July 8, 2004
Winnipeg, MANITOBA
Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

    • Carly Colon defeated Wavell Starr -dark match-..
    • Rene Dupree defeated Nunzio..
    • Sakoda defeated Funaki..
    • Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly defeated The Basham Brothers..

  2. MATCH: Mark Jindrak vs Rob Van Dam..
    • Rene Dupree came out (with Fifi) and joined Michael Cole & Tazz at the announce position..
    • Michael Cole stated that Theodore Long & Mark Jindrak have parted ways "mutually" (not sure what that means)
    • Rob Van Dan wins -- Much to the dismay of Rene Dupree at ringside..

  3. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & John Bradshaw Layfield..
    • Bradshaw says that Canada loves him and he loves to wrestle for the Canadian fans..
    • Bradshaw says that he highly doubts that Eddie Guerrero cares as much for International fans as him..
    • Bradshaw says he is concerned about the Cage match next week, because he doesn't deserve such a barbaric match..
    • Bradshaw says that his heart and the JBL Fan Club will inspire him to get him through it unscathed..
    • Bradshaw tries to start a J! B! L! chant but it doesn't catch on so good..
    • Bradshaw says he will wrestle another popular champion tonight, El Gran Luchador (The Mexican Champion)..
    • Bradshaw says that for the first time ever, it will be Champion vs Champion..
    • Bradshaw also agrees to pay for all of El Gran Luchador's medical bills..

  4. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Dudley Boyz vs Paul London & Billy Kidman..
    • They finally made Bubba Ray Dudley stop wearing those cutoff shorts that make him look retarded..
    • Clips are shown of Billy Kidman & Paul London beating The Dudleyz by DQ on last week's Velocity..
    • Paul London pushed DVon off the top rope and then hit a WASSUP Heatbutt drop on Bubba!
    • Billy Kidman hit the Shooting Star Press on Bubba and pinned him to win the WWE Tag Team titles!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Paul London & Billy Kidman + The Dudley Boyz..
    • Paul London & Billy Kidman celebrate their victory with Mysterio, Holly, Gunn, Torrie, Funaki and others..
    • The Dudley Boyz show up and the scene gets very tense, but they instead shake hands with Kidman & London..

  6. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Kenzo Suzuki & Hokuto..
    • Kenzo Suzuki (through interpretor) says John Cena humiliated and dishonored him last week..
    • Kenzo Suzuki says he is misunderstood, and says that he has great appreciation for America..
    • Kenzo Suzuki forces a smile on his face and looks in the camera and says "God Bless of America"

  7. US TITLE MATCH: John Cena vs Booker T..
    • John Cena comes out and gives his traditional rap, but is attacked by Kenzo Suzuki..
    • John Cena battles Kenzo and tosses him out of the ring, but then Luther Reigns attacked him from behind!
    • The match was rescheduled for later on..

  8. CHAMPION VS CHAMPION: John Bradshaw Layfield vs El Gran Luchador (Shannon Moore under a mask)..
    • Late in the match, a second El Gran Luchador showed up and pushed JBL out of the ring and left a banana peel..
    • Bradshaw got back in the ring and yelled at the referee for "leaving a banana peel laying around"..
    • The second El Gran Luchador then pulled a switcharoo (we're to assume it is Eddie Guerrero)..
    • Bradshaw clued in that it was Eddie Guerrero, and ran away from the ring getting counted out..
    • El Gran Luchador got on the mic and said he and Eddie Guerrero are tight, and Eddie will win the WWE title!

  9. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Booker T..
    • Booker T says it was a shame that John Cena was beat up earlier, because he'll only use it as an excuse..
    • Booker T says he'll win the United States title because he's a bigger star than John Cena!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Rey Mysterio & Scotty Too Hotty & Spike Dudley + The Dudley Boyz..
    • The Dudley Boyz show up and request to talk to their little brother in private..
    • Bubba Dudley says they lost their Tag Team titles tonight, and doesn't want Spike to lose..
    • DVon Dudley says they offered to help Spike last week in his WWE title match with Bradshaw..
    • Bubba Dudley says that they have Spike's back tonight and have a plan for him in his match..
    • Spike Dudley says he didn't want their advice when they were champs, and still doesn't now that they're not..

  11. 6-MAN TAG: Rey Mysterio & Spike Dudley & Scotty Too Hotty vs Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble & Akio..
    • Lots of wannabe X-Division action ending with Jamie Noble pinning Spike Dudley for the win..

  12. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman says he couldn't care less about the Dudleyz losing the titles because he has his own problems..
    • Paul Heyman says he has something to say to the Undertaker -- in public -- in the ring -- next!

  13. IN THE RING: Paul Heyman..
    • Paul Heyman says he now realizes that he's made a few mistakes, but none as grande as deciding to take on Undertaker..
    • Paul Heyman then blames it all on the Dudley Boyz, who took his advice and misunderstood it..
    • Paul Heyman says that as a gesture of good faith, he would like to return the urn back to the Undertaker..
    • Paul Heyman begs the Undertaker to ignore the content of his character and see the context of his apology..

  14. US TITLE MATCH: John Cena vs Booker T..
    • GM Kurt Angle was wheeled down to ringside by Luther Reigns before the match got started..
    • Midway through the match, Kurt Angle got out of his wheelchair and whacked John Cena with his cane!
    • Quote of the Night: Since when does a GM get interfere in a wrestling match! - Michael Cole..
    • A few minutes later, John Cena fell outside the ring and bumped into Kurt Angle, who fell on the floor!
    • Luther Reigns entered the ring and attacked John Cena causing the Disqualification..
    • Kurt Angle grabbed the microphone and officially stripped John Cena of the US title for laying a hand on him!

  15. Smackdown! goes off the air......

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