June 17, 2004
Chicago, Illinois
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Billy Kidman defeated Carly Colon -dark match-;
    • Jamie Noble defeated Paul London;
    • The FBI (Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli) defeated Akio & Sakoda;
    • Mark Jindrak defeated Hardcore Holly;

  2. TAG TITLE MATCH: Charlie Haas & Rico w/Miss Jackie vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba & DVon)..
    • Miss Jackie got knocked off the ring apron and Charlie Haas went to check on her leaving Rico alone..
    • The Dudleyz pinned Rico to win and capture their "18th" Wrestling Tag Team championship!
    • Paul Heyman came out to the stage clapping and Congratulating the Dudley Boyz for their victory..
    • Rico suffered a hamstring injury during the match, and may need some time off to heal up..

  3. ON STAGE: Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman says that the Dudley Boyz are Tag Team champions due to the guidance of one Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman talks about having full control of the Undertaker, saying even the "Big Dog" needs to be trained..
    • Paul Heyman says he has arranged for the Undertaker to face the Dudley Boyz at Great American Bash..
    • Paul Heyman says that if the Undertaker doesn't "Do the right thing" then Paul Bearer will be buried in cement..
    • Paul Heyman explains in horrifying detail what will happen to Paul Bearer if Undertaker doesn't "Do the Right Thing"..
    • Paul Heyman promises that the Undertaker will demonstrate his loyalty to him later tonight..

  4. IN THE RING: Eddie Guerrero + The Basham Brothers..
    • Eddie Guerrero says he tuned into CNBC all week long to try to catch Bradshaw's show..
    • Eddie Guerrero says he then heard from someone that John Layfield was FIRED from CNBC!
    • Eddie Guerrero says Bradshaw's week wasn't all bad, he got a wild limo ride that was better than Disney Land!
    • Eddie Guerrero says that Bradshaw is scheduled to come out later, but invites him to come out NOW instead..
    • The Basham Brothers came out instead and said that they have some unfinished business with Eddie Guerrero..
    • Doug Basham says Eddie cheated to beat Danny Basham, but won't do the same to him!

  5. NON (WWE) TITLE MATCH: Eddie Guerrero vs Doug Basham w/Danny Basham..
    • Doug Basham pushed Eddie Guerrero into the referee, who fell down to the mat in pain..
    • Danny Basham entered the ring and the Bashams double-teamed Eddie Guerrero until the referee woke up..
    • Doug Basham covered Eddie Guerrero but only got a 2-count out of it..
    • Danny Basham tried to interfere againt, but Eddie Guerrero took him out then hit a frog splash on Doug for the win!
    • Danny Basham blindsided Eddie Guerrero after the match, but Eddie low-blowed him and gave HIM a frog splash too!

  6. BACKSTAGE: John Cena & Kurt Angle w/Luther Reigns..
    • John Cena walks into Kurt Angle's office..
    • Kurt Angle says that John Cena will never be one-up on him..
    • Kurt Angle says that the FourWay at the Great American Bash will be an Elimination Match..
    • John Cena says he knows why Kurt Angle hates him -- because deep down he wants to BE John Cena..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Josh Mathews & Funaki & Brian Hebner & Smackdown! Jobbers + Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns..
    • Josh Mathews & Funaki are having a John Cena-style freestyle rap-off with help from Referee Brian Hebner..
    • Funaki finished his rap with a comment about Kurt Angle being bald, just as Kurt Angle came up behind him!
    • Kurt Angle booked Funaki in a match with his bodyguard Luther Reigns..

  8. MATCH: Kenzo Suzuki vs Spike Dudley..
    • Kenzo Susuki wins after a clawhold to the throat followed by an aggressive Leg-sweep..

  9. IN THE RING: John Bradshaw Layfield..
    • Bradshaw was not in a good mood, as he came to the ring in a NEW white limo, along with a Bull-rope in hand..
    • Bradshaw says that all the media wants to do is talk about him, after being fired from CNBC..
    • Bradshaw says that Americans are what is wrong with America -- saying that the people have always hated him..
    • Bradshaw says the whole world is against him right now, but he will not beg or crawl to get back to where he was..
    • Bradshaw tells America to take its best shot at him, because he won't back off from anybody..
    • Bradshaw says a year ago he was a guest of the Army in Afganistan, and none of the fans were there..
    • Bradshaw says a soldier died the night before in a fire fight, but the media covered Sean Penn supporting Iraq..
    • Bradshaw says calling him anything but a "Great American" is like calling Mother Theresa a "Prostitute"..
    • Bradshaw then addresses his CNBC firing because he has a "big mouth"//
    • Bradshaw says that the first amendment doesn't mean a damn thing in their society any more..
    • Bradshaw says that everybody is in favour of free-speech, until somebody uses free-speech..
    • Bradshaw says that Americans are lazy and they take jobs they don't like because they don't have the guts to speak up..
    • Bradshaw says he is a mirror into the people souls, and they don't like what they see..
    • Bradshaw says at Great American Bash he'll win the WWE title just to shove it down America's throat!
    • Bradshaw says that the Bull-rope match at Great American Bash will make Judgment Day look like a cartoon..
    • Bradshaw says that Eddie Guerrero represents everything he hates about the American People..
    • Bradshaw calls the fans a bunch of Underachievers, and that is why they hate him so much..
    • Bradshaw says he doesn't care if its the fans, CNBC, the media, or Eddie Guerrero, nobody can stop him from his destiny!!
    • Eddie Guerrero showed up and brawled with Bradshaw for a few seconds before Bradshaw high-tails it up the isle..

  10. CW TITLE MATCH: Chavo Classic w/Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Rey Mysterio wins to capture the WWE Cruiserweight championship!

  11. MATCH: Luther Reigns (debut match) vs Funaki..
    • GM Kurt Angle watched with pride from his wheelchair up on the elevated stage area..
    • Luther Reigns squashes Funaki, and then says that's what happens when you disrespect Kurt Angle!
    • Kurt Angle gives Luther Reigns a "signal" and Luther turns around and hits another finishing move on Funaki!

  12. ON STAGE: Torrie Wilson..
    • Torrie Wilson comes out dressed in Red, White & Blue for this weeks installment of senseless TNA..

  13. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Booker T + Rene Dupree..
    • Booker T says thinks it's a joke that he has to beat 3 other guys to get to the US championship..
    • Booker T says he was robbed last week, saying that he thinks the judge is "French or something.."...
    • Rene Dupree comes in and says is sad to listen to the 5-time World champion talk this way..
    • Booker T says he wasn't the one who got pinned by John Cena last week..
    • Rene Dupree says Booker T better have his back tonight or he'll find himself on a wrong end of a "French tickler"..

  14. MAIN EVENT: Rob Van Dam & John Cena vs Booker T & Rene Dupree w/Fifi..
    • Late in the match, Rob Van Dam & John Cena started battling with eachother!
    • Booker T & Rene Dupree took advantage and went right after RVD & Cena..
    • Suddenly the lights went out and a BONG played on the sound system, The Undertaker appeared when the lights came on!
    • The Undertaker beat the hell out of John Cena & Rob Van Dam (Booker & Dupree took off)..
    • The Undertaker chokeslammed RVD and Tombstone Piledrove John Cena into the match!
    • Paul Heyman came down with the urn in hand nd held it up for the Undertaker to worship him..

  15. Smackdown! goes off the air......

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