June 24, 2004
Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • The Basham Brothers defeated Dennis Knight (Mideon) & David Heath (Gangrel) -dark match-..
    • Norman Smiley defeated Antonio Banks -dark match-..
    • Charlie Haas w/Miss Jackie defeated Sakoda..
    • Johnny Stamboli defeated Scoot Andrews..
    • Hardcore Holly defeated Mark Jindrak w/Theodore Long..

  2. BACKSTAGE: John Cena & Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie..
    • Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie try to talk John Cena out of doing whatever he is planning on doing..

  3. IN THE RING: John Cena + Kurt Angle/Luther Reigns..
    • John Cena talks about how all day people have been warning him not to call out the Undertaker tonight..
    • John Cena says he respects the Undertaker's legacy more than anybody but won't back down from anybody!
    • JOhn Cena calls Undertaker out to the ring demanding an explanation for last week..
    • Kurt Angle came out to the stage in his wheelchair with his assistant Luther Reigns..
    • Kurt Angle says he's been sad a lot lately, but now he has something to be very very happy about..
    • Kurt Angle says John Cena will face The Undertaker later on in the main event..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle/Luther Reigns & John Bradshaw Layfield..
    • JBL sucks up to General Manager Kurt Angle for doing "a great job as General Manager"..
    • JBL says that Eddie Guerrero is a worse cancer on Smackdown! than John Cena is..
    • JBL suggests Eddie Guerrero be forced into a match tonight to teach him some respect..
    • JBL suggests Luther Reigns would be a perfect opponent for Eddie Guerrero tonight!
    • Luther Reigns vows to teach Eddie Guerrero some respect..

  5. #1 CONTENDERS CW BATTLE ROYAL: Chavo Guerrero wins..
    • Entrants: Chavo Guerrero, Scotty Too Hotty, Jamie Noble, Shannon Moore..
    • Entrants: Spike Dudley, Funaki, Nunzio, Paul London, Billy Kidman, Akio..
    • Rey Mysterio joined Tazz & Michael Cole at the announce position for the match..
    • The final three were Chavo Guerrero, Billy Kidman & Jamie Noble..
    • Chavo Guerrero wins, and gets a title shot at Rey Mysterio at the Great American Bash..
    • Editor's Note: Great chance to bring a new Cruiserweight into the spotlight, but instead they go with same old stuff..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Paul Heyman + The Dudley Boyz..
    • Paul Heyman was talking on his cell phone to whoever was constructing the "concrete crypt" for G.A.B.
    • The Dudley Boyz enter and are concerned about facing the Undertaker, and wants to know what Heyman has in mind..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Hardcore Holly & Mordecai..
    • Mordecai & Hardcore Holly brawl through the halls backstage and end up in the arena..
    • A bunch of agents (Arn Anderson, Sgt Slaughter, Michael Hayes) try to break the two of them up..
    • Luther Reigns gets between them and they separate..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman promises Kurt Angle that The Undertaker will take out John Cena tonight..

  9. MATCH: Kenzo Suzuki vs Billy Gunn..
    • Kenzo Suzuki's valet, Horoku? tossed powers in Billy Gunn's eyes, resulting in a disqualfication..
    • Kenzo Suzuki gave the claw to the throat and the big leg sweep after the match..
    • WINNER: Billy Gunn by DQ..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Torrie Wilson & Sable..
    • Sable is jealous that Torrie Wilson was chosen to announce last week that the Divas would host the G.A.B..
    • Sable turned heel and said Torrie Wilson's outfit makes her look fat..
    • Torrie Wilson fires back and says that Sable's outfit makes her look EASY!
    • Catfight.....

  11. NON (WWE) TITLE MATCH: Eddie Guerrero vs Luther Reigns..
    • Kurt Angle was wheeled down to ringside to watch the match up close..
    • Kurt Angle got out of his wheel chair and tried to interfere but Eddie tricked him and he was caught!
    • Bradshaw hit the ring and attacked Eddie Guerrero with a Bull Rope, trying to hang him over the top rope!
    • Eddie Guerrero fought back and whipped Bradshaw with the Bull Rope until JBL slid out of the ring and escaped!

  12. MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Rene Dupree..
    • Booker T comes out and joined Michael Cole & Tazz, who basically ignored the entire match..
    • Rene Dupree picked up the victory and then danced the french tickler in front of Booker T..

  13. MAIN EVENT: The Undertaker vs John Cena..
    • The Undertaker took up half the show with his entrance as usual..
    • After a long match, the referee got knocked out, and Undertaker chokeslammed John Cena!
    • The Undertaker went and god Cena's chain and knocked him out cold with it and tossed it to the floor..
    • The referee woke up as Undertaker Tombstoned and covered John Cena for the 1-2-3..
    • Paul Heyman came out to the stage once again and held the urn up in the air and grinned from ear to ear..

  14. Smackdown! goes off the air......

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