
    • Kurt Angle says he'll go talk to the board of directors and see that John Cena is stripped of the US title!

  3. NON (WWE) MATCH: Eddie Guerrero vs Danny Basham w/Doug Basham..
    • Outside the ring Eddie tossed Doug Basham a steel chair and the referee saw this and ejected Doug from the area!
    • Late in the match, Danny Basham shoved Eddie Guerrero into the referee, knocking him out!
    • Danny Basham left the ring and brought the WWE title into the ring..
    • Eddie Guerrero grabbed the belt and knocked Danny Basham out and then pretended to be out cold himself..
    • The referee woke up and counted to 7 before Eddie Guerrero popped up and nailed the frog splash for the win!!!

  4. IN THE RING: Mordecai..
    • Mordecai cut an evil promo against the city of Toronto and the people who inhabit it..
    • Mordecai says while his "father" will forgive them, he will not, and dan now, and will damn them to hell!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Charlie Haas & Rico + Miss Jackie..
    • Miss Jackie models her second bikini, and gets compliments from both Charlie Haas & Rico..

  6. CW TITLE MATCH: Chavo Classic w/Chavo Guerrero vs Sho Funaki..
    • Chavo Classic wins after Chavo Guerrero tripped Funaki from the outside..
    • Four slutty stripper girls jumped the rail and celebrated with Chavo Classic as his personal groupies..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Chavo Classic & Chavo Guerrero..
    • Chavo Classic brags about being a South of the Border Sex Symbol..
    • Chavo Guerrero Congratulates his dad, and then takes off so his dad could have fun with his groupies..
    • As soon as Chavo was out of site, Chavo Classic paid all four of the girls for their services..

  8. SUMMER BREAKOUT BIKINI CONTEST: Miss Jackie defeated Sable, Torrie Wilson & (The Return of) Sable..
    • Jamie Noble in a Tuxedo was the special MC for the contest..
    • Jamie Noble explains that each Diva will have 20 seconds to dance with a specific item in the ring..
    • Torrie Wilson goes first and disrobes and stands in a little kiddie sandbox and drips sand over her body..
    • Dawn Marie goes next, and gets to dance around a beach chair (with Jamie Noble sitting in it) -- better than Torrie..
    • Sable goes third, and she dances around with a towel, wearing an ugly black one-piece swim suit..
    • Miss Jackie is up last, and gets to dance with a bucket of water -- you guess what she did with it..
    • The crowd votes for each Diva and Miss Jackie is declared the winner..
    • Jamie Noble says Miss Jackie's prize is that she gets to kiss him, but instead gets four buckets of water thrown at him!
    • Editor's Note: As usual, Dawn Marie was my personal favorite -- also Sable could definitly moonlight as a Crack dealer..

  9. MATCH: Rey Mysterio vs Rene Dupree w/Fifi..
    • Rey Mysterio scored a surprise upset victory over Rene Dupree..

  10. IN THE RING: John Bradshaw Layfield..
    • JBL says he beat Eddie Guerrero at Judgment Day so he should be WWE champion right now..
    • JBL says that it used to be just business, but now it's become personal..
    • JBL announces that his match at the Great American Bash will be an old fasioned bull-rope match..
    • Editor's Note: This was JBL's usual long winded repeatitive snorefest speech that could have bene cut to 20 seconds..

  11. MAIN EVENT: The Undertaker vs Booker T..
    • Paul Heyman interrupted the match and said the Taker should be more concerned with what is happening to Paul Bearer..
    • The Undertaker grabbed Paul Heyman by the throat, as Heyman began to beg for his life..
    • The Dudleyz came on the big screen and said if Taker wants to see Paul Bearer again, he should start listening to Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman says that if The Undertaker joins him and the Dudleyz as a group then Paul Bearer will not be harmed..
    • Paul Heyman says that after all these years, he now has The Undertaker by the throat..

  12. Smackdown! goes off the air......

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